In A Good Way Episode 4 Recap

The schedule for In A Good Way will be slower than when I recap K-dramas and that’s due to the slower release of the video files as well as my wanting to savor this sweetness and take my time with each recap. Liu Chuan said to Jia En in episode 3 that it’s not just what happens that matters but the journey that is also rewarding. It’s not one or the other but the ability to balance the two that enriches life’s many experiences. I find this drama does practice what it preaches because each episode does exactly that. I am excited to see development from the characters in growing their interactions and understanding of each other, but how it happens is amusing and interesting in its own right. I’m also not going to jump ahead and guess developments to come or worry too much about future conflicts or misunderstandings. What will come will feel natural in the course of college kids growing up and educating themselves. Episode 4 was above and beyond my expectation, deftly integrating Jia En into the college life of CDU while still focusing on rekindling her connection with Liu Chuan. I still can’t get over how the drama dared to time jump so abruptly and thoroughly, separating two kids who were tentatively feeling something but without any angst or woe. It just happened and Liu Chuan and Jia En picked off right where they left off.

She still fairly idolizes him yet doesn’t fawn over him like all the other girls. He is captivated by her without any words necessary, she just lights him up. And he’s so deliciously obvious around her I can’t even. Liu Chuan makes staring actually feel tingly without all the stalkerish subtext. He looks at her like she’s so enchanting, like he wants to just spend time together and talk to her. So he does, and boy was it good. I don’t know if Jia En is really that dense or she hasn’t even considered the possibility that he might feel something more than friendship with her. But it’s such a relief to watch a drama where love and romance and “does he like me, do I like him?” isn’t the end all and be all of what drives this narrative. This is a drama about finding independence through courage to try new things and take changes, and in episode 4 all the characters did that. I quite liked how the spotlight finally fell on Bai Xue a bit more and she’s much cooler than I took her for. I don’t see any cattiness and her no-holds-barred rejection of Ren Wei was nicely done because it was all true and she wasn’t trying to be nice or mean but rather sincere. If he has a good reason for liking her then say it, otherwise why should she even consider giving him a chance? It’s clear she likes Liu Chuan but he sees her as one of the guys, but at least Jia En and Ren Wei don’t have a thing for each other and turn this into the predictable love square situation. This drama really is the balm for my weary soul.

Episode 4 recap:

Jia En starts her college life and walks to school since she’s living at home which is right outside campus. She walks to her major building and runs into another freshman Ding Xiao Wei who is on the shy side and Jia En talks to her first. They are called in to join the mentor-mentee match.

The upper grade students greet the freshman and then start picking names so that the freshman are all paired with an upperclassman mentor. Bai Xue is also a Foreign Languages major and of all people she picks Jia En, whose name she clearly recognizes. There is an awkward pause and then two girls greet each other with a smile. After all the names have been selected, Xiao Wei laments she didn’t get a mentor but Jia En says her mentor can also mentor Xiao Wei since Bai Xue is so nice. Bai Xue comes over to say hello but gets a page and leaves the two rather abruptly to go somewhere. She hands Jia En an invitation and books it, leaving the two girls wondering why she’s seems not very friendly.

Turns out Bai Xue got paged by Liu Chuan and she heads to the Treasure Hunters club where the Three Musketeers are all there planning for the upcoming freshmen orientation event for their club. The event is an all-night treasure hunt and they need more guys with scooters because there are always more girls. Qing Yo asks if Bai Xue invited some freshman and she says she invited her mentee but Qing Yo says that’s not enough. Ri Qi is pretty nonchalant about finding new freshman guys but Qing Yo says they need to find guys with scooters. Bai Xue promises to find guys with scooters to join their event.

Liu Chuan is designer the treasure map and the concept revolves around mirrors. Mirrors are considered the entrance to another world and its a simple code to break. He wants to use mirrors to welcome the freshman into the world of treasure hunting. Bai Xue thinks it won’t too hard to crack but Liu Chuan just smiles and says nothing. Liu Chuan gets up behind Bai Xue and holds two mirrors up to show her reflection and how things are not what they seem. People believe only what they see but sometimes what they see is not always true. Bai Xue admits something does seem off and she doesn’t look like herself. Bai Xue gets nervous to be so close to Liu Chuan but he’s rather nonchalant about it. After Liu Chuan sits down, Bai Xue asks how he sees her? Qing Yo and Ri Qi turn around as Liu Chuan just stares at Bai Xue. She asks what he’s doing and he says she is reflected in his eyes so that is how he “sees” her. She’s exasperated and says that was not what she meant.

Bai Xue sits down and fiddles with the rubics cube while Liu Chuan keeps working. She takes a mirror and shines it on him and totally distracts him. He laughs that she’s like playing with a cat. Qing Yo and Ri Qi look over and exchange a knowing glance.

Jia En and Xiao Wei leave their major building and run into Ren Wei outside. He playfully greets Jia En and introduces himself as a sophomore in the Business Management department. Xiao Wei wonders how Jia En knows so many students already at school and hears they grew up together. Ren Wei admits he came not to see Jia En but to see Bai Xue.

He pulls Jia En aside when he hears that Bai Xue is her mentor and asks that she invite Bai Xue to a co-ed orientation party. Jia En asks if things have developed after the bike race since Bai Xue changed her impression of him then. Ren Wei admits he asked her out a few times but something always came up. He attributes it to her being shy. He thinks Jia En being Bai Xue’s mentee means its fated for her to ask for him. Jia En refuses and tells him to invite Bai Xue himself, and then tell her where the party is and she’ll come.

Xiao Wei takes Jia En back to her dorm to chat. Jia En admits that she knows people at CDU because she didn’t get into college last year so hung around her because of Ren Wei. This school was actually her third choice though there is someone here who influenced her very deeply but she hasn’t told him that she got in yet. She doesn’t know how he thinks about her being here. Xiao Wei asks if Jia En has special feelings for that upperclassman student at CDU? Before Jia En can answer, the alarm rings and Xiao Wei’s roommate wakes up after sleeping late and her name is Tracy and she is a freshman in the Tourism department. She gets ready to head out to club events and plans to go to the Dance Club.

Tracy’s mentor in her major arrives and hears from Jia En that her mentor is Bai Xue and they are headed to the Treasure Hunters club as their social activity since Bai Xue is a member of the club. There is awkward silence and the mentor says Bai Xue is the School Flower and all the guys like her because she’s so pretty, but she doesn’t have any girl friends because all the girls seem allergic to her. She tells Jia En to let her know if Bai Xue is mean to her and she’ll stick up for Jia En.

Ren Wei is at the cafeteria with Ah Di who discusses last year how Ren Wei challenged the Three Musketeers here. A new guy Jacky who is their next door neighbor and a Computer Science major comes by and asks a favor. Jacky idolizes the Men of Steel and ask to join their group. Ren Wei is hesitant but without Zai Zai they are one man short so lets Jacky stay for now as a trial period. Jacky promises to try hard during this trial period.

