Marry Him If You Dare Episode 15 Recap

If we accept that Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) is a drama NOT about love, romance, the joy of dating, the sadness of logical romantic obstacles, and the satisfaction of a well-earned happy ending, then episode 15 might actually have some bittersweet poignancy all on its own. Unfortunately for those wanting actual romance from a drama that seemed to promise it by the boatload, then episode 15 probably sucked donkey balls. It made me want to actually go out to my backyard to punch a tree, rage scream towards the sky (and scare my neighbors), and then find a couple of wild bunnies to kick. Yes, this drama has turned me into a mentally bunny kicking crazed loon. Will episode 16 bring me back to sanity? I don’t know, but I survived today’s episode which speaks volumes about my fortitude. So the drama wasn’t done with the “plot twists” which so far have ranged from future Shin being dead, future Mi Rae is NOT the future version of present Mi Rae since there are multiverses in this drama time-travel, and finally probably the most “whut?” moment came at the end of today’s episode. Turns out future Kim Shin isn’t dead! Yup, so apparently future Mi Rae came back and royally screwed with everyone’s life when (1) these people were not in her time line to begin with, and (2) the husband she came back to save from a fate of death wasn’t even dead. Can someone start digging a hole, we have a future Mi Rae to bury alive in there. She doesn’t even deserve to be put to death first, she is that royally idiotic.

I’m actually excited for episode 16 in the way one is excited to go to Monster Truck rallies and watch the total destruction to come. The ridiculous in this episode though? Through the roof – Se Joo shoves his couple’s ring on Mi Rae’s hand without her saying or even nodding yes, Mi Rae looks like death warmed over the entire time and misses Shin miserably and finds every reason to keep watching him on TV and contacting him, Shin goes to work at NTN and considers being propositioned to by the NTN rich family to become their charity case son-in-law to show how magnanimous they are, future Mi Rae comes clean with the multiple universes bit but then everyone think it still doesn’t change anything (DA HELL?!), and Yoo Kyung plans her own future without Se Joo or anyone’s help and it actually makes sense and sounds cool. And Se Joo? I saved the best for last – he’s now joined the pantheon legend of most brain-dead love addled second male leads in the history of K-dramas. Douchier second male leads than him are the ones who try to commit suicide if the girl doesn’t pick him. Otherwise his “It has to be Mi Rae” fixation has become the stuff of urban legends and I will whisper it in the future when guys like him pop up onscreen and we all want the girl to run for the hills. I tried to make this recap as fun as I could since the drama is actually a blackhole of fun.

Episode 15 recap:

Se Joo reveals that he was the one who saved her in Jeju but never told her because he wanted her to see him as Park Se Joo and not as the person who saved her life. This drama could function as a cautionary tale for girls not to go skinny dipping in the ocean because a crazy persistent dude might fall in love and then insist you are the one forever more. Despite episodes upon episodes of saying he accepts that she just sees him as a friend, Se Joo nevertheless thinks it’s fine to whip out a ring to Mi Rae. Unless that is The One Ring, then it’s just not kosher with me. He asks if she will accept his heart? Do you have eyes, Se Joo? Is that the face of a girl who wants to accept your heart? Other than in pity and worry that you might harm yourself should she reject you YET AGAIN.

Shin signs the contract with NTN and asks if all he needs to do is come to work tomorrow? Hee Kyung says yes and things will be ready for him.

Mi Rae says NOTHING but Se Joo still picks up her hand and puts the ring on it. Lovely. We should all do that henceforth, just randomly shove rings on people’s hand. Se Joo hugs Mi Rae and she looks very torn.

Shin arrives at NTN and walks through the halls with Hee Kyung. He passes by some commotion with people arguing over whether to report something. Shin asks Hee Kyung what the fuss is about and she brushes is aside as just reporters being overwrought as usual. Hee Kyung takes Shin to his new corner office which is very fancy telling him that he’s going to be the future Head of NTN broadcasting so of course only the best for him. Se Joo is in a meeting with YBS to discuss his new plan to open YBS broadcasting centers around Korea. His executives ask him where the funds for this major project is coming from?

Se Joo goes to see Miranda to ask for funds for his project not as her grandson but as a businessman. She agrees but spots the ring on his finger so she makes a deal that she’ll give him him money if he marries the woman she chooses. He’s got so many plans going on that if something fails only she can help him. Se Joo says no thanks to Miranda’s deal and she asks if its because of Na Mi Rae? He can date her but he can’t marry her. Se Joo says it can only be Mi Rae and no one else. UGH GET A LIFE.

Oppa gets a call from future Mi Rae and asks why she hasn’t left? He goes to meet her and she asks how he knew she was leaving? Oppa says all her farewell behavior was the clue but why is she still here? Future Mi Rae planned to leave but she discovered something shocking. She tells Oppa that she and Mi Rae are NOT the same person and if she goes back nothing will change.

Oppa gets a clue much faster and says this is the theory of parallel universes. There are many universes that co-exist and there are different versions of each of us in the parallel universes. Future Mi Rae asks what she did? How can she fix things between Mi Rae and Shin? Oppa tells her to keep this a secret between the two of them since there is nothing future Mi Rae can do now. Mi Rae has finally agreed to hang out with Se Joo. He takes future Mi Rae back to hide from the Time Cop.

Mi Rae is working when she pauses because she spots her couple’s ring with Se Joo. She does not look the slightest bit happy. Mi Rae gets called to meet with Miranda who acts all nice and friendly. Mi Rae apologizes for not getting dressed beforehand since she was at work. Miranda spots the couple’s ring while Mi Rae pulls her jacket over it to hide it.

