In A Good Way Ending Theme Song MV and Episode 4 Cute BTS

I have a feeling I’m going to be the In A Good Way fairy from here on out, either until the drama ends or it goes off the rails and I jump ship. This thing has a long run ahead of us, what with only 4-episodes aired with a once-a-week-airing not to mention possibly over 20 episodes in length. I’m not complaining since I followed Office Girls for 25 episodes until the very end so it’s definitely doable. Painful and exhilarating but doable. Since I brought the MV and screencaps for the opening theme song “Good Morning Hard City”, it’s only fitting to do the same for the closing theme song. Whoever is the music director for this drama deserves a raise. It’s actually easy to pick the 90’s popular mando-pop hits for the period soundtrack since that was the glorious heyday of mando-pop in Taiwan and I can throw a rock at my old CD collection and hit upon an amazing track. I do think it’s such a fun job, sitting around listening to oldies that still sound good today while wondering how to integrate it into the narrative. The reason I think the music director is a cool cat is the two new songs chosen for this soundtrack. “Good Morning Hard City” is not just a great song, it’s uptempo beat opens this drama with energy and youthful enthusiasm. Paired with an opening MV like a road trip movie, the viewer has no choice but to be happily swept up into the excitement with the characters. The ending theme song is the exact opposite and forms a wonderful bookend with the opening theme. The ending theme is by Freya Lin called “Obviously Love You”.

Neither of the songs are released yet but I’m putting my money that SETTV will release and OST for this drama and both will be on it. “Obviously Love You” is a ballad and it took me a few listens to fall in love and now I might like it even more than “Good Morning Hard City”. The instrumentals for “Obviously Love You” has been in the drama since episode 1 but it’s used so delicately it doesn’t stand out and overwhelm the moment. The song is paired with a closing MV that is hard to watch because its all about goodbyes. In the closing MV, the foursome has concluded their road trip from the opening MV and now everyone is getting dropped off. First Bai Xue is dropped off outside her house and Ren Wei goes out to say goodbye but she keeps him at a friendly distance. Then Ren Wei is dropped off by the pier and Jia En goes out to say goodbye and tries to run after him a bit but stops and gets back into the car. Jia En is dropped off next and she peers back inside the rear window of the car to smile at Liu Chuan. She then dangles his important star necklace which is a critical sign that he gave it to her and she’s showing him that she has it. The car then drives off and Jia En waves goodbye from the side of the road. Finally the car stops and Liu Chuan opens the trunk to put on his sunglasses and grab his bag. He slings the bag over his shoulder and walks away from the car. So if the opening MV is about traveling down the road of life with friends for company and experience, the ending MV reminds us that in the end we have to walk our own path alone. I don’t necessarily think the ending MV portends any doom and gloom about the OTP. I think both MVs were filmed with an overarching narrative concept rather than specifically tied to what will come in the drama. The ending theme is still rather melancholy so to cheer everyone up I’ve translated the latest cutest BTS of RongYi from episode 4 where they were filming on the mountain. Get ready to grin until your cheeks hurt.

Ending theme song “Obviously Love You”:

[youtube id=”GMCu9qYStlU” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Treasure too much, care too much, want to continue too much
This chemistry between us
I would rather remain in the same place
But my tears, why doesn’t it take a break
Is silence causing my allergy
Is weakness tiring my eyes
But my thick nasally voice
Why doesn’t it give me any room
My smile is almost making me suffocate
The memory induced anxiety won’t go away
So pretending to be exhausted
Like this………obviously I love you but I keep lying to myself
Is because I’m scared my future won’t have you
No words and no conversation, no acknowledgement and no reply
Is the most cruel torture in this world
So I can only obviously love you but keep lying to myself
Lying so much in the end I don’t even believe it
My caring takes away my courage
So can I just not ask to remain in the same place where I love you.

RongYi BTS from Episode 4 (start at the 5:15 mark):

[youtube id=”YK8UBbvWqKk” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Kirsten is running and being sprayed with water to emulate sweat and she says its freezing but its fine because in a bit she’ll be…..all romantic and falling in love. She then feigns a giggly blush. Kirsten sits with Lego and discuss how freezing it is on top of Yang Ming Mountain right now. She tells Lego to introduce how many layers he has on. The fact that she knows it already is heh heh heh. Lego is wearing three layers under his t-shirt, and then he admits he can’t move very well right now because he has two layers under his jeans.

