Prime Minister and I Episode 15 Recap

After today’s episode 15 of Prime Minister and I there are only two more episodes left to wrap up the story. Will it end in a moralistic tale of family obligation over personal emotional stakes? Or will the romance that defies conventions in more ways than one be allowed to reach a happy ending? I have full confidence in the thought process of Yul and Da Jung that I’m certain they will make it work. They will go through doubt and worries and ponder through all the considerations, but in the end I believe they will decide to fight for happiness that isn’t swayed by people around them. I don’t hate Na Young because she’s weak and made choices that have hurt people. People are allowed to make mistakes, the onus is on her to accept the consequences for her actions so its her avoidance tactic afterwards that seals the deal for me. Her cowardice is a stark contrast to exactly what I love about Yul and Da Jung’s characters and the way they are brave and unflinching towards their own decisions in life. When Da Jung pulls a noble idiot card it’s because she doesn’t want to hurt others rather than being afraid of her own pain.

I actually don’t think it’s right to say someone “deserves” another person’s love more and in this case I don’t think Yul should pick Da Jung because she’s somehow a better person than Na Young. It doesn’t work like that and the reason why Da Jung and Yul are the end game here is because we have watched them fall in love through the most thoughtful and considerate of processes. They took their time, they mulled over the consequences, they asked themselves tough questions, and then they discussed it with each other. At the end of episode 15, I was screaming at the screen because we finally see Yul act on impulse and it was the actions of a man who knew what he wanted. He wants to be with Da Jung and I trust he’ll make it happen despite the awkwardness and fall out of picking a younger girl over the returning supposedly dead wife and mother of his kids. I’m happy to see the second leads working so hard to do the right thing, struggling with the crazy situation happening around them but ultimately putting what Yul and Da Jung want before their own unrequited feelings. Joon Ki definitely got taken for a ride today but it was very touching when he reunited with the sister he’s been mourning for so long, a reminder that he really did have a grudge against Yul because he cared too much about Na Young’s cut short life. I don’t want Na Young to leave or die or some ridiculously clean ending like that. I want her to stay and reclaim her life as Park Na Young but not as Mrs. Kwon Yul. Those are two separate identities and she’s got some seriously mothering to catch up on.

Episode 15 recap:

Da Jung arrives at the church where a happy Yul is waiting for her. She walks down the aisle with a face full of woe that Yul immediately registers. She falls into his arms for an embrace and Yul drops the ring he was holding in order to hug her.

Yul sits down with Da Jung in a pew and she hands him back a handkerchief apologizing for worrying him back there. He apologizes for moving too fast and thinks she’s worried about making their marriage a reality because of what it entails – his political career and being the mother to his kids. He can push back the wedding ceremony but asks her not to cry when the day comes. He laughs that she keeps crying when she’s getting married.

In Ho tries to stop Hye Joo from revealing Na Young is alive to Yul. She insists until In Ho shares the truth that Na Young doesn’t want anyone to know. If she did then then she would have come back on her own all these years. If the public found out Na Young is alive the impact on Yul’s political career would be devastating. Hye Joo insists on telling Da Jung then because she doesn’t trust In Ho and believes his decision is all based on whatever is best for Da Jung. In Ho tells her to talk to Da Jung but also believe that he wants to save Yul’s political career as well.

Da Jung and Yul are crawling on hands and knees in the church looking for the dropped ring. Yul tells Da Jung to have a seat and he’ll look by himself. She finds it under a pew but then lies to Yul that she didn’t find it. She picks up the ring and pockets it quietly.

Hye Joo is at the Prime Minister’s mansion ready to tell Yul. Woo Ri explains his dad is out and she heads out to find Yul. Hye Joo notices how tall Woo Ri has gotten lately and is about to start his Freshman year in high school. She remembers when he was a kid still crying about losing his mom. She asks if he misses his mom and he does but he can’t spend his life crying over her, right?

Da Jung and Yul come home with Yul upset he can’t find the ring and wants to go back tomorrow. Hye Joo walks up and apologizes for coming unannounced. Da Jung excuses herself so they can talk.

Da Jung sits in Man Se’s room as he’s sleeping. She looks at the ring and wonders why she didn’t tell Yul that she found it. She writes in her journal that today she saw Yul’s first wife who everyone believed was dead. She closes the journal and puts is on the desk before looking at the sleeping Man Se.

