More C-couple News: Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Tying the Knot and Gao Yuan Yuan Reportedly Pregnant with Mark Chao’s Baby and Set Wedding Date

At this point, it’s going to be easier spotting sad single lonely C-entertainers in the audience because everyone else is hooking up or tying the knot left and right. Today November 13 is going to be a day of threes starting with Bu Bu Jing Xin co-stars Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi confirming their new relationship. Up next to steal some of their thunder is long public power couple HK-actor Hawick Lau and C-actress Yang Mi, with the latter posting on her Weibo today a picture of her and Hawick’s hand sporting matching wedding bands. This was followed up by confirmation that the two are tying the knot in Hong Kong in January of 2014. That is sure to be a star-studded affair, not only because the two are big stars, but Hawick’s daddy is a HK heavyweight actor Lau Dan. This isn’t surprisingly since those two have been showing their love to the world consistently since going public, and are savvy enough to know this is a good marriage for each. If they are really madly in love, then all the better. Congrats to Mi Mi and Hawick for making it! To round out the day of couples news, another long time power couple C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan and her younger Taiwanese movie star boyfriend Mark Chao is reportedly tying the knot at the end of the year. And she’s rumored to be already pregnant and two months along. Unlike Shi Shi and Nicky dating or Hawick and Mi Mi tying the knot, Mark and Yuan Yuan’s news is currently unconfirmed but sources say her manager has revealed the news to close friends and family. Mark’s daddy is also a big wig Taiwanese actor Alan Zhao, so expect their wedding to be a lavish affair in Taipei if and when it goes down.


More C-couple News: Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Tying the Knot and Gao Yuan Yuan Reportedly Pregnant with Mark Chao’s Baby and Set Wedding Date — 16 Comments

  1. Beautiful babies for the win!! I love happy news. Now if we could only infuse some of this love AND happy endings into 2014 dramas. The writers could just say they are basing the stories on real(reel) life, right?

  2. Are you trying to kill me Ms Koala? I am so used to secrecy and denial and still haven’t absorbed the NW and LSS news.

    Is any work getting done in Taiwan or China? Because if I was a fan, might take a sickie just to celebrate or mourn. Or go into shock. Can’t decide.

  3. Chinese netizens are trolling with Wang Feng for not being able to make the headlines today. It’s hilarious. Besides LSS-Nicky, YM-Hawick, GYY-Mark (which they already denied), Jiang Xin and 10th Prince officially acknowledged their open-secret relationship on Weibo, and Qiao Zhenyu announced his relationship with his girlfriend as well. What a day.

    • It’s hilarious, the whole thing about love professions linked to Wang Feng. At least attention is diverted for a bit lol I also read that Gui Gui (of WGM Global) has also revealed her romance with a CN actor the same day. Everyone’s going OPEN now haha.

      • … The news about Gui Gui turned out to be a prank by Gui Gui… see

        But in any case, I’m so happy that there’s so many good news today. It’s pretty smart of them to make this public admission alongside so many others, so it takes a lot of heat and attention to them, since the media has to split their attention among all the couples 🙂

  4. Woah…..too much to absorb. Anyway, I’m happy that everyone seems to be falling in love and settling down. I wish all the couple the very best.

  5. I’m just waiting confirmation on my other guys – Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, Joe Cheng, George Hu, Roy Qiu – I think all these guys have some rumors but nothing really confirmed yet, correct me if I’m wrong

  6. Well… Today seems to be the best day to announce something cause it can get absorbed with the others and then the media might not bother each one too much cause there are so many to report on. LOL Hehe… All the best to these star studded couples. May they enjoy a lifetime of happiness together and last through the ups and downs in life together 🙂 cute and beautiful children are a plus.

    I am waiting on long time tw couple Ethan & Tiffany to tie the knot. That hasn’t happened yet right? I find out all my gossip news from here so I know nothing myself.

  7. Gao Yuan Yuan is so beautiful and elegant….nothing plastic looking about her. Some of of these elegant Mainland actors remind me of Audrey Hepburn. So nice to have see elegant classy ladies…when the show business seems to be becoming more and more plastic and tacky … the Kpop girl bands. ….they make me so depressed.

    Why am I not carrying Mark’s love child?
    Life is so unfair.

    JUST kidding, really. I love when they let everyone in on their relationship. They can be normal, sortuv, if they don’t have to hide.

  9. Wooh! I love how open the Chinese actors can be with relationships, quite refreshing compared with the “scandalous dating” of Korean celebrities. I’m fully supportive of them finding happiness and love among the busy lifestyles of the rich and famous haha

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