Kirsten says this scene is very good because it’s the start of Jia En and Guo Yi……then she catches herself and corrects it and says Jia En and Liu Chuan’s romance has sprouted. Lego has this look on his face and then he asks “did it really sprout?” Kirsten replies “It did sprout.” To which Lego smirks and says “Let’s see how you behave in a bit.”Kirsten then giggles like a crazy girl and then leans her head on Lego’s shoulder. Mwahahahaha.

Lego and Kirsten discuss Jay Shih’s famous song called “The Summer Wind” and wonder why there isn’t a song called “The Winter Wind” and then they make one up. In practicing the scene where Liu Chuan wipes Jia En’s sweat, Lego starts it by pretending to give her a nudge down the slope. The PD gets nervous but then says this type of plot development would be a ratings hit. Lego wipes Kirsten and she turns to glare at him, and then pushes him playfully and yells “What are you doing!” Lego then laughs and says this plot development is even better, to fight until one of them tumbles down the mountain. They then push each other one more time just because.

During a break, Kirsten talks to the camera about how she has to say this. You hear Lego right next to her respond “what do you need to say?” Kirsten says how lucky she is to watch the sunrise and go see the city lights with the same man. In real life that has never happened before. The camera asks which guy she is talking about as Lego keeps swaying playfully behind her but the arrow keeps pointing to him. Kirsten says again she never did both activities with the same person and Lego says likewise. In fact, he’s never brought a girl to see the city lights, it never crossed him mind to do this before.

Kirsten then reveals she’s not only seen the city lights before, she saw it right here in this exact spot. Lego IMMEDIATELY asks “Who brought you here?” I’m not kidding with how fast he shoots out that interrogation question. Kirsten then wraps her scarf around her face because she’s blushing and says “Just, in the past.” and Lego cranes his head to try and look into her eyes and suss out the truth. Kirsten keeps trying to duck and says it was when she was in school and Lego asks again “Who was it?” Ha, some dude is getting his kneecaps smacked tomorrow. Later Kirsten says this view is awesome, gorgeous lights and a good looking guy. Lego then calls her “Rong Rong puppy” and walks away and she barks and runs after him. They then go forage for food with the staff.


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  1. Is her name Kristen or Kirsten? I think it’s k-i-r.

    Anyway, I love love love this drama!!! Thank you for introducing it to me Koala unni!!!!!!

    • It’s Kirsten, I corrected it. No one ever calls her Kirsten, everyone calls her Rong Rong even fans so I sometimes forget. I wonder if she’s changed her English name because I’ve seen it written on some IAWG posters as “Lorene”. Oh wells, she’s just adorable as kittens Rong Rong to me.

  2. Yup. My cheeks are hurting. These two are so adorable together that I want to adopt them. I hope they keep releasing the BTS scenes even if the plot itself gets sad. These are so warm and mellow like good soup on a cold day. I love the opening and closing credits. Often, I really hate the credits for rom-coms because they quickly becomes grating with cutesy Hello Kitty riding my Pretty Pony antics. But these credits I could watch all the time.

    • Want more BTS adorable?

      Rong Rong turned 25 at the end of November and Lego posted this on his facebook page.

      The caption reads:

      “Liu Chuan ~ tomorrow is my birthday can you take me out to play?

      No! Tomorrow at 10 pm I have something important to do which is watch TV. [IAGW airing time]

      Ren Rong Rong, Happy Birthday.”

      Lego did a selca with Rong Rong on the bike scene? <333333 forever!

      Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that he's been replying to her FB posts sometimes in very cheeky ways.

      • holy moly! When they release the dvd version, they need to add all of these clips and pictures. In fact, they could just have a photo album of the pictures with the dvd like all the kpop bands have picture books included in their cd releases. You know they are cute when I literally squeeled at the screen and clapped myhands even before I read through your response!!!!

      • HA. ha, Jomo. I did a “holy moly” above before even seeing your post! I love these two and we have them through February, which means my entire winter break which means I will have even more time to be squeely and come here to be squeely with all the other fans. I hope we are in for a long, warm journey with these two.

  3. The translation of the BTS had me kicking my feet in delight!!!
    Gosh I love this drama! Been watching from the very beginning and it hooked immediately. Never seen Lego is a drama before and I’m astonished at how hot he is…. Ok, pissed. Lol.