Yul meets with the President and intends to continue to investigate Yong Shim Group. The President worries that the other chaebol groups will rebel but Yul insists it’s the right thing to do. The President forcefully puts his foot down and tells him to end it here. He warns Yul that he can’t work with him going forward if Yul doesn’t have loyalty to him. Joon Ki arrives and the two men exchange a glance before Yul leaves.

In Ho finds out from Hye Joo that she went to see Yul but in the end couldn’t bring herself to tell him about Na Young. She also thinks knowing about it would end his Prime Minister career but she intends to tell him the truth after he leaves his office. Yul sees Hye Joo walking away as he walks out and asks if In Ho was just talking to her? He wonders is something bad happened? In Ho smiles and says it was nothing.

The President discusses the pressure he is under from the chaebol groups with this investigation. Joon Ki says he can change Prime Ministers and even if there isn’t a good reason they can find one as long as the President agrees to do it.

Na Ra is on the computer talking to her teacher about math but she’s still heartbroken over her cute oppa becoming a priest. She ends the study session early. Da Jung comes in to find Na Ra sobbing her guts out. Da Jung comforts Na Ra that she needs to grow up to become a beautiful educated girl and maybe that oppa will finish seminary school but decide not to become a priest so she still has a chance.

Da Jung makes ramyun for the kids to cheer them up and Na Ra wolfs down two bowls but complains that it’s too lightly flavored. The little ones run off and Woo Ri tells Da Jung that Na Ra really likes her and refers to her as a mom. Woo Ri also really likes Da Jung as his mother figure.

Da Jung asks if Woo Ri misses his mom and he wonders why lately people have been bringing up his mom? Of course he misses his mom and still remembers what she looks like. But he’s so sad that Na Ra and Man Se don’t even remember what she looks like, so if his mom can come back to life he would give anything for that. But that’s impossible.

Da Jung sits in a cafe waiting for In Ho and asks him directly if the person he mentioned was alive was Park Na Young? She was also his hyung’s lover, right? And In Ho wanted revenge on Yul because of that, right? In Ho fesses up to everything but it turned out to be a misunderstanding on his part just like Da Jung suggested it could be. Da Jung wants to meet Na Young in person and asks In Ho to make it happen. He wants to know why and she just has something to talk to her about. In Ho wonders what Da Jung has to say to her? About Yul and the kids? None of that is necessary and she needs to promise In Ho that she won’t meet her. If Da Jung meets her then Da Jung will waver and want to give her place to that person. In Ho says that cannot happen.

Da Jung knows he’s worried about her but that person is a mother. She is not just a person but also a mother. Da Jung lost her mother when she was young and the desire for a mother is a feeling she knows well. The pain and longing is something she experienced and she cannot watch the kids missing their mother after knowing she is still alive. In Ho asks what will happen to Da Jung then? Doesn’t she want to live a happy life with Yul? Da Jung says nothing and just blinks back her tears. As Da Jung walks down the street she thinks back to Woo Ri wanting to give anything for his mother to come back. Da Jung remembers all the happy times she spent with the three kids and then In Ho’s questions whether she wants happiness with Yul?

Joon Ki has his secretary secretly preparing the paperwork for the proposal to remove the Prime Minister. His secretary has been keeping tabs on Hye Joo and knows that she met with In Ho last night and also visited the Prime Minister’s mansion. Can she really be trusted? Hye Joo comes in to deliver Joon Ki’s schedule and after she leaves Joon Ki says he will handle Hye Joo. He asks his secretary to do more investigation into his sister’s accident and whether the case can be reopened.

In the car later that night, Joon Ki asks Hye Joo why she left work early and she lies that she didn’t feel well so got some rest. Joon Ki knows she’s lying but says he’s happy she’s feeling better.

Yul is leaving work and his bodyguards ask him to wait a bit for the car to be pulled up. Da Jung walks by and turns around so he doesn’t see her. Yul still calls her and asks if she’s out right now? She lies that she went to see a friend. He tells her to stay out and have some fun and she can even drink a bit like she wants. Da Jung laughs that she will do that and he shouldn’t worry about her. After she hangs up is when Yul walks towards her because he totally saw her already.

They sit down at a street stall for dinner and he asks why she lied? Da Jung didn’t want to bother him is all. He wonders why she picked this place for dinner since they rarely go out. Da Jung wants to do things with Yul that they haven’t done before such as eating at a street stall. They got married before she got flowers, got to hold hands on a date with him, got to see him looking sad when sending her off.

