Lost You Forever Chapter 8: It’s So Late, Why Have You Not Returned

This chapter is the first time all three male leads – Zhuan Xu, Jing, and Xiang Liu – all see each other in the same place with Xiao Liu so expect some sparks (maybe?). This chapter 8 of Lost You ForeverΒ alsoΒ marks the end of Xiao Liu’s stay in Qing Shui Town. He did a lot in the nearly thirty years he spent there, taking in an old runaway soldier like Lao Mu who was tired of battling, and then raising two orphans plucked from the streets who wouldn’t have lived to adulthood. Xiao Liu claims he doesn’t care, but he cares too much and that is why he steps in even when he knows it’s not going to make a difference in the bigger picture. Xiao Liu is actually someone who has seen first hand what “the bigger picture” means. Being born to a father who is the Emperor of Gao Xing, and a mother who is the Princess of Xuan Yuan, her childhood was ruined by the war between the God kingdoms and her life mantra was formed out of a complete rejection of the bigger picture. Her mother died for her country, chose to go off to war rather than raise her daughter, and that’s an anger and disappointment that makes Xiao Liu turn against caring about anything other than herself.Β For this Xiao Liu, I really would have preferred that she stay in Qing Shui Town and remain as Wen Xiao Liu.

The problem is that there are too many people who need her, who miss her, who want Xiao Yao back.Coupled with meeting Xiang Liu and Shi Qi, there is no way Xiao Liu’s relationship with both guys can go anywhere unless boy Xiao Liu returns to being girl Xiao Yao. But knowing Xiao Liu, he’s not going to go back that easily. To says he is literally dragged back kicking and screaming is pretty accurate given the lengths he goes to avoid becoming a Princess again. I think her relationship with Shi Qi has always been unequal, with her saving him being such a pivotal moment in his life, whereas it doesn’t have the same significance for Xiao Liu. Shi Qi adorably does whatever she wants, and has even saved Xiao Liu once already when Xuan had her locked up. With his wealth and connections, he can do anything and everything for her to a certain extent, but how will he choose when push comes to shove and he’s asked to choose between Xiao Liu and potentially pissing off an Emperor and an entire Kingdom? Too many people in Xiao Liu’s life have chosen sacrificing for many over sacrificing for her, and even if their choice is understandable and correct, Xiao Liu really needs and deserves someone who puts him first. This will be the first major test for Shi Qi, and whether he passes will flying colors will mark a huge transition point on his relationship with Xiao Liu.

Chapter 8 – It’s So Late, Why Have You Not Returned:

After removing the voodoo bug from Xuan, Xiao Liu resolved a big worry and soundly slept for three days.

After he had time to think about it, he realized that he forgot to ask Xiang Liu last time whether the person who tried to kill Xuan was Jing’s fiancee. Why would she help Xiang Liu kill Xuan? Was there a connection between the Fang Feng family and the Sheng Nong resistance army? Or was it Xiang Liu helping Fang Feng Yi Yang this time? Didn’t Xiang Liu say he was a killer for hire during his free time?

Xiao Liu thought and thought and couldn’t eat or slept. But after a few days, he figured it out. Xuan left already so it didn’t matter if Fang Feng Yi Yang wanted to kill him. The vengeance and conflict of those big families is not something Xiao Liu wanted to understand. All he needed to know was that it wasn’t Jing who wanted to kill Xuan.

Xiao Liu put everything aside and went back to living his lazy life.

It was the middle of Summer and Xiao Liu was laying on the pallet fanning himself and covered in sweat. Jing entered from the back door and found Xiao Liu fanning himself under the awning and muttering “So hot! So hot!”

Jing walked up and hung a blue ice crystal wind chime on the awning and within moments a cool breeze misted down from above and dispelled the heat. Xiao Liu looked at the wind chime and considered whether to accept it. He already asked for two, to not accept the third seemed rather coy. But the first two were meant to save Xuan’s life and Xiao Liu felt it was important and not personal. This was for himself and made him feel like he was taking something.

Jing sat down next to the pallet and watched Xiao Liu’s facial expression changes. Xiao Liu suddenly sat up and hollered angrily “This is Qing Shui Town, not Qing Qiu! Why haven’t you left yet?”

Jing stared at Xiao Liu “You are here, I won’t leave.”

Xiao Liu was so angry he threw the fan at Jing. “Didn’t you say you would listen to me. Then leave! Leave far far away and stop bothering my life. You are Tu Shan Jing, not Ye Shi Qi!”

Jing lowered his eyes and pursed his lips tightly. Xiao Liu was very familiar with this sight and didn’t have the heart to be mean anymore. He turned his head away and refused to look at him.

After some time, Jing’s voice spoke “You tenderly cleaned my wounds. You carefully washed my hair. You patiently fed me medicine and food. You gently bathed my body. You were afraid I was in pain so you talked with me. You were afraid I was ashamed so you told me jokes. You were afraid I would give up so you described the beautiful views for me. You were afraid I was lonely so you told me interesting stories. You didn’t just heal my body, you saved my soul. You will never be able to imagine how much I wish I were Ye Shi Qi. But I have no choice but to be Tu Shan Jing. Because of this, more than you I hate myself. I know you hate Tu Shan Jing so I control myself not to come visit you. But I’m scared to leave. You gave Ma Zi a family, you found Xan Tian Er for Chuan Zi, you set up everything for Lao Mu. You are already prepared to leave it all behind and continue wandering. I’m afraid if I turn around even for a second, I won’t be able to find you ever again.”

This was the first time Jing spoke so much and the atmosphere was very solemn. He silently looked at Xiao Liu but Xiao Liu never turned around. Jing finally got up and quietly left.

Xiao Liu suddenly collapsed on the pallet and stared at the wind chime. Shi Qi saw through it, that he was planning to leave. Someone walked into the yard and Xiao Liu covered his eyes and said in annoyance “I’m resting, don’t bother me!”

The person didn’t speak and just sat down on the pallet being so still that if it wasn’t that his body didn’t have the scent of medicinal herbs, Xiao Liu almost thought it was Jing who left and came back.

Xiao Liu moved his hands and squinted, then his eyed popped wide open. It was Xuan!

Xiao Liu stammered “You…what are you doing here? I already removed the bug. You ought to have been able to feel it. If you don’t believe me, I’ll prick myself right now.” Xiao Liu looked around for something to prick himself but Xuan stopped him with a smile.

“I know the bug has been removed. I’m here for another reason.”

“Another reason.”

“My Master wants to see you.”

Xiao Liu’s heart raced and his body weakened but he forced himself to smile “Why does your Master want to see me? And who says that if he wants to see me, I will go see him.”

