Bu Bu Jing Xin Finally Spawns Real Life Couple as Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Confirm their Relationship

Oh. My. God. I confess to never thinking this could even be possible, and rather laughed that so many 4th Prince-Ruo Xi shippers in Bu Bu Jing Xin transferred their romance to the lead actors Nicky Wu (Wu Qi Long) and Liu Shi Shi. I may be a HongShi shipper but the LongShi fans always seemed a ship far off the shore of possibility despite how much I loved 4th Prince-Ruo Xi in the drama BBJX. Today I eat my words (onomnomnom) and congratulate the newly confirmed real life couple of Nicky and Shi Shi! Congrats are also due the LongShi shippers, though I still think the reel-to-real happened way after BBJX wrapped filming nearly three years ago. Rumors have been flying all Summer while Shi Shi and Nicky filmed back-to-back dramas Bu Bu Jing Qing (the modern sequel to BBJX) and the period school yard rom-com The Incisive Great Teacher. Tabloids claimed they were spotted on dates or hanging out at her place overnight but neither addressed those rumors. This week came some pictures showing Nicky supposedly outside Shi Shi’s place in Shanghai, and instead of ignoring it, both went public on Weibo the exact same day.

Bear in mind a Weibo confirmation is the way to go these days, another famous couple Yang Mi and Hawick Lau did it as they took their onscreen romance in Ru Yi to real life and were snapped together by the paparazzi. Nicky went first, posting a picture of him and Shi Shi and said this “Thank you all for your concern and well-wishes, we treasure this very precious relationship, we hope everyone can give us freedom and space in our personal lives, thank you for your understanding @LiuShiShi”. Shi Shi followed up with a post on her own Weibo “Thank you all for your concern, I believe destiny will provide the best arrangement @NickyWu”. So there you have it, another power couple is born and this might be the biggest dating news reveal in C-ent this year with how popular both have become since BBJX. I actually thought the age difference would be a deciding factor since Nicky is 43 years old (born in ’70) while Shi Shi is just 26 (born in ’87), but looks like the over two years since they went from co-stars to friends have allowed a romance to blossom and I am so happy for them and wish them all the best!

What did I say about tragic onscreen romances getting happy endings in real life? First Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum from Goddess of Fire and now Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi from BBJX. It really is a major consolation for the drama fan in me. Some think this could be a publicity stunt but I doubt it. For starters, BBJQ isn’t being released until mid-2014 and no word on when The Great Incisive Teacher is coming out. I think they finally got tired of all the dodging and decided to heck with it since everyone is outing their dating status in C-drama land. At least they didn’t take as long as Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuan who took 4 years from when Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower aired before confirming their relationship.

As much as I’m trying to remain objective in writing this post, I still paused to pinch myself that Ruo Xi and her 4th Prince are together in real life. *___* So may drama shippy dreams coming true lately. Since the news broke hours ago, congrats have been pouring in on Weibo for both of them, especially from their close-knit BBJX family. Frequent co-star 10th Prince Ye Zhu Xin adorably said this is when true love finds true love. Awwwww.

Watch Shi Shi and Nicky duet on the BBJX OST song “A Season of Waiting”:

[youtube id=”qRo2RgIqwjk” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Bu Bu Jing Xin Finally Spawns Real Life Couple as Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Confirm their Relationship — 76 Comments

  1. Omgggg my little heart is literally bursting with joy, never did I think they would date irl, I cried buckets at the ending of bbjq, this is like the perfect real life ending ever. Thank you drama gods lol.

  2. I knew it was fishy when Nicky was do fishy when denying he and Shi Shi were close, especially when they had amazing chemistry and worked on numerous project together. They’re really adorable though I keep thinking of them as the 4th prince and Ruo Xi since I don’t really know their real life personalities. Oh man this makes me want to re-watch BBJX.

  3. I just finished BBJX and my heart was torn to shreds that Rouxi and 4th prince couldn’t have a happy ending in ancient times, but it was healed miraculously to see the actors playing them have a happy ending in real life. AHHHHHHHHH! I’m so happy for them. A dream come true, really…>sniff, sniff<…

  4. Omo!!!!! 2013 is the couple year!!!! So many celebrities dating and marring!! Love is in the air!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ so happy 🙂 I’m hoping Ariel and Joe Cheng will date. I know they are good friends but I’ve always loved them. Hoping ArJoe become true. But still I’m happy to dead GeunBum is real. Many blesses to LongShi they’re so cute together.