Yul looks sad about this and wants to do all of that in the future. Slowly he will do each and every thing she wants with her since they have a lot of time ahead of them. Da Jung asks what he’ll do if they don’t have a lot of time? What if they are to be separated?

Na Young sits in her room and thinks about In Ho’s request to go see Da Jung.

Yul and Da Jung walk home and she asks him the hypothetical about what he will do if they are to be parted tomorrow? Yul will stop time so that day won’t come. Will he need to break all the clocks in the world to make it happen then? Da Jung doesn’t want Yul to joke around but he reminds her that her question is a joke to begin with. They will never be parted so she doesn’t need to worry. Oh my heart hurts.

Yul walks off and Da Jung stands in place brooding so he turns back and calls her name. Da Jung asks if they can run away again and Yul laughs that they can’t run far with the bodyguards chasing them. Plus they have to return in the end anyways, right? Da Jung admits he’s right and forces a smile. Yul tells her to stay put and this time he will walk towards her, one step at a time. Yul walks towards her until he is standing right before her. He holds out his hand to her and Da Jung puts her hand in his. Yul closes his hand over hers and strokes her hand with his thumb tenderly.

Hye Joo asks if Joon Ki heard the rumor that there is a proposal circulating to remove the Prime Minister? Joon Ki lies that he’s not heard such a rumor. The secretary comes in and hands Joon Ki a file which he puts in his desk and Hye Joo notices. He asks if she needs anything else but Hye Joo says she’s leaving work now.

In Ho calls Hye Joo out to drink and she knows he’s worried about Da Jung and is willing to listen to his woes and offer advice. In Ho says it’s not that but he’s worried because Da Jung wants to meet Na Young. Hye Joo yells at him for not keeping Na Young being alive just between the two of them. She accuses In Ho of letting Da Jung know because if she left Yul then she could pick In Ho. Hye Joo quickly apologizes to In Ho for that accusation but she’s just really stressed. Hye Joo misses Na Young unni as well but can’t see her otherwise she’ll waver. In Ho reveals that Da Jung wants to return her position to Na Young and there is also even worse news which is the police called him to say they are re-investigating the car accident at the request of Park Joon Ki. Hye Joo says she’ll look into it.

Hye Joo sneaks into Joon Ki’s office that night and rifles through his desk. The lights turns on as Joon Ki walks in holding the file from earlier. He knew Hye Joo came to work for him for a reason but he’s still shocked that she would betray him like this. He hands her the file and tells her to read it. Hye Joo tries to explain herself but then reads the file which is the proposal to remove the Prime Minister. He plans to also reveal the truth about Na Young’s accident on the same day Yul’s removed from office.

Joon Ki storms out and Hye Joo chases after him to tell him that he can’t do this. Joon Ki says Yul hurt his sister so much that he can’t let him get away with this. He doesn’t care if Hye Joo tells Yul what he’s planning to do. Hye Joo finally blurts out that Na Young is alive. Joon Ki is dumbstruck by the shocking reveal.

Da Jung goes to visit her dad and he’s coughing and not looking so well. Da Jung brings out his favorite dishes but he doesn’t eat much. He claims he ate a lot during lunch but Da Jung thinks this is out of character so asks if he’s feeling ill? Dad makes the excuse that he’s just in a bad mood from losing money at hwatu and goes to lay down to rest.

Dad asks how Woo Ri, Na Ra, and Man Se are doing? The kids are fine and asking when haraboji will visit again. Dad only saw them a few times but misses them a lot and they remind dad of when Da Jung was a child. They are just like Da Jung when she was small, without a mother but still trying hard to be happy. Dad tells Da Jung to treat the kids well and she promises to do that. She plans to give them a really great present soon.

Yul is working in his study and thinking back to the President ordering him to stop the investigating now otherwise they can’t work together anymore. Na Ra asks her dad to go out to eat since Da Jung isn’t around and she’s bored. Yul agrees to take her out and goes to get Man Se. He’s not in his room and Yul walks in to tidy up a bit. He finds Da Jung’s journal and picks it up. He doesn’t have a chance to read it before Man Se pops in and he takes the kids out to eat.

In Ho accompanies Da Jung to meet with Na Young. He asks her a final time if she must do this? Da Jung says yes, she has to see Na Young.

