SBS Teases for It’s Okay, It’s Love with Jo In Sung-Gong Hyo Jin Couple Stills and First Real Preview

There’s finally a real teaser for the upcoming K-drama It’s Okay, It’s Love, and I’m still hesitant on what to label it. It seems too serious for a rom-com what with the focus on mental illness and folks with plenty of psychological disorders or neuroses between them. But then the plagiarized mood teasers were super hilarious, heralding a full on laugh-track feel, and now even the real teaser showing peeks at the drama scenes make it feel lighthearted and breezy, which means calling it a serious romance drama seems too heavy a label. Whatever the final product is, I’m excited because this drama comes from the intelligent nuanced pen of screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung. While I’ve personally not loved her recent works such as Padam Padam (despite it starring Jung Woo Sung) or That Winter, The Wind Blows, she’s still the mind behind one of the most underrated and my personal top-10 dramas ever in Goodbye Solo. Her The World We Live In would have been a masterpiece as well had the PD reined himself in. While I’m looking forward to It’s Okay, It’s Love, the latest couple stills showing leads Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin in full romantic swing totally looks good but lacks any chemical feel. They look like quirky roommates/platonic best friends! I got the same vibe in the mood teasers but hesitated to say anything since I love them both individually. I’m hoping this pairing works when the cameras are actually rolling and they are interacting in character because so far they are adorable but not hitting my squee buttons at all. Continue reading

A Look At the Upcoming K-dramas for the First Half of 2014

It might be too early yet to look deep into 2014 for what’s coming on the K-drama horizon though the networks have indeed plotted out their entire year more or less. So far the leaks and rumors have only gone … Continue reading