Miranda asks Mi Rae to quit her job now and start working towards becoming the wife of the Chairman of YG Group. Mi Rae says it hasn’t gotten to the discussion of marriage and Miranda says why date if not to discuss marriage? She wants Mi Rae to work towards something coming soon and can tell she doesn’t look happy about it. Mi Rae tries to say she’s not unhappy but she and Se Joo haven’t discussed it. Miranda tells her to keep it a secret between them and not tell Se Joo otherwise he’ll consider her a nagging grandma.

Mi Rae leaves Miranda’s mansion and pauses outside to look unhappily back at it. Miranda looks out the window at her and snarks that now Mi Rae will know what YG Group is and will understand and leave Se Joo first.

Shin arrives in the broadcast center and sits down at the NTN 9 pm news chair. He starts the broadcast and everyone is watching, including Mi Rae in her living room. She thinks that he suits that place and is going to be fine from now on. Oppa and future Mi Rae come home and see what she is watching. Mi Rae lies that she hasn’t watched the news in awhile and so much is going on. She gets up and goes to her room.

Hee Kyung takes Shin to a gathering of family members all consisting of very powerful people. Shin asks why she brought him here and Hee Kyung points out the empty chair next to hers which still needs an occupant. Hee Kyung is called inside by her dad and Shin steels himself and walks in.

The NTN Chairman (Hee Kyung’s dad) pulls Shin aside to talk and he asks why did they select him for Hee Kyung? He’t not a prosecutor or politician or connected in any way. Chairman says the family has enough of those types. Shin asks if they picked him to show how Hom Group is very open-minded. The Chairman admits it and says Shin will show the world that he can rise from nothing and become part of an influential family. The Chairman tells Shin that the family door has been opened for him and whether he wants to step across is up to him.

The gathering ends and as the Hom Group family walks out they run into Miranda coming in. Everyone greets each other fake warmly. Miranda spots Shin and he asks how she’s doing? Miranda says not very well since she raised him for 10 years and he went to their biggest rival. Shin says raised is not the right word since he’s not a dog. Miranda says she forgot dogs can bite their owners even after being raised for 10 years.

Mi Rae is working when she hears other co-workers gossiping about her dating Se Joo and soon to be engaged. She does not look happy. Mi Rae goes to meet with Se Joo at the roof and asks him why he spread the news that they are getting engaged? Se Joo tries to laugh it off but Mi Rae is not happy about it and says she can’t work like this with all the gossip. Se Joo’s response? The absolutely brilliant “then let’s get engaged for real.” He tells her to seriously consider marrying him. What kind of hell dating experience does Se Joo have that he thinks this kind of talk is rational?

Mi Rae keeps looking miserable but Se Joo keeps talking past her and says his grandma has been pushing him to get married anyways. Mi Rae tries to reveal that she talked with Miranda already……but ends up not telling him. She takes her leave to go back to work.

Mi Rae runs into Yoo Kyung in the elevator. Oh, she’s still in this drama? I totally forgot! Yoo Kyung asks Mi Rae whether future Mi Rae went away but then stops when she spots the ring on Mi Rae’s finger. Yoo Kyung asks if Mi Rae went to Jeju over the Summer right before a holiday? That day Yoo Kyung was supposed to go to Jeju for her holiday but she ended up getting into a car accident with Shin. If things had happened as intended, Yoo Kyung would have met Se Joo in Jeju. Mi Rae looks sad hearing this but says nothing and Yoo Kyung leaves the elevator.

Mi Rae walks back to the team office but stops outside when she hears people gossiping about her and how awkward it is to work together since they have to watch what they say around her. Mi Rae walks away and runs into Oppa in the hallway. Mi Rae tells Oppa that she wants to go work at the outside production company despite knowing its hard. Here everyone sees her as Se Joo’s girlfriend or Oppa’s sister. She wants to go somewhere that she can’t rely on anyone and has to do everything by herself. Oppa reveals that he’s taking a long overdue holiday tomorrow and won’t be home for a few days.

Se Joo is getting a report from his subordinate about how to open new broadcasting centers and what approvals he’s going to need.

Mi Rae comes home and sees future Mi Rae and asks if she went away for a few days? Future Mi Rae lies and says she never went anywhere. Future Mi Rae spots the couple’s ring on Mi Rae’s hand. Mi Rae gets a call from Se Joo asking if she can accompany him somewhere tonight. She asks where and he asks won’t she just go with him without asking so many questions? Mi Rae agrees and Se Joo tells her to dress up.

Mi Rae dresses up to go out and as she is putting on perfume she flashes back to the night of Christmas dinner when she got dressed up for her date with Shin. She looks sad but then forces a smile. Se Joo and Mi Rae arrive at a chaebol dinner and Mi Rae asks what they talk about here? Se Joo asks if she would have said no had she known where they were going? Mi Rae wouldn’t have since she is curious what goes on in this world.

Mi Rae takes Se Joo’s arm and they walk inside only to immediately run into Hee Kyung and Shin. They walk over to say hello and it’s awkwardness all around. Mi Rae and Shin greet each other and Shin explains to Hee Kyung that they worked in the same group at YBS. Se Joo introduces Mi Rae as his girlfriend to Hee Kyung who is a noona he grew up with.

Hee Kyung and Shin sit at a different table and she talks about how Se Joo is rumored to be marrying Mi Rae soon and tossing all the rich girls aside. She thinks Mi Rae and Se Joo look good together and Shin agrees. Hee Kyung asks her friends if she and Shin look good together and her friends all say yes and she beams.

Mi Rae keeps looking towards Shin’s table and hears the others discussing how Kim Shin has the backing of Hee Kyung and is the next in line to take over NTN.