Da Jung walks into the park and finds Na Young waiting for her. They two Mrs. Kwon Yul sit down to have a heart-to-heart. Na Young thought about why Da Jung wanted to meet her – if she’s worried about her returning then she needn’t worry because Na Young has no intention of going back. Da Jung wants to see her for the exact opposite reason. When she saw Na Young there was a time she wanted to pretend she was mistaken because she doesn’t want to leave Yul. But she knows that is wrong because if Na Young is alive then Da Jung cannot stay.

Na Young is the kids mother and needs to return to her place in that family. Na Young thanks Da Jung for saying this but she isn’t going back. Da Jung tells Na Young that the kids really miss their mother. Woo Ri, Na Ra, and Man Se all miss their mother. For this reason alone Na Young needs to return to her place. Da Jung leaves Na Young there to think over what she said.

In Ho waits for Da Jung to come back and confirms that the talk went well. Da Jung smiles and says of course and she feels much better. Da Jung then starts to cry and asks In Ho to pretend he doesn’t see her crying. Na Young sits alone on the park bench and cries as well as she thinks back to what Da Jung asked of her. In Ho asks Da Jung what she plans to do next? Da Jung doesn’t know and has no plans. Da Jung asks how long In Ho is going to keep Na Young being alive from Yul? In Ho knows that this situation is something that Yul and the kids need to deal with. Logically he should have told Yul first but as Yul’s personal aide he wants to see him finish his term so he doesn’t want him to know. In Ho offers to drive Da Jung home but she declines and walks off.

Na Young goes back to the church shelter she is living and Joon Ki pulls up outside with Hye Joo in tow. He gets out of the car and goes to tearfully confirm that Na Young is still alive. He asks how she could be alive and not tell him. She keeps apologizing to her oppa and admitting that she was wrong. The siblings hug.

Yul heads to a flower shop to buy flowers for Da Jung and the florist asks what kind of flowers he’s looking for. She explains that roses are passionate love, lilies are pure love, tulips are love’s confession, all flowers have a language about love. Da Jung is buying a watch at a store for Yul and thinks back to him wishing he could stop time.

Da Jung comes home to a bouquet of baby’s breath from Yul. She loves it and thanks him while he explains the baby’s breath is supposed to represent a joyful smile and when he heard that he thought of Da Jung. Yul reminds her that all those things she wanted to do with him, he’s starting today with the flowers. Going forward he’ll do everything else one by one. Yul wonders if he’s being too sweet and turns to run off. Da Jung stops him and hands him the present of the watch she bought for him. Despite him saying he wants to stop time if they are to be parted, she wants his time to never stop and always continue forward. Yul wonders why she’s talking like they won’t see each other anymore. Da Jung says its a joke and then puts the watch on his wrist.

Da Jung puts the baby’s breath in two vases and thinks that these flowers also have another meaning which is eternal sadness but likely Yul doesn’t know it. She puts the flowers in Yul’s study and he’s working while she’s just staring at him. He asks why she keeps staring and it’ll make him embarrassed. Da Jung asks Yul if the truth is something that always need to be revealed? Yul believes so and asks why she’s asking? Da Jung thinks the truth is supposed to bring happiness but what if it brings pain? Yul would still choose to know the truth. He could live not knowing the truth if it would bring pain but in the end wouldn’t that be a form of lying to oneself and everyone else.

Da Jung asks if Yul knows what there is a legend surrounding the baby’s breath? He asks what it is and Da Jung narrates as we see the scene change to her walking to Yul’s alma mater university. Yul also pulls up outside and walks in. Da Jung story goes like this – there was a woman whose lover died in battle and after time passed the woman fell in love again with another man, but one day the man she thought was died came back. That is why the other meaning of baby’s breath is eternal sadness. Da Jung imagines Yul walking up to her but in truth she is walking alone through campus as does he. Yul walks into the music hall auditorium and wonders why Da Jung wants to meet him here?

Yul enters the darkened auditorium and sees a woman sitting there. He smiles thinking it’s Da Jung and walks down to join her when Na Young turns around and they lock eyes. Both are shocked to see the other person there. Tell me about it.

Da Jung walks away and tells herself that she did well.

Na Young speaks first and reveals she is here not to see Yul but because Da Jung wanted to see her again. She quickly runs out of the auditorium past a dazed Yul who says nothing. Na Young runs off and then Yul runs out of the auditorium looking everywhere for her but she’s already gone.

