Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin Confirmed for Noh Hee Kyung’s Upcoming Drama It’s Okay, It’s Love

A huge and exciting cast confirmation today for the upcoming SBS drama It’s Okay, It’s Love which will be the first prime time Summer drama to lock down a cast. The two big name A-lister leads Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin will indeed be pairing up for the first time in their long careers, with the added bonus of working with famed screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung. Writer Noh must have made quite an impression with Jo In Sung after they did That Winter, the Wind Blows together because he’s back for a second go-around with her, which is very typical of Writer Noh and Jo In Sung’s TWTWB co-star Song Hye Kyo did the drama after first working with Writer Noh on World’s Within. Gong Hyo JIn herself worked with Writer Noh over a decade ago in the weekend drama Wonderful Days. It’s Okay, It’s Love is described as a warm and funny drama about modern mental illness and afflictions that affect people who may not acknowledge it and seemingly live functional lives. Jo In Sung is a mystery writer and radio DJ with good looks, a romantic heart, and a glib tongue. Gong Hyo Jin is a psychiatrist who looks cool and chic on the outside but is actually very hotblooded and nurturing when it comes to healing her patients emotional hang ups. They meet as guests on a TV program and end up fighting their way to healing each other’s emotional scars through unexpectedly falling in love. The rest of the main cast consists of Song Dong Il as another psychiatrist, Kwang Soo as a coffee shop owner, and EXO‘s D.O. as a high school student. Writer Noh also works with the same directors a lot and thankfully it’s PD Kim Kyu Tae who will be helming It’s Okay, It’s Love and was the director behind TWTWB, Padam Padam, and worked with PD Pyo Min Soo in World’s Within.

I think Song Dong Il’s role will be fascinating to watch. He plays a fellow psychiatrist with Gong Hyo Jin as she works for his hospital, but he’s also her sunbae and first love. He’s described as not acting like a doctor and is very strange, but has a innate understanding of how to diagnose and treat mental patients. Underneath his professional success is a man who has been emotionally hurt by his father and wife and therefore has a dual personality at work and at home. Writer Noh describes It’s Okay, It’s Love like a Summer’s sudden downpour giving a refreshing feeling and infusing energy to the mugginess. I already conceptually love it more than the painfully overwrought premise of TWTWB. Give me some crazy and funny and I’m onboard! It’s Okay, It’s Love starts filming a the end of April schedule for an early July premiere following You’re All Surrounded on Wed-Thurs.


Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin Confirmed for Noh Hee Kyung’s Upcoming Drama It’s Okay, It’s Love — 26 Comments

  1. I have mixed feelings about this…

    On the one hand I love Jo In Sung. He’s definitely one of my favorite actors. But on the other hand… Gong Hyo Jin is an actress that always leaves me cold. I tend to avoid her dramas.

    But I might give it a try anyways…

    • I stay away from her stuff as well, I feel the same as you do. As for him, I cannot watch him ever again, After watching him in frozen flower (which I did actually like the story for the most part) I cannot get that image of him out of my head with that role. and he was never favorite anyway.

      • Have you seen him in the movie “The Classic”? Not that he does much there, but still… it’s a great movie!

    • I agree with everything you wrote. I respect that Gong Hyo Jin is talented, but have never been able to enjoy any of her performances. Hence why I still haven’t watched Master’s Sun, despite really wanting to see So Ji Sub in a comedy. I will check this drama out though, purely for the awesome Padam Padam writing team :).

      On a separate note, I’m on episode 8 of City Hall! I also have a Kim Sun Ah aversion – cannot stand any of the characters she’s played before (no disrespect to her – she seems perfectly lovely from what I’ve seen of her in interviews). Although I did initially dislike her character in CH, this drama has become crack for me. Plus, Cha Seung Won – enough said 🙂

      • I am not a Gong Hyo Jin fan either – I really did not like her cold and sortof diffident heroine in Best Love, which I know many people adored – but I really did like her work in Master’s Sun. I would recommend Master’s Sun for people who aren’t too fond of Gong Hyo Jin’s previous acting efforts.

        City Hall is one of my favorite dramas – I know that some people have a real aversion to Kim Sun Ah when she is screechy or doing the syrupy aegyo thing (and I don’t particularly care for it, either) – but there are scenes in City Hall, especially the last half of the show, where she does a jaw-droppingly good job.

    • She made you feel cold in ”Thank you” ? but that role made me really really like her. Though I did not enjoy her in Best love (or maybe it was her role) and I liked her in master sun but feels like she is always doing the same roles when she is not,

    • It’s weird how people’s tastes run – because I’m the exact opposite to you. Don’t care for Jo In Sung at all – (does absolutely nothing for me) while GHJ is basically gold in everything that she’s been in to me, no matter how much the drama itself sucks.

      • + infinity

        I don’t care for JIS, he’s cold and utterly detached with his roles and I’ve never warmed up to any of his characters. GHJ, on the other hand, is ahmazing! Sometimes she plays similar characters but she adds so much zest and life into it. Different strokes for different folks…

      • I AGREE!

        I loooooove GHJ…Jo In Sung is such a meh for me! Im gonna watch this because of her

  2. And now I can go back to watching SBS’ dramas. I’m avoiding 3 Days because I don’t care for Yoochun and the trailer did absolutely Nothing for me, but with You’re All Surrounded following it and It’s Okay, It’s Love after that’s, SBS is back baby.

  3. Oh we love JIS & GHJ! We’re sure that its gonna be another good quality romance-comedy drama for 2014. Both of them are known to be a good actor, so we’re looking forward to this! FIGHTING!

  4. The winky picture of the EXO idol makes me shudder. I am fully expecting him to do a terrible job, although he can’t go too far wrong playing a high school student.

  5. Wow wow wow wow wow! I sincerely squealed when I read about this. Love both of the actors!!! What a promising pairing <3 The cast looks amazing also! Not sure about D.O. yet, but I'll formulate my opinion once the drama starts airing. I've never been a huge idol-turned-actor fan, but there are a few exceptions, I'm hoping D.O. does a good job!

  6. I am definitely planning to watch this! I like JIS and LOVE GHJ so I’m pleased with this casting news. It’s interesting how people’s tastes differ since I really enjoy GHJ’s unassuming, natural acting approach, especially in Thank You. GHJ isn’t as animated as other actresses so perhaps that is a reason why others may not enjoy her performances as much, but hopefully they will change their minds with her newest project.

  7. LOL i am also the kind that dont like JIS but in love with GHJ haha

    Well whatever the other person is i will watch this for ghj probably. Kwangsoo and DO will be sprinkles on it 🙂

    Also i like the idea that JIS is taken hehe also he is dating ghj’s buddy so ghj can still be coupled with sjs in my dreams with no problems 🙂

  8. I like Jo In-sung, but my real draw in this project is Gong Hyo-jin – she brings a warmth and verve to her characters that makes her more watchable than several more conventionally beautiful actresses, and she always has great chemistry with her costars (amped up a level in Master’s Sun).

    I’m glad she’s doing a drama again this year,and a melo no less – I’d got used to only seeing her in dramas every other year/at long intervals.

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