The Cast of In A Good Way Wraps Filming and Posts Adorable Poignant Pictures to Commemorate

Freedom means something different to everyone but the meaning of the word resonates no matter how tied down or free a person is in life. It’s a genuine rarity to find a thoughtful and carefully written TW-drama like In a Good Way but all good things must come to an end. As viewers we still have a few episodes left to savor the story and characters but the cast and crew have closed up shop this week for good as IAGW fully wrapped filming. The individual wrap pictures and commentary trickled in all week, first by the supporting actors playing the parents, then the college friends, and finally the main leads all said farewell to their time on the freedom road. Unsurprisingly there were tears aplenty though also some stoicism as everyone got ready to close this chapter of their acting career and move on to the next role and project to come.

I particularly love the solo picture posted by Jay Shih as he wrapped filming, and prior to that he was filming at the airport which makes me wonder what’s forthcoming for Ren Wei? Lego Lee decided to gift his six-sided star necklace to his cat, a necklace that he’s worn every moment he’s been on set for the last six months. He also posed with his dog after he wrapped and wrote “congrats on filming wrap! back to zero.” Kirsten Jen posted a picture of a cast and crew autographed drama poster as her farewell to filming, capturing the human elements that made this college coming-of-age story so heartwarming to watch as well as putting it on the canvas of a great drama. Check out all the cute, funny, and poignant pictures below and then begin the countdown to the last remaining episodes left of our time on the freedom road.


The Cast of In A Good Way Wraps Filming and Posts Adorable Poignant Pictures to Commemorate — 15 Comments

  1. awwwww imma miss this show! Thanks Koala Unnie for introducing this wonderful gem to us and following all the way through 🙂

  2. It’s a good thing we still got the movie to look forward to; otherwise, I might have a heart attack. I’m just not ready to say goodbye just yet. I need more LC and JE’s interaction.

    • Every movie/every drama audience look forward to have good memorable ending. How can LL and CJ ended the relationship so abruptly. Tears of LL is just overwhelming from the sad point of view for a guy at the end of the episode – Bewilded the letter from KJ means – ????? what. They worked so hard for the relationship and becomes a pair and end of it go into wilderness without positive concept. Can the Director create a movie or another good ending episodes. Title says “IN A GOOD WAY’ but from the last episode there is not good way of good ending. LL n KJ just klick no wonder the stare of each other is so natural and electrifying that the audience crying for more good way ending.

  3. Awwww I’m getting weepy…and I’m in public. 🙁
    Jay is the actor I connected with the most. He was funny and sweet and thoughtful and a work in progress where LC was, well, perfect.

    It would be fun to travel life’s journey with RW.

      • Jacky mentioned in a radio program earlier this week that the movie will start filming in August.
        As for the episode count it’s pretty confusing. I think it was supposed to be 24 but I read somewhere today that it might be 26 after all (with shorter episodes)because the drama supposed to air after is really behind schedule. Idk know, might have just been a rumour.

  4. Such a wonderful ensemble of cast and crew this drama has. I felt I was in the journey with them for the past few months. This is what I love from watching it live. Despite the agony of wait for a once a week ep, the joy when I finally watch it is so rewarding. I truly enjoyed everything IAGW has offered since I discovered it from this site. Really thank you ms. Koala! I hope you can still post something related to them every once in a while 🙂

    I hope everyone of them will continue on and build up from the success they have right now. I will truly miss them all together. But at least, I’ll have more TW actors to watch out for in the future.


    So sad right now. I just want to trap Lego and Kirsten in a bubble and watch them make out all day. Is that weird?

  6. Seriously in love with this drama and the entire cast. I’m teary and definitely do not want this to end….At least we still have the movie to look forward to!!

  7. When is the planned group hug? I am going to need a lot of help getting over this show.

    It is perfect that the ending of this show coincides with the ending of my semester. I think the last show I watch will be the Friday before I watch my seniors walk across the stage at our 2014 commencement. I am one of those faculty who get weepy when some of these students collect their diplomas, and I will be thinking of this show as well and the characters moving on.

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