Xuan stood up “My real name is Zhuan Xu. Xuan Yuan Zhuan Xu. I am the eldest grandson of the Yellow Emperor of the Xuan Yuan Kingdom. My Master is the Grand Emperor of the Gao Xing Kingdom.”

Xiao Liu didn’t know how to react so feigned fear “Such lofty personages! I am from Qing Shui Town and not a citizen of either Xuan Yuan or Gao Xing Kingdoms.”

Xuan said “When I was healing in Yang Valley, my Master came to see me. I told him about you and for some reason he was very interested and asked me to tell him every single detail about my interactions with you. After he heard it all, he asked to meet you. He specifically ordered me to come take you to Gao Xing to meet him.”

Xiao Liu immediately said “I’m not going!”

Xuan sighed “This is an Imperial Summons, you can’t refuse. Xiao Liu, don’t make it hard for me, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Xiao Liu immediately switched tactics and smiled “That’s fine, I’ll go with you to Gao Xing, but you have to give me half a day to pack and say my farewells.” Xuan knew Xiao Liu’s sneaky and slippery personality, and he also knew that a lot of people knew his real identity in Qing Shui Town so Xuan couldn’t stay long either.

Xiao Liu begged “I saved you twice. You are a Xuan Yuan Prince, how can you treat a savior this way?”

Xuan was too smart for that and laughed “The first time you saved me, it was after you plotted with Xiang Liu to ambush me. I let it go means I let you off the hook that time. If you didn’t plant a voodoo bug in me, then the second time wouldn’t have happened and there would be no need for you to save me. Ah Nian is the Gao Xing Princess, and you’ve insulted and shamed her multiple times. You know she is dying to kill you and I’ve been the one keeping her at bay. This time going to Gao Xing, if you fall into her hands and she tries to kill you, don’t you want me to protect you? Who is whose savior is not clear here. ”

Xiao Liu griped “If I don’t go to Gao Xing in the first place, then I won’t need your protection.”

Xuan said “There are two more hours until sunset and I’ve give you until then to pack your bags and say farewells. We’ll leave before dark, and if you try anything….” Xuan waved his hand and the entire pallet shattered into smithereens and Xiao Liu fell on the floor.

Last time when Xuan was in Qing Shui Town, he always tried to use Xuan’s side to solve problems. This time he was here as Zhuan Xu, and he was a Xuan Yuan Prince. Xiao Liu stared at Zhuan Xu as he stood there with his hands behind his back, an unwavering authority in his eyes. Xiao Liu suddenly felt a sense of comfort. It was good that Zhuan Xu was like this – at times warm and personable, but then able to flip a switch and be cold and ruthless. It was only this way that he could have survived in the precarious position he occupied.

Xiao Liu stood up and went into his room to pack but his mind was racing. There was no way he was going to see the Grand Emperor. He can fool Zhuan Xu, but there was no way he could fool the Grand Emperor. But how to escape when Zhuan Xu came specifically to get him and brought a lot of men. Plus he was under Gao Xing orders and could immediately call Gao Xing troops outside town. And if needs be, he can call on his identity as the Xuan Yuan Prince and use Xuan Yuan troops nearby as well.

Even though Xiao Liu could change his face and form, but he was now under surveillance by a God and if there wasn’t anyone to block for him to avert their attention, then even if he changed forms he couldn’t escape.

Xiao Liu decided he couldn’t escape by his ability alone, he needed help. Right now he really missed Xiang Liu. Only Xiang Liu could care less about Xuan Yuan and Gao Xing authority, plus he could go hide in the Sheng Nong army base to run away from Zhuan Xu. But after their Gao Xing trip Xiao Liu hadn’t seen Xiang Liu and there wasn’t any time to summon him for help.

The only one left was Tu Shan Jing. The Tu Shan clan businesses blanketed the vast wilderness, including selling to the Sheng Nong resistance army. They had to have secret passages to move items in and out of town. But right now the Grand Emperor of Gao Xing and the Xuan Yuan Prince both wanted him. If Tu Shan Jing helped him, then he would be making an enemy out of the entire world. Would Tu Shan Jing be willing to make an enemy of both Xuan Yuan and Gao Xing for one little Wen Xiao Liu?

The moment this thought popped into his head, Xiao Luu suddenly wanted to know Jing’s choice even more than he wanted to escape Qing Shui Town. Xiao Liu looked at the ice crystal wind chime and smiled coldly. Whatever Jing chose to do, once Xiao Liu asked then he’ll know.

Xiao Liu walked out and saw Tian Er memorizing medicinal herb concoctions. He said to her “I’m leaving Hui Chun Clinic in your hands. If Lao Mu is sad, tell him people come and go and having traveled a distance together is already enough.”

Tears came to Tian Er’s eyes and she silently knelt down to bow to Xiao Liu “Be filial to Lao Mu, you are a smart girl so overlook Chun Tao’s pettiness at times. Life is unpredictable and Ma Zi and Chun Tao can only rely on you and Chuan Zi, and you and Chuan Zi can only rely on Ma Zi and Chun Tao.”

Xiao Liu turned and walked out quickly. Leaving Hui Chun Clinic, whether or not he could successfully escape town, he would never be able to return here again. Close to 30 years of companionship had ended. Perhaps the next time paths crossed would be in front of Ma Zi and Chuan Zi’s graves.

Xiao Liu walked down the street and greeted all the neighbors. In the past 20 some years he was a well liked person and everyone smiled back at him. One called “Brother Liu, a hot out of the oven meat pie, have one!” Another called “Brother Liu, thanks for the headache reliever last time.” Xiao Liu smiled back and responded to each and every person. Even if he walked down the same road tens of years later, even if the places didn’t change, no one would be greeting him at that time.

Xiao Liu arrived at Jing’s residence and entered through the back and immediately told the guard who he was. A guard went to get Jing Ye who arrived furious with a “you again!” glare.

Xiao Liu smirked “Sorry to bother you, I’m here to see your young master.” Jing Ye rolled her eyes and turned to leave and Xiao Liu followed. It was just like last year, with flowers blooming everywhere and lots of ice crystal wind chimes hanging along the corridors to cool the air.

Jing Ye brought Xiao Liu to a study and inside Jing sat at a desk listening to two retainers give a report. Xiao Liu stepped back and enjoyed the flowers while the conversation finished inside. Jing Ye went inside to announce Xiao Liu and Jing came out and asked “What happened?”

Xiao Liu smiled wanly that Jing knew he wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something he wanted. Xiao Liu turned around “Xuan Yuan’s Prince Zhuan Xu is waiting for me at Hui Chun Clinic to take me to see the Grand Emperor of Gao Xing Kingdom.”

