First Peek at Jang Geun Seok Romancing Park Shin Hye on Jeju for Lotte Duty Free

I confess to being only mildly excited when news broke that You’re Beautiful co-stars Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye were reuniting for the umpteenth time for an onscreen project. It would be a lot more satisfying if this happened sooner after You’re Beautiful, as well as if they hadn’t been doing CFs together over the years. With that said, CFs can’t beat a real deal acting opportunity and the first stills are out of Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Seok together in Jeju filming a web movie for Lotte Duty Free. It looks so sweet and charming, and more importantly, they took fantastic and awesome together despite the five years since You’re Beautiful. The post-topping picture is of pretty Shin Hye only and I’ve saved the couple stills until after the jump as a surprise because Jang Geun Seok has a new hairdo and HOMG does it look good on him. He’s finally FINALLY got a follicly decent look, which if you’ve been following along with his career since it took off with YB, you would know has been a really big sore spot for a lot of his drama fans.

For the longest time he sported past shoulder locks for multiple acting projects, some of which worked, others not so much, but ultimately started to grow frustratingly repetitive. He cut it this past Autumn for his KBS drama Pretty Boy (Bel Ami), but for some weird reason the short hair was then styled in various strange and odd looking designs. I’m beyond thrilled that his best hair day in years is coming in a collaboration with Park Shin Hye, one of his most memorable acting costars in a drama that remains a fun and inoffensive watch. She looks great as well, but these days she’s also due for a style update from her typical mid-back long flowing locks. I do like that she changes it up for her dramas, cutting it short for Heartstrings and going curly disheveled for Flower Boy Next Door. Check out the uber-cute couple filming stills below, and beware of swooning from YB flashback feels (Tae Kyung and Mi Nyeo all grown up!) coupled with a pudgy corgi that is a scene-stealer.


First Peek at Jang Geun Seok Romancing Park Shin Hye on Jeju for Lotte Duty Free — 80 Comments

  1. The hair is awesome!!!!

    But miss koala, don’t be offended, but i am missssssing Lost You Forever, i keep refreshing this page just so i can set my eyes on the next chapter. The last two lines of chapter 7 keep making me crave for more. Never had such cravings for a book before. More, lovely miss koala, kudasai!!!. .

  2. All the “HAIR” comments are putting me in stitches. Can’t deny the fact though, LOOKIN’ GUUUUUUD JGS. However, his hands are getting too feminine IMHO. Maybe he hasn’t been practicing his guitar much lately.

    • Yeah JGS should sport a clean hairstyle for it will speak of his personality. He’s so good looking that he must appear neat and dignified.

  3. Omg … my heart skipped a beat instantly when i saw them togther. I swear the have the most chemistry with each other .more than any actor or actress she or he ever acted with. Plz plz date already . Every body knows your meant to be.

  4. Oh miss koala. I dont understand why are you so surprised with his new hair .?? Cuz he had that same look on the last couple eps of prettyman when mate started loving botong on 15 and 16 so you who saw the drama. I didnt think you would be so surprised . And he had some awesome hair dur on pretty man not just this . He looked goregeous with myomi hair aroud ep 8 and 9

  5. I think they are really dating.check the shirt psh is wearing and compare it to what jks wrapped around his waist during the fan meeting

  6. Yeah, he looks great and she could use a new hairdo and they look good together…but can either one of them really act? I have yet to be convinced. She needs an acting and kissing coach, and he needs a couple of years in the army.

  7. I thought Geun Suk has girlfriend already? They look good friendly together, but she looks much better next to Lee Min Ho. But too bad nothing about them..

    • I hate to post this comment but LMH acting has not changed over the years after seeing The Heirs and compared it with BOF. It is so unfortunate that LMH and PSH cannot graduate from their tweetum roles of being in their teenage years.PSH is not so close to LMH as she is with JGS. Anf this is just my opinion. Look at how PSH reactions to her kissing scenes with LMH. She was so careful and has not shown too much emotions on those scenes. Was it because someone is watching also her series back home? Is it JGS? I hope so.Sad to say, no matter how good looking LMH is , there’s no spark of chemistry between him and PSH. As a viewwer, the partnership was really a “forced through”.

  8. Lol at some shippers who can’t stop themselves from making things up about LMH and PSH. But whatevs!

    JGS and PSH looks so freakin adorable together. I don’t think they’re dating but they’re besties who obviously have years and years of history together. I love the chemistry between them and the warm and sizzling rapport too. It’s like seeing Mi-nam and Tae-kyung in a date years after their reunion in the concert. My YB feels is right back, and I need to rewatch that drama ASAP! I’m repeating this again, I want this so bad to turn into a drama collab; preferably sageuk.

