Empress Ki Sends Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan on a Royal Hunting Expedition in Episode 32

The new stills are out for next week’s new episodes of Empress Ki and I’m swooning already. A royal hunting expedition is organized and we see Consort Seung Nyang and Emperor Ta Hwan dressed to hunt in all their imperial splendor. It’s the first time Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan have gone horse backing riding and shooting since his days of being an exiled prince in Goryeo. I was getting bored of Ta Hwan’s endless magenta colored imperial robes so am excited to see him dressed for a hunt and with his hair in a ponytail. Seung Nyang is lovely dressed like a girly royal consort but she shines way more when she’s on the back of horse and aiming her bow and arrow at some poor helpless target. I’m totally not a Ta Hwan shipper (forever Wang Yoo baby!) but he’s really redeemed himself in my eyes as a character. His capacity for self-improvement and his recent development of a set of balls to go up against Yeon Chul, that was awesome to behold. Watching him snivel and shirk for twenty episodes seriously drove me batty. It was bad for the narrative and terrible for any meaningful love triangle to develop. Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won having nice chemistry means bupkus to me if their characters have zero romantic synergy within the context of the story. That’s all changed and I’m sooooo happy. I love how respectful and appreciative Ta Hwan is now, how much he both loves and admires Seung Nyang.

She seriously is awesome to the nth degree and it’s such a shame that there isn’t two of her to go around so both guys get their own amazing woman.┬áIf I look at Seung Nyang, it’s sad that her talent and determination to take down Yeon Chul is motivated by revenge. She would be a talent in any position, but she really just wanted a happy simple life with Wang Yoo until it was all taken away. Now she’s climbing the ladder as Empress and she rocks it like no other, but she doesn’t want it and it doesn’t make her happy. Her relationship with Ta Hwan is really working for me now because it’s one built on honesty and truth. She tells him that she needs him to be the strong Emperor so that she can use him as a weapon against Yeon Chul. There is no promise of love, but you can see in her eyes that she cares for Ta Hwan and is also gradually starting to suss out admirable qualities in him. Once Yeon Chul is eliminated, I can see them living a life together ruling over the Yuan dynasty, she would be a great asset in helping to govern Goryeo in a way that is both respectful and mutually beneficial. I’m just sad that can’t be either since she loves Wang Yoo, and they have their little baby Star to get back. Speaking of which, that witch Tanasiri really seems to love that baby she stole. It’s a relief but dang I wanted to keep on hating her from the tips of her smirky head down to her dainty evil toes. Anyhoo, this drama is still super fun to watch and I’m loving how Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan appear to be enjoying each other’s company at the hunt.


Empress Ki Sends Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan on a Royal Hunting Expedition in Episode 32 — 10 Comments

  1. Just a quick question..I havent started this drama yet but ive been following all the posts here so if I wanted to start this drama what episode should I start at? Or do I need to go back to the beginning?

    • The beginning was really interesting,in my opinion. I’d say watch the first 10 ep. Things slowed down for a few weeks when she was a servant in the palace so watch with the FF button nearby. It peaked up again afterwards (with a short stop in crazy-land)^^

  2. I’ve almost caught up to all eps. I started from 25-29, went back to 1-12, then to 30-31, 13-15, 21-24, 16-18. So that means I have only 19 and 20 left to watch:) EK has so many arcs that I think it works watching it even out of sequence. But I’m not sure if I would’ve stuck to EK if I hadn’t watch the consort scenes first–those were totally awesome!

    Anyway, I waited to see WY-SN together before choosing which ship to be on. Maybe, it is also because I find JCW prettier than JJM:) …I’m totally on the TH-SN ship now. TH needs SN more than WY, that appeals to my mommy instincts:) Yeah, it would have been cool to clone SN or if they had some sort of polyandrous arrangement^^ The thing I really can’t get into is the TalTal SN ship. Actually, before reading that TalTal was Bayan’s nephew, I thought TT & B were together:) I also did not mind watching SN as a palace maid. The level of my emotional maturity ( not that mature^^) totally digs the whining & pining baby emperor. I do wish though that SN would’ve had more action scenes in the Palace. I totally loved it when she went after Yonwha–like the strangling part etc.

  3. If they weren’t wearing those heavy pretty clothes I’d say oh please TH should jump to her horse and SN should get on top of him as she did that time! Cool

  4. I don’t actually watch the drama but I have been following recaps on The Talking Cupboard, which is done exceptionally well! I ship SN and TH so bad and there are great mv of these two on youtube!

  5. I wish Tanashiri would just leave already but sadly, Baek Jin Hee is there until the end. I really hope Seung Nyang gets her Byul back. Tanashiri does not deserve any child, especially not Seung Nyang’s.
    Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always loved the Ta Hwan character. Sure he was a spoilt brat earlier, but circumstances he was in shaped him that way. He could grate on ours and Seung Nyang’s nerves with his never ending demands and puppy looks but I thought it was a good way to portray him. Especially since you see him do a 180 later on as he realizes that he could be a help to Seung Nyang rather than a nuisance. I wish them happiness. Hopefully, Wang Yoo can get some happiness too though I prefer it not to be in the form of Yon Feisu though I fear that is where it’s leading.

  6. I’m with Team Ta Hwan for Seung Nyang. Such a handsome emperor (thanks to the captivating face of talented actor JCW)! fangirling! As always HJW is amazing.She and JCW have a strong onscreen chemistry just like PSH and MCW have in the romantic sageuk TPM.Just like PSH’s mane of glory in that sageuk, JCW’s is doing its magic on him as well here. Just my observation.lol
    looking forward to a happy ending for the emperor and his real empress!just 4 episodes to go!

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