KBS Gears Up for Prime Minister and I with Final Batch of Entertaining Stills

It’s Monday which means I don’t need to recap Marry Him If You Dare anymore. Huzzah! It also means Prime Minister and I is finally here and I’m excited but not terribly pumped up. My gut tells me I’ll enjoy it right off the bat which means better keep the eagerness under wraps for now and unleash it after the drama going gets good down the line. This one is billed as a romance drama but the comedic undertones are very strong indeed. KBS released some new stills this weekend right before the premiere so I thought it nice to share and continue the steady trickle of promotion for this drama. I have a feeling that the majority of the comedy will stem from Yoona‘s character Nam Da Jung, both in how she lurks around to be a paparazzi and how she interacts with those serious folks like Prime Minister Kwon Yul and his staff. She also seems to have a vivid imagination judging from this latest still above where she and Kwon Yul are dressed like Chinese martial artists and having a martial arts match. I find Yoona’s comedic timing in this drama really refreshing, it just makes me smile without rolling my eyes at how absurd it is. And clearly it’s absurd and over-the-top, but the point is that she doesn’t make me feel it and instead I’m able to just laugh at the broad comedy. I also remember in one of the previews she’s having a very ridiculous dream about Kwon Yul kissing her and propositioning her and she just comes across as endearingly spacey. If Yoona turns the corner as a decent actress with onscreen appeal after this drama, I’m going to preemptively lay all the credit on Lee Bum Soo. Sometimes one just gets it after watching a pro in action. I hope these are no shipping wars in this drama, much as I love Yoon Si Yoon (and there are new pics of him below) his character is clearly the second male lead with his own story line. Even if he harbors a crush on Da Jung this drama is about the inexplicable but perhaps all too perfect pairing of a young hardworking tabloid reporter and the serious and smoldering older Prime Minister. Let’s not ruin another drama with fan shipping and just allow the characters to come to life. The team behind this drama is the PD from Baby-faced Beauty and Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek while the writing tandem includes the duo from My Fair Lady, Sweet 18, Snow Queen, When It’s At Night, Summer Scent, and Winter Sonata.


KBS Gears Up for Prime Minister and I with Final Batch of Entertaining Stills — 7 Comments

  1. I am actually super excited for this! The second half of this year had nothing to offer for Mon-tue. It has been such a bad slot with MC, GoF, EoG, GD (which I so did not enjoy because of its laughably simple issues), and I never had a reason to look forward to weekdays. Now I’m hoping this changes the trend. Yoona is looking more adorable as the promos go by, and I’m loving her bubbly-ness. She admitted in an interview that she’s so much like her character, so I suppose thats a part of the reason why she looks so believably adorable. Be good drama, please be good!

  2. I can only watch one live drama at a time and Prime Minister and I is the one I’m most excited about right now. Heirs is already ending this week, so PMAI is my next show…..SO. Excited!! 🙂

  3. “lets not ruin another drama with fan shipping”
    Koala, you have no idea how much that actually means to the fans of AM1994.
    Mi-Rae’s choice was not nearly as bad as the shipping wars going on all threads of AM1994.

    Back to main topic: I think i always thought yoona had an inkling of onscreen appeal, so its not like i ever disliked her, but i’m mostly looking forward to this being a fresh romance. I dont have high hopes purely to spare me of any disappointment, but i am looking forward to the hijinks that come along with contract marriage. Come on, with that major plot point you can’t just stick it in a drama and NOT up the crazy antics. Let the games begin.

  4. I hope this drama doesn`t disappoint. I`m looking forward to something light and fun after this year full of family dramas, secrets and timetravelings.

  5. ……Does anyone sees Chow Yun Fatt in the traditional-wear stills or is that just me? Especially the last panel when LBS does the “flying crane stance”. Omo….

  6. I believe this scene is a spoof of the Kar Wai Wong movie The grandmaster in which Ip Man and Gong Er had a martial arts match. That was a beautiful movie like all of Kar Wai Wong’s movies.

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