Both Mi Rae and Shin are utterly miserable during this dinner. Shin takes his leave at the same time Mi Rae excuses himself from the table. Mi Rae walks outside and is surprised to see Shin standing on the balcony already. They notice each other and she walks towards him but stops a few feet away.

She congratulates him on becoming the news anchor for NTN. He thanks her and asks how she is doing? She says fine and asks if he’s fine? Shin is okay and congratulates her on getting engaged soon. Mi Rae grabs the ring on her finger and asks if he met with Hee Kyung that night because he was getting scouted? Shin says yes, but now it’s what she sees, implying that he’s dating Hee Kyung.

Mi Rae takes her leave and the moment Shin is alone he puts his hand over his eyes to stop his tears from falling. OMG, this scene is amazing even for a scant few seconds. Shin!!!! Mi Rae walks back inside the party and forces a small smile when Se Joo gets up with a beaming smile to greet her.

Mi Rae comes home and future Mi Rae asks why she’s home so late and can tell that she doesn’t look well? She asks what happened? Mi Rae says she’s not being sarcastic, but she saw that person and he looks much better now than when he was with her. That is such a relief. Future Mi Rae asks if she saw Shin? Mi Rae smiles a sad smile and says she’s tired and going to bed.

After Mi Rae walks inside her room, future Mi Rae grabs her head and asks what she did? What did she do to Mi Rae? Mi Rae sits down on her bed and looks at her ring and thinks about Se Joo asking her to get engaged and Miranda telling her to quit her job. She then remembers Shin congratulating her on getting engaged soon.

Oppa heads out of the house in the morning with a suitcase and tells both ladies not to call him while he is away. Future Mi Rae looks worried and apologizes for not being able to go with him. Mi Rae leaves for work and future Mi Rae looks very worried. She thinks that Oppa needs something beside him when he wakes up but she can’t leave the house.

Oppa walks into his hospital room to find Shin sitting there reading a magazine. He does a double take and LOL this was a cute moment between them. These two would make adorable brother-in-laws. Shin reveals future Mi Rae called him in tears (whut, he still answers her calls?) begging him to help so Oppa isn’t alone during the surgery. Oppa sits down on the bed and Shin asks Oppa why he doesn’t have any friends.

Shin asks why future Mi Rae didn’t know Oppa was sick in the future and Oppa reveals that he cut off ties with Mi Rae five years down the road hence future Mi Rae never knew what happened to him. Shin looks upset to hear this, another reminder that his marriage with Mi Rae caused rifts. Oppa tells Shin to scram but Shin can’t since he’s signed up as Oppa’s guardian, then adds that he’s not paying for this surgery. Ha.

Oppa goes into surgery while Shin sits outside the OR while future Mi Rae paces around the house. She finally sneaks out of the house past the Time Cop who is on the phone reporting to his superiors and doesn’t see her leave. He says the longer time passes the more dangerous it is.

The team is frantically looking for something but can’t find it so Mi Rae goes to call Oppa. She can’t reach him so goes to the network director who finally reveals that Oppa didn’t go on vacation and is getting surgery for early stage cancer. Mi Rae cries and rushes out of YBS and calls future Mi Rae to scream about where Oppa is right now and how could they keep this from her!

Oppa wakes up from surgery to see Shin looming over him. Oppa says its so horrible to wake up and the first person he sees is Shin. LOL. Shin says seeing him ought to give him energy to get better then. Oppa sees future Mi Rae and she reveals that present Mi Rae found out from work and she’s on her way. Shin hears this and says he’s leaving since he’s all better now. Oppa says a curt thank you to Shin and Shin snarks that his illness must be dire indeed if he’s taken to babbling nonsense. I love these two and their annoyance-respect relationship.

Future Mi Rae pulls Shin aside to talk and reveals that present Shin and Mi Rae are not the past of future Mi Rae. Shin processes this news while future Mi Rae keeps apologizing to him. I don’t think this is something an apology is enough. Shin asks if Mi Rae knows yet but future Mi Rae hasn’t told her because she doesn’t know how to say it. Shin asks why future Mi Rae is telling her now? Future Mi Rae says because Mi Rae can’t forget Shin and its clear Shin hasn’t forgotten Mi Rae. She thinks there is still hope.

Shin says no, there is no hope. He has already hurt Mi Rae harshly this time around. Perhaps later down the road he will hurt Mi Rae more than future Mi Rae’s Kim Shin hurt her. He thinks she did the right thing and this time around Park Se Joo is the best choice for Mi Rae. In this world, the way they ended up is the right choice. Shin gets up and sadly leaves the hospital while future Mi Rae stares at him. Shin happens to notice Mi Rae running into the hospital as he’s outside and looks at her sadly.

Mi Rae goes to cry at Oppa’s bedside for being a horrible sister and always asking Oppa for more tuition and spending money despite not knowing how sick he was. Oppa is awake and future Mi Rae comes in to tell Mi Rae that Oppa needs to rest. Mi Rae asks why future Mi Rae didn’t take Oppa to the hospital earlier and hears future Mi Rae didn’t know Oppa had cancer. Mi Rae is just happy that he’s all better now and thanks future Mi Rae for keeping Oppa company at the hospital.

Yoo Kyung is dining with her reporting team and the PD is waxing poetic about his new idea about the relationship and courtesy between people. She was placing the eating utensils down for him before slamming it on the table and telling him to do it once for himself so he gets real life experience about how to be courteous and respectful of others. She leaves with her head held high.

Se Joo finishes dinner with a business man and decides to walk home and gives his driver the night off. Se Joo walks through the city and pauses when he sees a family of four dining in a restaurant. He calls Mi Rae but her phone is turned off. Ha, so poetic.

