Age of Feeling Releases Official Posters and Intense Sprawling Preview

Next week Pretty Boy ends which means the long in production Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) with Kim Hyun Joong finally sees the light of day. I’m actually very intrigued both in terms of the story as well as whether this drama has a chance to put a dent in the runaway success of You From Another Star. Normally big-budget period dramas tend to do well, and the last K-drama to deal with this era of early turn of the twentieth century was Gaksital (Bridal Mask) and that was a big hit for KBS. Age of Feeling has released the flood gates of promotional material this week, dropping the first official previews as well as the drama posters. I love two of the three posters a lot, the one where Kim Hyun Joong is so small while standing on the vast precipice of the city of Shanghai, and the one where the entire cast seems to materialize out of the fog as they walk towards the camera. The poster with the three leads including the two leading ladies Im Soo Hyang and Jin Se Yeon is totally meh to me, the color is dreary and everyone looks massively photoshopped. The teaser previews are fantastic and every penny spent on the production is evident in each frame and huge scale. I’m way more into the supporting cast for this drama than any of the three leads with Kim Gab Soo (needs no introduction), Choi Il Hwa (the still scary BB from City Hall), Yang Ik Joon (Jae Shik oppa in Nice Guy), Kim Sung Oh (When a Man Loves, Secret Garden), Kim Jae Wook (Who Are You), Han Jung Soo (Arang and the Magistrate), Song Jae Rim (Two Weeks), Yoon Hyun Min (Cruel City), Jung Ho Bin and many more. The PD helmed Call of the Country and The Man Who Can’t Get Married and neither of those dramas were bad but I confess to not remembering if the directing was all that memorable. I think this drama is definitely worth checking out and then making a decision then whether its interesting enough to continue. Of course the big question is whether Kim Hyun Joong has the acting range and depth to headline such a massive narrative undertaking along with a supporting cast of veterans and charismatic actors who can easily steal his thunder. For his sake I hope he’s not the weak link and surprises us all. The drama premieres on January 15th.

Previews for Age of Feeling:

[youtube id=”–4TSdQW6vI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


[youtube id=”KuMXA-J_P7o#t=95″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Age of Feeling Releases Official Posters and Intense Sprawling Preview — 22 Comments

  1. Khj looks like his acting has really improved I watched each trailer multiple times and his stiffness from the past didnt seem noticeable at all. Plus the overall looks and feel make this lookgreat.

  2. I’m definitely watching this mainly for the supporting cast even though I’m not crazy about the time period (The 30s is too sad with Colonialism, War, a lot of death an suffering). Jin Se Yeon looks horribly miscast and she looks too eager when at this time period she should be somewhat jaded. I hope KHJ has improved by miles because if he hasn’t he would pull down the story.

    • All this time I thought I’m the only one noticing that. She’s pretty but her nose really distracts me. I’m hoping for a proper camera angle of this drama to hide her flaw. But I still think she’s a good actress though 😉

  3. Well it’s been pretty much third time is a charm for other idol actors who were notably bad… So three times a charm here too for KHJ… He is a really big star so I’m guessing production will be just fine on making money.

    • hhmmnnn… other actors…? 3rd? who?
      for Yoona, her first did good rating-wise but acting was serviceable, 2nd was horrible same with her third outing… now her latest and 4th is not doing great ratings wise since its up against a saguek but she really is doing super great in Prime Minister and I.
      Yunho has been in many TV dramas and I can name only 3 worth noting as really a drama under his name and that would be Heading to the ground, Posiedon and King of Ambition. all of them he really didn’t improve and King of ambition was ratings win but it was all because of the Su Ae & KSW and the story…
      Hyunjoong… well first was ratings WIN with BoF, PK was funny but he was just stiff, with the CC that was cancelled still stiff… I hope with this, he will be serviceable….
      who else? who else…?

      But I do hope that the drama be awesome… writing wise I really hope so cause I can’t watch 23 episodes of bad makjang stories anymore…

  4. This looks intense, I like it. I didn’t want to start another drama, however I will check this one out. I already love the OST, and the big production feel. KHJ looks good in the trailers, let’s hope he can carry the drama. I really love the actors and actresses playing the secondary characters, a lot of very good veteran actors, and KJW is in it. I hope this drama will live up to its promise.

  5. The veteran cast is amazing and I was on board once it became clear Im Soo Hyang was going to be a badass again…I am waiting for a story featuring just her and sister Kim So Yeon for Iris LOL

  6. It really does look interesting but somehow, I’m afraid that KHJ is going to ruin it all with his acting skills. I really really hope he has improved because so far, it seems his role is really challenging and demand a lot of expressions/feelings.
    Gosh’, I am weird but I always fall for dramas with an epic soundtrack and watching the trailer … I guess I will have to watch it.
    For once, I consider myself lucky for being an international fan because I don’t have to choose between YWCFAS and this one 😀

  7. Love the first poster of KHJ looking over the city. I still can’t get over how much he’s changed, so much older looking. I have to do a double take. I hope this drama is a success.

    • I agree, but he has changed his face so much it doesn’t even look like him anymore. You can assign a new name to him and I’d believe it.

  8. Song Jae Rim is in this production too?
    *sigh* looks like I need to watch this one then. Age of Feeling sure giving us a lot of eyes candy with him, Kim Jae Wook and Yoon Hyun Min (Cutie Soo!)

  9. the poster with the entire cast like x-men. Not khj fan but i watch this for kim jae wook and Yoon Hyun Min
    (as soo in Cruel City)

  10. Omo! Can’t wait! Happy to see KHJ in just about anything! Hoping that his acting has improved since BoF and PK. But hey, I loved We Got Married and Barefoot Friends too so it doesn’t really matter. This fangirl is tuning in.

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