  5. That is good new. LSS is a nice girl and Nicky deserves some happiness after his messy divorce. Did Yuan Hong post anything on weibo?

      • I saw that YH posted something on weibo an hr ago but I can’t read chinese
        无关风月只为真心的知己刘尔泰若曦和我最爱的四哥好了[爱你][爱你][爱你]但是我一直在纠结,我到底算娘家人啊还是算婆家人啊?所以,你俩好好的啊,我就算你们家人了。[亲亲][亲亲][亲亲] //@刘诗诗:谢谢大家关心,我相信上天会给最好的安排@吴奇隆TD – Translate please!

  6. OMG!!! I am actually currently rewatching BBJX…my third time. Am watching ep15..and dreading the despair at the end of the drama. Congrats to the couple. 🙂

    p/s Love the drama the first time i watched it. Had a second round of BBJX …just to see if I would love it. Yes, I did. Another of my all time favourite is Jdrama – “Pride” with Takuya Kimura. 🙂

    • I’m rewatching again too! Just had to after the previous post of BBJQ. And it’s just as epic as the first time I watched it.
      I think my heart skipped a beat when I read the caption!
      I do love them together. This is great news. Congrats to the lovely couple.

  7. Ms Koala. I am like * speechless *

    Like after so many HongShi posts here. And her family or mum is okay with the age gap obviously. But ” wow “.

    Will there be anyone left to out next year?

  8. I’m so overjoy and happy for this wonderful couple. I always wanted them to be together and so what can I say when I find out today that they are are indeed an item. I know there is an age gap but you know what, you can’t tell when you look at these two. and so fore, I hope so so much that this relationship will blossom into some else more beautiful

  9. Omgeezz… vic and now nicky … be still my heart…. now waiting for eric’s then my heart will be bits and pieces. . Lol j/k

    They had killer chemistry and one can’t help building real feelings while continuing to work together and all those xoxo scenes too. ^^

  10. Now I am just thinking that it will be weird watching Bu Bu Jing Qing and thinking that they are a real life couple. ^_^ Oh man I cannot wait until the promotional tour. Imagine all the goodies!!! Now I am watching all their hand holding, giggling, whispering, smiling things in a whole new light.

  11. I knew it! I read an article a few weeks ago that said they may be going out but since I didn’t get confirmation here I doubted it. I’m happy for them!

  12. ahh i literally freaked out when i read the news! so happy for them 😀 it seems like it was 10th prince ye zhu xin who posted on weibo that true love finds true love, not lgx.

  13. first reaction after reading the title is BIG WOW! never cross my mind that they will become real couple.. but so happy to know this news!

    • and about their age gap, really do not see any of it IMO.. nicky looks doesn’t reflect his age, he is not look like 43 at all..love them being together

      • I agree, the age gap is not a big thing. Like you said, it is not visible and as long as he is not old enough to be her father I am ok with it. (Although I do admit that I also thought that would be a big deciding factor but I am glad to see it didn’t have any impact).

  14. OMG. I cannot believe this is happening. WOOT.
    (Y) Bubujingxin is one of my favourite dramas of all time and this just *squealll*
    I thought that Hawick and Yangmi had a large age difference but wow. But still this is so amazing, and I wish them happiness! ^^

    • Wow.. speaking of Hawick and Yangmi..
      Damn.. what is happening today in C-entertainment lol.
      Hawick and Yangmi just announced that they will tie the knot in January 2014..

      • woah woah woah, what? REALLY? holy that was fast. Congratulations to them! Hope they have a long lasting and happy marriage 😀

  15. Woah….congrats to them!!!! I knew Nicky was in his forties but not that they were this far apart…lol… they must really be in love to come out so quick…I wish then the best… I always got the feeling that yuan hong was just her best friend… Which is how it worked in the show too lol

  16. one good thing about reading Ms. Koala’s blog is to get update on the C-dramas. Sorry I don’t watch them, but nice to see good-looking couples dating.