Joon Ki sits in his office brooding as his entire axis has just been rearranged with Na Young being alive. His secretary informs him that the Prime Minister’s removal proposal is about to be discussed in the legislature. Joon Ki says it must be halted for now and runs out to stop it.

Da Jung goes to Yul’s office and leaves the ring she retrieved from the church on his desk. She says goodbye to Yul and picks up the ring again.

Da Jung says goodbye to the kids by claiming she’s heading to take care of her dad. The kids ask her not to stay for too long like last time. Da Jung tells the kids to be well while she is away. She asks Woo Ri to take care of his siblings and he asks her to come back soon. Da Jung leaves and the kids can sense something is off about her. Da Jung walks out of the mansion and tries not to cry.

Yul sits alone in the dark auditorium trying to process the shock of Na Young being alive. He gets a call from Woo Ri who felt like Da Jung was really weird when she left to go see her dad. He asks if Yul knew Da Jung was going to see her dad? Yul hangs up the call and runs out like a man possessed.

Yul runs to the cars parked outside and jumps into the driver’s seat of a car and peels off without taking any bodyguards with him. He drives like a madman and thinks back to all of Da Jung’s recent sadness and hints about them not having a lot of time left and may be separated soon. He looks so devastated.

Da Jung arrives at her dad’s hospital but decides not to go in since she doesn’t want her dad to worry about her either. As she is walking away suddenly Yul’s car drives past. It appears he doesn’t see her but then his car turns around and blocks her path. Yul gets out and tells Da Jung to go home with him.

Da Jung won’t go back to the Prime Minister’s mansion anymore so Yul just grabs her hand to deposit her in the car. Good job, Yul!

Thoughts of Mine:

I love that Yul’s is able to do what his heart wants even under such shocking duress. He hears Da Jung left the house and BAM it’s fire blazing car gunning to go bring his wife back. The moment he sees her there isn’t even a hesitation or asking her pointless questions about why she set up his meeting with his Not Dead First Wife. Clearly she was being a noble idiot, and it takes one to know one what with Yul’s earlier attempts to keep Da Jung at arms length so she doesn’t waste her life being married forever to an older man with three kids when she can do much better. It’s obvious Yul has no romantic feelings left for Na Young and didn’t even before knowing she was alive. He’s guilty towards her and angry but the love is gone. He’s as soon get a venereal disease than get back to being married to Na Young. But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to want to give her back her identity in life and a chance to be the mother to his kids. I don’t fault Da Jung at all for what she did. She grew up without a mom and to hear Woo Ri wistfully hoping for his mom back was clearly something she cannot ignore. It’s moving that Woo Ri wasn’t decreeing Da Jung couldn’t be his mom as well, just that he also wanted his real mom. Kids are allowed to have more love from parental figures and having a real mom and a step-mom is not mutually exclusive. Da Jung did right in telling Na Young to return to her kids, but she was mistaken in thinking that meant Na Young resume her role as Yul’s wife. That needn’t happen and I’m certain Yul can use his smarty pants brain to make it happen so that he can untie this unholy messy knot. My hope is that Joon Ki won’t go from “I want to destroy you” towards Yul to “Please resume being my brother-in-law” all of a sudden now that Na Young is alive. I can’t handle him constantly pressuring Yul to do what he wants. He needs to accept his own mistaken anger towards Yul and begin atoning by stopping his quest to destroy Yul’s political career and then follow that up by helping Yul create a solution where Na Young can be a mother to her kids while Yul gets to stay married to Da Jung.

This episode was actually way more moving than I expected and it was done in a way to build naturally on all the great character development laid out from the very beginning. Da Jung being motherless turned out not to be just a character description but a vital part of why she could mother Yul’s kids and also why she would give up her own happiness for the sake of theirs. She’s wrong only in not discussing it beforehand with Yul and springing Na Young on him, but I think her sacrifice was very touching and different than giving up for flimsy reasons. I’m hanging all my hope on Yul to fight for his chance at happiness and not let worry for others influence his own actions. I love how much he was showering Da Jung with attention and affection in this episode but in typical Yul ways. The flowers were sweet but it was the reason behind them that was even sweeter. He’s not romancing Da Jung the way he thinks he should, he is romancing her the way she wants. For a man who was the one calling the shots in the beginning of the drama, it’s such a lovely reversal of roles to see him being the one walking towards her and doing what she wants. Their relationship remains one built on give and takes, on concern for each other built on the understanding of what love means. Da Jung thinks love means letting go when there doesn’t appear to be a solution in sight. I see Yul believing that love is making a solution even if one isn’t seemingly available. He never fought for Na Young when he learned of her infidelity and choosing another man. This time he’ll fight tooth and nail for Da Jung and it’s surely going to make their eventual happy ending all that more satisfying. Sadly Na Jung’s dad doesn’t appear to have any magic cure available for him and he seems to be getting worse fast. Let’s gear ourselves up for tears and smiles in the remaining two episodes to come as we prepare to head into the final leg of the journey for Yul and Da Jung.