Jing said slowly “I will accompany you to Gao Xing. The Grand Emperor is a sage ruler, he would not be looking to harm you.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if he’s a sage ruler or not. I don’t want to meet him!”

Jing asked “You want to run away?” Xiao Liu smiled “Yes, I want to run away.”

Jing replied “It’ll be very difficult.”

Xiao Liu nodded with more smiles “It is very difficult, if it wasn’t difficult I wouldn’t be here with you. The Tu Shan clan must have a secret passage way out of town. You help me escape.”


Xiao Liu’s smile froze and he stared at Jing “Once escaped then its resisting an Imperial Summons from the Grand Emperor. Zhuan Xu will send people to track us down, and if we continue to resist he won’t hesitate to kill. The road ahead will be perilous, and even if we escape, you will have made an enemy of both the Gao Xing and Xuan Yuan Kingdoms.

Jing took Xiao Liu’s hand and pulled him into the study and said to Jing Ye “Prepare clothes, I’m taking Xiao Liu and leaving Qing Shui Town.”

Jing Ye must’ve heard what they said and glared in rage at Xiao Liu but held it in “My lord there is no need for you to be in danger, I will have two men accompany Master Liu out of town. I will stake my life on protecting him.”

Jing gently said “Prepare clothes for us.”

Jing Ye knew Jing made up his mind so didn’t dare speak again and went to prepare the clothes.

Jing Ye brought two sets of clothes and the two changed into it and arranged their hair so they appeared like messengers traveling from place to place. Jing Ye took out a box and inside were two dolls. It wasn’t wood carved and was instead furry like an animal’s tail. Xiao Liu was curious and wanted to touch but Jing Ye slapped his hand away “This is a doll made from the fox tail of a ten thousand year old nine-tailed fox. It’s extremely rare. The nine-tailed fox is the best at transformation and the tail is where all the power gathers. These two tails have tens of thousands of years of power. Using it to make fake people, even if the dead former Emperors came back to life with their powers they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

Jing pricked his middle finger and touched the doll and it transformed into the exact replica of Jing. The fake Jing handed the other doll and gently told Xiao Liu “It needs a drop of your blood.”

If Xiao Liu didn’t just see it with his own eyes, he would think that fake Jing was real and the sitting real Jing was fake. He pricked his finger on the doll which quickly got bigger and was the same size as Xiao Liu but its features were completely blank.

Jing Ye was stunned “How can this be, this was a treasure left by the Tu Shan ancestors and I’ve never heard of it transforming this way.”

Xiao Liu nervously laughed “Probably because I look so plain, the doll can’t recognize it.” Jing stood up and touched the fake Xiao Liu’s face and arranged his features until it looked just like Xiao Liu.

Xiao Liu sighed in relief “Fine, fine, it’s all fine now.”

The fake Xiao Liu doll laughed like Xiao Liu and spoke in the exact same voice as him “You don’t even know what you look like yourself, why blame me?”

Xiao Liu’s face turned white and he angrily threatened “You’re a dead fox so shut up now before I burn you up!”

The fake Xiao Liu huffed and walked over to the fake Jing, who actually patted him on the arm to comfort him. Xiao Liu stared in shock and Jing Ye said proudly “If it wasn’t so alike then it wouldn’t be a rare treasure, now would it.”

Xiao Liu asked Jing what his plan was.

“Let them pretend to be two servants and leave with a batch of goods. We’ll transform our looks and pretend to be messengers and leave town the other way with a group of departing messengers.”

Jing Ye immediately cautioned “That’s too dangerous. If Prince Zhuan Xu finds you guys missing, he will station men everywhere searching for people using godly powers. My lord’s powers are all recovered and can mask it, but Master Liu can’t.

Jing ordered “You take them to change.” Jing Ye knew he made up his mind and went with the two dolls.

Jing walked up to Xiao Liu “If you change your looks, can it avoid all detection?” Xiao Liu hesitated and then nodded. Jing smiled “Then we’ll go with the plan.”

Xiao Liu’s heart was thumping wildly “You….you always knew I could transform my face?”

The power of transformation wasn’t a very hard power to learn, but only those with great power using it can truly transform and avoid detection. With Xiao Liu’s power, no one would believe him using the skill could avoid detection using a magical object seeker.

Jing said “The Tu Shan clan aren’t simply from the God tribe. One of our ancestors was the far-reaching original nine-tailed fox. So the bloodline of the Tu Shan family can all transform. I have the spiritual eye and can usually see through all transformation and masking spells and powers. That was how I was able to see Ah Nian’s true face and knew to avoid her. But everything about you seems real even to me, except my instinct tells me your face is fake. So…..that is why I can’t leave you. If I leave and you disappeared, it would be without a trace.”

Xiao Liu was stunned. Jing knew all along that he was fake.

Jing Ye came back “Everyone is prepared but there are people already stationed outside keeping watch on the residence, likely sent by Prince Zhuan Xu.”

Jing Ye brought a carriage and she had transformed into an old man. The fake dolls got into the carriage first, and then Jing Ye opened a secret compartment underneath that could fit two people. Xiao Liu and Shi Qi squeezed in and when Jing Ye leaned in to close it she whispered “My lord, he only let you stay for 6 years. Tu Shan clan can repay him another way. Why put yourself in danger?”

Jing calmly said “In three days you go back to Qing Qiu, if I escape successfully then I will find you there. If not, you and Lan Xiang find a guy and get married.” He closed the secret compartment.

Jing Ye pursed her lips to restrain her sobs.

The carriage started to move and it was dark and Xiao Liu and Jing were tightly pressed together due to its cramped space. When Xiao Liu went to look for Jing, it was a spur of the moment thing. He wanted to see Jing put in a tight spot, he wanted to hear Jing try to talk him into going to see the Grand Emperor and it was no big deal. Xiao Liu wanted to hear all of this with his own ears, so that he could use this cruel method to cut the final threads of longing in his heart, so that he could leave without a care, so that he could let Wen Xiao Liu vanish forever without any sadness.

But when Xiao Liu said he didn’t want to go and Jing never asked why he would rather risk death to escape than go, nor did he pause to think about his own danger before agreeing to help him escape, the longing in Xiao Liu’s heart expanded instead of being severed.

The carriage had an accident allowing Jing and Xiao Liu to sneak out disguised into the messenger group from town. Fake Jing and Xiao Liu continued on in the carriage while Jing and Xiao Liu went back to Qing Shui Town with the messenger group.

The group continued on until dark when they returned to the inn for dinner before sleeping outside to guard the goods being transported. It was Summer so it wasn’t cold out at night. The entire town was asleep and the stars out were especially bright. Xiao Liu raised his head to look at the stars and wished for a duck neck to gnaw on to make this feel like a trip rather than running away.