  17. I was rooting for Yuan Hong and Liu Shi Shi… Anyway i’m happy for her. if only Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng followed their steps i’ll be the happiest person…

  18. Yuan Hong just posted his Weibo:

    Unrelated to the wind and the moon (i.e. the media attention), only a most sincere heart for my best friend Liuertai Ruo Xi and my dearest 4th brother. <3 <3 <3 But I'm really torn, am I considered the girl's side of the family or the guy's side of the family? You two be happy together because now I'm your family.

  19. OOMMMGGGGGGG ….. OH LORD ….. This is shocking news …. I am so happy …. Love love love this couple …. I am so happy for 4th Prince and Rouxi …. WOW …. Finally in real life …. God bless them

  20. Wow, just wow!!! I’m their silent shipper after BBJX but this news totally makes me wanna sing 😀
    Who says only bad dramas produce star couples (case: KB and MGY);) I’m so happy for Nicky and Shi Shi. Guess I’ll prepare my tissue for a rewatch of BBJX this weekend 🙂

  21. BBJX is one of my most favorite dramas which I have watched now a few times. And I cry at the ending everytime, even knowing what will happen. Smiling from ear to ear for this happy couple.

  22. !!! Wow, totally delighted about this good news! I never did think SS would be Nicky’s type at all and after all the shows I watched as they did their promotional circuit after BBJX, it was outed that SS has a totally tomboyish character who has a booming laughter(think they called her 诗爷), so I just thought they were really good friends and Nicky would never go after her, but I’m never so happy about having to eat my words before! Awwww, too bad for HongShi shippers! I’m happily waving as my LongShi ship sails off into their happy ending 🙂

  23. OMG…I was reading the rumor article at jaynestars…now that I’m home, I’m still so shock!!! LOl..the other article still states that Nicky is dating his manager! LOL…Well, I’m glad they are dating and they actually seem to match really well. Although Shi Shi is young, her maturity level is really up there if you watch her interviews. I think she’ll be fine in Nicky’s hand. And Nicky was hurt before in a bad bad marriage, so I’m sure it was easy for him to admit a relationship either. I’m sure that he finally realized that he treasures Shi Shi alot, that’s why he decided to admit it first.

  24. OMG can you believe it that NW’s wiki profile was already updated w this snippet 2 HOURS AGO!

    that’s a huge testament to both their popularity huh?

  25. Oh my god I AM SO HAPPY hahahaha. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they ever had a shot of coming true but here they are! Best wishes to both! I’m going to go back to cloud nine now.

  26. We rollin’! We rollin’! Yeah, 2013 is still here so I’m going to keep waiting for the next star couple who’s going to out themselves. Weee!

  27. That is toooo sweet! My reward for enduring a dreadful, full on day at work! I am thrilled for Nicky as he hasn’t been lucky in love and Shi Shi is just the sweetest.

  28. While I did not watch this show, barely know the actors… it still makes me awww at the romance that blossomed b/w the two. I can’t even fathom what their shippers must’ve felt!^^ Reading their co-stars’ reactions make me smile ear to ear. SO sweet!! <3

  29. Alright 2013 is real life drama couple year. Is I guess I can hope Mao Inoue and Matsujun will announce they are a couple in real life too 🙁 pleaaaase

  30. Congrats!! I didn’t know that Shi Shi was so young but it’s not at all out of the norm. So I wish them all the happiness. 🙂

  31. I’m honestly happy for them and I always thought they had a great friendship and chemistry. But apparently some shallow people just cannot get past the age factor and even one of shi shi’s fan blogs decided to call it quits. It’s a little sad that shi shi is shamed by a few for dating who she likes and nicky gets called “uncle” because of the age difference but hell when you’re in love, nothing else matters and anybody who’s been in love knows that all too well so I wish this couple the best and haters just eat your hearts out!

  32. Omg. Speechless. Never saw it coming but boy am I happy for them both. It’s a good year in c-ent…love is in the air. Even k-ent isn’t too shabby…wonder if j-ent will produce squeal worthy pairings too.

  33. you know, research has actually shown thata relationship between an older man and a younger woman is actually prettyy lasting? cuz men mature slower than women n the man will be extremely protective of her? i rlly love this couple!! when i saw the news after watching the drama, i was squealing for abt 2 h or so… but i love this couple!!!!!!! theres actually proof of him being rlly protective of her, shielding her from the paperazzi

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