Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye Headline KBS Mon-Tues Melodrama Full Sun

Despite my love for Prime Minister and I, its single digit ratings is clearly not bringing the happy for KBS and also for the rom-com genre in general. No wonder KBS is reaching back to its tried and true formula of melodramas for the post-PM slot called Full Sun clearly hoping to follow in the footsteps of Nice Guy and Secret. The drama confirmed it’s entire cast this week and I’m intrigued by all the random names mashed together. Yoon Kye Sang returns to drama land after Best Love and High Kick 3 in 2011 and headlines this revenge tale along with Han Ji Hye who probably is finally fed up with MBC’s makjang weekend fare such as I Summon You, Gold and May Queen. This is the first time Han Ji Hye has returned to a KBS Mon-Tues primetime drama since she got her breakout role in Sweet 18 back in 2004. Oh how time flies. Rounding out the cast is Kim Yoo Ri with scene-stealing turns in Cheongdamdong Alice and The Master’s Sun, the underrated Song Jong Ho who was excellent in both The Fugitive of Joseon and The Suspicious Housekeeper, as well as Jo Jin Woong. The story revolves around the diamond industry, an accidental death, and Yoon Kye Sang plays a role that takes him from wide-eyed high school student who then loses his father but his shitty life is even further ruined when a murder case involving stolen diamonds leads him to become a con-man. I’ve stopped face-palming when reading melodrama descriptions since it sounds so ridiculous yet in the rare instance when everything clicks it becomes this incredible thing to behold. The PD directed Women in the Sun while the director is a relative movie with Dream High 2 and the movie All About My Wife under her belt. I’m hoping for another Nice Guy so don’t disappoint me KBS!

The critical event in this drama is a death that happens in Thailand revolving around a diamond. The person who causes the death is Yoon Kye Sang and the guy who dies is the fiancee of Han Ji Hye’s character. She is a jewelry designer (again! after ISYG again?) who becomes cold after the death of her beloved fiancee played by Song Jong Ho which means he’s cameoing in this drama. After the accidental death of the fiancee, Yoon Kye Sang turns to a life as a conman (Kang Maru anyone?) and he’s aided by Jo Jin Woong and they are thick as thieves close. Kim Yoo Ri is a key character who is an eyewitness and watches as Yoon Kye Sang loses everything but ends up falling for him.


Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye Headline KBS Mon-Tues Melodrama Full Sun — 11 Comments

  1. melo… I am game….!!! but it feels recycled… hhmmmnnnn… But with Yoon Kye sang oppa, what is there to think about… still Han Ji Hye, aish. been allergic since May queen… but Taewoong oppa… okay.. I am lost.. I don’t know … I guess I’ll have to see the reviews…

  2. Sounds kind of boring and tbh I wonder if KBS/SBS is going to throw a bunch of stinkers in the Mon/Tues slot since they don’t have a snowball’s chance in you know where of making headway against Empress Ki as it winds down and either Pa Cheon Hwang or Dae Jang Geum 2 (imagine the national hysteria if Lee Young Ae decides to return).

    On that note, Miss Koala, do you know what the deal is with the timeslot uncertainty? I’m not sure I buy Pa Cheon Hwang being delayed simply to accommodate Han Suk Kyu.

  3. Ooh nice cast…not a big fan of Han Ji Hye but I’m loving all the men here especially Jo Jin Woong, who is so underrated…also Kim Yuri is a real scene stealer….wondering if they casted Son Ho Joon on Answer Me 1994 as well since there was some talk of that…also isn’t it funny that Kim Yuri goes from being Little Sun in her last drama to being Full Sun in this one?

    • Son Hojun, I think that is out of the bag already with the amazing Song JoongHoin… agree with Koala that JoongHo is underrated cator.. he really is amazing!
      it is interesting that there were talks of Son Hojun from AM94 to play rival only to have Song JoongHo’s Taewoong oppa of AM97 to get it!!!

  4. Yoon Kye Sang is great as a dark character. He usually goes dark in movies though, but wasn’t he in another show (before I started watching dramas) wher he plays a character who kills the fiance of the woman with whom he ends up in love?
    Song Jong Ho needs to have more screen time on my screen people! What is with the cameos? He was so evil but delicious in Suspicious Housekeeper and my absolute favorite thing about Mandate in Heaven. He needs to headline something soon.

  5. Darn it! I was looking forward to this drama because of Yoon Kye Sang but I really dislike Han Ji Hye, especially after May Queen.

    Decision, decision…

  6. all casts are great. I like yoon kye sang and song jong ho. I just watched han ji hye in my boyfriend is type b and i thought she’s han hyo joo sister cuz they both really similar but they were not sibling, ha

  7. Crazy for you is one of my favorite K-drama..and that time when I begin to luuv Yoon Kye Sang.. (remember that I even get G.O.D old mv and variety shows from you tube,,,woah time flies)
    I think YKS need drama that make him get big again…at this days he always get the second lead character in drama… I even watch the awful Road No 1 just for him..hehehe..skipping many other part of that drama..

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