    Thanks for all your hard work. Hope we have tons of BTS adorableness in the future!

    • I just want to second the thank you, really love your regular posts on IAGW. TW dramas are a little less discussed than Kdramas, so I barely have anywhere to go to talk about this drama

  4. How old are they!? I’m soooo hocked on this drama.. It’s no joke!! I’m like a puppy waiting for the next ep to come out.. wagging tail and all!!!

  5. Gosh I know I am addicted when I am making happy noises just reading this post.

    Yay for a new addiction and currently my top addiction. How cute are those 2. She has a thousand watt smile where else he just lights up like a slow fire. They are so adorable together.

    • Haha i feel you. I am smiling like mad man when I read koala’s description, but making happy squeeing noise and hugging my pillow watching the BTS. Just adorableee !

  6. I don’t think anyone’s done it yet so….Lego Li is MINE! Just thought you all should know 😉 ahem
    So I’m totally a RongYi shipper now and praying hard that this drama keeps up the way it’s going, fingers crossed. Finally, 2013 has brought me my drama crack and not a moment too soon. Still seeing stars from that adorable as heck BTS *_*

    Thank youuuuu Koala for being our crack dealer! I love how you fangirl in your posts haha

  7. <3 this OTP so much!!! thk u koala for translating the BTS video!! i can't stop smiling. this drama is very refreshing, love the vibe and all. thx too for the BTS video after the ending credits. it cheered me right up

  8. I didn’t even notice that she almost said Jia’en and Guoyi instead of Jia’en and Liu Chuan! Hehehaha, who would’ve known that a Freudian slip could be so sweet?

  9. yeay bring it on fairy koala, I appreciate your updates very much~
    We know how the drama will end, the couple and everything, but their life transition journey is very well depicted; realistic. This is truly what I want from school/college drama, the friendship, club, competition etc that is not complicated but is still engaging.
    Woah bts li guo yi so cute; again omg jo jung seok (is it only me?), i cant get my mind straight. Thanks for the bts translation too unnie.
    Anyway, long journey ahead, 22-25 episodes? sigh… why only once a week.
    Hopefully they will keep on feeding us with bts, stills, more bts lol

  10. Thank you so much for getting this into my radar. I finished all episodes in one setting. And the bgm is just love. I was too young to appreciate the singers when they were active but it is definitely gold.

  11. I just want to say…
    Lego feeds Rong Rong the chocolate from her cake after he has taken a bite of it @3:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeee!
    He is just so playful around Rong Rong, I never knew he could be so cheeky!

  12. I wonder if there are going to be any subplots similar to “You’ve Got Mail” in the upcoming episodes. This show has become my crazy obsession and I can only hope you are able to find some spoilers because live filming makes it almost impossible. Once a week is too dreadful for such a good drama!

    • It does seem like that! And yes, I agree with the live-filming once per week schedule… if we go according to a 20 episode run, we’re looking at this madness lasting at least until February >.<;; This show will be the death of me TT_TT

    • i know right? i’m so addicted i can’t get enough. it’s an awfully long wait since it’s only aired once a week.
      i keep looking for bts videos, interviews etc. TT.TT

  13. Don’t shoot me but personally I find Liu Chuan (and Ren) too skinny. I like guys to be fatter (like Liu Chuan’s playboy room-mate). Liu has a handsome face though. From some angles I am thinking Edison Chen.

    • Preferences are preferences, nobody should be shot for them uvu But yeah, both of the roommates aren’t exactly shabby themselves… I’d confess to having a mini-heartbreak when RiQi and the new chick (forget her name) have a moment if someone asked… good thing no one’s asking xP

      I never saw the Edison Chen resemblance until you mentioned it and now I can’t unsee ^^;; (not that it’s a bad thing)~

  14. Lego may be a bit skinny but as long as he is not stick figure i am cool with it..and for some odd reason hehehe i was fanning myself during the bike race-hahaha never thought i will be gushing over Lego during those scenes lol

    Lego looks like a mixture of Go Soo and Kimura Takuya for me..good good combination hehehe

  15. omg i’m so glad i’ve found a page and people who also love this drama and ship the couple too. ; ; i thought i was the only one.
    otp ftw! <3

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