    JGS is such a capable and talented actor when he’s on screen and easily one of the best in his generation so I really want him to be a lead in a sageuk. No product placements, and just pure acting skills. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

    • I agree.JGS and PSH look mostly as best friends-if they are dating good for them ,they look adorable-.I became a JGS’s fan not for his acting talent which is there, not for his looks,to me he is an average good looking guy,but I saw some interviews of him and I really loved him bcoz he is so authentic and real and funny.He is not afraid to say his inner thoughts and he is not hiding behind typical answers that will not harm your profile.

      • I strongly agree with you. JGS is so honest and so different from those other Korean celebrity who would like to appear as if they are mysterious. Congratulations to your graduation JGS. Thank goodness because JGS still value education despite the fact that he is so famous. It’s the same with PSH who is I believe still studying. PSH and JGS are really amazing and attractive couple. For the longest time I noticed JGS has not stopped his communication with PSH and he’s so proud to tell the world that they still in contact with each other and that they are really close. I think they should have a reunion project which will require their matured acting skills.

  9. Keun Suk’s fans does not mind any hair styles that his had over the years – we think he looks fabulous regardless!!! 🙂 The best character trait of his is that he does not feel the need to look “perfectly handsome” all the time and a six pack does not charisma maketh. He is fine as he is, naturally and sincerely.

  10. They look awesome together as expected!
    Apparently wishes do come true! I guess prayers to the kdrama gods or shall I say hairdo gods finally came through!!! Hope he maintains this “normal” look. Now, next on my wishlist is him picking a good project…maybe the two of them in a movie together somewhere in the near or even distant future absolutely works for me!

  11. How long is a web movie? 10 minutes? I feel like it’s been years since I’ve seen JGS looking normal. I hope he maintains this new look for a while and not revert to his previous style. Nice to see them together again after YB (which I probably watch 2 times a year). It’s too bad that JGS’s real life persona is so different from his reel persona, he and PSH would probably be cute as a couple. But I thought she was dating JYH?

    • I’m not someone who will claim that I know JGS’s real persona. But judging from interviews, radio programs that i’ve heard of him, he is for me a normal 27 year old man, charming, very sweet, hardworking, very close to his parents. He has some vices yes, but who among our fathers, brothers or husbands who never had any vices – the only difference is that he is a celebrity and a very famous one. In one of his interviews when asked how is he as a boyfriend in real life, he answers like he is much sweeter & lovable in real life than his drama roles omg, the fact that he is amazed by his parents devotion to each other & that he watched them always say i love you to each other I got a feeling that of course he would want the same or much better relationship with his future wife. He also said once that he would love it if his wife would prepare for him a beansprout soup for his hangover but if she cannot its okay for him to have his breakfast outside, I can’t help but admire him for that. He prefer a son than a daughter because he would worry about her when she’s outside or her skirt is too short lol. There are just so many things that I find amazing in his attitude.

  12. Sukkie is a great actor that have been picking bad projects. The last drama I enjoyed him in was MSOAN (yes I know the drama didn’t get high ratings, but I love the chemistry between JSG and Moonie. I guess I’m one of the few that thinks he has better onscreen charisma with Moon than PSH). I think Sukkie is more good friends than anything else with PSH.

  13. Yes jks is just normal normal lyk everybody.have you heard him talk to his fans well if you care you can listen to his zikzin radio where he reveals everything to hos fans and they share their stories together .God the guy is funny and lovable

      • but PSH deserves better man LOL
        He is a good actor and friend but he loves himself too much to be a man next to her. She needs someone take care of her so fans can stop their fantasy . LET IT GO!

      • Before anything It’s PSH who strtd milking his name everywhere she went before heirs in one interview she plays with JGS name and in another LMH’s name yeah right we can see who is milking whose name clearly. The fact that she said she doesn’t want to try different roles because of the fear that she might lose her popularity says it all pfffft. And yes I don’t know her personally neither do u know JGS but yet u judged him but I didn’t judge her I just told he wishes to have a girl with such qualities it was only u who got pressed and reacted to that wen I didn’t point her if u concern it with PSH then that says something lol…and please her fans going everywhere saying she is loved by her co stars by all koreans bla bla bla cut it not interested to know because even JGS is loved by all his co stars including ur phavorite yes as frenz pretty much so why are u boasting as if It’s a big deal lmfao….the reason they are frenz or well liked by co stars is becoz they know them personally than any of us wud ever know. As for being loved in Korea lol all haters hav this one thing to mock at him wen he himself admitted , So what ? Mind u a group of Koreans like him or dislike…It’s the same with psh not the whole country loves her lol . It’s funny how her fans keep boasting abt this everywhere loved by Koreans means gud or else bad ? Hehehe well u can’t say no one care abt him becoz koreans are the same ppl who read and comment on his article good or bad but they are the ones who are bothered :p Well the the rest of the few parts of Asia embraced him for wat he is so that speaks for something. His honesty is his enemy so what Atleast he doesn’t need to make up 1000 more lies to save one lie even if he gets hate he doesn’tcare and sticks true to himself and ppl around him. Well yeah u can think she deserves better even his fans think he deserves better but It’s only wat we expect for them we can’t change wat they think which is why I never said all the deserving words I only said abt the qualities he’s looking for in his partner that’s it…it’s u who strtd with all the deserving statements lol. Even we sane fans wish he deserves a better girl than ur favorite :p u never know even ur fav can love her partner or not wen she is clearly stating she only wants a man to take care of her isn’t that being self absorbed too lmao…
        But u ordering shippers to stop is funny lol as if they will listen hehe …..

