Oldies But Goodies: Yoon Eun Hye Seduces Taecyeon and Steals Nichkhun for Cass Beer MV

I don’t really do so-called Throwback Thursdays but I did do a series of posts called Oldies But Goodies that hasn’t been added to in awhile. When I started blogging this particular goody wasn’t an oldie in the least but it’s since been four years past so I think it qualifies now. Back in Jan 2010 one of Korea’s top beer brands Cass brought together A-list Yoon Eun Hye and rising boyband 2PM for a beer commercial mini-drama. The three leads were Eun Hye along with Nichkhun and Taecyeon and the concept was the stalking of a male idol star. The story line couldn’t have been more relevant during a time when DBSK were still being harassed and stalked and hounded by their very own crazy fandom and there was genuine concerns about the safety and mental health of pop stars. Yoon Eun Hye plays Nichkhun’s manager while he’s a top male celebrity. Taecyeon plays a dogged cop, which I totally forgot he tried out this profession once here before he actually played a drama cop in last year’s Who Are You. Since this is a beer commercial the drinking figures heavily into the story line, though none of the people get drunk and act out variety since it’ll be hard to peddle alcohol in a CF where the negative after effects are shown. The wafer thin story pretty much has Yoon Eun Hye sporting tons of eyeliner and looking alternatively concerned, sultry, mysterious, and alluring, and I must say she nailed this silly little role.

Nichkhun is godawful as the male star even if he barely speaks – the boy actually acts worse than Taecyeon if that can be believed. Believe it. So Nichkhun’s character finds all his celebrity girlfriends and co-stars mysteriously getting into accidents and leaving him. His management think there is a stalker out and Taecyeon is brought in to nab the crazy-eyed mystery girl. There is eerie late night garage encounters, a sexy club scene with Eun Hye and Nichkhun grinding against each other and Taecyeon looking pained, and finally the omnipresent airport scene as two people fly away from their problems while a third person fruitlessly chases and tries to catch them before the flight takes off. There is a twist at the end that is so oblivious it’s clear in the first minute of the video if you watch carefully, or if you’ve watched plenty of stalker thriller shows and movies. I confess to enjoying this bit of silliness immensely but since I’m an adult the conspicuous appearance of beer throughout is perfectly fine and not a temptation in the least to start chugging. But I’ll always scratch my head that Korea finds it perfectly fine to have teen idols in beer CFs when its clear their fanbase skews quite young in the demographic. And it’s not like Korea with has a low legal drinking age either as one needs to be 20 to legally drink there. Anyhoo, I’ll stop with the preaching and let y’all go enjoy this short but stylish homage to the wonder’s of stalking and beer drinking. Preferably combined together ala Yoon Eun Hye.

Tik Tok – Yoon Eun Hye, Nickhun, and Taecyeon for Cass Beer (Part 1):

[youtube id=”PoM5x4az3IY” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Tik Tok – Yoon Eun Hye, Nickhun, and Taecyeon for Cass Beer (Part 2):

[youtube id=”EbB6rbSkRMs” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Oldies But Goodies: Yoon Eun Hye Seduces Taecyeon and Steals Nichkhun for Cass Beer MV — 20 Comments

  1. Some people really should not act, but if they do, better to confine it to CFs than full-length dramas (which for really bad actors are pretty much just audition reels for CFs anyway).

    re: Korean legal drinking age, I think the drinking age is Korean 20, which = 19 in Western years (and possibly allows 18-year-olds to drink too, if it’s the year in which they turn 19). I remember Psy talking about this when he was promoting in the US and revealing his drunken college adventures lol.

  2. She’s SO breathtaking in almost all the CF’s I saw her. Kill me, I don’t mind, but before that let me, just for once to see YEH play the role of a femme fatale. If possible, without crying scenes. Just strong, full of lust, smart and confident woman. Sometimes my deviant side takes over, Sorry if I made you some inconvenience.

  3. Why… why don’t I rmbr this???? The plot is actualy really funny, but all rmbr from these cfs was those short ones with just them at a club lol. I actually still have the song on my ipod. Thanks also for making me feel old koala :'(

  4. YEH looked particularly gorgeous in this cf especially in the club scene, her dress is just wow….probably one of my fav looks on her ever

  5. I remember watching this back than. It’s one of my all time favorite cass beer MV. YEH always looks amazingly BEAUTIFUL. I totally love the song.

  6. I love Cass CFs. Yes, I’ve seen this and remember playing it over and over again, esp the part when YEH was dancing with Nichkhun on the dance floor. The look, the dress, the skin…she looks so beautiful, very sexy, and yes, sultry! I just love YEH! I also love the Cass CF of Lee Min Ho and Da Ra. If this one is hot and sexy, that one is so cute, esp the epilogue that I wish they could have their own drama.

  7. I can’t even be near the smell of alcohol without inducing a vomit reflex, but I am going to watch this ad so many times! I don’t think I’ve ever seen YEH so hot as in the nightclub scene. I would love her to be a sexy femme fatale in a Drama too, and wouldn’t mind her being the villain if she kissed ’em all before killing ’em all

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