Bai Xue finds Ren Wei in the cafeteria and invites him to the Treasure Hunter’s club orientation treasure hunt tonight if he has a scooter. Ren Wei is ecstatic and says of course he’ll be there. He asks if Jacky and Ah Di can go as well and Bai Xue is fine with it as long as they have motorcycles. They don’t but they can borrow one so they’re in as well.

Ren Wei goes back to his dorm room and totally gels up his hair and sprays it stiff with hairspray to form the perfect “airplane hair”. He practices smiling and goes through too outgoing before settling on a more reserved smile and practices his confession to Bai Xue. The straight forward one he thinks is too cheesy. He then tries a confession from a popular J-movie that year, and then practices running around the dorm just like in that movie. He even practices hugging himself and then starts singing the theme song from Ghost with “Oh my love, my Snow White” using Ah Di’s trashcan like a pottery wheel. AHAHAHAHA. Ah Di and Jacky come back and Ren Wei seats Ah Di down to do his hair. Poor Ah Di.

The upperclassmen and freshman have all assembled outside for that evenings treasure hunt. Ren Wei arrives and runs over to say hello to Bai Xue and she’s all like “what?” He’s so clueless and just thanks her and thinks they will make the best pairing. They realize they are two girls short and Bai Xue asks if two guys won’t mind pairing up but no one volunteers.

Xiao Wei arrives and Ren Wei recognizes her so goes over and welcome her to join. She’s hesitant especially since Jia En was supposed to be here but hasn’t arrived yet. Ren Wei says Jia En will be here if she said so and tells her to stay. All the guys notice cute shy Xiao Wei.

Liu Chuan is running late and carrying a box of supplies to the meeting when he bumps against the railing and his box falls. He’s picking the items up when Jia En runs by because she’s late but then she turns back to help him not realizing it’s Liu Chuan. He is about to thank her when he realizes who she is and pauses, which is when she raises her head and recognizes him.

They both smile and say long time no see to each other. He says the obvious which is that she ended up coming to CDU and then congratulates her. She asks if these things are for tonight’s treasure hunt and he asks how she knows?

Everyone is milling around waiting for Liu Chuan to arrive when he walks up with Jia En beside him. The girls wonder why he’s coming with her and Bai Xue doesn’t look all that happy. Jia En greets Xiao Wei and introduces her to Liu Chuan explaining that he is the club president, which continues to impress Xiao Wei that she’s so well connected around here. Qing Yo welcomes black tea girl to CDU and Ri Qi asks if she joined the Treasure Hunters club because she missed them? Jia En reveals that Bai Xue invited her.

Liu Chuan passes out the map and the kids wonder if it will be hard? Liu Chuan looks at Jia En and says he knows she can solve complex math questions by herself without giving up so she should be able to do this. Liu Chuan stands before the group and explains that tonight is a treasure hunt in co-ed pairs and the most important thing to do first is to select keys. Some girls ask why he’s not joining but since he designed the map it doesn’t make sense for him to join. Liu Chuan gives everyone one last clue which is that there are two mirrors in the map packet and that will be their clue to solving the map. Qing Yo holds a box containing motorcycle keys and the girls pick a key and that’s the guy she’s paired with for the night and will ride behind him on the motorcycle.

The selection is uneventful but a few things stick out. Shy Xiao Wei picks Ri Qi’s key and I’m like hhhhmmmm this would be a cute couple. When it’s Bai Xue’s turn to pick, Ren Wei is dying for her to pick his key, and she actually does! Dumb lucks wins for Ren Wei. Jia En is the last girl so the remaining key left in the box is Jacky and she smiles and toddles off after him. HOMG the tiniest look on Liu Chuan’s face is so precious, this twinge “guh why is she going with another guy and not me?” and then a smile that it’s just all part of the game.

The participants in the treasure hunt take off on their motorcycles while Liu Chuan the organizer stays behind. It’s a pretty cool montage of the guys ride their motorcycles as the girls’ read the map.

Xiao Wei and Ri Qi stop to check their map since Ri Qi thinks the map can be that easy to follow since Liu Chuan designed it. Xiao Wei reaches for it to ask if maybe the mirror in the center means something. Her hand touches Ri Qi’s and there is a frisson between them. Ri Qi walks off to look at the stars and break the awkward mood. Xiao Wei walks over and he describes the constellation Pegasus to Xiao Wei. I love how the drama gives them this little interlude because they are adorable together.

Ren Wei is purposely riding slow to spend more time with Bai Xue and she asks him to speed up.

Jacky and Jia En arrive at an intersection with a mirror on it. Jia En decides to go with her instinct and head up the mountain rather than the other route that the map seems to indicate because she remembers Liu Chuan told her that mirror code is to be read backwards. Jacky says the motorcycle has broken down and Jia En tells him to go take it to a shop while she’ll run up the mountains since she’s got legs. Jacky isn’t sure about it but she assures him that she’ll be fine.

Bai Xue makes Ren Wei stop the scooter because he keeps not going the way she told him. He thinks getting lost isn’t a big deal, they can find a pavilion to enjoy the ocean view and just relax. Bai Xue points out they are in the middle of a race and if he won’t go she’ll do it herself. She steps out and a car comes racing around the corner and Ren Wei pulls her to safety.

Bai Xue thanks Ren Wei for saving her and he uses the chance to confess sincerely that he really likes her and if she’ll be his girlfriend. Bai Xue reminds him that she told before – friends okay, dating no. Ren Wei says they are friends already so if she invited him out it must be a date. Bai Xue says its not since she was just looking for guys with scooters. Ren Wei accepts he jumped to the wrong conclusion but of all the guys at school she invited him so it must mean he means something to her. Bai Xue turns the questioning around and asks why he likes her? Other than her appearance? Ren Wei says she’s pretty and she is a good student but Bai Xue scoffs at the usual superficial reasons. Ren Wei admits he doesn’t know her well but is there anything wrong with liking someone. If she gives him time, he promises to get to know her very well.

Jia En runs and runs up the mountain road and finally ends up at a pavilion where she finds a box. She opens it to see the B.B. Call inside and yelps in happiness that she found the treasure first! She sees a call back number on it and goes to a payphone to call.

The call back number leads her to a voicemail recording that Liu Chuan left. Liu Chuan congratulates the winner of the first treasure hunt of the school year. He doesn’t know who he/she is, but he/she will surely have good luck all semester. Jia En smiles as she listen to this message.

Jia En walks back to the pavilion to rest and a motorcycle drives up the mountain road. It’s Liu Chuan of course, here to congratulate the winner. It’s lovely and so raw the way his face lights up in a fleeting smile when he sees it’s Jia En in the pavilion. I swear I yelped out loud when I saw Liu Chuan’s motorcycle turn up the mountain road.

Liu Chuan gets off his bike at the pavilion and congratulates Jia En on finding the treasure first. He asks why her face is so red and hears that she ran up all by herself. God he notices every little detail about her. He’s upset to learn her partner isn’t with her after their motorcycle broke down. It’s dangerous to let a girl walk the mountain road at night and Jia En realizes that he’s right but she was pretty clueless about it. Liu Chuan says forget it since she’s alright. Jia En asks where everyone else went and Liu Chuan says they are all wrong so went off to the seaside.