      • @ what well if its true that LMH’s agency don’t want PSH to pair with LMH after their dating rumor, then Shin Hye must thank her lucky star that Lotte Duty Free decided to pair her with JGS, since JGS can manage to appear alone in his version of Lotte cf as he did before, he does not need to milk on anyone especially on PSH whose pairing with LMH is now obviously being avoided.

        I love their friendship so please do not mar it with this “milking” thing.

      • @what Don’t you think u are the one who started a war with words ? Who the F is psh without the successful dramas luckily she’s been in with hot stars like Jgs or Lmh…she is lucky to have got the spitlight for being featured in those dramas , she cannot act to save her life *period* and her rabid fangirls covering up her Playgirl acts hitting on all her costars into a Friendly and sweet nature.Bull crap!!

    • Ofc Ppl need to stop the fantasy because none of us know what is bts.
      Anyway JGS deserves much better than her too….he likes girls who are feminine and smart , sure PSH doesn’t fill the criteria so yeah

      • And not to forget he wishes to marry a girl who is strong and can withstand any circumstances even in any case if something happens to him not weak women. Moreover someone who isn’t fake lol….If I could judge psh like how her fan did to JGS that’d be worse lmao but I wouldn’t be doing that here. Also I won’t ask shippers from being Delusional because shipping = being delusional…fantasy is a part of them which is why they are shippers. They will hit reality someday lol

      • Shinhye isn’t that feminine but she can be if she wants too, especially to someone she is interested in. And she isn’t smart? clearly you know nothing about her. Lmao at she is fake and weak. Sure tell yourself that. Her personality must be nasty that all her co-stars always praise her, and remain her friends with her after the drama ended included your favorite who keep milking her name lately. She is so weak that she is one of the few successful child actor-to-actor to date who is loved by all Koreans. **Note that I didn’t even bash him like the way his fans bash her. Your oppa is so great that’s why no one care about him in Korea. Embrace him LOL.
        At the bottom line, they don’t fit each other, never did, ever will. His fans think he deserves someone better. No her sane fans should want a man who loves himself that much with her either. So the delusional shippers need to stop. LET IT GO!!!

  14. she thinks she luks gud wif everyone.she doesnt qualify to be with my min ho and jks.i think she fools fans a lot so i stoped being her fan but i dont hate her.haters read and burrrrrn hehehe

    • you burn in hell ,how could you say that /i think she is sweetest and smartest girl in the world and every one want to act with her.if she’s not fit with lee min ho or jks who els will be ?you are delusional to think lee min hoo or others should are should or should not,fit or not fit ,you think stars belongs to you or your slaves
      keep dreaming

  15. Not liking this hair to much. He looks better with the long hair.
    Regarding acting skills, I think PSH did very well in Flower Boys Next Door but on Heirs I was quite disappointed :(. JGS acts really good but as someone’s said here, he needs to grow more if he wants to continue for a long time, even after loosing his so great beautiful face. I want to see something different from the cool bad guy.
    Now in general, I don’t know what happens in Korea but I haven’t seen any proper kisses in any drama, all look like a kiss from shy 5th graders. What 26 years old guy kisses his girlfriend like that? It’s so weird. In this side of the world (Latin America) kisses seem real, maybe they should come and have couching. Or maybe it’s just something in the culture? Don’t know, but for kisses like that, better put cameras away and fake. It would look better on screen.

    • Concordo com você!! Os beijos são realmente uma piada!
      Também preferia JGS de cabelo longo, gosto do diferente.

  16. Personally, I prefer his other hairstyles, crazy as they may be, because they set him apart and show his individuality. This new hairstyle is the same one every other boy and man sports in these dramas and, frankly, is time for something new! Now he looks just like everyone else and not the JGS and have come to love and admire. JMHO.

  17. In fairness with PSH it was pure work with LMH and as they should not be romantically linked. As for JGS and her let us respect whatever is there between them. Let’s just be happy and mature enough for who are we to judge them. Lastly, if it is about PSH career, she has actually more to give therefore she deserves a partner in a project that would
    give her a challenging role and someone who would motivate her to give her all into acting. I think Kim Soo Hyun would be a very good choice. Well, this is just my personal thought.