Jing said “If you’re tired, go to sleep.”

Xiao Liu replied “It’s crazy outside of town, isn’t it?” Zhuan Xu thought he left town so was searching outside but in truth he was still in town.

Jing explained “Tomorrow the messenger group will depart for Gao Xing.” Xiao Liu laughed, Zhuan Xu would never think that he was running away from going to Gao Xing would then be headed to Gao Xing. Xiao Liu said to Jing “I thought you were so honest, who knew you were this sneaky.”

Jing said “Tomorrow will be exhausting, you rest leaning on me.” Xiao Liu looked up at the stars and said nothing. A raspy voice said “I. Am Shi Qi.”

Xiao Liu still looked up at the stars and said nothing, but after a few moments his head slowly tilted and lightly rested on Shi Qi’s shoulder. Shi Qi didn’t dare move as if afraid he would scare him away. Until he heard Xiao Liu sleeping did he slightly turn his head to gently look down on the sleeping Xiao Liu.

At dawn, Shi Qi and Xiao Liu followed the group out of town headed due South. There was a checkpoint set up with very tight inspection and the lines were long to pass. Chatter about why turned to discussion that both Xuan Yuan and Gao Xing soldiers were joined in some sort of search.

It was Xiao Liu and Shi Qi’s turn and a woman held up a magical object mirror and shone it on their faces to show everyone’s true form. Those who transformed were pulled aside for further questioning. Xiao Liu walked up to his inspection and the mirror showed nothing so he passed. Same with Shi Qi as well.

After passing the inspection, Shi Q and Xiao Liu glanced at each other and continued on. Due to the inspection the procession was already late so the leader told everyone to quicken their steps. By nightfall they had arrived within the borders of the Gao Xing Kingdom. Two high mountains flanked a gate with an entry checkpoint. Because Zhuan Xu didn’t think Xiao Liu would come to Gao Xing, the checkpoint was not extra manned so Xiao Liu and Shi Qi entered easily.

That night the procession entered a city and the group checked into an inn. Xiao Liu asked for a hot water bath and after he walked out and changed into fresh clothes he saw that Shi Qi had already finished bathing. Shi Qi took a towel to wipe his hair. Xiao Liu asked “So we successfully escaped?”

Shi Qi answered “When we entered there was a very powerful being nearby so I completely concealed my power aura. I don’t know if he registered us.”

Xiao Liu said “Perhaps it’s a high ranking Gao Xing general that is stationed here.” But he didn’t feel all that at ease.

Shi Qi said “No matter who, we have to be alert. Rest well tonight.”

In the middle of the night Xiao Liu heard a commotion and immediately sat up. He saw Shi Qi pour all the water in the room on the ground around them before saying “The Godly army has surrounded the inn, and there are two very powerful Gods in the mix. I can’t even beat one of them.”

Xiao Liu chuckled “If we successfully escaped then I would be disappointed in Zhuan Xu. He is pretty capable.”

Shi Qi said “I let you down.”

“No you didn’t! Zhuan Xu used the power of two Kingdoms to chase us. You helped me all on your own. It’s a miracle we escaped this far.”

Shi Qi asked “How much do you not want to see the Grand Emperor?”

Xiao Liu thought “I would rather die than see him.”

Shi Qi put a fox shaped satchel in Xiao Liu’s hand “I can’t beat them but I can stall them. My winged ride is due Northeast. You run in that direction then raise the satchel and call like a fox. It will come pick you up.”

Xiao Liu grabbed Shi Qi’s hand “Will they kill you?”

“I am Tu Shan Jing, even if the Grand Emperor was here he would have to consider before killing me. Mere generals won’t even dare.”

Xiao Liu laughed “Then I’m going to abandon you and run.”

Shi Qi grabbed his shoulder with his voice slightly shaking “Let me see your true face.”

Xiao Liu smiled and shook his head “No.”

Shi Qi stared at Xiao Liu with unspeakable sorrow in his eyes. Once he walked out of here, Xiao Liu can become anyone else. Once Xiao Liu stopped being Xiao Liu, then Shi Qi would never be able to find him again.

Xiao Liu stared at him “Are you still willing to risk incurring the wrath of the Grand Emperor and help me escape?”

Shi Qi nodded.

Zhuan Xu’s booming voice reached them “Wen Xiao Liu, get your sorry behind out here! If you run again, I’ll break both your scrawny legs!”

“Change into one of their soldiers and run away” Shi Qi told him.

Shi Qi transformed the water into smoke and it became a mist surrounding him. He transformed into Wen Xiao Liu and walked to the window and opened it. Zhuan Xu said “Now you obediently come out here and I’ll consider not making you suffer as much.”

The mist gradually expanded from the room and floated outside and became so dense and thick it formed a maze. Zhuan Xu was furious and ordered the mist maze stopped immediately.

Xiao Liu could see in the maze thanks to the fox satchel Shi Qi gave him. He transformed into one of Zhuan Xu’s servants and silently slipped out of the inn.

Xiao Liu ran due Northeast and he raised the fox satchel high and a large crane descended. Xiao Liu climbed on the back of the crane and it took off continuing Northeast. Xiao Liu looked back and didn’t feel at ease.

Zhuan Xu’s angry thunderous voice reached him “Wen Xiao Liu, the person with you right now is Ye Shi Qi. I don’t have a problem with killing one Ye Shi Qi.”

Xiao Liu sighed – he really was able to be cold and heartless at the blink of an eye, thorough and unyielding. No wonder the Yellow Emperor liked Zhuan Xu.

Xiao Liu transformed back into being Wen Xiao Liu and turned back. After some time, he saw Zhuan Xu flying towards him and behind him Shi Qi was trussed up in a cage.

A servant came forward and Xiao Liu allowed himself to be captured. Zhuan Xu stared coldly at Xiao Liu and ordered “Break both his legs.” The servant kicked both of Xiao Liu’s legs and both snapped. Xiao Liu collapsed on the ground.

“Throw him in the cage.”

Xiao Liu was thrown in the cage and he crawled towards Shi Qi “Shi Qi….Shi Qi…..”

Shi Qi’s eyes were tightly shut and he was unconscious. Xiao Liu examined him and relaxed, Shi Qi had used all his powers as one to fight with many so he depleted all his energy and was passed out. He had no internal injuries and was in no life threatening danger.