Se Joo goes to the udon restaurant and sees Yoo Kyung dining there alone. He walks over and asks behind her back if she has free time? Yoo Kyung looks annoyed and says she’s waiting for her boyfriend, and then turns around and sees that the guy is Se Joo. He asks if she has a boyfriend and Yoo Kyung says she lied thinking a guy was picking her up. He sees her reading about how to get a national sponsored scholarship to study abroad.

Yoo Kyung needs to think about developing a specialty since she can’t be a reporter forever. Se Joo asks if she needs help such as with her housing. Yoo Kyung declines since her brother will be going to the army soon and during that time her mom will move in with her aunt. Yoo Kyung will just mail all her scholarship money to her mom as living expenses and they will be fine. She can just work part time to earn money for her own living expenses. Se Joo asks how long this will take and Yoo Kyung says a few years and she may up planting down roots there. Se Joo looks sad and Yoo Kyung says she will probably not be around when he gets engaged.

Mi Rae goes to the front desk and hears from the nurse that Kim Shin announcer was the person taking care of Oppa when he was getting his surgery. Mi Rae hesitates but ends up calling Shin to thank him for taking care of her Oppa during his surgery. Shin says he didn’t do much so she needn’t thank him. Mi Rae hears another woman’s voice and asks if he’s with someone? Shin asks what she needs and Mi Rae says nothing else and ends the call.

Shin is playing golf with the NTN big-wigs and he’s told that the guys in the family all play golf and he’s going to have to know how to play. Shin silently sends a driver shot flying high and its clear he’s a good golfer.

Oppa returns to work to the party welcome from the team. It’s pretty cute and everyone is happy to go to celebrate. Oppa says lets celebrate but as a farewell to Mi Rae. Everyone asks if she’s going to get engaged so quickly but Mi Rae says she is going to an outside production company. The guys think she’s doing it so she can marry Se Joo without the network gossip and start congratulating her on getting engaged.

A few reporters come to see Shin in his office and hands him a report saying he has to report this on air. Shin flips through the report is about how there has been a product failure that has results in deaths but the product is manufactured by one of Hom Group’s family alliances so NTN has sealed the news report on it. The reporters say they have a social obligation to report on it. Shin says he needs more evidence before reporting on it. The reporters leave and give Shin a very disappointed look.

Mi Rae is walking and passes by a man carrying a protest sign on the street. She goes up and asks him what happened? She introduces herself as a television screenwriter and wants to know his story. The man explains that his son died because of the disinfectant solution that remained in the humidifier. The man knows he didn’t clean the humidifier thoroughly but the company has refused to admit fault for the death. The man doesn’t want compensation for his son’s death, he just wants an apology. He was interviewed for hist story but the powerful company has killed all reports on it. The man begs Mi Rae to tell his story.

Mi Rae arrives at the outside production company to start her job. She asks her boss if she has a story she is working on right now? Mi Rae reveals the ahjusshi’s to the PD who says its a very sad story but if the network heads refuse to report on it then there is nothing they can do. She does tell Mi Rae to interview the guy first. Mi Rae goes back to talk with the ahjusshi and sees two NTN reporters talking to him. She hears from the ahjusshi that the reporters are going to beg Kim Shin the new announcer to report the news.

Mi Rae calls future Mi Rae and asks what the specific issue was that caused Shin to pay a penalty to NTN? Future Mi Rae doesn’t want to tell her the details but Mi Rae pushes her. Future Mi Rae reveals that Shin reported a news that the upper management didn’t want reported, so he was fired and had to pay a penalty. Mi Rae asks what the day of the report was? Future Mi Rae doesn’t remember the exact date but it was the same day the NTN reporters went on strike. Mi Rae goes to NTN and finds the reporters striking in the lobby on the obligation to report the news. Mi Rae asks the security guard and finds out the protest started today. Shin walks down into the lobby and sees Mi Rae.

They go outside the talk and he asks her if today is the day he’s ruined? Mi Rae says yes, he will be asked to report on a news story and when he does he will be fired and pay a penalty. Shin asks if she wants him to not report it and ignore social injustice? Or report on it and get fired? Will she help him either way? If not then why is she here telling him any of this? Mi Rae knows she has no right to be here worrying about him. Shin tells her that he will decide what to do and she needs to stop getting involved in his life. He walks away and Mi Rae looks very sad.

Future Mi Rae is at home watching the news about the NTN reporters strike. The doorbell rings and it’s a delivery man with a package. Future Mi Rae opens the door and is promptly nabbed by the man who is also a Time Cop. Future Mi Rae starts screaming and the two guys tell her that she needs to go back because someone is waiting for her. Future Mi Rae screams that there is no one waiting for her! Time Cop tells her that future Shin is still alive and future Mi Rae promptly faints.

Mi Rae comes home and freaks upon seeing the Time Cops and a fainted future Mi Rae. The Time Cops says future Mi Rae needs to go back to the future now, and then drops the bombshell that future Mi Rae is NOT the present Mi Rae’s future self. Present Mi Rae goes “WHAT?”

Oppa arrives at the hospital where future Mi Rae is in the hospital bed. He finds out the Time Cops are here to take future Mi Rae back but need her to be awake for the trip. Mi Rae asks what they mean that future Mi Rae is not her own future self. Se Joo hears about the incident and rushes to the hospital. Turns out future Mi Rae is very weak but the hospital doesn’t know what else is wrong with her.