    • oh, thank god finally a mature comment….why are others always trying to pick a fight? is it really necessary to prove who is a better actor or whose made each other more popular….
      I think they are both great…true they have some flaws in their acting but who doesnt? I dont think anyone could be that perfect and they have a a lot more room for improvement.
      as for PSH….I really think she is a good actress…she is good at dramatic moments…although I have to admit that she needs to improve on the kissing scenes and romance part
      I attribute this to her not having much experience on the romance part…I really dont think she has ever dated anyone….so I think on that note its difficult for her having to portray a sizzling romance because she hasnt experience it for herself and that is what is limiting her…also I think she needs more push…to really take on challenging roles and an actor that can push her to her limits.

  18. Hello. Ships When the new drama Park Shin Hye & Jang Geun Suk?
    I look forward to the new Dorama, which I understand you Do not Worry … I Love You was called. Please be reminded when you leave. And where you can already find it?
    Well Beforehand many thanks.


  20. we love JGS AND PSH HER IN PHILIPPINES ACTING ARE VERY GOOD And cute you will see their eyes ,acting with feeling came from their heart good couple. hope their will give them winning drama romantic comedy series like “he’s beautiful” part 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 very very good acting. GODBLESS YOU BOTH OF YOU BEAUTIFUL COUPLE I WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU BECAUSE YOUR THE BEST .WHAT HAPPEN IN THIS WORLD PLEASE BE GOOD I WISH YOU WILL BE FOREVER AND EVER IN ONE COZ YOUR THE BEST!BYE WE LOVE YOU.


  22. Although i lyk JGS buh i dnt think he luks gud wif PSH nd bsides PSH says JGS dnt lyk ar,oly his mom do nd i heard JGS is in luv wif YONNA even though she z naw datng LSG. xo y pairing d 2 2geda?

    I think LMH and PSH luks gud 2geda(am jst suggestng cuz i cnt contrl deir lives or feelinx buh i luv d 2 datng nd even gettng married)

  23. Dont get mad at me for this comment, moon geun and yoona is out of topic please! Open your eyes,,,psh and jks recieved much love from their fans not only in ASIA but International,We Love that couple very much……shinhye!!!be with jang keun suk please make another drama love you

  24. Jks looks great in the new hairstyle. And he and psh look superb together (kisses). You guys should stop insulting these great actors and actress.

  25. JGS luks vry hndsm with his new hairstyle even though his 4mer hairdo makes him unique. Even though i dnt like JGS vry much buh i think both PSH and JGS dserves gud partners in lyf cuz both re talanted nd vry spcial
    PSH is ma fav nd i luv ar vry much. To me, i think PSH luks gud wif LMH nt wit JGS nd i blieve PSH dnt lack emotions wen wif LMH (u guys re wrng)buh if PSH dcide 2 b wit JGS, i respect her dcision

  26. This is just my opinion, I have never thought Park Shin Hye to be a strong dynamic actress, I will grant you she is cute, but for me something is just lacking, in the acting department. I feel that way about Lee Min Ho too. They have wonderful PR people who build them up to be something they just aren’t. I have yet to see her with someone who she has a chemistry bond. Again, that is just my opinion. I wish them both the best….

  27. omg Redshoes dont be 222 OVERSMART u jealous dt they r meeting up oh plz u cant insult her in dt wae unless u r a celebrety dont point on her u r notng compared 2 her bt jst a bullshit got it BITCH.She is an awesome 1 n all her dramas n movies are making a big hit in around all the world…..
    Keun Shin looking sweet 2gatr fighting sarang hae him nae.

  28. Since I’ve watch You’re Beautiful last week and I got hooked up I watch the whole episode 1-16 for 3 times and when I first watch it I took me until 4am in the morning but its until Episode 8 only realizing that I had work that day at 8am. But still I watch it again and again. That made me find and learn who is Jang Geun Suk from video posted about him. I admire him a lot not just the face but everything about him. Now, I decided to not watch any Korean Actors instead of Jang Guen Suk. Hope all the best comes your way as always. God Bless

  29. Jks is really sweet and handsome.i really like his performance wid psh .i always drim of bcoming his gf but it’s only my drim.i can’t even slip without luking his pics but i’m sure that one day i wil really go in search of him to seoul.i don’t care whether he knows me or not.but i’m from a state called manipur in india.i don’t know whether i could find him or not .i just luv his soft kiss.

  30. Jks is really sweet and handsome.i really like his performance wid psh .i always drim of bcoming his gf . i’m sure that one day i wil really go in search of him to seoul.i don’t care whether he knows me or not.but i’m from manipur .i don’t know whether i could find him or not .i just luv his soft kiss.

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