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Prime Minister and I Episode 15 Recap — 58 Comments

  1. I left my laptop powered on last night as as I refreshed this page, there is already a recap and I am so gonna be late for work, haha!

    • watched it raw, absolutely wonderful episode!

      but can not wait to watch it with english subtitles – this drama is so dialogue-centered so watching it knowing what is being said and stuff really makes a difference!

  2. Another great ep, wish it would be longer than 17 ep’s.

    The most heartbreaking moment for me was when the two siblings were reunited. It’s still his sister after all.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  3. I’ve been refreshing this page all day, but gosh I have so many feels right now your recap made me teary, this drama is so wonderful and I just can’t believe we only have one week left – 2 episodes – I think Woo Ri opening up to DaJung about missing his mom is also proof that all of them are now coming to rely on her as a mother figure, he is starting to trust her and I just freaking love how every relationship has been developed in the drama, Ms. Koala thanks SO MUCH, for taking the time to recap this drama and for all of your hardwork.

    • It was not. Da Jeong abandoning them was bad enough already, I think showing them aware of it would make her too unsympathetic and too similar to Na Young, in some ways. I mean she *did* make a decision without speaking with Yool. Even if it was for their own sake rather than hers, like Na Young did, it was still terribly disrespectful to them and to Yool to not talk about it first. I think Man Se doing that would just make her more irredeemable for her noble idiocy.

  4. This is also sad cause Yoonas mother left her when she was a baby so it`s kinda heartbreaking to see Yoona plying this part. I think there is real grief behind her acting , cause she never mentions her mother and nobody knows what happened to her.I don`t think Yoona even remembers her.So when Yoona said Da Jung is character very similar to her ,now i know what she was talking about.

  5. Although the preview show that dj insist of reasoning her action leaving yul because she want to study or something (that if I’m nit mistaken) but I hope yulsee her through and stop it.this episode is full angst and ut breaks my heart for both our otp and it’s all because ny. I do agree that I hope jk after learning the truth not going to push yul to get back with ny.he need to learn that ny is awful and she doesn’t have the right to claim to be yul’s wife again.Dj’s dad had me worried.gosh the final episode going to be tearfull and I’m afraid for it for other reasons too. I think the final reason for dj to be convinced that she can stay the way as beforr is not only yil’s words but also from the kids that they already consider her as their mothet and it doesn’t change eventhough

  6. I knew she would be a noble idiot about it – thank heavens Yul seems to be under no such illusions. If DJ were a little older and wiser, she would realize that the kids are going to need her more than ever – after all, it’s one thing to know you have been separated from your mother by her untimely death, but to find out that it was her choice, all these years, to stay apart from you… sorry, but those kids, in reality, will need all the volunteered love and support they can get in an attempt to prove to them that they ARE loveable and worthy of love. This woman abandoned her children, and is now being dragged back to them because she was found out. How is this going to make them feel? If they welcome her back with open arms and it is all rainbows and butterflies, I call serious foul.
    And koala, I love the recap but you are much kinder than I would be. People are not allowed to make any mistake they care to. Some mistakes require punishment and perhaps retribution. And while whatever divine being you believe in may be capable of unconditional love, most human beings are not so tolerant, and find that there is behavior that is beyond lovable; otherwise divorce would be a foreign concept. If my husband were to run off with another woman and abandon my children, I am sorry to say I would have a great deal of difficulty staying in love. Whatever he did years later would be beside the point.

  7. I really love the message in this drama.

    The writer really shows the development of love relationships. How the kids learn to love the stranger Daddy and Man Se brought home. How Hye Joo and In Ho shows there love by trying to protect Yul and Da Jung from a distance.

    Mostly . . . Yul with Da Jung learning that love can be wonderful.

    For Park Na Young, it shows her greed to have more at all cost. So many people were hurt by her decisions. How do they explain to the kids their mother ran off with a man and leaving him in a coma and then not return for 6-7 years?