Shin is at his desk and the two news reporters walk in with their script for the broadcast that includes the story. Shin remembers the NTN Chairman telling him that the door is opened and he needs to decide whether he wants to step over. The reporters were so happy Shin joined because his subway reporting was so inspirational to them. Shin sits down at the anchor desk and he has two sets of scripts placed before him. The NTN 9 pm news broadcast begins and Mi Rae and Se Joo turn towards the television and stare at Shin.

Thoughts of Mine:

So close, I can see the finish line so close before me. I’m going to say some rah rah cheers tonight to give me that final push to finish this sucker up. Is MHIYD the worst K-drama I’ve ever watched? Ever recapped? LOL, not by a long shot, so all my legit complaints about how bad it is does not equate this with being in the pantheon of suck. It’s simply a thoroughly misguided and misconceived effort right out of the gate. If we take away everything that we know with this drama present time line being an alternate reality of the life future Mi Rae led, then we can accept that what we’re watching is lacking in everything interesting and compelling that drove future Mi Rae’s life. Future Mi Rae and Shin had a magical romance stemming from a car accident, a fairytale wedding and not so fairytale marriage, but they loved each other and through it all they had a son but couldn’t keep him. It’s all so dramatic and the stuff we want to watch onscreen.

We want to swoon with their love and rage for their mistakes and cry for their pain. But all of that was kept from us. Instead we got an alternate timeline where the only romance between Shin and Mi Rae was a subway fire bonding moment and then an almost kiss in a haunted house. Then everything went to hell in a hand basket and the remainder of their romance was scuttled for their mutual fear of being with each other coupled with the Park Se Joo determination fest. Se Joo is determined to win Mi Rae’s hand, isn’t he? And he’s got no sense of timing, space, natural progression, or even the ability to read Mi Rae’s attitude towards him. She is the least thrilled girlfriend in the history of chaebol dating. That couple’s ring is akin to a heavy handcuff but I don’t even feel bad for Mi Rae because she could have kept saying No and NO and No means No to Se Joo. But she chose to silently accept it so she can wear that ring and be sad and mopey and I don’t give a fug.

Yoo Kyung has been relegated to a scant 5 minutes and episode but she’s still the most rational and sincere person in the entire show. By miles and miles. Next one would be Shin, but his insistence to future Mi Rae that even if he’s a different universe Shin he can still hurt Mi Rae was the epitome of “what the hell logic”. But compared to Se Joo’s brain waves (or lack thereof), at least Shin is doing this because he doesn’t want to risk hurting Mi Rae down the road whereas I no longer have a clue what sustains Se Joo other than the belief that if he loves Mi Rae enough then it’s all good and she needs to pick him if she’s not going to pick Shin. The part where she doesn’t need to pick anyone and could become a lesbian or a nun if she wanted appears not to factor into his thinking. This is Se Joo’s thought process – Mi Rae and Shin didn’t work out? Great! That means I can steamroll my way into marrying her. Awesomesauce! – which is the mind of a child but with the resources of an adult to make his grand plan work out. Se Joo played no part in Mi Rae and Shin’s issues which is all self-inflicted, but he is doing his own ridiculous pursuit of Mi Rae that sucks in its own right.

I cannot even say an eulogy for Yoo Kyung and Se Joo’s thwarted fate because Se Joo’s behavior in this drama has so completely lost me on his personality that I wouldn’t sic him on Yoo Kyung if he was the last man standing. She’s much too wonderful for him, and her three scenes in this episode were truly stand out moments. The sadness when she told Mi Rae about how she was supposed to meet Se Joo in Jeju (and Mi Rae’s silence spoke volumes about her own complicity in ruining that destined fate), her telling off the rude PD was such a sweet vengeance moment, and finally her conversation with Se Joo in the udon restaurant made me want to hug her for being such a smart and confident girl who can accept her lot in life and make more or herself but also can let go without insisting her feelings are the most important thing EVER. That would be Se Joo, by the way, though once again he made me mildly like him in his scene with Yoo Kyung because I could feel that he had a chance to be cool if only he had her by his side.

I’m looking forward to episode 16 the most because of the glimpse in the preview of future Shin coming back to meet present Shin. Even if its not the same universe Shin, I still think it would be instrumental in resolving Shin’s major impasse. If he loves Mi Rae that much, he needs to battle fate and pick her. It’s not worth living a life of misery missing the other person, they might as well live a life of misery together. I think it’s safe to say that the only real romance we saw in this drama was in the flashbacks of future Mi Rae showing us her love story with Shin in her timeline. So in the end, the main female lead in this drama may be future Mi Rae, LOL, and her love story with Shin is what this drama is about. She came back at the expense of her own life span to save his life, and save him from an unhappy marriage with her. I wished she would not have lied or withhold so much of the truth for so long in this drama, giving everyone whiplash and ruining what would have been a compelling reason for her interference in re-writing destiny for the four leads. Of course the drama hasn’t nonsensically made Mi Rae suddenly like Se Joo back, and she doesn’t look like she’ll ever like him back that way. Which just makes all of this SO POINTLESS. Can we just have Shin and Mi Rae elope and make out and then we all pretend this was not a drama and just an MV with Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye playing a happily married couple for 4 minutes. I can live with that, I really can. Because living with MHIYD for the last 8 weeks has been nothing short of excruciating.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 15 Recap — 55 Comments

  1. I fucking hate this writer.

    I couldn’t even read the recap so I just skipped to the parts with YooKyung.

    Shin, Sejoo and Mirae (present and future) can all disappear into a black hole for all I care.

    • LMFAO Big time! I was saying the very same thing whilst I watched MHIYD without subtitles. I was so hoping for a bit of romance, even on the tail end of episode 15 at least. So if future Mi Rae is too sick to time travel Shin will come for her? Here’s to hoping.
      I also noticed that the writer has failed to keep the story consistant.. if Shin got this job with NTN after he was married to Mi Rae (which occurred in 2014) how come he go the job so soon? Its still Christmas 2013???? Already he’s facing an issue of integrity? Anyway, I give up.

