Kang Ji Hwan Signs On for Romantic Game with Reported Leading Lady Han Ji Min

It’s usually movie-drama-movie-drama toggling for Kang Ji Hwan, equally at ease on the big screen as well as the small. This year he started off with The Incarnation of Money with Hwang Jung Eum on SBS followed by filming a road trip movie in the US called Shoot for the Sun with Yoon Jin Seo. Along the way he formed his own management company and held a fan meeting in Japan. I was fairly expecting him to do a drama in early 2014 but he’s switched up his routine and will be back in movie land filming Romantic Game starting next month. The movie is described as an action romance and follows the hijinks of a master thief who is adept at lifting precious goods as well as ladies hearts. That’s what I call a two-fer talent. The romance part comes when he gets mixed up with a newbie detective hot on his tracks, who is described as a total beginner in the love department. Of course she is, if one is a genius expert the other must be a noob. The second I read romance in the description my attention zoomed to finding out who his leading lady will be. She’s not confirmed yet, but digging around has revealed that Han Ji Min is reportedly lined up to reunite him with Kang Ji Hwan from when they did Capital Scandal together. I wasn’t a fan of that drama or pairing, but I recollect there was a rabid fanbase and quite a dedicated shipping thread for those two so something must’ve worked right. The story and characterizations in that drama never quite hooked me in, but Kang Ji Hwan and Han Ji Min were adorable together. This should be fantastic if she is confirmed. Kang Ji Hwan is one of those male leads who has actually repeated with his famous leading ladies often, which is pretty rare in K-ent. He did 90 days in Love with Kim Ha Neul, then 7th Level Civil Servant. Similarly he did Hong Gil Dong with Sung Yuri and later Runway Cop together. Han Ji Min would be his third repeat leading lady, and all that’s left to satisfy is if he does a movie with Yoon Eun Hye soon. That would be like winning the lottery for me.

Han Ji Min is currently filming The King’s Wrath with Hyun Bin, but she’s reportedly wrapping up next month on that movie.


Kang Ji Hwan Signs On for Romantic Game with Reported Leading Lady Han Ji Min — 28 Comments

  1. omo. I love Capital scandal and I love them together…
    Their quirky rapport with him the playboy waylaid chaebol and her the straight-laced patriot was one of my fave OTP ever…
    First Kim bum and MGY and now this…
    Gah, the universe is just making this one of the best days ever.. hahaha

      • Sorry. I’m just so exited and happy about the news. Forgive this shipper heart.

        Btw I’m so happy! Ha Ji Min in a new drama with Ka Ji Hwan??? I’m in! I love these two.

    • Even that MGY is not one of my favorite actress,i am glad when I hear these kind of news.People and especially people at this age should dating and have good time.

  2. Awesome news for me, except I wish its a drama. I love them in Capital Scandal! For KJK, I love him best with HJM or HJE so far..I am one of the few who didn’t like his pairing with YEH b/c her acting to me is always over the top and especially now…she has lost her cuteness which before kinda made up for her lack of acting.

      • I beg to pardon. As much as I love YEH, I never watched her drama (w/ the exception of Goong.)

        As for Han Ji Min, based on the writing that she is almost done filming for King’s Wrath, that means she has finished filming for “Plan Man” as well too. Wow. That is one busy schedule. As for the pairing with Kang Ji Hwan, I hope they both get cast. It would be fun watching them all over again. 😀

  3. One of my fav. Otp ever…like ever…. My first otp shipping! That’s I will never forget this pairing.. Sooo hillarious in capital scandal… Their comedic timing together in capital scandal is perfect it’s make me giggle like looney

  4. Kang Ji Hwan is my number 1 favorite Kactor.He has it all.Nobody can say anything for his acting talent.He can read toilet magazines and sell them as a masterpiece.Of course it does not bothers me at all that he is a eye candy too.His pairing with Han Jin Min is a dream.

  5. I love Capital Scandal and they were so so good together (actually this is the drama in which I started to like Han Ji Min). Both good actors with undeniable chemistry.

  6. Ooo I lived these 2 in Capitol Scandal together!! As I recall, we were pretty rabid about them and always hoped they would work together again!! Guess our waiting has paid off!!

  7. Iam support all about Kang Ji Hwan especially if he can together with Yoon Eun Hye in drama or movie or reaL life..love this couple hee

  8. HJM is the only Korean star I love, it will be very excited in this coming days as there will be a lot of her works on screen….simply just make me happy…

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