When Liu Chuan asks how she figured it out, Jia En reminds him of that code book he lent her last year. She read it and remembered what he said about the basic tenets of mirror code. Liu Chuan smiles that she remembers something from so long ago and Jia En says of course, everything he ever said to her she remembers. You can totally see his face just light up when he hears this. He stares at her and then to break the awkwardness asks if she’s seen the city lights of Taipei yet? Jia En confesses she ran up the mountain so focused on the task at hand she didn’t even notice. Liu Chuan smiles and asks if she wants to go, he’ll take her. Dude, you’ll take her anywhere, won’t you? Beach, concert, and now a mountain view? Jia En happily accepts.

The rest of the treasure hunters arrive at a beachside pavilion and find a box there only to have a jack-in-the-box pop up called “Loser” which is the club tradition prize for those who guessed wrong. They decide to go grab some late night dinner.

The losing group gather at the dinner place and poor Ah Di is being ignored by his partner. Xiao Wei notices that only Bai Xue and Jia En are not here yet so the winner must be one of those two. Ri Qi bets on Jia En since she learned stuff from Liu Chuan while Qing Yo bets on Ren Wei who seemed very determined today. Ah Di says Ren Wei’s fighting spirit today wasn’t for the treasure hunting but Qing Yo says he could have done anything to impress Bai Xue. Moments later Ren Wei rides up and Bai Xue enters the restaurant. She finds out that only Jia En and Jacky are not here so they probably won. Ren Weil walks in and goes to sit by Ah Di rather than Bai Xue, who asks where Liu Chuan is? She goes to page him. Ah Di asks Ren Wei why he looks so pissed and the two guys go grab a beer because they both need it.

Liu Chuan and Jia En arrive at a mountaintop overlook and she rushes to the edge and starts exclaiming over how beautiful it is! They sit down to admire the city lights and Liu Chuan leaves his pager on his motorcycle so he misses the call from Bai Xue telling him to join them for dinner. Liu Chuan turns to Jia En and asks who she wants to be the first person to call her pager? Say “you” Jia En, SAY IT! Jia En says this pager is for Xiao Wei and Liu Chuan is impressed she tried so hard to win something for a friend. Jia En explains the process was so interesting she got into it so it wasn’t all for Xiao Wei.

Liu Chuan stares at her as she looks back out towards the city and he raises his hand to stroke her cheek when she turns back. He pauses and tells her to wipe her sweat. Jia En quickly wipes herself and they resume sitting there in silence. Stupid Jia En! Grrrrr, let the man wipe your sweat for you!!!

Liu Chuan drops Jia En off at home and she gets off and thanks him for taking her home. She tells him to ride home safely and he says he’ll call her after he gets back to the dorm. Jia En yells “No!” and Liu Chuan is taken aback and asks why not? Yes, tell him he can and must call you. Every day. Jia En reminds him that this pager is for Xiao Wei. Liu Chuan understands and they just stand there looking at each other for an extra moment before Jia En walks inside.

Liu Chuan watches Jia En enter her house and sits there with a sigh before riding off.

Liu Chuan goes back to the club headquarters and finds Bai Xue sitting inside alone. She asks why he didn’t answer her pages and its the first time he realizes he missed pages. He reveals he took Jia En home first. Bai Xue asks why and Liu Chuan reveals she won the prize by running up the mountain after her motorcycle ride broke down. He felt she must be tired so took her home. Bai Xue realizes she was the only one who solved the treasure map. Liu Chuan thinks she would be a great club member if she joined their club.

Bai Xue asks what the code in the map was. Liu Chuan reveals that the top half of the map is true but the bottom half is a mirror image so one needs to use a mirror to read the correct route. Bai Xue is impressed but sees Liu Chuan tiredly rubbing his eyes so offers him some left overs and tell him to get some rest. She stands up to head back to the dorms but he makes no move to join her since he has some more stuff to do. She leaves and looks at him but he doesn’t even notice her lingering.

Liu Chuan goes back to his dorm room and Momo is excitedly waiting for him. He puts Momo on his bed and then sees Jia En’s note on his desk where he left it visibly right under his clear writing pad. He takes out the note and looks it at while Momo scampers over to vy for his attention. Liu Chuan lays back on his pillow and reads the note while listening to the same song he played for Jia En that night to put her at ease.

He has this wry smile on his face while Momo is totally all over him but he just quietly reminisces. Dude, you are so falling in love.

Jia En gives Xiao We the pager the next day and she reveals that her parents bought her a new computer for getting into college. Jia En asks if anything interesting happened last night? Xiao Wei thinks about stargazing with Ri Qi but doesn’t tell Jia En. She doesn’t think she’ll join any club since her parents are working hard to send her to college so studying is her first priority. Xiao Wei offers Jia En a ticket to the hit Japanese movie Love Letter which is playing in the theaters right now.

Jia En goes to the movie by herself and start crying during the movie. Bai Xue happens to be sitting beside her and offers her a tissue. After the movie ends, the two girls chat and hang out. Jia En wonders if Bai Xue goes to movies by herself and finds out that she does and thinks its very relaxing since she doesn’t need to wait for others and watching it alone can be a very enjoyable experience. They discuss the love story in that movie, with Jia En thinking that love needs to be about persistence while Bai Xue thinks the story is when one projects an image on the person they love.

They head to the record store to buy the OST and Bai Xue explains this movie soundtrack won awards in Japan. I remember, it was definitely the hottest movie in Taiwan the Summer of ’96. They head to a tea shop to get some drinks and runs into Xiao Wei and Tracy. They ask to hang out but when Bai Xue joins them both girls act weird and make excuses not to hang out. As they walk away, Bai Xue rushes over and offers her cardigan to Tracy because her dress is so see through and other people are laughing at her. Jia En decides to keep hanging out with Bai Xue and the other two girls realize she’s genuinely very nice. They try a drink that Bai Xue bought for Jia En and discovers the delicious concoction was something Bai Xue asked the owner to make. She offers to buy them some.

The Three Musketeers are hanging out at the Treasure Hunters club headquarters and discussing how come Liu Chuan doesn’t seem interesting in romance. Even Ri Qi knows that the three extracurricular credits college students need to take are – part time jobs, social clubs, and romance. So how come Liu Chuan isn’t interested in the romance. Qing Yo says Liu Chuan’s looks could mean he’s self-absorbed and that’s understandable but he’s still missing out. Liu Chuan says the real self-absorbed person is the one holding the mirror, pointing to Qing Yo staring at himself in the mirror.

Qing Yo takes the mirror and asks the magic mirror on the wall who Liu Chuan loves the most. He holds it in front of Liu Chuan’s face and he tells Qing Yo to stop messing around but then stops when Jia En’s face is reflected in that very mirror.

Liu Chuan turns in shock towards the window and sees Jia En standing outside in the hallway. Jia En smiles at him and both Qing Yo and Ri Qi smile a knowing grin. Bai Xue brings Jia En inside because she’s officially joining the club today. Ri Qi welcomes her and finds out that she cracked the treasure map because of a code book Liu Chuan lent her. Qing Yo piles on and says she’s so in sync with Liu Chuan, it’s like they are on the same wavelength. Ri Qi adds on by saying that maybe this semester Liu Chuan can finally get a romance credit.