      Thanks for all your hard work with the recaps! 🙂

  2. I never thought I would be so happy to have an YEH drama ending, especially one with perfect chemistry between the OTP.
    Please media gods pair them up again – and this time with a good writer.

  3. I’m glad I haven’t seen the episode yet! I regret my hesitation to watch raw Empress Ki or this one! What on earth is wrong with MR! You don’t like the guy, don’t accept the ring! stand of yourself lady! Oh Mother! that moment of Shin on the balcony worth the whole episode I think! I will literally watch his scenes only!

    Poor LDG I don’t even care about the one hot kiss I asked for. I just want you off this drama. They killed you then brought you alive.

    Kdrama, please give justice.

  4. The drama started out fine, disguising as a romantic comedy with a fantasy twist. But then it just got worse each episode and now we’re down to the last one. Here’s my greatest fear: the drama will end with future Mirae waking up and freaking out about the alternate reality business, and demanding that the time travel security to set everything back to the past, wiping off all 15 episodes of nonsensical drama between Mirae/Sejoo/Shin. That would probably be the best way to undo the disaster of this drama series…but also prove that it’s been a royal waste of time for us viewers… ;(

    But again, I just don’t understand what happened with this drama writer. It’s really not like she’s a novice, with some great dramas under her belt, and she had some likable actors to work with…

    • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t buy that she only did the typing of TK2H. She sure read people’s comments and saw the terrible ratings. Call it fan service or don’t but clearly she lost her brain for some reasons and I can freely say It’s giving unnecessary senses and cancelling the air time of the lead, and by the lead I mean LDG. WTH is wrong with giving a kiss sence when you have an amazing chemistry between YEH and LDG.

      Look at the stills for the past weeks. I don’t see LDG and all I can see is MR or MR and Shin.. Odd, no?!

  5. I can’t believe the writer ruined the only good thing this drama had- its characters. I don’t care about mirae, shin n seju! I think yookyung is relatively likeable because she was sidelined in the plot…otherwise the author would have ruined her too! I never liked mirae as I didn’t find her interesting. The only problem I have with shin is that he’s way too weak n isn’t fighting for mirae. And seju…what can I say? He was my favorite character before the writer ruined his character…made him extremely clingy! I wonder whether the writer made him pursue mirae till the end to confuse viewers about mirae’s final choice? Its a pity that the writer could do this to her own characters. I’m glad this drama is ending today cuz I think we’ve suffered enough! lol

  6. Shin on the roof killed me. The pain he must feel, to see a character like that be so broken and trying to hard control his emotions. Just amazing to watch LDG. The fact that this drama totally screwed him over still pisses me off more than the writing.

    I can get Shin’s logic. I’m not sure I’d be strong enough to risk it either and I hope FKS is able to help him, but at least he’s thinking of Mirae. Seju on the other hand has no moments of self reflection or any awareness of Mirae’s feeling. He’s not even thinking of her at all, but himself. He has no worries or cares. Selfish, overbearing and delusional is what he is. I’m not sure that can be fixed in one episode. Seju was a rather sympathetic character, but now how in the world can anyone feel bad for him. I also kind of love Shin telling Mirae not to butt in his life. Considering Seju, Mirae is probably not used to men who actually mean it when they say goodbye.

    The ring scene in the beginning was one of the most uncomfortable scenes I’ve ever seen. Did Mirae lose the ability to speak? Is she worried about Seju’s sanity so she can’t say no? She’s just going with the flow and anything Seju wants. I hope what she learns at the end is the kick in the pants she needs.

    YK needs to ruuun far far away from SJ. I can’t even ship them together anymore. She can find someone much better than him. There is no doubt in my mind she will have a happy life without him and do well for herself.

    I don’t know how this ends, but my god it better not be a Seju/Mirae end. I also dislike FMR, but I actually kind of want her to go back to FKS. He’s suffered enough and maybe they can finally live out the rest of their lives happy.

  7. The writer doesn’t not only not know what’s she is doing, but totally ruined a great casting. It’s torture even reading the recaps.

      • “Park Se-Joo” is when we see a second lead having a brain fart.
        “What would Anthony do” is when we see product placement in a drama…like when they go to camping for no reason what so ever…or when KS suddenly had the time to play golf when there are sooo many other issues this drama need to address…

  8. It’s obvious who really loves each other. I hope the writer gives us a passionate kiss between LDG and YEH because WE all deserve this. I am okay with 10 minutes of screentime with the deserving pairs being happy with each other or apart.

    I also dislike the fact that FMR didn’t even apologize to SJ and YK, she messed up their lives lol! But I love YK here, I agree with Koala, she must be the most sincere character in the series and she has changed SOOOO much, she become the better person without SJ, goes to show how awesome she is.

    SJ character is so annoying, all clingy to Mirae. Is he still hoping that she’ll be happy with him? How can he be so dense lol. Fans continuing to root for him saying “Sejoo fighting.” is pretty much grating to what the essence of this drama really is. To insist SJ to Mirae is blindly saying. Oh, it’s okay to marry a chaebol, because I am secure. Come on writer. Today is episode 16! LOL. Why did you have to keep the truth for so long. Why waste all those awesome chemistry between YEH and LDG? XD

  9. I need a reason a simple reason to have this yoon eun hye drama in my collection , but the script is too horrible. Could be the last ep save this drama ? I don’t think so. A hot kiss scene between LDG and YEH will not be enough.If that scene will happen which I doubt , but I wish with all my heart at least . The story is so poorly written even for a melodrama or whatever it was. we lost the opportunity to watch a great chemistry between LDG and YEH , will be dificult almost impossible for them to work together again.I’ve completely lost hope in this drama , the final ep will be one of the most painful, disastrous I’ve seen in my life so far .This drama will have the lowest rating this week , thanks to the writer until today doesn’t assume guilt , maybe she’s convinced that she is the reincarnation of shakespeare. My tears are falling by impotence and anger, by the way thanks for the recap.

