Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Bride of the Century

I’m so super stoked about the upcoming ending of Bride of the Century. I feel this story has runs its course and anything more than two episodes left will be overkill. The supernatural elements of this drama have been thoroughly entertaining, at times less crazy than the machinations of the living such as Kang Joo’s mom selecting a sacrificial first bride or President Ma finding a doppleganger substitute bride for Yi Kyung. In between there were plenty of hijinks, an attempted kidnapping, the second male lead got beaten into a coma, and then the second female lead attempted suicide. I wonder if the screenwriter was chuckling while chugging soju while penning the script? I say that in good-natured jest since I find the writing so fantastically loopy and even more astonishing because it all works.

The ending of episode 14 is what merits being called a doozy, sending everyone’s heads spinning in ways less creepy than The Exorcist. I highly doubt anyone suspected President Ma had any connection with the Choi family ghost, must have her former self be responsible for starting the curse or haunting in the first place. Then to see Doo Rim also existing in the past but as a savior of sorts the way she grabbed that baby from her murderous mom and backed out of that room, clearly she’s going to face yet another obstacle perhaps even greater than what she has already conquered to be with Kang Joo. What if she is actually President Ma’s daughter along with Yi Kyung, hence she is also the daughter of a murderer? Would that be the reason Doo Rim leaves Kang Joo and goes back to Namhae? I’m certain they’ll end up together in the end but am curious what would lead to yet another OTP separation so late in the game.

Written preview for episode 15:

The family ghost confronts the murderous President Ma and reveals all about the previous life connection a hundred years ago between her, President Ma, and Doo Rim……

Β Video preview for episode 15:

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Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Bride of the Century — 18 Comments

  1. I absolutely hate the idea of another separation this late in the game and after everything that JuRim has already overcome; I fear it’s going to ruin Doo Rim’s character for me. She loves Kang Joo, he’s made it clear that she’s his everything, and they’re freaking married! There is NO reason I can accept to justify Doo Rim leaving Kang Joo yet again. None. Just because she doesn’t want to build her happiness on the unhappiness of other people? Those people being the murderous Ma Jae Ran who started this whole crazy cycle of evil, and Yi Kyung who has always been selfish and easily led by her mom into doing very rotten things? Does it make any sense for Doo Rim to sacrifice herself for these people–and moreover, sacrifice Kang Joo too? Really, there’s a limit to how much TSTL behavior I can accept from the heroine, even in a drama that I adore like BotC.
    Not to mention***SPOILER***

    based on released stills, Doo Rim is pregnant by now. She might not know it yet, but if she runs from Kang Joo and then finds out she’s pregnant–if she doesn’t call her hubby IMMEDIATELY to let him know about his baby, than she’s lower than the lowest character in BotC, in my eyes. There won’t be any going back from that, to a HEA I could feel that she deserves.

  2. Ugh, my beloved JuRim couple separated again. I don’t want Doo Rim to leave Kang Joo but knowing how considerate of others she is,she will do just that but I don’t agree with her. Maybe there’s a bigger reason for it? I hope Kang Joo won’t give up that easily a chase her. If she’s pregnant then she better tell him right away.

  3. I am really curious about the egg throwing. What is that about? I cannot hear any audio when I watch, so . . .

    On another note, I love this show so much that I am already planning to rewatch the entire thing for my annual Mothers day drama marathon. No one is allowed to bother me on mothers Day (well, only to bring me food), so I will get up early and watch straight through. Bring it show. I am with hipployta, Go Big or go home, show. Bring in everything you got. I think this couple can handle it, and if they can’t Roo Mi sure can πŸ™‚

    • I have the same problem… there’s video but no audio… πŸ™ anyway… I am thinking on marathoning this whole series too… with my mum… I mean, I already confessed to her that I watch K.dramas (yeah, i hadn’t told her! LOL)and I’m planning on watching it from episode 1 to 16 with her… so she can have a personal opinion on K-dramas…

    • OMG Trotwood, I love that idea! I am always asked what I want for Mother’s Day and never thought about it. I am doing that this year! I will keep you posted on what I end up watching… hmmm….now I gotta decide.

  4. I think Doo Rim is blamed for Yi Kyung’s suicide attempt and Kang Joo is also having a hard time so she decided to go back. I kinda don’t like people who won’t fight for their loves. And she’s one of them except the curse, she just gave up everything.

  5. i want to take it in bright light…if they separated again it could means another reconciliation..cuz their last reconciliation was just a peck although i do love that scene..and now i demand for properly kisses between our OTP..please bring it on pdnim..it’s only 2 episodes left i just want more our otp cuteness with endless kissing scenes..lol

  6. I’m still thinking about Episode 14’s ending. If President Ma can exist 100 years ago, could Yi-kyung also exist 100 years ago too? Who else has been reincarnated? Oh, the questions! I didn’t think this drama could pull off anymore twists this late in the game.

  7. I can’t wait to see how they wrap everything up. It looks like the writer is going to keep up the crazy and the secrets until the very end.

    But then I have an ethics question. Should you punish someone because of what their ancestor did 100 years before? Granted, President Ma should be punished for what she’s done at this time. Anyway, I probably shouldn’t quibble with a ghost.

  8. “What if she is actually President Ma’s daughter along with Yi kyung hence she is also the daughter of a murderer?” well this guess is the most acceptable reason that I could think of rather than the “doppelganger” mojo and this reason alone can also be acceptable, why Do Rim would actually sacrifice her love for Kang Ju and leave him again for like a hundred time. I just hope Botc can answer how exactly Do Rim and Yi Kyung looks exactly the same…

    AND OMG! Do Rim is pregnant? Wooohooooo! Baby shower coming right up!
    I just really hope that NA DORIM wont be stupid enough to hide this from Kang Ju…For Pete’s sake think about the baby’s welfare not your non-sensical and idealistic perception about LOVE comes with sacrifices…. sacrifices your ass! if you truly love and care for Kang Ju you wont even think about leaving him. FACE YOUR PROBLEMS TOGETHER! Did you forget what he said last time? YOU ARE HIS EVERYTHING…Gee! cant wait to until Friday and Saturday…Anyways “thumbs up!” to the writer. Daebak! =D

  9. I can’t imagine that the series will soon be ending… but one thing for sure i really enjoyed watching BOC… Lee Hong Ki is so boyish that i’d like to pinch his chubby cheeks…. i will really miss our OTP and sure i will be rewatching it again and again… can’t wait for the ep tomorrow..

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