Huang Xiaoming and Chen Qiao En Pair Up for 1930’s Shanghai C-drama Cruel Romance

New C-drama alert and this one looks interesting enough to catch my eye. Filming has just started for the period 1930’s Shanghai drama called Cruel Romance (Chinese title 锦绣缘华丽冒险 The Destiny of Jin Xiu’s Extravagant Adventure) starring C-actor Huang Xiaoming and TW-actress Chen Qiao En. Huang Xiaoming has been exclusively doing movies for the last five years though this past year in 2013 he did star in the big-budgeted Legend of Patriot Yue Fei with Ruby Lin. I’ve watched so many of Huang Xiaoming’s dramas right when he started getting really famous such as Return of the Condor Heroes, Royal Tramp, the Shanghai Bund remake and they all share the same general vibe. His drama are always very lush and beautiful, very easy to watch but something is always missing. Usually the writing isn’t up to par, but I’ve also yet to find him playing a romantic role with a leading lady that I think is an onscreen magic pairing. Chen Qiao En, who first started as an idol singer and actress in Taiwan, has really been on fire doing dramas in China and this year her turn as the antagonist in the wonky wuxia adaptation of The Swordsman was inexplicably popular and she just took home the Popularity Award at the recent Anhui Television Domestic Chinese Drama Awards. I think she’s got a keen eye for picking dramas, she left TW-dramas on a high with Fated to Love You and her SOP Queen was a major hit in Asia, so I’m curious what this particular story is about that got such a high profile cast together. I had major issues with the Shanghai Bund remake but Huang Xiaoming was ridiculously gorgeous in that particular period garb so if anything this drama will be eye candy up the wazoo. Check out the first official stills and the just releases teaser trailer that may be short but is action and romance packed to the gill. 

First teaser preview for Cruel Romance:

[youtube id=”1DhnSjW_pS8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]



Huang Xiaoming and Chen Qiao En Pair Up for 1930’s Shanghai C-drama Cruel Romance — 32 Comments

  1. Yeah captain K. Its really gonna be up the wazoo. Love Joe Chen(Chen Qiao En) eversince The Girl In Blue so am up for this. So excited.

  2. I didn’t watch Shanghai Bund from start to finish but boyyy was Huang Xiaoming ridiculously good-looking in that drama. The stills for Cruel Romance are breathtaking! Maybe I’ll give this one a try~

  3. That….that was effing awesome, I was browsing in my college libary when i saw the trailer at the end of the trailer I screamed awesome and everyone turned to look at the crazy girl in their midst. but seriously the drama looks like it will be a action/romance/thriller drama. pls tell me when it’s airing and where I an watch it online

  4. This will be on my Must Watch List. So beautiful in every aspect. Qiao En dramas usually so good! Adore her acting specially beside the handsome Xiao Ming 😉 kyaaaaaaa when will this air???

  5. Omg I am so looking forward to this because I’ve heard the book is so good too. but lets hope they don’t do and go change the plot completely. (Finger cross)

  6. Ockoala I surprised you actually quite late about this drama o.O
    btw, Cruel Romance just finished filming on Feb 7.. And yesterday the second batch of stills out!! The same same Gorgeous Stills!
    This became one of the most anticipated drama in China 😀

  7. Thanks for the post! I happened upon the news of this c-drama not too long ago and got totally excited with this pairing! I hope the story will be compelling from start to end, that’s so rare in c-dramas these days… does anyone know when it will air? I hope it’ll be this year because I seriously can’t wait a whole year or more!

  8. I can’t wait for this drama to air. The trailer looks amazing! The new batch of stills also damn gorgeous! Yeah he when will the last time I’m chasing a drama? This one high probably will get me hook again..I miss it

  9. just a quick correction. huang xiaoming did summer’s desire with barbie xu and peter ho. not sure which year, but it should be within the last five years.

  10. Joe Chen is getting prettier and prettier.. Really like her acting, girl so charming on screen. I just love her… Hope she not only success in carreer but also bless in getting her Mr.Right soon.. I wanna see xiao qiao en 🙂

  11. Joe Chen and Huang Xiaoming…ahhhhh!!!! Nothing better than that…thank you for posting this Ms. Koala…can’t wait to see this drama…fighting!!!

  12. I love love the casts, but I hope that the show is better than the book. Someone gave a summary of the book and the main couple are not so great. He’s too stubborn and she’s too stupid. So I really really hope that their character in the drama will deviate from the characters in the book.

  13. The trailer looks awesome! I can’t wait for it. Love the lead lady since Easy Fortune Happy Life & Queen SOP. The main guy is so good-looking & need to watch his dramas maybe.

  14. joe chen&huang xiao ming pasangan yg luar biasa,ga bosen wlpn nonton berkali-kali,,,semoga pasangan ini dipasangkan kembali didrama yg lain atau cruel romance 2,,,,

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