  10. I have never been so mad watching a drama and/or reading recaps. What a torture this drama has been! I feel like I’ve been chewed and spit at by the writer. Totally feeling ripped off by the writer. It could have been one of the best K-dramas with such a cast but the writer just messed it up. The last episode better be a healing balm to the wound that the writer inflicted on the viewers and not another dose of acid to make the pain unbearable to a point of wishing you are dead!

  11. I bailed on this drama half way through. Yet I still want to know how far fetched this car wreck will go so I head here to the playground for your recaps. By the way, your recaps are far and away more fun, hilarious and entertaining to read than the drama seems to be. I really liked the cast but it just went in the dumper early on and failed to be revived for me. I was immensely frustrated with the depiction of future Mirae and the mire that she left us all in. BROTHER! Thank you for plodding through the moroseness of this piece of nonsense. I appreciate your steadfastness. Thank you.

  12. I’m so happy to hear Yoo Kyung is moving on! I hate that she only appears 5 min. I loved Han Chae Ah and Young Hwa chemistry. Such a shame his character has an idiotic obsession with Mi Rae. If he would have move on by ep. 8 and look back to Yoo Kyung I would still watch the drama, but now I don’t want him in her brilliant future. She deserves much better.

  13. This time-travel mystery melodrama has everyone loving it or hating it.
    The hate is aimed squarely at the writer who did not deliver a rom-com…. BTW when did they state it ever was a rom-com?
    I was impressed with the depth of character development and the primary focus on woman’s issues in Korea.
    The writer is known for dealing with issues that is eliciting a strong reaction.
    Good art elicits strong reactions.
    It has been an enjoyable series with great acting and character development.

  14. is this the first ever k-drama without a kissing scene right until the end?

    oh, who know’s if there will even be a kiss at the end?

    sad that the chemistry of shin and mirae was not put to good use. emotinally they are connected and you can see that but if they had put a kissing scene there somewhere, im sure audience would have stayed till the end.

    im really disappointed about the whole thing, they better make up for it big time in the last episode. me sad!!!!

  15. Mi Rae should just move one and set her own goal like YK. I don’t like her being unsure and just go with the flow. You have a voice to speak. use it! I really hope that LDG and YEH will have other project together coz their chemistry is enormous though they only stare at each other. so pity. writer just waste this beautiful pair.

  16. Kim Shin, grow a pair and get your woman so the story can get some coherence!!!!! this writers keeps killing SeJu character for the sake of innecesary angst! i CANT stand it. SeJu and Sekyung part was good, why did this writer killed that ship!!!? >_<

  17. I like these words “Can someone start digging a hole, we have a future Mi Rae to bury alive in there. She doesn’t even deserve to be put to death first, she is that royally idiotic. ” ..same thoughts of mine..n yes, agree with u that SJ will be the 1 commit suicide mission here..:)

  18. Yoo kyung is awesome– it’s just sad that she only has so little space to bloom… as a girl, I think Kim Shin is hands down a fave here with his sincerity. That screen cap of him covering his eyes to stop his tears just about KILLED me– the screen cap alone. I can’t imagine watching it in action T-T

    I don’t mind it when the focus of the story isn’t about romance– but I am unhappy that the writer flopped in the pacing– i appreciate exploring people making deliberate choices in the face of “fate” or Future Mirae’s meddlings, but really? can we not move any further with only one friggin’ episode left?She’s writing as if this is a 24 ep drama!!

  19. I keep scratching my head… What went so terribly wrong? And poor YEH… So many dramas just haven’t cut it for her. 🙁 and the incredible waste of talent on this piece of crap writing.

    I have bailed a long time ago but still sludge through it to see if there is any glimmer of hope. Maybe this one is best viewed in its entirety. I am drawing at straws seriously. I am a person who sludges through PCAP with JJH and GHS and let me tell you, I came out of that in much better shape than this current drama. With am OTP like LDG and YEH – they couldn’t even milk that?! Sigh… Oh well… Maybe next time.

  20. This writer will be on my hate list, wasting the entire cast talents. The chemistry LDG n YEH are amazing even without kiss scenes, just the look between them already sizzling and writer has to ruins it all..

  21. I don’t see why they entitled it Mirae’s Choice when the poor girls wasn’t given a choice to follow her heart. Everything else was manipulated so that she would take the path chosen by her future self, only to find out that the two of them are totally unrelated. Boy, I would have loved to see the work of the this writer’s alternate universe counterpart. Maybe that one could have written a better story.

  22. Ah, that was a good read. I feel better now.

    “We should all do that henceforth, just randomly shove rings on people’s hands” in particular got me LOLing for 5 minutes.

    Sigh, Seju and his toy car indeed. Thanks writer, for ruining his character for the final 5 episodes.

  23. Oh, by the way, in the preview, Seju backhugging Mirae while she looks miserable ——–> BARFS (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

      • it’s like being happy is impossible in her book
        she’s not even that ‘happy’ when she’s with shin. once or twice, the rest are them fighting or being mopey together

    • Didn’t you notice, then, that she puts her hands on his hands which are holding her? She seems to accept him. Not passionately, but she likes him enough to consider spending her life with him.