Liu Chuan shoots a exasperated look over at his two best friends as they are loving this ribbing. Poor Bai Xue looks uncomfortable while Jia En is totally clueless. Liu Chuan tells the two of them to stop being so annoying. Bai Xue takes a book and asks Jia En to write in the Treasure Hunter’s book which is a new member orientation activity.

Qing Yo says she can write whatever she wants, she can even write a confession to the person she likes. Poor Jia En is like “whut?” while Liu Chuan is pretending to be all nonchalant doing his own thing in the back. Jia En starts writing and Liu Chuan sneaks a peek from the back table. Suddenly Xial Wei arrives and asks to speak to Jia En. Ri Qi goes over and invites her inside to chat but she calls Jia En out to talk.

Bai Xue takes over Liu Chuan’s bookkeeping work while the other two guys go do something else. Liu Chuan gets up and stands before the autograph book for a minute before picking it up and reading what Jia En wrote “So happy to join the Treasure Hunters club. Thank you Bai Xue sister for lending me a tissue, Love Letter was a great movie. And…..” That is where Jia En stopped because she was called out and Liu Chuan mutters to himself “and what?” Qi Ri and Qing Yo drag Liu Chuan out to play basketball and leave Bai Xue working there alone. After they leave, Jia En comes back and she wonders where the other guys went? Bai Xue asks if Jia En is looking for them and its clear she is but she says no and heads out.

The guys are playing basketball and Liu Chuan is in a rough mood as he is totally killing it on the court. Jia En goes back to her room and flips through her desk until she finds her old notebook where Liu Chuan wrote down his pager number for her when he was looking for the necklace. Qing Yo calls a break and asks Liu Chuan what’s gotten into him to play so intensely today? Liu Chuan gets a page and he rushes off to call back, leaving his roommate wondering what his problem is today.

Liu Chuan runs to the payphone and calls back to have Jia En answer the phone. The moment he realizes it’s her his demeanor totally changes. Jia En explains that Xiao Wei’s parents gave her a pager so she got to keep this. Since Liu Chuan helped her win the pager, she’s decided to give him a day’s time to let him be the first person to call her on it. Liu Chuan laughs and points out that if he helped her, why is she ordering him him to call her?

Jia En says her pager hasn’t gone off yet and she doesn’t know what it feels like to get a page, so she wants to save that chance for him. Liu Chuan asks if he needs to thank her then but she hurries him to page her so she knows what it feels like. Liu Chuan reminds her that she gave him day so why is she rushing him now. Jia En sheepishly apologizes and says he can call her anytime and she’ll wait for him. They end the call and Liu Chuan has the most interesting expression on his face as he walks off.

Liu Chuan heads back to the dorm and sees a line of students waiting by the dorm pay phone. He gets in line as it slowly inches it way up to the front, and the entire time he keeps looking at his pager. Dude, it’s still her number on it, no need to keep staring. Finally he gets to the front of the line and calls Jia En’s pager.

The moment he hangs up the phone it rings back and he has to cut back in line to answer it. Liu Chuan laughs at Jia En returned his page way too fast, she must’ve been waiting for him to page her. Jia En says of course. There is an awkward pause until Liu Chuan asks what she’s doing. She’s waiting for him to call, what’s he doing? He’s calling her. Awkward pause, and then Liu Chuan playfully chews out Jia En for not telling him first that she got into CDU. He was her tutor ferssakes! Jia En tries to explain but he laughs it off.

Liu Chuan admits he saw her name on the freshman post board and was very happy for her. He changes the subject again and asks what she was planning to write in the club book? Jia En admits that she was going to finish with “and I learned more about love” after watching the movie Love Letter. Liu Chuan says “About love? What is that can you tell me?” Jia En thinks it too complicated and promises to think about it and then tell him. Liu Chuan says “Okay, when you figure it out you have to tell me immediately.”

Jia En agrees and there is another silent pause which is when the other students in line remind Liu Chuan that they need to use the phone as well. Liu Chuan ends the call and tells Jia En to keep their communications lines open. He looks back at that payphone a few more times as he walks up the stairs to his room.

Jia En sits down and logs on to the CDU BBS portal and makes a post about the movie Love Letter. It reminds her that youth is like a dragonfly encased in ice. Even though she doesn’t know what the dragonfly waiting for in the future is, she’s sure that in the future she’ll reminisce very longingly about it. Liu Chuan logs on to the same campus portal and clicks on the post by “sky” about the movie Love Letter, which is Jia En’s post. He reads it and smiles.

Thoughts of Mine:

What this drama captures so well is the concept of delayed gratification that has become lost as technology can make communication easier and less meaningful. With cell phones suddenly we are available 24/7 and always need an excuse for not responding. I don’t necessarily miss the days of rotary phones and pagers and waiting in line to use a payphone, but that era allowed burgeoning romance to always come with harder work and greater uncertainty. I love that feeling so much and this drama perfectly conveys it. In a few sentences episode 4 filled in the time jump year for everyone – Jia En studied hard to get into her first choice but ended up at her third choice CDU which was a personal let down and perhaps the reason she didn’t contact Liu Chuan because she wanted to do better in his eyes, Ren Wei tried to ask Bai Xue out a few times but always got turned down but he’s neither obsessed nor given up. The characters in this drama have lives and they live it, we’re only glimpsing bits and pieces and already so amused. We also know Liu Chuan always kept Jia En on the back of his mind because he kept her thank you note and placed it in a very central and obvious location on his desk right under the clear writing mat. It was only after he ran into her at the treasure hunt and spent some time with her after such a long time apart that he took it out to look at. For us viewers, Jia En and Liu Chuan’s time apart was mere minutes, but in the drama it’s been a year. That year meant something to both of them – she tried to not look like a loser who couldn’t get into college and he wondered when he would see her again. I think their feelings stem from this very Chinese phrase called “在乎” which means a person means something to you. It doesn’t rise up to like or love but just that this person is rather important in some way. When Liu Chuan dropped off Jia En at her house, the way he used her excuse to ride home safely to say that he’ll call her when he gets back was brilliant. Too bad her denseness shot him down and he was left with nothing left to say.