Xiao Liu’s legs were in excruciating pain and he leaned on Shi Qi and murmured to himself “If I knew it was so painful to run, I would have chosen not to run. But if I didn’t run, then I would have never known that you would do anything for me. But what shall I do now? It would have been better had you not helped me. I could have easily severed my longing and hope. Or when we were surrounded back there, it would have been better had you not told me to run away by myself. Xan Tian Er’s life is a struggle, and when a man thinks he is helping her by easing her struggle, he is putting her into a different kind of struggle. She is now struggling with the fear that he would leave her one day and she’s left struggling all alone again. Which of the two struggles is harder? Perhaps most women choose to struggle with a man easing her load, at least there is some happiness, some hope that the man won’t let go one day. But I’m not like that! I would rather be roasted all alone, struggle all alone, because at least my hands are free. Pain makes me hope for escape, a man’s hands make me fear he’ll let go. I would then reach out and hold onto him tightly, collect all the happiness tightly. Right now Xan Tian Er is able to save herself because I helped her. But who will help me? The Gods can help humans, but who will help the Gods? No one! I still feel it’s safer to hide in my shell. I’ve suffered so much in my life already, I don’t want to suffer more, I don’t want to be hurt more…..”

After a day and night, Xiao Liu and Shi Qi reached Five Gods Mountain.

Zhuan Xu ordered them tossed into the dragon bone prison. Xiao Liu smiled, his attempted escape really riled up Zhuan Xu. This infamous dragon bone prison isn’t meant for just any prisoner.

The jailers were very rough with Xiao Liu and purposely kicked his broken legs. But they were very careful with the still unconscious Shi Qi and gently place him in the cell.

Looks like Zhuan Xu WAs also very pissed Shi Qi helped Xiao Liu escape so want to make him suffer a bit so he learnED not to defy the imperial authority that is the Xuan Yuan Prince. But he was still wary of his Tu Shan last name so he only locked him up and didn’t add any further insult.

The cell door closed and Xiao Liu crawled over to Shi Qi, hitting him a few times angrily before snuggling by his side. It was pitch black in the cell and Xiao Liu closed his eyes as he felt the waves of pain from his leg hit him. Gradually he also passed out from the pain.

When Xiao Liu woke up, he didn’t know how much time had passed but he felt someone holding his hand. He moved and heard Shi Qi “Xiao Liu, you’re awake?”

“Yup, I’m in pain for laying too long.”

Shi Qi sat up and wanted to help Xiao Liu up but touched his leg and Xiao Liu yelped in pain. Shi Qi held him “You’re hurt?”



“My legs.”

Shi Qi felt Xiao Liu’s legs and the pain lessened but Xiao Liu quickly said “You’re also injured, don’t use your powers.”

Shi Qi ignored him and touched the other leg and Xiao Liu yelled “Be good!”

Shi Qi said nothing and after he touched the legs Xiao Liu felt the pain lessen a lot. Shi Qi helped Xiao Liu up AND let him rest on his shoulder to be more comfortable. Shi Qi asked “You don’t want to see the Grand Emperor, is it because he will kill you if he sees you?”

Xiao Liu understood that Shi Qi was not trying to probe but needed to know what the Grand Emperor would do to Xiao Liu so that he could think about the right plan for now that would ensure Xiao Liu’s safety. Xiao Liu was silent for a moment then said “He won’t kill me.”

With the way Xiao Liu desperately tried to run away, Zhuan Xu must have gotten the wrong idea as well. The Grand Emperor killed all five of his younger brothers and also their entire families and descendants. But rumor had it that the Five Princes had secret offspring that was wandering the world. Zhuan Xu likely thought Xiao Liu was a secret offspring of one of the Five Princes.

Shi Qi didn’t feel at ease “This world boils down to gain at the end, which is really just a business transaction. Even if it’s the Yellow Emperor or the Grand Emperor, I can make a deal with them.”

Xiao Liu laughed “I don’t want to see the Grand Emperor for a different reason. Shi Qi, don’t worry about me, I stake my life on it that the Grand Emperor won’t kill me!”

Shi Qi could tell Xiao Liu was being serious so relaxed. Xiao Liu couldn’t help but secretly smile, every person must feel happy to have another worried about their welfare.

Shi Qi quietly held Xiao Liu and Xiao Liu quietly listened to his heartbeat. In this place of death, separated from the world’s enticements and entanglements, it made the complicated relationship between a man and a woman so very simple. It was just him and her. Xiao Liu suddenly felt right being here and that was calming.

Xiao Liu said “How about we never leave here.”


“What’s fine?”

“It’s fine staying here.”

“What’s fine about it?”

“Just you. And me.”

Xiao Liu laughed knowing that Shi Qi also understood. There was so much that made life complicated purely due to circumstance. The old married couple living in the far off secluded mountains, they were actually the envy of so many who live glamorous lives of conflict.

Xiao Liu asked “Shi Qi, are you so good to me because you are repaying a debt?”

Shi Qi’s body stiffened and he said nothing for a long time. Xiao Liu was leaning on him so could feel his heart beating so fast it might burst out of his chest. Xiao Liu casually added “I saved you, let you stay for 6 years, and now you’ve done everything and more for me. When we get out, we’re really even. You don’t need to worry anymore, I will never go ask you for anything and get you in trouble. I promise to stay far far away from you……”

Xiao Liu’s mouth was suddenly shut by Shi Qi’s hand. Xiao Liu struggled but Shi Qi wouldn’t release his hand. Finally Xiao Liu naughtily licked the center of his palm with his tongue and Shi Qi was like being hit with an electric shock and released him. Xiao Liu was also shocked by what he just did and his mouth was gaping open and his entire face was flaming red.

The two of them remained frozen in silence.

Finally Shi Qi spoke “I won’t leave you.”

“Why? Why not leave? Because of gratitude? I told you that you’ve repaid it.”

Shi Qi didn’t answer and stubbornly repeated “I won’t leave you.”

“What? Do you want to stay with me for the rest of your life then?”

Shi Qi was silent for a moment and then said with absolute certainty “My entire life.”

Xiao Liu sighed “I’m a man, don’t you think you’re being weird.”

This time Shi Qi’s response was immediate “You’re a girl.”

Xiao Liu actually felt Shi Qi had known for a long time that she was a girl, but how did Shi Qi know? “Why are you so certain? Even Xiang Liu being that smart can’t be absolutely certain I’m a girl.”

Shi Qi softly chuckled “That’s because he hasn’t seen you……” He suddenly shut up.

“Seen me what?”

Shi Qi refused to explain so Xiao Liu got more curious “Seen me what?” Xiao Liu shook Shi Qi’s arm coquettishly and wheedled “Not seen me what? Tell me! Tell me!”

Xiao Liu was always acting like a loutish man and this was the first time showing a pouty girlish side. Even in the darkness and Shi Qi couldn’t see her face clearly, he was already defeated. He said “The first time I bathed after I was strong enough, you sat to the side and I saw…..when you saw my body…..I knew you…..to me…..”

