Tan and Young Do Continue Fighting Each Other to Spend Time with Eun Sang in Episode 11 of Heirs

I think Kim Eun Seok casted well in pairing up Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin as frenemies in Heirs/The Inheritors. They are both equally as tall and honestly their mano-a-mano staredowns wouldn’t work if they weren’t equally as imposing. Tan is quiet but I like that he acts out first whenever Young Do pushes the wrong Eun Sang related buttons around him. In the preview for episode 11, Tan will be kicking Young Do into a pool, and part of me is curious just how many times Tan will unleash his fury on Young Do before those two talk through all their issues and decide joining forces is better than sniping at each other all day long. SBS released lots of new stills, including the Young Do-Eun Sang pool party pictures, as well as a very quiet campfire moment between Tan and Eun Sang. I’m glad Tan came to the leadership camp, it’s sorta boring without him to liven up the joint. Not that he’s a barrel of energy or laughs, but at least there is more conflict to be found whenever he shows up. I’m wondering how Eun Sang and Tan are sitting in front of some RVs and vans when the kids were putting up tents earlier? This scene actually has a more American vibe to it and would have been nice in the earlier episodes rather than the weird roadside motel detour, which had a slight horror movie potential vibe to it. I’m gearing myself up to get excited and then promptly deflated by the upcoming episode of Heirs. It’s becoming quite a routine with me and this drama, a comfortable routine that I’ll probably miss when all is said and done.


Does no one realize a golf club is an extremely dangerous potential weapon? If so, then why is Tan and Young Do playing golf together in the upcoming episodes of Heirs and there is no worry for an intentional errant swing to bash a head in? Tan has already shown himself to be quite punch-happy around Young Do, not that the latter doesn’t deserve it. But when I see golf clubs, I flash back to scenes from Cruel City and I start shivering. Because Heirs isn’t quite that violent, right? All joking aside, I do like it when Tan and Young Do have scenes together that don’t involved prolonged staring. All the scenes in Heirs get better the second someone stops staring and starts doing something. This golf foray seems like a great PPL opportunity to show off some golf gear, but once again Tan is saddled with a hideous combination of an outfit. I wonder why he wears so many varsity letter type of jackets in this show, unless there is a trend to bring them back to fashion I didn’t know about. I think Young Do’s outfits have been much easier on the eyes, and Won is the luckiest with all the snazzy suits. Won also shows up in this golf game in another picture, which makes me wonder if Tan and Young Do will kiss and make up and then form the Korean version of the Wonder Twins to battle their father figures. Won is sorta half a father figure to Tan since he’s the one Tan idolizes while Chairman Daddy is just a sperm donor to the two of them.


Tan and Young Do Continue Fighting Each Other to Spend Time with Eun Sang in Episode 11 of Heirs — 22 Comments

  1. Hahaha@your last line koala….”chairman is just a sperm donor” 😀

    Anyway ..I’m happy that Tan and ES will be spending some quality time together 🙂

    Why these people give LMH such outfits…?? It’s to his credit that he still manages to look good….

    • in fact I was thinking that tan and won would be ganging up against the ‘sperm donor’ daddy’s machinations against their lady-loves long back. won has both experience and smarts to help tan on this, and all we are getting is won snarling about the jaguk shares and MD position…

  2. Benefits of being a model: you can’t slouch. I can never take these stare offs as a real, b/c Tan loses by default. Show some backbone, dude, literally!

  3. I’m still puzzled how the love triangle will end in ep12!!!???
    Hope YD will continue to fight for ES with more TLC.
    It’ll be nice if there’s an extension to 25 eps.

  4. i think the heirs is getting fun!!!!!!!!! love to see how tan and yoong do compete each other to get eunsang’ attention!!! heirs..fighting!!!

  5. You were so right in some post back though, the previews generally evoke some excitement and then in the episodes themselves everything is deflated. This show is terribly boring… Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin are so hot, I survived about 5-6 first episodes.

  6. Honestly… Tan gives me the creeps, as agressive-possessive he is. His demanding style of “Don’t dare talking to other men, you are MINE” is decidedly medival and if he was a real life person, this would be the kind of guy who’d beat up his wife for looking at the attractive singer on TV, out of jealousy.
    I have real trouble getting a romantic vibe out of this show.
    The conflict between Tan and Young Do is well done, though.

  7. Gosh the guys looked hot in these pics even with the non appealing outfits. Can’t wait for the fight to end & the bromance to start.

    • Why did LMH even let the stylists do that to him… He has no say AT ALL???? And please stand-up straight LMH, learn ballroom dancing…

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