Of course this drama has always shown us that the fate between Jia En and Liu Chuan is strong indeed. Even if they don’t make an effort to communicate they are always been tossed together. I just think it never crossed her mind EVER that he could possibly like her. Or even that he wants to be better friends with her more than just casual acquaintances. I think what he said to Jia En really made an impact, when he said she might have transferred her clinging from Ren Wei to him, which is when we saw her really pull back. She may be on the clueless side but she’s a determined little thing and she doesn’t want to ever let people think poorly of her. So she went from seeking out Liu Chuan to pushing him away, but her voiceover tells us that she was really just overcompensating during that period in her life. Who among us hasn’t done that. Its so wonderful to see that all the characters show so much respect to each other, accepting their decisions and not forcing things. While I don’t necessarily think Bai Xue and Ren Wei are meant to be, it would make me happy if they fell for each other in their own suitable way. The drama also starts giving all the side characters their own stories such as Ri Qi and Xiao Wei’s foreshadowing of their growing interest in each other and reportedly Xiao Wei’s roommate the pretty Tracy will catch Qing Yo’s eye soon. This drama has a sprawling cast but no one is wasted even if most of the screentime is given to Jia En and Liu Chuan. It’s quality over quantity and so far every moment of screentime is efficiently utilized to maximize storytelling and enjoyment. It’s astonishing that the most amazing moments are not anything major happening, but instead mundane things like an awkward but sweet phone conversation or enjoying a night view. That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to some more dramatic developments further down the line (jealous Liu Chuan anyone?) because while the early part of getting to know others is filled with expectation and some projection, as the surface is scratched that is when the reality sets in that everyone has their own scars and sore spots. The question is whether college, friendship, or romance fills the void or is it all just a stop along the way.

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In A Good Way Episode 4 Recap — 63 Comments

  1. Yey! First to comment! I’m now really invested on the characters. It’s exactly as you said, “quality over quantity”. All their stories are slowly unfolding and yet you don’t feel like they are just fillers. I am so into each characters and so looking forward to future developments. The scenes although may seem petty, gives you that giddy feeling. The acting is just superb! You can see them staring at each other and yet you feel like there were already lots of words said. Their eyes are full of emotions, especially Liu Chan’s. The silence during the telephone call is awesome! I don’t know how to explain it but the awkwardness says it all…those two are falling for each other!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. This is my first post ever on this website, but I couldn’t help it with this drama. I love it! I always go crazy whenever he drops her off or they go their separate ways. They just stare at each other like they really want to talk more, but don’t know what to say. It’s so awkward and cute and afhlsdkfjoeij at the same time hahah. I don’t know how I’ll survive this torture of only one episode a week; Korean 2 ep/wk has totally spoiled me. TT_TT

  3. Questions: I didn’t get why Liu Chuan was especially aggressive during basketball (before the BB call). The other two musketeers were wondering too.
    Also, why didn’t he just call her back in that same pay phone? Why did he have to go so,we here else and then line up again, etc?
    Other than that, this episode is too dang cute. Totally hooked because of ep 4.

    • I think it’s cos of the ribbing+burgeoning feelings+frustration at the cliffhanger message (since the seniors jokingly say that she can confess to someone in the message, and she’s the naive type who actually might do it). Could be wrong though ^^;;

    • He can’t page her from a payphone since there is no number for her to call back. He had to get back to the dorm and call from the dorm phone where he could leave a call back number for her to call. The point of the BB Call is that he pages her with a number, and she gets that number and calls it back. ^^

      • Oh. Makes sense now. Thanks. I thought I knew how a pager work, as the Taiwanese woukd say, “pai-se.”
        Also, am I the only one seeing Lego Li’s resemblance to Vic Chou? I can’t pinpoint what though, perhaps the way they both speak? And the 眼神 too. Maybe it’s just the screen presence.

  4. Thanks for the recap! This episode was the best one yet! Can’t wait for moaaar! Liu Chuan was cute when he tried to nonchalantly read what Jia En read in the guestbook.

    Btw, does anyone have a list of the songs used in the show? I’m trying to google by lyrics but that’s not the most efficient way…

  5. Yesssssssss the recap is here~

    Honestly, this episode, more than any episode, seemed to be about Liu Chuan. Or rather, the teeny things that betray Liu Chuan. On paper, the episode sounds good, but what really made it for me was the blink-and-you-miss gestures that give away Liu Chuan. The way his demeanor immediately changes (everyone’s done that phone-change-ear thing when it’s a happy surprise from the other end, no?)when he calls her back from her first page ever. The way that glimpse of taken-aback-hurt passes through his eyes when she yells “NO” and tells him that he can’t page her. The taking the note and switching on the tapedeck. The unconsciously reaching out to stroke her face. That little act of nonchalant getting-up-stretching-peeking-around-picking-up-the-book-to-see-the-message. It’s always the little things. It’s like you said, like the little chant we were taught as kids… “Zaihu, Zaixin,Baohu”

    On a different note, I’m so glad at the way they fleshed out Bai Xue. Pursuit of Happiness seems like it wanted to do the same thing, make a not-really-antagonist (in their case the anti-thesis of Maggie), who would maybe be a rival/emotional catalyst/obstacle down the line, without making her a caricature or a stereotype, but in my opinion IAGW did it better because PoH made Hai Lun so good that some people got turned off (I think she’s adorable, if boring).

    And finally: Listen up girlie. If a man is willing to wipe away your sweat with his bare hands, you not only let him, you keep that man with you forever. For. Ev. Er.* Also: how does she look so pretty as she’s sweating profusely after having run up a mountain?

    *Conditions Apply.

    • I nearly has a spastic moment when I saw Liu Chuan reach his hands out to wipe Jia En’s sweat. I love all these little nuances in the acting. Such great chemistry, on and off screen.

    • I agree, Lego Li is really putting a lot into those little expressions. As much as I like Jia En, I can’t help but feel Rong Rong is not up to that level of acting, so some nuances aren’t as subtle and well-done, and to me, some don’t come through at all.

      The story has created very compelling characters who are slowly being shown to be multi-dimensional, and I can’t help but feel that some of the actors are pulling them off better than others.

    • I loved every Liu Chan moment as well. I came to work early through ice storm for better internet, so I could finish–the sotrm was affecting things at home). I also like how they are developing Bai Xue. When I heard what the other senior said, I just sighed, thinking that she would be just another mean girl second lead, but I loved the whole juice bar scene. I like that Jia En is her own person and sticks with Bai Xue and how Bai Xue helps Tracy out with the sweater. I remember a girl coming into the cafeteria when I was a freshmen with white sweatpants on that everyone culd see the American flag underwear she was wearing through them. Everyone was laughing without her knowing why, but some cool senior girls got up and did the same thing.

  6. It’s ridiculous(ly cute) how much Liu Chuan likes Jia En! The way his entire aura changes and how he just lights up when they interact is ridiculously wonderful. I sort of really like that Liu Chuan is the one falling harder first, while Jia En is hovering at this (mostly) friendly adoration. I get the impression that she’s clueless when it comes to any sort of romance involving her, having never had any friend but Ren Wei (with whom she shares a platonic bond; by the way, really hope that the part of the (outdated?) character profiles about him later seeing her in a romantic light doesn’t ever happen. I like them too much as childhood bffs) Liu Chuan is the first person she’s ever felt that frisson of energy with, and, especially with him having once told her not to cling, she’s chosen to write that off.

    Also, I second the notion for a jealous Liu Chuan. The tiny little preview we got with Jacky was cutest thing, ahh.

    I know a lot of people think Liu Chuan is really hot, but so far, the only word I can (and copiously do) use to describe him is adorable, especially around the equally adorable Jia En. Same with Rong Rong and Guo Yi and especially RongYi. Ren Wei and Banana Bro and Smile too (unfortunately not Bai Xue yet, but then again, we haven’t seen that much of her yet). Basically, this entire drama is the most charming thing, and I think I’m in love.