Xiao Liu yelped and then covered her face “You’re lying! I didn’t, I didn’t!”

“I’m not lying.”

“You’re lying, it’s totally a lie. I never blush.”

“I’m not lying.”

Shi Qi usually gave in to whatever Xiao Liu wanted so this was the first time he was so absolutely stubborn and unwilling to concede to her. Xiao Liu turned around and refused to face Shi Qi or talk to Shi Qi anymore, using action to show that Shi Qi was lying and until he admitted it then she wasn’t going to talk to him.

Shi Qi called Xiao Liu but she didn’t acknowledge, he tugged her a bit but she ignored him. He was afraid her leg hurt so didn’t want to use any strength.

Shi Qi was silent until Xiao Liu felt all wronged and grumbled “Such a little matter and you won’t even give me in to me.”

Shi Qi replied “It’s not a small matter.”

Xiao Liu pouted, if this wasn’t a small matter, then what counts as a small matter?

Shi Qi slowly spoke “From birth I was the prized child, the perfect one. A woman once learned ten years of dancing just so I could spare her one glance. A famous chess master came from far away and lived for seven years just so I would play one match with him. I was offered tens of thousands just to paint a portrait. Some called me a Master if I wrote one character. I thought that was who I was. That person locked me up and tortured me for two years, every day cursing me, that I was nothing. I didn’t care to argue back and silently endured his torture. He was so upset he said that he could prove it to me. He took me to all the places I once lived and put the me who was crippled, filthy, in rags, couldn’t speak, smelly, in the middle of the bustling city. People walked past me and not a single person looked at me just like he said. Often I saw people I knew and wanted to crawl over to ask for help but they just tossed money at me and immediately walked away in disgust. I finally understood that other than the expensive clothes on me, I was nothing. That was when he succeeded in completely destroying me. He tossed me in the river not even bothering to kill me because he knew he killed me inside already. I floated for a long time until I was laying in the logs. I knew I would die like this, and all I wanted was to feel the sunlight one more time. So struggled to climb towards the sun and then passed out knowing that I wouldn’t see another sun and wouldn’t wake up again. But the Heavens, let you appear…..”

Xiao Liu had long forgotten to be angry and slowly turned around and rested her head on Shi Qi’s shoulder to listen to him talk. Shi Qi’s forehead was resting on Xiao Liu’s hair “I couldn’t open my eyes so I couldn’t see you. I could only sense. You didn’t want me to be afraid so told me your name. You didn’t want me to be shamed so told me jokes. You lightly wiped away my sweat and held me in your embrace and washed my hair which hadn’t been washed in three years. I knew how disgusting and horrific my body was, but you treated it like a treasure and tended to it with care. The three years of torture and degradation, the body even I couldn’t face and I couldn’t bear to walk out the door, that day you helped me bathe and when you saw my body you blushed beet red. In that instant I was truly reborn. In your eyes, I was still a man…..a man who affected you…..”

Xiao Liu yelled “Don’t you dare say another word!”

Shi Qi’s eyes misted with tears and it splashed on Xiao Liu’s hair, but his voice was filled with mirth “When you carried me out of the tub, you didn’t even dare look directly at me before placing me on the pallet. You ran off even before you were done talking. How could I ever think you were a man?”

Xiao Liu hit him on the chest and groused “You are so sneaky! And here I thought you were the most honest! I was hoodwinked!”

Shi Qi continued “That day, I put on my clothes and walked out the door, standing under the sun feeling the outdoors I hadn’t seen in a long time. In the eyes of others it was just a normal thing to do, but to me it was a rebirth and a new chance. Xiao Liu, I decided right then and there that I would never leave you.”

Xiao Liu said “A reborn phoenix must first be incinerated. But you cannot ever escape your past as Tu Shan Jing.”

“My father died shortly after I was born. I have an older twin brother named Tu Shang Hou. He is different from me since birth, he likes raising beasts and is a very active person. I liked the arts and was very refined. But we were both very good at business even if our methods are different. We were equal and neither was better than the other. Because we were twins, we learned everything together and people couldn’t help but compare us. I was better at the classic arts but he was stronger at the spiritual powers. But our mother was always very cold towards him no matter what he did. Because of her attitude towards him, people around us complimented me and derided him as well. My brother tried hard and kept trying to win our mother’s approval, but she not only didn’t give it, she did everything in her power to keep beating him down. No matter what I did she complimented me. Under our mother’s control, the power in the family ended up in my hands. She found for me a fiancee in the powerful Fang Feng family daughter, but only gave my brother a maid for a wife. I raised a fuss for my brother but he continued to try and win her affection so married the maid. But our mother continued to be cold towards him. When she was dying, my brother gave her medicine but she tossed it in his face and told him to scram. She said he disgusted her. My brother finally broke down and cried and asked why she played favorites. She raged at him and said that he could not match up to me, that he had a disgusting heart and mind, that he couldn’t even compare to one toe on my foot. She died shortly thereafter and I was very sad, but felt my brother was even more sad. He didn’t just lose a mother, he lost any chance of getting her acceptance. When she died he started to drink and told everyone that it was enough there was one Tu Shan Jing in this world, there was no need for a pathetic useless Tu Shan Hou. Our grandmother didn’t want him to kill himself so finally told the truth. He wasn’t my mother’s son, he was born of our father and a maid. The maid killed herself after she gave birth to him. Because he was born 8 days before me, our grandmother made the announcement that we were twins. After he heard this he stopped drinking and started getting a grip on himself. I felt very bad towards him so treated him very well and that made our grandmother happy and she complimented me often for being so caring. She told my brother to help me always. After my mother died four years, grandmother decided to have my wedding and announce to the world that I would be the clan leader. One day, my brother came to see me and asked to talk. I went with him without any suspicion, and when I woke up I was in a deep dark jail cell, my powers sealed, my limbs in dragon bone chains.”

Shi Qi talked nonstop to get to this point, but the painful torture, the endless degradation, it all came rushing back and in the darkness his body clenched tightly. Xiao Liu quickly pressed on his heart and softly murmured “This is not that prison, I am here, Shi Qi, I am here.”

Shi Qi buried his head in Xiao Liu’s hair and after some time was able to calm down. “When I was being tortured and shamed, I thought about making him pay when I got out. But if that happened then even if I lived a part of me would still be dead. I would never be a complete person, I would only be someone tormented by shame and vengeance. Thankfully the person who saved me was you, no matter how broken down and scarred I was, you only saw me as a treasure and cared for me tenderly. No matter how many horrific scars were on my body, you would always…..blush…..” This time Xiao Liu didn’t interrupt Shi Qi and quietly let him finish.

