Bu Bu Jing Qing with Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Finally Confirms April 22nd Premiere Date

I’m not trying to be coy whenever people ask me when Bu Bu Jing Qing will air since the darn thing hasn’t been able to confirm a premiere date until now. This modern C-drama is the cinematic sequel to the blockbuster period drama Bu Bu Jing Xin (based on the same name Tong Hua novel), which feels like another lifetime ago but was really just three years ago back in late 2011 when it exceeded my expectations and did a fantastically entertaining job of adapting what essentially was a romance novel to the small screen. There was some politics of the Qing dynasty Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Yongzheng era, but by and large it was all fluffy stuff but deliciously heady. The sequel took a long time getting off its feet because not all the cast members were keen to come back, and in the end the only main leads to return were Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi, and Ye Zhu Xin. I suppose having the OTP return was critical to even sustaining the sequel so I remain curious how BBJQ will try to continue where BBJX left off. A premiere date has just been set for April 22nd on Jiang Su Television so expect the promotional machine to kick into gear soon. While BBJX had a completed and much loved novel to adapt from, BBJQ is an original screenplay and writer Tong Hua is not involved in it. The production released a set of Valentine’s Day postcards last month featuring Nicky and Shi Shi in character and it’s all quite sweet and charming. Until I see the first episode of BBJQ and hate it on sight, for now I’ll remain optimistic it might be a decent fanservice sequel and will continue to follow along until its premiere in a month. To start getting warmed up to BBJQ, check out all the official theme song MVs released to date below.

The drama synopsis reads like acorporate makjang based on the premise that leading lady Zhang Xiao returns to the modern world and runs into a doppleganger of her 4th Prince also played by Nicky Wu, who is dating a model who looks just like Zhang Xiao. She goes to work for his company but early on loses her memory so she forgets their past lives together, and instead falls for the second male lead played by Sun Yi Zhou. Corporate succession battles ensue along with the usual love triangles (or squares) and in the end Zhang Xiao and modern 4th Prince called Yin Zheng find their way back to each other. Honestly, all it needed to say was “Modern day 4th Prince and Ruo Xi will make out” and I’m in.

Bu Bu Jing Qing opening theme song:

[youtube id=”ETJ84sUokvY” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Bu Bu Jing Qing side theme song:

[youtube id=”0FuGvnVppiE” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Bu Bu Jing Qing closing theme song:

[youtube id=”m44o9LzKTu8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Bu Bu Jing Qing with Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Finally Confirms April 22nd Premiere Date — 12 Comments

  1. I’m in for the theme song. Ashin! I the lyrics fit the fate of 4th and Ruoxi so much, bridging BBJX to BBJQ. But they can’t have Zhao Xiao forget all their memories the entire time right? She HAS TO remember them someday; that is the highlight of the sequel…how she reconciles feelings for Yin Zheng to the modern day guy.

  2. I confess that while I enjoy all the songs released thus far (except maybe the Mayday one – I love some of their songs to the death but this is very clearly not one of them) it’s still honestly nothing compared to 三寸天堂 from BBJX. That song was great and I think it actually elevated my watching experience; for some reason almost every single time that song came on I began to either squeal for the OTP or sob so hard I scared my family. And it doesn’t look like the other songs will be able to achieve anything to the same effect.

    No high hopes for this series (sequels have scarred me, damn Dream High 2) but I’ll keep an eye out for it for that adorbs OTP!

  3. YESSSS.
    I recently finished Bu Bu Jing Xin and loved every minute of it. Since then, I’ve been trying to find a drama that does it for me like BBJX did. I found and am currently watching Prince of Lan Ling but I miss my Nicky Wu Fourth Prince. I can’t wait to see what this sequel looks like. I only wished the other actors had returned (13th and 14th Princes so that they could get better endings). I hope someone will sub it though!

  4. I watched all episodes available as of 4/23/14…
    And boy am I disappointed. In BBJX, they completely did away with the time travelling. NO REFERENCE to it either because of some ban in China with time travelling premise.

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