Rainie Yang Makes First Acting Return in 3 Years with TW-C Drama Not Love At First Sight

In my mind Rainie Yang has been an actress for so long that her three year long hiatus from acting felt like an eternity. I do like bits of her song book but her singing career isn’t as winning for me as her winsome animated acting. Her last drama was Drunken to Love You with Joseph Chang back in 2011, though Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) with Wu Zun aired a few months afterwards but that drama was completed long before so her last acting gig remains DTLY. She’s released two albums and went on tour in the last two years, and in between she did an online movie with Show Luo for the Australian Tourism Board as well as a minor acting gig in an edgy online mini-movie with Tony Tang, Sandrine Pinna, and Tiffany Hsu where Rainie played a passionate bisexual with all three of the other leads totally in love with her.  Now I’ve got another idol drama to add to my to-watch list as Rainie has confirmed her long rumored acting return with the TW-C collaboration drama Not Love at First Sight (一见不钟情). The drama started filming this week in Chengzhou, China with the cast of Rainie, rising C-actor Zheng Kai, and TW-actor Michael Chang (A Hint of You, Down with Love). The OTP is a pair of bickering rivals – one is a marriage planner and the other a break-up specialist – and they find their paths crossing in the most frustrating of ways as their goals are always the opposite. Directing is Taiwan Director Ko who helmed Down with Love, Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower, and Welcome Love. I heard this is adapted from a novel which is a relief since it’s got a basic framework already. Rainie has amazing chemistry with every single one of her male leads and I doubt this time will be different, so here’s to hoping the story is interesting and and the directing decent.


Rainie Yang Makes First Acting Return in 3 Years with TW-C Drama Not Love At First Sight — 16 Comments

  1. I was really looking forward to her return! I was hoping she’s do a pure T-drama, C-dramas are just so boring and majkang sometimes. But as long as she’s coming back, I’d watch it anyway. Surely it’ll be talk of the town, three years is a really long time and her popularity hasn’t waned even an inch.

  2. Were is the first picture taken? Did someone really take the Holocaust memorial in Berlin as a background for a fashion shoot? :O

  3. Does this mean the drama will be dubbed? I absolutely cannot stand watching Chinese dramas because of the awful dubbing, which is why I stick to Taiwanese dramas.

  4. Feels like forever since this news! Have you heard anything more about the show “Not Love At First Sight”, when it airs or her role?

  5. I love her!!!!!!!!!! she sings and acts well, she’s cute, pretty and beautiful……….waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i miss you rainie

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