Secret Love Affair with Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In Hold Press Conference and Release 21-minute Preview

I really can’t complain that Korea only knows how to pair up older men with pretty young things, the industry has objectified its share of strapping young men and now seems quite on a roll with the older woman-young man (noona-dongsaeng) offering. I think cable does it better and the recently wrapped up tvN drama I Need Romance 3 had a much older leading lady Kim So Yeon paired with the grown up version of the little boy she used to babysit played by Sung Joon. Narratively INR3 took robbing the cradle a little too literally, but the upcoming jTBC noona-dongsaeng romance-driven Secret Love Affair will show what happens when a forty-something elegant refined and successful woman played by Kim Hee Ae meets a rebellious genius pianist in his twenties played by Yoo Ah In. I found the promotional material for this drama a little too heavy for my tastes, marinating in a baroque feel with unnecessarily over-photoshopped features of two leads who are gloriously beautiful already. The drama held a press conference this week and will premiere next Monday on the slot vacated by Can We Love. A lot of folks might be tuning in for the promise of production quality since this drama is the reunion of the PD and screenwriter from jTBC’s well-reviewed A Wife’s Credentials. I think this drama is definitely worth a look even if the premise of a taboo love affair between a much older married woman and a hotshot upstart pianist might seem wafer thin to build an entire drama around. The cast is rounded out by Park Hyuk Kwon playing the cuckolded husband, Shim Hye Jin as the frenemy rival, and Gong Soo Jin as the young girl who has a crush on the male lead. The network generously released a long 21-minute preview for the drama so check it out and get an early taste of whether this secret love affair is up your alley.

21-minute long preview for Secret Love Affair:

[youtube id=”zEE8CoU_pJs” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Secret Love Affair with Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In Hold Press Conference and Release 21-minute Preview — 14 Comments

  1. I was on the fence about this one, however after watching the long teaser, It is OFF my to watch list. Wish the drama luck.

  2. Wow, we’re waiting for its first showing, YOO AH IN and KIM HEE AE are one of the best & the finest Korean actor, they are truly great on whatever role they portray. I admit having seeing all of their dramas/movies that they are really that good in acting. With the best writer, director and the best selection of ACTORS, we’re assured that its good and great drama to watch for! See them!

  3. Here comes mom and her son. Lol! Haha ;))) Sorry, call me narrow-minded, hypocrite or whatever you want, but their age-gap is utterly hard for me to stomache. Man, it’s like making out with your mom!

  4. oh, it’s mini Son Ye Jin..

    it has never been in my to watch list but i might check it out. i know most are icky about the age factor & fidelity issue but i’d like to keep an open mind and give it a try first before passing judgement

  5. This isn’t going to be for everyone. You have to be a music geek and really get into classical piano to appreciate the trailer (the fact that he doesn’t appear to use the pedals is unusual) and you have to be age-agnostic to appreciate the love story.
    As long as we are talking adults I don’t care about ages, I just have to be able to believe in the connection, and it seems it is going to be all about the art. I am looking forward to seeing where they take this one.

    • Definitely agree with you on this one!!

      The posters make them look like they have chemistry but at the press conference, it seems like they have no chemistry? Maybe it’s just me..
      I’m just excited about the fact that finally classical music has come into play again in K-dramas!

  6. I like her, but the pictures from the press con of them together are really awkward. Not really seeing much natural chemistry, but her trying to work it. I don’t care about the age difference, but I don’t like that’s she’s married. Yeah, it happens and is realistic, but I don’t watch kdramas for realism.

  7. might give it a try and i don’t care about the age difference but i won’t watch it if it is boring are there is no connection between the leads and i’m used to dramas that deal with a cheating wife or husband they have that over here in america all the time lol. i just hope they don’t give this drama a bad ending

  8. Age is just a number. If the story is good, I don’t have a problem with the age difference. So let’s wait and see where the story will go.
    I’m interested in the show because of the good name of Wife’s Credentials (which is still on my list to watch). And because of Yoo Ah In ;–)

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