    I hope that the writer can close Park Na Young story quickly so the last two eps can be 99% about the new family with Da Jung.

  8. this drama has evaded all the bad drama missteps that usually make me lose interest fast. thank god! I love this drama with all my heart and I’m glad Yoona is finally in something I can love her for 🙂 and of course the PM is so sexy in his own honest and driven way, if I could find a man like that I’d attach myself like lichen to a tree 😛

  9. Wonderful ep and recap as usual.. 2 more ep to go and I already start missing them.

    Anyway, the dropped ring, is that a new ring or the ring DJ has been wearing since her wedding day?

  10. thanks for the wonderful recap unnie, i cant add just sweet episode, end so well. so the rest 2 episode not about the angst of lover seperation, it might be about the PM’s removal issue but hope JK won’t push Yul to take NY back as his wife. she can back as a mother but not as a wife, because completely the fundamental base of married has been broken, trust and love.

  11. I’m just not feeling NY as this mother who deserves another chance with her children. She made the choice to leave them behind to be with the man she loves. Even if it was over between her and Yul there were other choices. NY only thought about herself and what she wanted. Then when told she was being taken back to those children she would rather die then go back. At anytime over those 7 years she could have shown herself, but she didn’t. Again it was about herself and what and her feeling. She didn’t think at all about what those children were feeling and going through from the loss. Hopefully she learned a lesson from DJ about unselfish love. Now what DJ did was unselfish but it was inconsiderate and disrespectful to Yul.

    • I think you are right….. DJ has this unselfish love where NY’s love is all about herself.

      Its ok if she find a man who really love her or she really love. But how could she give up her children? esp MS is still a baby!!

      I think she deserve this seven years of loniness…. If Wuli knows the truth about her mother, i dunno if he would miss her this much…

    • I think it’s more so that her kids deserve their mother and not to miss her to the point that it hurts them. It’s not fair to them when she’s alive. She has no right to her children anymore but that doesn’t matter, their well being comes first. Now her coming back will give them self-image issues for sure. Their mother voluntarily left them and didn’t come back. But that’s something they can work through, I don’t think thinking their mother is dead (especially Woo Ri) and that bringing you sadness is the best thing for them since you can’t work through that.

  12. Really look forward to the last two episodes!! I really want a happy ending!

    In the scene for next epidsode, when Da Jong say that she left because she is afraid they are getting a “real marriage”… I am afraid that Yul will think its Da Jong’s real thought…. :'(

    Monday~ please come!! I don’t need this weekend!

  13. Ms Koala… wonderful thoughts and insights and I second every part of it… Yul has finally man up.. and I think based on his personality, he would face NY and whatever it is even if it means bringing his kids into the picture… and he will do with with DJ being next to him. He seems like a man who is open honest and sincere… Deep down I feel that he will abide to his “I will never let go of this hand”.

  14. i am thinking, kwon yul must give her one passionate kiss to convice her to stay kekekekeke, it will be sign the deal.
    it must be fun to see impulsive action from him.

  15. The reason why I love this drama because every decision that is made by KY and DJ is pure and realistic. As much as I want DJ to stay and keep quiet about the late wife, I would not be able to deal with the guilt every day. It may not be considerate for her to leave just like that, but KY deserved the right to know his late wife is alive. Not only that, this brings a challenge in terms of KY’s love for DJ. He lets go of his wife because he thought she’s dead and he can move on now because of DJ. Can he still accept DJ’s love knowing otherwise? I have no doubt that he will pick DJ not because he resented his wife but because DJ helped him grew as a father and as a husband while NY did nothing.

  16. Thanks for the recap :). I cried again when reading the part that Yul rushed impulsively to find Dajung after Woori’s call. Recalling their moments together which Dajung asked him all those questions…. I watched the episode live yesterday but still can cry again after reading your recap aigoooooo

  17. Sorry, but this “drama by the numbers” episode left me almost totally unmoved. Every trope in the book was trotted out, right down to the hateful wrist grab at the end. I know that such an episode was inevitable, but watching it was a mechanical chore for me, except in the very moving scene when she said goodbye to the kids. The reality that “biology does not a mother make” is not one that K Dramas are ready for yet, obviously. This was not a painful episode or one that had me ranting about anything, it was more like a tedious chore “right, let’s get this cliché checklist all ticked off so we can get on with the story”