  7. Thank you koala. How can someone resist such a long stare, i would totally burn.. This drama is overflowing with all deep and looong gazes, his eyes omo, even in the bts him and rongrong had staring challenge. Ep 4 was daebak, i squeed during the phone call scene kyaa, they portrayed it so real that reminds us of our own moment like that. And I actually feel embarrassed for them haha

  8. I love how Jia En is so forthright that Liu Chuan couldn’t help but be amused. The way she admits she remembers everything he told her and the part where she admits she was waiting for his call is just awesome. She’s not coy because she was just too eager that she doesn’t realizes that it’s so obvious he’s important to her. I think she’s not reading too much into Liu Chuan’s actions or words because of her previous experience with Ren Wei as well as him warning her about transferring her clinging to him. I actually like that she tries to stay away because Liu Chuan hasn’t been open with his emotions.

    One of my favouritest scene (and there are many)…and I have watched the episode countless times…is the moment he sees her reflected in the mirror. He turns to her automatically even though we see that Bai Xue is also with Jia En. He is only focused on her…and when she smiles tentatively back at him…my own heart skipped a bit. Jia En looks so beautiful and I bet Liu Chuan feels the same. Then I have to laugh as he reaches for the book as “naturally” as possible to read Jia En’s entry.

    And my Christmas wish is for a jealous Liu Chuan. Make it happen!!!! ♥ It’s gonna be so awesome.

  9. I was really impressed by Bai Xue’s characterization in Episode 4; it wasn’t at all what I was expecting from her. I love how respectfully and sincerely she rejected Renwei, how swiftly she debunked the preconceived notions other girls had of her, and most of all, how genuinely she treated Jia’en. It’ll be hard for her to keep this up as Liu Chuan and Jia’en inch closer and closer to each other, but I’m hoping any sliver of antagonism will blow over quickly because I’m actually coming to like her.

    I love it when Liu Chuan goes out of his way to do the littlest of things for Jia’en. He’s falling so hard for her and isn’t even fully aware of it yet, hehe. ♥

    • Really hoping that Jia En and Bai Xue will become best friends. They’re both really sweet and genuine people, and I’m really excited to begin liking Bai Xue in earnest (she’s been a bit boring, though wonderfully nice). I feel like I rarely see that in dramas, despite the fact that 1st and 2nd male leads are often brothers or bffs.

    • I agree!

      I really hope she doesn’t become a schemer, but that she will quickly accept that Liu Chuan like Jia En and that she becomes best friends with Jia En. I really appreciated that Jia En turned down her roommates offer to hang out and stuck with Bai Xue instead, which I think was significant for Bai Xue, who doesn’t have any female friends otherwise. I hope she remembers this later.

      I’ve liked Bai Xue’s sincere rejections of Renwei (the first one, when she told him that she didn’t appreciate that he saved her by hurting Jia En, and the rejection of the love confession in this episode). I did think that Ren Wei had a point too though, that she isn’t letting him get to know her. She’s only looking at Liu Chuan, and hasn’t considered maybe there is someone else out there for her. She’ll have to confront this because Liu Chuan clearly has no interest in her.

      I wondered while watching also if Liu Chuan and Bai Xue are perhaps childhood friends as well? And if she knows about his background? It could make all the difference, also in terms of sealing fate: since the preview hints that Jia En will confront Liu Chuan about his background, but if Bai Xue knows and always helped him keep that knowledge from other people, it would be a reminder that this passive love, watching someone but never declaring your feelings, isn’t real love.

      • I agree, Renwei had a point as well. I’d love for Bai Xue to open up to guys other than Liu Chuan, but I have a feeling it’s going to take her awhile to get over her crush on him.

        According to her character description on SETTV’s website, she met Liu Chuan in high school and has been secretly crushing on him ever since.

    • yeah, me too. I hope Bai Xue’s character wouldn’t turn bad as Liu Chuan and Jia En’s relationship progresses. I was hoping that Bai Xue wouldn’t be a typical villain role from the beginning.

    • I agree with you that I was pleasantly surprised by the characterization of Bai Xue. One of the thoughtful ways the writer of this drama strikes me is in the little touches of the side characters which makes them feel alive, like somebody you could have known in real life.

      A character like Bai Xue is frequently, commonly characterized as a bitch in dramas but when Bai Xue questions Ren, “Other than my appearance, what else do you know about me? What is it you like about me?” It was very apt. Guys chase after the most attractive girl in school but how does attractive people feel being considered solely for their external appearance?

      Ren’s response was equally apt, when he struggles to say why he likes her, and she accuses him of being shallow and only liking her for her appearance, and he says,”I would love to get to know the real you everything about you, if you gave me a chance…”

      I think Bai Xue realises that she too, has built walls around herself as the prestigous most beautiful girl in school.

  10. Great recap, it’s very detailed and I’ve lost count how many times I rewatched Chuan En Scenes. Yes, I would like to see a jealous Liu Chuan in the future, that would be SO fun to see his perfect exterior cracking one by one because of Jia En.

    I’m still patiently waiting for the HD version of IAGW to be released T_T. I love HD version because I can see every single, even the tiniest expression of Liu Chuan’s face when he’s interacting with Jia En. I’ll upload it tomorrow when the HD video is released.

    • Omg, if that’s the case, then I’ll be watching each episode 3x, and more if you count the playback to those subtle electrifying moments.

    • Where do you get HD videos? I’m hooked! Like you, I need to see those subtle changes in LC’s facial expressions? thanks! 🙂

      • I posted the HD videos on my blog:
        I get them from chinese video sites that bought the copyright from SETTV, usually they’ve no SETTV logo on it and wide screen quality. However, they are usually released few days later than actual broadcast, 4 days later after the broadcast for IAGW.

  11. Thank you, Koala, for recapping the episode. I’ve been reading your blog for years to keep up with upcoming dramas to watch, and this show finally pulled me in to share in this interest. I watch this show the day after it airs, again when the subtitles are up in case I missed any important words, and then I read your blog to rejoice that other people are as engaged in this show as I am and view their perspectives on it.

    If So Ji Sub hadn’t done such a superb job in The Master’s Sun, I think I would be swooning for Lego Li’s character right about now.

  12. Their burgeoning love is such a fresh air. It’s comfortable, awkward, and adorable all at the same time. I love their phone call at the end. My heart was fluttering with them. I’m glad there are no extreme characters in here, because every character is more real and lovable.

  13. I love the pace of this drama. And the fact that everything feels very real and natural.

    I think Liu Chuan’s and Jia En’s one-year separation, Renwei and Bai Xue making zero progress – all that makes sense. Their paths crossed only very briefly, and while that’s enough to light to a spark (Liu Chuan), if no one speaks up, then that moment passes by. And that’s what happened here, except that their pathes cross again (yeah!).

    I rather like that Liu Chuan is falling for Jia En first, it’s very sweet. I feel like somewhere her sincerity and saying things like “I remember everything you said” straight out impact him and push him, while people like Bai Xue just watch him and do what he wants them to do, never pushing him into unexpected places.

