Actress Han Ye Seul Dating YG Music Producer Teddy

The South Korean entertainment grand dating train of 2013 continues unabated, and with a little over one month left I’m dying to have it go out with a giant bang. What other fantasy pairings might be able to shock and awe? Long time bachelor Song Seung Heon secretly dating Park Min Young since they did Dr. Jin hence her acting hiatus? His BFF So Ji Sub making The Master’s Sun fan dreams come true by romancing Gong Hyo Jin? Lee Jun Ki perhaps finding love with former co-star Lee Da Hae because both are so active in China? Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye admitting a long time relationship? Ahahaha, okay, that one is my own personal pipe dream. Putting aside all my random pairings above, today comes real dating news in actress Han Ye Seul dating YG Entertainment music producer Teddy (Teddy Park nee Park Hong Jun). Teddy and Leslie are dating? Diamond Bar High and Cerritos High have created a powerhouse Korean Entertainment couple? LOL, this is pretty kosher with me since it’s clear their Korean-American backgrounds figured heavily into the development of their relationship with so much in common. The news was broken by a woman’s magazine that claimed the couple were introduced by mutual friends and have been dating for the last 6 months. Once reached for comment, both YG Entertainment and Han Ye Seul’s agency confirmed the relationship rather quickly and candidly, probably since the way has been massively paved for them with all the dating reveals in this year alone. Teddy is a big name in the K-pop industry being the primary producer behind Big Bang and 2NE1 albums coming out of YG. Han Ye Seul has been completely out of the acting arena for two years since the major Spy Myung Wol filming debacle of the Summer of 2011. I lived through it since I was live watching and recapping what was a truly horrendous drama, where the lack of quality was overshadowed by the filming stress that got to Han Ye Seul and she basically quit the drama midway by hopping on a plane for LA. She returned less than 24-hours later but it was one of the craziest drama filming situations in the industry. She didn’t leave the industry and instead has been working steadily in CF gigs, attending events, and generally being a starlet. She’s rumored to be making her acting comeback in early 2014 with a drama called Shooting Star (Meteor), though nothing is confirmed yet.

I have nothing more to say about this couple other than congrats, and thanks for adding to the 2013 dating count. Teddy is three-years older than Leslie so its a good age difference, and like I said before they have very similar Korean-American backgrounds growing up on SoCal. I’m wondering if any year will ever top this one. Probably not if I throw Chinese entertainment dating reveals into the mix.


Actress Han Ye Seul Dating YG Music Producer Teddy — 20 Comments

  1. This couple was a surprise to me. But I’m happy for Teddy to have finally found “the one.” I think the background of being Korean-American definitely help them tied together. I’m actually more surprised that YG let them admit the relationship like this since usually they always kept it underwrap especially after Se7en’s disaster in admitting his relationship with his gf, causing all of his fanclub member to just leave…whatever the case, I’m happy for them!

    Now, Im so anxious for GeumBum couple to be home!! LOL

  2. I’m so happy for them!!! I’m not familiarised with Han Ye Seul, but I love so much Teddy❤ he’s an amazing producer. I’ve loved everysingle song he has made for 2NE1❤ or BigBang❤. Cl must e somehow heartbroken. Teddy’s been her ideal for a long time. Wish them the best.

    • yoohoo… YG stan 🙂

      now we know it.. i love you, falling in love, do you love me… wow.. teddy oppa, be happy!!!!

      and now missing you.. hmm.. maybe.. just a random idea.. but he’s such a talented guy and han ye seul is very pretty.. good luck!

  3. Didn’t MBC basically pooh pooh that drama as soon as the news came out? Looks like no one wants to work with a known flight risk (*sarcasm*)

  4. Homg this year has been a crazy crazy year for couples! So many came out open and so many others are rumoured to be dating someone. At this point its actually easier to count the singles than those attached lol.

    Congrats to the new outed couple, and hope you guys last! I too am hoping for a huge huge bang in the latter half of next month. It would be the perfect ending to a year that started off (literally) with – in my opinion – the biggest shocker of em all! KTH and Rain!

  5. Oh my god, I was so thrown when I saw you write Diamond Bar High, since that’s my high school. Thought there was some sort of weird agency in Korea with the same name, but apparently not. Have no idea who either of these people are, but I now feel the need to check them out. This is the most disorienting feeling, wow. Apparently we’re also the school of a member (Tiffany?) of that popular Korean girl band with the letters.

    • Eric went to Sunny Hills High. There are tons of K-stars who attended SoCal high schools, and a few who went to high school in the NY/NY area.

  6. Oh, Koala… you sly, sly dog. When I read those fantasy pairings at first, I actually thought you were serious and that I had been living in a rock for the past few months. I actually googled every single one, hoping they were true. -_-‘ But oh well, 2013 isn’t over yet… who knows?? (crossing my fingers for an Answer Me 1994 reel-to-real loveline)

  7. Oh man, I rushed read the beginning of this post and I thought that all the couples highlighted in the first paragraph were confirmed or rumoured-to-be dating. Then I read the KJH-YEH pairing then thought ‘nah’ (sorry, Koala). I think I would flip if that were true. I guess I’m still cling onto my old teenage dream of Kim Jong Kook and Eun Hye getting together haha. X-Man, anyone?

    • Heeeeeere!!! Yup I am on the KJK & YEH ship with you still! I know it’s been forever since X-Man days but I can’t help hoping they’ve been keeping their relationship secret all these years or that they will finally get together someday soon. 🙂

  8. You know what koala, when you posted about mon geun young – kim bum officially for the first time that you’ve known about it before since you have insider, I really wish you have insiders as well for So ji Sub and Gong Hyo jin! hehehehe

    anyway, congrat to Teddy, I like his music <3

  9. I’m another silly who ran off and googled all the possible pairs you mentioned thinking they were actually dating.

    I will admit, the prospect of So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin had me practically levitating with joy despite my post-MS efforts to keep my inner shipper in check and be happy with them just being good costars and maybe friends.

  10. Congrats to both of them! 2013 sure has been a doozy of a year dating drama wise…I really want something major to cap of the year too….though for me its already reached its peak since by GeunBum admitted to being a couple…I really want SJS and GHJ to date!!!!

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