  18. Its ok if no kissing but I wish they have hugged

    Hug strong and hard
    I will cry harder

    Once again thanks for excellent recap

  19. Awww…thanks for the recap Ms. Koala! I love every bit of your insights on this episode but what I like most is the “BAM it’s fire blazing car gunning…” expression of yours..I read it with feelings btw..keke!^^

    Noble idiocy is already as constant as change in dramaland, a norm we certainly can’t avoid. Good thing, KY isn’t that stereotype k-drama character who broods over along with the female lead far too long until viewers end up losing appetite and drop the show. Yes, the angst was there but it was not overly done. The OTP made the sudden reveal necessary for them to realize more the strength of their love for each other. It’s just a good thing that the male lead isn’t a pushover or a hopeless romantic but a cool prime minister. Someone whose mindset might be too idealistic for his country to bear in this time of day but when it comes to his family and new found love and life partner, he was realistic enough to know what should be done right then and there. No need for further analysis and discussions. He acts upon the situation right away because he knows he’ll regret not doing anything and may end up being the same old grumpy man again. So go Choong Ri-nim! Detractors be damned! keke! 🙂

  20. I’m so glad this isn’t like a typical K drama where the OTP passes by each other and no one notices! It totally surprised me in a good way.

    Absolutely LOVE this drama. I think I’m going to have some major withdrawal next Wednesday!!

  21. Thank you for this recap! I so love Da Jung. She’s just perfect. A noble idiot, yes, but perfect in that way. She’s doing all these things for his love for Yul and the children. I am so glad Yul doesn’t disappoint either! No second thoughts! No hesitations! That’s a man who’s really in love. And that last scene right there makes me swoon, melt and go gooey. I’m in looove with this guy. He’s all man, through and through, my kind of guy…

    • can tell me where did u see this ? i havent see the 14 english sub, usualy i watch at but lastnite i checked, they dont have it. thanks

  22. Tear-jerker episode… in a good way.
    And the only episode I rewatched, despite my limited time, because of the so many touching scenes. Still couldn’t hold back my tears.

  23. On another note, is KY going to lose his job? The President’s move against him and NY’s appearance may put an end to his job.

  24. what i like about this drama the villain are not hard core evil and there is a realization of their wrong doing or intent. there is a process of transition. rather than for most drama, the transition from bad to good is a squeezed in the last 1 remaining episode.

    the pmai is very real human story… very heart warming.

    see yah on monday.

  25. thanks for the recaps. Am I the only one who was uncomfortable with the fact that Yul meant to read DJ’s journal and would have done it, had MS not come in?

  26. I really love watching every episode, coming here and read the comments of everyone. For me, this drama is about all the characters trying to come to term with themselves and find happiness either for themselves or for the ones they love: the prime minister getting over the grief of his dead wife and move on, the kids missing their mommy, Da Jeung to fulfil her dad’s wish to find her own family, Hye Joo and her first love, chief Kang and his revenge for his brother. It is sometimes a misunderstanding, sometimes it is just fate. In the end, i hope everyone has a happy ending, esp Da jeung, in ho and hye joo haha. Why these people is bc it seems to me they hve done nothing but more importantly, everyone deserves to live happily. We accept the love we think we deserve, isnt it

  27. I’m having trouble even getting through watching this episode because of the ND Na Young garbage. Why did the writer have to ruin one of my favorite shows with this crazy?! I’m so mad I could spit. I should have known better than to think we could get through this show without some kind of makjang crap. I don’t care how it is resolved; it has poisoned this show for me now and my love will never be the same….:'(

  28. Does anyone know about the backgroung song when Da Jung tells about the legend of the baby breath thing ?
    The song can’t get out of my mind…. Thanks

  29. Ep 15 is a turbulence ride…

    What capture me most is Woo Ri’s phone call to daddy kwon yool. For Woo Ri to call his dad about Da Jung being strange and asking dad if he knows Da Jung is leaving…that tells me Woo Ri has come to accept Da Jung as a “mother” figure in his life and his sibling’s life and a “wife” figure in his dad’s life.

    Woo Ri has indeed grown up…mature… He thinks for daddy and da jung.

    Why i feel for Woo Ri in this episode is because when his mom NY left / demised he was a big boy. When dad married Da Jung, Woo Ri felt betrayed by dad. He could not accept and that can be seen in his “spy” work for Uncle Joon Ki and also WR’s grade dropping and hanging out late nights.

    And in the end…he embrace Da Jung into his dad’s life and his own life.

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