    I also don’t feel that Jia En is dense, not realising that Liu CHuan likes her. She started off very innocent and also rather hung up over REn Wei, so over the year she hsa gotten over that. (Hence her refusal to ask Bai Xue on his behalf.) She was conscious of Liu Chuan when she held onto him on the motorbike, but I think she would have been conscious of any guy in that way. She’ll fall for Liu CHuan soon enough, for how can you not?

  14. I am so completely in love with this drama. I have watched many Taiwanese dramas for years, but this one is so different. Most Taiwanese dramas I watch have a lot of these comedy bits that are enjoyable, but I feel that they take away from the main storyline. This drama is nostalgic, warm, meaningful, humorous but not overly, and beautifully done. I look forward to the rest of the episodes and hope to god that it doesn’t get ruined with unnecessary confrontations and dramatic lovelines just to make it “interesting”.

    PS. I’m a liu chuan supporter!

  15. Awwwww i LOVED ep 4 sooo much!
    And your awesome recap Ms Koala just made me squeal along more! =)
    I love how Liu Chuan is just sooo AWARE of Jia En but tries to act nonchalant.

    Like how he awkwardly(HAHA) tries inch his way to read the note she left in the club book
    and how BOTHERED he was by the incomplete note that he totally slaughtered his buddies in the basketball game haha =)
    Or how he went RACING to the payphone to return what he suspected was a call from her!
    Aww no need for big dramatic/romantic moments here to make us loveeeee this couple! =)

    Aww sigh and Rongyi are just sooo cute!
    how awesome is it that in front of the cameras they can totally pull off this awkward first love vibes of a relationship, when in the bts, they are totally killing it with their bantering, teasing comfortable relationship =)


  16. Hi, thanks for your detailed AMAZING recap for episode 4! Your thoughts on this drama are really analytical in ways that would never pop up in my mind. Small things and events can be fully utilized to represent important messages after all.
    I love how Jia En character is written, innocent and sometimes dense, yet still smart and clever, and like you said, determined. I would usually dislike female characters that are overdependent on others but Jia En is an amazing character that have grown beautifully so far. She is now independent and courageous compared with the times before she met Liu Chuan, before everything started. Of course, Liu Chuan has so mesmerized me. Li Guo Yi really portrayed Liu Chuan very well, I think. He is a ‘perfect’ guy, yet have these interesting moments that makes him so natural and realistic.
    Looking forward to more recaps.

  17. The telephone call was correctly cringworthy! Reminded me of my own experiences in the initial stages of talking to member of the opposite sex that you may like, and neither of us are eloquent, talkative social butterflies.

    While I love the drama, there is a slight niggering that I don’t understand why Liu Chuan would fall for Jia En so quickly? I can understand why girls fall for Liu Chuan, his character is so well written and well enacted by Lego Li, the eligible bachelor around the campus.

    I was wondering why Liu Chuan would fall for Jia En. She is a country bumpkin. Was it because she is lively? Was it because she gets along well with Momo? Was it because he felt sorry for her being ignored by Ren? I don’t get it why someone as eligible as Liu Chuan found Jia En so quickly so mesmerizing. I would have prefered him to fall for her gradually, when they have more interactions and understanding of each other.

    • I think he’s falling for her gradually, It had a one-year time jump if you remember. He had felt attraction to her and felt good hanging out with her before the time jump, I think it was because of her innocence or maybe because of the times they shared together. There’s something about Jia En that he can’t take off his mind of (放不下 in chinese). I think he misses Jia En’s companions over that one year separation and while he may not necessarily be SUPER in love with her before, he likes her companion.
      Their reconciliation further fuels that feeling of “care” he had towards Jia En as she was always in the back of his mind.

      Sometimes, people always have friend of the opposite-sex that you may not necessarily be in love with but feels attracted to him/her and likes to hang out with that person. Even during separation, you have him/her in the back of your mind, thinking how is he/she doing right now. IAGW portrays that kind of natural feeling very well. Not necessarily in love yet but there’s a feeling of attraction.

      Attraction is strange, you may hang out with a person for the longest time of your life but feel nothing but feels attraction to another person even if you only hang out with him/her for a brief period.

      • Case one of lack of attraction being Liu Chuan towards Bai Xue, or maybe Ren Wei towards JIa En (and vice versa?)

        Besides, I don’t think it’s really suitable to try rationalizing attraction and love, especially since everyone has very different tastes. Beauty is subjective, after all. And considering Liu Chuan’s never found someone attractive (at least as far as we know) during his college life, I think it’s safe to assume that his tastes are pretty different from the norm. Besides, being eligible and desirable doesn’t say anything about his tastes, only that he fits the tastes of many other people. I don’t see why he needs a reason to like ‘a country bumpkin’ like Jia En (it also doesn’t hurt that she’s really pretty).

        Anyways, what I think about Jia En attracts Liu Chuan the most is her hardworking attitude, willingness to change, and determination better her life/live happier.

      • Just one word. They have something in common. Couples are not just about love. They must have the same way of thinking, is aninteraction.

    • I think he might like her because she likes him. What I mean by this is that all the other girls at school treat him as if he were some kind of pop star. They like him the way that Bia Xue accuses Ren Wei of liking her; the making up of a fantasy. She is not even really looking at him but hinking about Ren Wei initially, so tha gave him time to really see her. Yes, she is a country bumpkin, but he likes that she is determined to change herself and quick to understand her own faults. I think it suprises him at how disappointed he is when she does not want to be tutored anymore but wants to do it on her own at the same time he admires for her decision. She was just starting to interest him . . .and now she is back. And she is pretty and fun and likes puzzles.

    • @canto
      He does seem to be falling for her gradually. One reason why he would like her maybe is ….She’s not fawning over him like other girls. She’s very natural and unselfconscious ….maybe that makes her stand out from the city girls. Maybe he just feels confortable with her …..unlike other girls ..she does not seem to want to romance him. She’s very unaffected around him.

    • She doesn’t fawn over him or treat him like someone she has put on a pedestal. Everyone else, from what I can see, just admires him and sort of does things for him, Jia En meanwhile treats him like anyone else and says things straightout. She didn’t cheer only for him at the bike races, but she said I don’t know who to cheer for (when every other girl probably had no such conflict.) She’s probably the first that told him ‘thanks for tutoring me, I don’t need your help anymore but will try on my own’ (leading to a year of no contact) and then again “No, don’t call me, it’s not my pager” when everyone else probably would have said call! call anytime! In other words, she’s different and that has him interested, and, judging from the prview for ep 5, she’s going to push his buttons, where others never have (my hunch is that Bai Xue, having a high school connection with him, does know about his family background that he’s keeping quiet).

      Plus, he is falling for her slowly, which I think makes all the difference and is more realistic.

  18. Thanks for the recap! So many good things you noted that I LOVED, too.

    Everyone here reading and posting on this site has amazing insights on this show and these characters.

    Love Letter must have had some impact as it shows up often in K-dramas, too, as an example of how a romance could go. (I did watch it, and it is good.)