“Xiao Liu, when I see you, I have no hatred and vengeance in my heart, only gratitude. I am grateful the Heavens let me live, let me have a still whole body, let my eyes still see, so that I can see you pretend to be stupid, let my ears hear, so that I can hear you complain, let my hands still work, so that I can help you dry your hair, let my legs still move, so that I can carry you. Xiao Liu, I don’t want revenge, I just want to be Ye Shi Qi.”

Xiao Liu lowered her head.

Shi Qi said “I don’t want to go back because my brother is very capable and much more ruthless than me. He’s actually a more suitable leader of the clan than me. If he’s there, the family will be fine. As long as there is no Tu Shan Jing, then Tu Shan Hou will be the best. But that day I went with you to the jewelry store without knowing it belonged to the family. Jing Ye recognized me and the entire store saw me, word would soon get back to my brother that I was alive. I don’t want revenge, and I want even less to be Tu Shan Jing, but once my brother knows he will hunt me down no matter where I go. I was afraid he would hurt you and Lao Mu and them so I had to go back to being Tu Shan Jing. If I am in the open, then my brother will know where his target is and not aim wildly.”

Xiao Liu sighed “You don’t want to hurt him but he wants to hurt you. For your own safety you ought to kill him, but if you do you can’t have a peace of mind. His death is an instant release but you’ll carry the guilt your whole life. I guess you really can’t kill him.”

Shi Qi was so happy “I knew you would understand and support me. Jing Ye and them cannot understand why I don’t want revenge.”

Xiao Liu said “I’m different than you. You are kindness, I am practical.”

Shi Qi said in a low voice “You are being practical for my own good.”

Xiao Liu huffed but said nothing.

Shi Qi’s breathing was erratic and his heartbeat was also fast. Xiao Liu knew what he wanted to say but was embarrassed to say. So she didn’t rush and instead nestled like a cat on his shoulder waiting patiently.

“Xiao Liu….I……I know I am engaged and have no right to say this to you…..and I never dared to….but…….I will call off the engagement, I will call off the engagement! You wait for me for twenty years….no…..no, fifteen years. You give Tu Shan Jing fifteen years, and after fifteen years I’ll give you back a Ye Shi Qi.”

Xiao Liu asked “How do you want me to wait?”

“You…..you won’t let another man……into your heart.”

Xiao Liu was silent.

In the darkness, Shi Qi couldn’t see Xiao Liu’s expression and he was so nervous he forgot to breath.

Xiao Liu suddenly burst out laughing and Shi Qi didn’t know if her laughter was mocking him for daring or….

Xiao Liu said “You, you really don’t know me at all. My heart is cold and there is a hard shell encasing it. Forget fifteen years, likely in fifty years there won’t be a man who goes inside.”

Shi Qi asked “So you’re agreeing? Let’s make a palm promise.”

Xiao Liu lazily raised her palm and Shi Qi felt where it was and then solemnly pressed his palm on hers. After they joined palms, he didn’t release and instead tightly held her hand “Xiao Liu, I’m, I’m so happy.” His voice was quivering as his heart soared.

Xiao Liu couldn’t help but smile “You said everything boils down to a business transaction, so why do I feel like I’m not getting the better end of the bargain here.”

Shi Qi shook her hand “That doesn’t include love, only love can never be measured by profit or loss. Family love, sibling love, friendship love, romantic love, it seems so easy but is a rare treasure that cannot be bought with any amount of money.”

Xiao Liu giggled “They say Tu Shan Jing is a shrewd businessman and great at conversation. I didn’t believe it since you’re always so stupid looking around me and rarely talking. Today I finally believe it.”

Shi Qi laughed lightly and his laughter was just like his personality – gentle, peaceful, pure.

Xiao Liu said “Shi Qi, I’m not like you. I’m not a businessman but I know that I am a ruthless person. I am ruthless towards others and even more ruthless towards myself. Do you know that?”

“I do.”

Xiao Liu laughed “Do you really?”

Shi Qi said “I know you never give yourself hope so you don’t trust first and won’t give first. You have a true heart but if the other doesn’t appreciate it, then you won’t give it. I’m willing to wait, wait until you’re willing to hope.”

“What if in my entire lifetime I’m not willing?”

“Then I’ll wait an entire lifetime. As long as you don’t disappear, then even if it’s an entire lifetime it will still be happy.” Shi Qi smiled – Xiao Liu was ruthless and cold to herself, but to everyone else in her life she was so good. Lao Mu, Chuan Zi, Mai Zi, Xan Tian Er, these people were just passing by in her life yet she gave them everything they needed for their own lives.

Darkness like death, silence like death, the most infamous jail cell in the vast wilderness made any prisoner seek death, but to Shi Qi and Xiao Liu, as they talked they didn’t even feel like time was passing. Shi Qi was so grateful that Zhuan Xu locked him up in the same cell as Xiao Liu, and only here did he have the courage to reveal his greatest wish. He even wished now to never leave, he was willing to spend an entire lifetime here with Xiao Liu. When the footsteps of the jailer sounded, Shi Qi felt like it was much too short.

The jailers politely welcomed them out with a changed attitude, and even brought a stretcher to carry Xiao Liu gently. Shi Qi didn’t want them to touch Xiao Liu so picked her up and carried her out of the jail cell. It was midday outside and the sun was so bright it hurt Xiao Liu’s eyes and she quickly closed it.

Xiao Liu heard Zhuan Xu ask Shi Qi “How do you want me to treat you here. Ye Shi Qi or….”

Shi Qi’s answer was direct “Ye Shi Qi.”

Zhuan Xu said “Follow me.”

Xiao Liu opened her eyes and they were walking along the edge of the cliff. To the right was the vast ocean, waves and waves were pounding the black rocks. Xiao Liu suddenly felt her heart sense, she sensed someone was calling her. She said to Shi Qi “To the edge of the ocean.”

Shi Qi carried Xiao Liu down stone steps, through the forest, to the edge of the ocean. Standing on the cliff, Zhuan Xu didn’t stop them and instead silently followed behind.

Another set of waves rolled towards the cliff and as the blue waves rose higher and higher, at the top a white shadow rode the waves towards Xiao Liu. The white shadow stood steady on top of the wave, white robe and white hair, wearing a mask. He stood in the middle of the waves like a white lily, pure and untouched, extraordinary and beautiful.

All the servants rushed forward but Zhuan Xu stared in bemusement and asked “Xiang Liu, you want to kill me that much that you chased me all the way to Five Gods Mountain?”

