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Oh man, I cannot believe In A Good Way went there and then managed to integrate it into the story. Episode 7 ended at the start of New Year 1997, but the latest video preview for episode 8 indicates a time jump to the Summer of ’97. Let me explain because that Summer the entire island was gripped in the biggest news story EVER in modern Taiwanese history. Remember the OJ Simpson hysteria and when OJ went on the run and was driving his car down the freeway, imagine a manhunt that lasted months instead of mere days with the entire nation watching and that was the Summer of ’97. The preview for IAGW shows the Treasure Hunting club heading into the mountains for their latest activity and Jia En disappears at the same time the news reports that kidnapping suspect Chen Jin Xing is reportedly hiding in the same mountain. In April of ’97, one of Taiwan’s top entertainers Bai Bing Bing had her only daughter 16 year old Bai Xiao Yen kidnapped on her way the school. The suspects demanded a ransom of $5 million US dollars and sent her severed pinky and nude bound photos to her mom. Her mom tried to pay the ransom but the kidnappers kept changing the drop location. This kidnapped was reported to the police but kept from the media for ten days before finally Bai Bing Bing appealed to the public to help her find her daughter.

Police finally cracked the disposable cell phones used to place the calls and tracked down the suspects but all three escaped including ringleader Chen Jin Xing. A day later, Bai Xiao Yen’s naked and mutilated corpse was found in a drainage ditch and the autopsy revealed she had been killed approximately 10 days prior, which meant she was long dead during most of the ransom drop calls. The ensuing manhunt to find the three suspects gripped the island in a state of frenzy because the three went on a run involving breaking and entering into random homes along with robbery and assault and rape of the homeowners. Everyone had their homes on lockdown and sightings came in from North to South as to people spotting them so they were everywhere. At one point the cops got a real tip and did find them and engaged in a massive street gun fight that was broadcast on TV since the media got wind of it and showed up. Eventually two of the three suspects were killed with the mastermind Chen Jin Xing remaining on the lam for a bit longer before he broke into the embassy of the South African ambassador and held his family hostage before the police managed to negotiate a peaceful surrender. This whole violent saga shook Taiwan which is a relatively peaceful place since gun ownership and violent crime is rare. I’m impressed IAGW weaved this into the story but am a bit sad to be reminded of what was a very devastating tragedy all around. Can’t wait for episode 8 to see how Liu Chuan and Jia En return to their normal interactions.

Preview for episode 8:

[youtube id=”kVM79iFyZWg” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Liu Chuan: This activity is a bit unique, everyone needs to watch out for their safety. Your task is to find me.

Jia En: There are footprints. I should be finding Liu Chuan soon. *screams*

Radio: Police have confirmed that kidnapping suspect Chen Jin Xing has entered Guan Yin Mountain to hide.

Tracy: Could Jia En have run into Chen Jin Xing?

Ren Wei: Lin Jia En!

Liu Chuan: I’ll go find her.

Bai Xue: Jia En you have to be safe and sound.

Liu Chuan: Lin Jia En!


Video Preview for Episode 8 of In A Good Way — 20 Comments

  1. Good grief! I certainly hope nothing bad happens to Jia En and this is only a plot to get the romance moving. Can’t wait!

  2. Wah thank you for the explanation. As a younger generation, im glad to know about real history and find it interesting. Plotwise, the writer is really pro because the true story behind it is relevant so the kidnapping scene is not too cliche or random.
    I ended up googling this incident and woah sounds like a movie plot. Hopefully writer will tackle it properly as this is such a sensitive issue that may bring bad memories to some ppl

  3. Oh wow Ms Koala, that’s a terrible thing to have happened to that girl.

    I can’t imagine it being in the drama. It’s a disconcerting feeling.

  4. OMG wow seriously, thank you for the background information. If you hadn’t have mentioned anything I would be watching the episode not knowing the magnitude of it.

  5. Is the instrumental towards the end of the preview have always been used in the past episodes or is it new? I hope it would be part of the soundtrack though and I wonder if it’s an actual song…

  6. I haven’t been following but that incident really was crazy/tragic at the time there… I remember getting all sorts of reports and updates from relatives day by day at time.

  7. What. the….I didn’t know about this. And I didn’t want to know about this. Why did they go there??? I mean I understand it’s a throw back and it’s for realism’s sake…but WHY? It does nothing for the plot…unless Liu Chuan finally realizes he likes her and they immediately start dating. Because if it just goes back to the will-they-or-won’t-they it will feel like a cop out for just added…unnecessary drama. ACK. And you were doing so well to avoid becoming a kdrama lolol.

    • I agree, if they’re going to use such a traumatic eventi hope it really drives the story forward. But with past previews i always think i have it figured out ,but IAGW has always managed to surprise me with a fresh but logical story line. Who knew JE would act so mature about 3631? Even in the beginning episodes i loved the way they cleared up JE staying in LCs room, or the time jump after the concert.

      I am sad that they’re taking another time jump because it means we don’t get to see the slow rebuild of LC and JE friend ship. Though it’ll be great to seeing them be really close now. In fact it’ll be great to see all the cast being really close outside the treasure hunting club. Hopefully a lot happened in 4 months so we can spend time trying to figure out how things have progressed. Oh, but another sad thought. It means less time for the three musketeers and BX to be in school!

  8. This real-life story is horrifying! Can’t even imagine.
    However, IAGW has been really great about making the drama “feel” sincere and real and sadly, I’m sure with the island so affected many strange things like not being able to contact friends or family members sent everyone on edge. Nice weave into narrative… IAGW continues to surprise and delight, even with tradedy.

  9. I read this background this morning and I still have chills in the back of my head right now…I can’t believe that actually happened in real life…So scary…

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