    You have written before how T-dramas hit that sweet spot of tingly anticipation like nobody’s business. The time JE took going up the hill to claim her prize felt like a lifetime, and the sloooooow reveal that the person riding his bike up towards her was LC – my heart stopped and restarted. The awkward phone pager call was one of the most amazing things on screen this year. She has no idea what he had to go through to make her simple wish come true. He waits, fidgety, in line to talk to her for a good 20 minutes, but still his mind is blank on what to say to her when she answers. When they finally seem to get something going, he has to hang up, and this disappoints her. She just wants to keep chatting because she is falling in love.

    I had a brief Pride and Prejudice flashback in this episode.
    When LC was at the Treasure Hunting Club working on the books.
    JE was off doing her own thing writing in the welcome book, BJ runs interference (unconsciously, I think) by blocking LC’s view of JE to no avail as every cell on his body is aware of JE. Reminds me when Caroline kept talking to Darcy in Bingley’s drawing room, with Elizabeth off to the side reading her book. Darcy couldn’t help or hide his interest in E, either.

    Anyway, how happy am I we get 16, possibly more, weeks of this to watch and chew on?

  19. My favorite moments from episode 4

    1. Liu Chuan returning the BB call from Jia En for the first time. “I am excited to try out my BB call and I want to give you the privilege of being the first person to call today…” Jia En says in her usual excited and eager manner. “I give you one day to call me… so hurry up and call me! I am waiting!” Liu Chuan smiles and say, “You said you will give me one day to call you so why are you hurrying me now?” The word “ji” in Mandarin barely connotes that he is teasing her that she is overly eager (for him).

    2. The awkward pay phone return call in front of a waiting line of hostel boys. “What did you want to write in the welcome book (for the Treasure Club)?” Liu Chuan asks Jia En. “Oh yes, I forgot to finish what I was writing when Xiao Hui looked for me. I wanted to write thanks to Bai Xue senior for her tissue paper. The Notebook (movie) was very nice and now I understand more about love…”
    Liu Chuan asks quietly, “What did you understand more about love? Can you tell (teach) me?”

  20. Liu Chuannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and that is all because I have finals to tend to. I love their interactions, love how they inspire each other, and love that these characters so far make sense. I’m pleasantly surprised they don’t have the last leg of the love square connecting Ren Wei and Jia En (yet). It’s been a cute journey so far, though Liu Chuan’s characterization as the disinherited son of a rich family makes me a little hesitant.

  21. I couldn’t stop smiling like a loon from beginning till the end in this episode. This was so good. All that time the director is devoting to each scene, brings out the story well and manages to illicit the emotions in me that so many tw dramas have failed to do so.

    I’m enjoying the way the story is unfolding, and especially the subtlety of the storytelling. Like Ms Koala has mentioned, it’s like we’re watching bits and pieces of their lives. But still tugging at our nostalgia and emotions in that organic way that I appreciate immensely from this drama. Which is staying true to looking back at that time almost 20 years ago, like how we’ll be reminiscing those days with friends.

    I’ve read all your comments and I like all the moments you all mentioned. For me, the scene when Liu Chuan took Jia En’s note from a year ago and sat on his bed with that song playing did it. And that expression! I fell over from overload of cringe and giddiness. I died laughing when Ms Koala said “Dude, you’re so falling in love with her”. Lego Li is playing LiuChuan with such nuance that is making me squeal like a teenage girl again.

    I’m happy with how this drama is unfolding. And I’m holding my heart out that it’ll continue its momentum. Drama gods, let it be awesome till the end.

    Oh, and thank you Ms Koala for pulling me into this drama. I usually run the other direction where TW dramas are concerned. But this…is just refreshing. So thank you.

  22. I have been so pleased with this drama so far, and ep 4 exceeded my growing expectations. What a breath of fresh air. Some of my favorite things about this episode:

    1) Ren Wei practicing his confession in his dorm room. So earnest, wanting to be smooth but in reality so clumsy!
    2)Jia En no longer having romantic feelings for Ren Wei. It’s obvious from the first time we see them greet each other on campus in this ep. If this was a typical drama, Jia En would still be nursing all those unrequited feelings.
    #) Bia Xue NOT being the sterotypical second female lead. How I hope this continues, and that we watch her going through her hurt and disappointment but not striking out at her “rival.” She has a chance for a real friendship with Jia En, and I hope that she doesn’t blow it.
    4) Liu Chuan continues to be awesome, of course. Looks like we are going to see some of his issues under the surface in the next episode.
    5) Poor Momo! Your master gets back to the dorm after leaving you for hours. I’m a dog owner – I know what you need right now. A bathroom break and affection. Unfortunately you get neither, because your master is too lovestruck to notice.

    And now for one of LizJ’s predictions: Xiao Wue is clearly the innocent girl who then gets pregnant and ends up dropping out of school. Despite this drama avoiding stereotypes, I think it’s going to happen. It was a lovely moment with her and Ri Qi in this episode, and I think they have the spark for a lovely relationship, so I hope that the writers will give them a happy resolution if they go down that path.

  23. It was due to your recommendation that I started watching this drama and boy, am I glad I did!

    The drama makes my heart flutter in the absolute best ways.. i love the subtlety of the interaction between the two leads and how the entire cast just mesh so well together

  24. Ep 4 was really good. I like all the characters in this drama, slowly we get to learn more about each character.
    The phone call scene was the most akward phone scene I’ve seen but really sweet. It shows more of their true feelings whithout realizing it.

    Can’t wait for more!
    Now gonna watch ep 4 again and again.!

  25. I can relate to Jia-en as I too was a freshman in the Foreign Language Department in 199…4. However no Liu Chan around was to be found. *sigh*

    This drama seems so crackstatic, especially thanks to you, Mrs Koala. I’ll still be cautious, though and wait for the ending.

  26. Dear Koala,
    thank you so much for bringing this drama to my attention. Usually I don’t like the dramas you recommend and you seem to always criticize the dramas I adore. I haven’t scene a decent TW-Drama in years eventhough ISWAK was my first asian drama addiction…But IAGW just hits all the right spots. Love your recaps and bts goodies!

  27. Liu Chuan is totally my ideal type. I like that he’s a very deep character and really cares for Jia En. This drama is totally amazing right now! So excited! Thank you Koala for the recap! I enjoyed it.

  28. Thank you so, so much, Koala, for introducing me to this gem of a drama! Haven’t been this addicted since BBJX. I’ve been on a what seems like a decade long worth of drama drought (drama queen, I know LOL, but that’s how long it feels I haven’t seen anything worth the time to sit down and watch for a drama run). I just wanted to drop by and express my gratitude, so thank you thank you!!!

    Love Liu Chuan and Jia En! They are so adorable together and that awkward, tense, and super duper adorable phone call scene hits just all the right spots for me. Reminds me of yesteryears of awkward phone calls with crushes hahaha.

  29. Koalaaaaa! You must take responsibility for this. Watching this gem because of you and now I must suffering with one episode per weeks. What should I do now?

    Super love Liu Chan, he just light my screen like Jia Enn’s to him.
    Is it just me, but Lego Li reminded me with Jo Jeong Seok?

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