Xiang Liu laughed “This time I’m not here for you, Prince.” He looked at Xiao Liu “You got your legs broken? What did you do that sent all the Gao Xing soldiers running around like headless chickens?”

Xiao Liu suddenly remembered that Xiang Liu had the bug in him so when her leg was broken, he must have felt it. Xiao Liu laughed “With my little measly ability? Nothing, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

Xiang Liu said “Underneath you is the ocean.”

Xiao Liu understood what he was saying. If she jumped into the ocean then Xiang Liu would take her away. But this was Five Gods Mountain, and the Gao Xing tribe had a lot of generals who were water-based powers. Xiang Liu could come and go if he was alone, but if he had to take another person along, it would be a death sentence. And if she left, what would happen to Shi Qi?

Xiao Liu smiled “Thank you, but I’d rather not owe you too many favors.” Xiao Liu said to Shi Qi “Go back.”

Shi Qi stepped off the rock and walked back. Xiang Liu merely smiled at Xiao Liu turning down his offer “Don’t forget, the debt you owe me, a dead person can’t repay it.”

Xiao Liu laughed “Don’t worry, I’m a coward, I’ll be around for you to collect.”

Xiang Liu’s eyes glanced across Shi Qi’s face and then landed on Zhuan Xu. He said “Farewell!” before disappearing in the waves. The servants wanted to give chase but Zhuan Xu said “No need, he came from the sea and he’ll leave from the sea. In the future, strengthen the guards along the edge of the mountain.”

Xiao Liu stared at the breaking waves on the jagged rocks and felt rather dazed. Xiang Liu traveled tens of thousands of miles, just to ask her two questions?

Zhuan Xu walked to a cloud carriage and reached out his hand to Xiao Liu “We’ll take the carriage up the mountain.”

Shi Qi carried Xiao Liu on the cloud carriage and after some time it stopped outside the largest palace in Five Gods Mountain – Cheng En Palace. This palace was beautifully decorated, it’s architectural glory known throughout the vast wilderness. Legend had it that long long ago, a Sheng Nong prince saw this palace and started a war with Gao Xing to get it. But after this generation’s Grand Emperor assumed the throne, he didn’t like extravagance, or banquets, or womanly enticements. His entire harem consisted of one Consort, so Cheng En Palace was very quiet.

Zhuan Xu smiled at Xiao Liu and Shi Qi “We’ve arrived at Cheng En Palace.”

Xiao Liu appeared tired and rested in Shi Qi’s arms, but her eyes were tightly shut. Shi Qi nodded to Zhuan Xu and stepped out of the cloud carriage and followed him into the palace.

“This is Hua Yin Court, I’ve lived here since I came to the palace. You guys can stay here for now. Yesterday when we arrived at the mountain, it was late so I didn’t go report to my Master. Today after court session ends, I will go meet my Master and report that I’ve brought you here. Xiao Liu, be prepared, His majesty can summon you at any time.”

Xiao Liu opened her eyes “Give me medicine!”

Zhuan Xu laughed “I can treat your leg injury, but if you’re healed don’t think about running around. If you run into Ah Nian, it won’t be just your two legs broken.”

Xiao Liu looked at Zhuan Xu, wanting to say something but not, then said “I’m hungry.”

Zhuan Xu ordered the maids to bring food, and after Shi Qi and Xiao Liu had eaten, had the maids take them to wash up. Shi Qi carried Xiao Liu to the edge of pool and Xiao Liu said “The maids will take care of me, you go wash up away and cleanse away the filth of the prison.”

Two maids helped Xiao Liu wash and dress, and when she came out Shi Qi was already washed and dressed and waiting outside. When he saw the maids carry Xiao Liu out, he rushed over.

Gao Xing was a nation of eternal Spring so their clothing was thin and loose, the fashion was airy and light. Right now Shi Qi was wearing a blue Gao Xing robe with wide sleeves and a simple belt, a crown encircling his hair. As he walked it was like he was walking on clouds, like he was the embodiment of the blue moon, his moves like the waves fluid.

The two maids stared and Xiao Liu couldn’t look away either. Shi Qi appeared taken back and slightly lowered his eyes but he liked Xiao Liu staring at him like this so he kept his eyes locked on hers as he walked over.

Xiao Liu teased “No wonder a girl learned dance for ten years to try and seduce you. After you go back, there won’t be a lack of women throwing themselves at you.”

Shi Qi appeared uneasy and worried Xiao Liu would misunderstand and quickly said “I won’t look.”

Xiao Liu felt a sweetness in her heart but didn’t want him to see it so purposely turned her head “Whether you look or not has nothing to do with me.”

The doctor came to treat Xiao Liu’s injury and Shi Qi stayed to help. The doctor applied medication and then wrapped the legs in wooden boards so the bone could heal. Xiao Liu felt like her two legs were soaked in cool water and almost couldn’t feel any pain.

The doctor said “Try not to use your legs, if you rest up then it’ll heal fast in a month and slow in three months.” Xiao Liu smiled and thanked the doctor, and then asked him to check Shi Qi. After the doctor checked, he gave Shi Qi some medicine for his internal injuries.

After the doctor left, Xiao Liu said to Shi Qi “Even though your injury scars, even the most amazing magical medicine cannot remove….” Normally any injury would have a hard time leaving a scar on any God, but when Tu Shan Hou was torturing Shi Qi, every time he finished a torture he would use a special water on Shi Qi’s wounds so that it would keep him alert to better feel the pain, and also imprint the degrading injury on his body. Years ago Xiao Liu thought about how to remove those horrible scars, but after a year and searching for all the magical medicine in the world, she discovered it would never be removed.

Xiao Liu stared at Shi Qi’s leg “But Gao Xing has a lot of special medicine, maybe it can heal your leg.” Shi Qi’s right leg’s injury, because of his spiritual powers, when he walked fast it was undetectable that he was a cripple, but when he walked slow it was evident he limped.

Shi Qi shook his head “I don’t care.”

Xiao Liu smiled and then yawned. Shi Qi said “You sleep.”

Xiao Liu grabbed his sleeve “You sleep, too. But I don’t want you to leave.”

“I can sleep leaning.” Shi Qi sat on the pallet and leaned on the side. Xiao Liu closed her eyes but her hand kept playing with Shi Qi’s sleeve. Shi Qi picked up a cup of water and held it in his hand. A white mist came up from the cup and surrounded Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu’s hand gradually stopped moving.

Shi Qi felt like Xiao Liu was trying so hard to control her nervousness since they left the prison. Shi Qi deduced it had something to do with the Grand Emperor. It couldn’t be related to the Emperor’s power, but was because of who he was.

Shi Qi tightly held Xiao Liu’s hand and said in a low voice “No matter what happens, I will always be with you.”


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