  24. This is the first ever korean drama wherein I’m only rooting for the second lead girl’s happiness in the end. The other 3 leads annoyed me way beyond I imagined.
    P.S. #1 I’m talking about the characters not the actors/actresses themselves.
    P.S. #2 Stop pointing fingers to idol fans, it’s all the writer’s fault.

  25. the only consolation of this drama is the bts videos
    Yonghwa has awesome chemistry with YEH and HCA off screen, the three of them are so cute and playful together in the bts

    • I agree…had more fun watching the bts in fact. YH seems like a really nice guy, always smiling and cheerful. He’s grown so much since YAB, and has become an amazing actor. Happy for him.

  26. I really can’t see how the writer is going to end this mess. There are just too many things to resolve. The only way out is for ahjumma to return to the future and for everything to return the way it was. To, perhaps, the point of the accident. Which means, if this is the writer’s “open-ended” ending, we would have been watching the entire show for nothing. As for the kissing, guys, I really really doubt there’s going to be one. For most unromantic,most unfunniest rom-com of the year, nay, of history, this one wins hands-down. I feel so so sad for LDG.

  27. This is one of worst drama i watched. I hate KIM SHIN actor. Mainly because he can not act romantic. The whole script is weak in romance. That said i understand completely where this is going. KIM SHIN gona hurt NA MI RI in this universe or in billion universe even if he try everything. He try to avoid her as much. Thats what his belief is. But issue here he already signed contract (death warrant).

    I really wanted better romance between second lead and na mi ri.

    This kinda drama has no purpose. Waste of time and energy.

    Korea drama crack is romance…when u remove that ..its empty crap.

  28. LDG is useless actor for me. Even script is romance he just can’t do justice. Its bad casting. Period. Only actress selection is good and brother character is awsome. Even future na mi ri is good. Lead , second male lead is bad.

    • you bash LDG and to excuse it u say that YH is bad too lol and you wanted MR with SJ! really! if your problem with the casting why did you watch! when I don’t like a drama cast I don’t watch it in the first place!
      okay, before you throw assumption just know who they are first! LDG is a very good actor if you have seen his previous work! but cause he has been on a hiatus for so long he isn’t known to the younger crowed! his performance here gives kim shin character many layers and depth! his portrayal to this character is really good! I find it impressive that he acts this good after 5 years hiatus, if you don’t feel it not my problem but don’t bash LDG! he is way better than many actors with the crazy fans!

      YH on the other hand I find his acting has improved by leaps! as I only watched him on “you are beautiful” so I can see it! to me he improved in comparison to other idols who still sucks 😐

      the problem is not the casting! the problem with the writer herself! she is the main reason that she ruined everything! second reason are YH irrational stans as they just want SJ with MR! they don’t care about the story they just want SJ/MR! I have read in soompi that this script is modified so I guess that’s why it sucked in the end! they tried to sell the drama as YH being an idol and as many wants SJ/MR so the writer tried to make this a fanservice as it might raise the ratings but ended screwing everyone!
      this story was so good in the first 6 episodes but went downhill after that!
      I don’t think actors like LDG and YEH would accept this crap if its from the beginning! they say that the original script had MiRae and Shin work out throw there problem in the end and SJ with YK find each other after time gap! but in this stupid ending we didn’t get anybody with anybody! so this is the writer fault! not the actors! so stop with the bashing!

  29. please Future Se Joo come back to the present and try hardest to make him not fall in love with Mi rae.

    i can’t stand to watch the last episode, even i can’t read this recap without throwing a tantrum *se jooo uughhh* (i love yonghwa, but i really hate the character, blame the writer to make him like that)

  30. First up, thanks for the detailed recap! It really helped with me understanding the raw version I saw. Some bits of your commentary got me laughing out loud.

    With that said, all I can say is that MAN, what is this episode ALL about?

    It is as if nothing has changed. We all knew from the previous ep that Shin was moving to a different broadcast station, that present Mirae is miserable, that future Mirae realises from the time cop about parallel universes. That Sejoo still wants to be with present Mirae no matter.

    Even if it did not turn out to be a rom com as it was slated to be, the decision to keep dragging the episodes is unnecessary and extremely tiring to watch.

    I dont like present Mirae, I dont like Sejoo’s character, and I absolutely detest future Mirae and this is the second last episode of the show.

    I dont quite care who ends up with whom anymore – tho’ judging from this ep, I think it will be a Shin-Mirae ending but yeah, who cares anymore if they do have a son or not – if he is alive or not around. And the reason I feel this way – the development of the relationship/love between Mirae and Shin was so scant/few in between. Most of the time, we just see them moping around being sad.


  31. Gah, what has she done to my Yoo Kyung. For sure, she is my favorite second female lead character ever and I became a fan of Han Chae Ah. She is too flawless.
    I gave up on the drama. Next time, I should remember not to have my hope too high or any hopes at all …

  32. Hahahaha oh, unnie 🙂 I tried to look back to the beginning of this drama in hopes I could figure out what the story was going to be about, but it all seems just so convoluted, tiresome and lacking of any sense. I decided to create a plot-start of my own and go with it–the fuck with expectations! And so I ran away from that mess of past hours and quickly returned to the present episodes. Hey, at least I learned not to fuck with my own past and its awful mistakes. The trouble and precious minutes that saved me! Ironies.

    Thanks for the recap;)

  33. I agree that the character is much cliche. But i get that the thing the writer try to serve are the premis. Since i like the idea about tme machine because of problems husband i think the characters issues are not very mportant. I like the storyline, and specially Mirae’s oppa. Btw thanks for the recap 🙂

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