Dapper Strange Doctors Lee Jong Seok in High Cut and Park Hae Jin for InStyle Korea

I’ll admit to being disappointed initially with Lee Jong Seok‘s headlining of Dr. Stranger, especially followed by Park Hae Jin signing on as the second male lead. My like for these two actors are reversed from the importance of their roles in DS so I would have preferred more Park Hae Jin over Lee Jong Seok. Six-episodes into DS and I’m now fully onboard with how everything was arranged. Lee Jong Seok is wonderful as Park Hoon and I wouldn’t want Park Hae Jin playing the character at all. I also think Park Hae Jin is doing a bang-up job with Jae Joon but the character just isn’t developed as well thus far the way Park Hae Jin was able to elevate Lee Hwi Kyung in You From Another Star despite limited screen time and a one-note set up that he was in love with the female lead, full stop. Both men are currently so popular it’s easy to trip over a photo shoot or ten every which way I turn. I quite love their respective June pictorials, with Park Jae Jin cavorting with flowers in InStyle Korea and Lee Jong Suk going mod-ish for High Cut magazine.

Thank god no one is fighting over which guy ought to be the male lead, I can only handle so much pointless fan wars. The Baidu Dr. Stranger bar has been a landmine girl fight zone ever since the drama aired and it’s now extended over to Baike proper. Turns out editing Wiki-type pages isn’t just for political disagreements, even something as inane as drama lead fights can escalate into a barrage of edit button misuse. The Chinese Baike wiki Dr. Stranger page has been the site of editing insanity recently: Jin Se Yeon‘s name and character was listed second after Lee Jong Seok, then it was swapped in position with Kang Sora‘s name and character, and then the back-and-forth switching has continued non-stop. It’s even continued to Jin Se Yeon’s name being placed last among the four leads behind Park Hae Jin and then her character profile stripped from the entire page! LOLOLOL. Crying tears here with the immaturity and nonsense. 

Sigh, I guess this fight isn’t ever going to end so I’ll just have to buy industrial grade earplugs to tune out and enjoy the drama for the story. Have some not-involved-in-the-catdog-fight Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Seok yumminess to start off the weekend. Doesn’t delicious handsome men make everything all better?


Dapper Strange Doctors Lee Jong Seok in High Cut and Park Hae Jin for InStyle Korea — 20 Comments

      • Love it!!! Even though I do see why some don’t get his attractiveness, he is way on the thin side. But to me he was “yummy” since I laid eyes on him!!!

    • Everyone should just back the shit up and go with what is on the Official SBS Drama Page listing.

      Lee Jong Seok
      Park Hae Jin
      Jin Se Yeon
      Kang Sora

      The wiki or baike wars is a person thinking he/she can literally will something to be true simply writing it online.

  1. omg hahahahaha i knew about the baidu wars, i didn’t know about the baike ones and i cracked up reading about that. that is just silly because honestly i don’t think there’s a real ‘female lead’ in this show. this show only has one lead and that is parkhoon.

    and may i say, i’m so impressed with LJS it feels as though parkhoon is leejongsuk and leejongsuk is parkhoon. he’s doing such a good job i can’t imagine anyone else taking that role. i was pretty much worried when the casting news first came up. not so much about his acting but more because i was afraid the story won’t deliver (i hope this doesn’t come true, writers please be nice). but anyway, i’m enjoying so far…or at least i really enjoyed the first 5 episodes.

    i don’t know, but i’m more attracted to LJS when he’s moving (his dramas and movies) as compared to still photoshoots, and it works the other way for PHJ lol.

  2. Ahahaha that is hilarious! This reminds me of the fan wars during Answer Me 1994 days. I did not watch that nor am I watching Dr Stranger, so thankfully am comfortably outside the madness. I do wonder if this will affect the storyline somehow..

  3. I loved PHJ as HwiKyung in YFAS, but seeing his Dr Han here makes me wonder how good he could be if he did not have to switch roles from BAD!older brother to sweet younger one. Shin SungRok was so over the top with it. The character could have been played with more subtlety like how PHJ is doing here with Han Jae Joon.

    LJS once again surprised me with Park Hoon. I had expected him to be good, but not this good, switching seamlessly between a wide range of emotions. He has grown so much from the Secret Garden days.

  4. Park Hae Jin looks so gorgeous. I’m not watching this drama, but I always click on a picture of him. 🙂

  5. The madness is spreading to soompi now, too. I fear that your mention of the AM1994 wars will prove to have been prophetic. For me, I’m in the odd position of of watching a K Drama almost exclusively for its male lead – I still struggle to tell the two female leads apart, such is the minimal impact they’ve made on me. I suggested at soompi that Park Hoon and his nemesis should become the OTP, but I’m not sure anyone could live with such a camp fashion sense as Park Hae Jin’s flower suit in In Style!

  6. oh dear… brings back awful memories of the time I tried to add my two cents in a baidu bar and got attacked so badly by none other than the moderators for what I consider to be a thoughtfully and respectfully written post on my part. the people on baidu can range from the best to the worst I’ve ever seen, like, straight out in your face psychotic.

  7. Really I hate this especially against the female lead , I hate fans when they want to change everything according to their madness theories .
    Seriously more from these actions make me refusing watch the drama ,even my thinking is wrong but fans of Korean drama land are the most difficult one .

  8. Glad that you finally opened up to LJS 🙂 Loved him since IHYV days, such a natural in front of the camera and the chemistry with his co-stars is really impressive. I’ve never come acrossed a male actor who makes me so crazy. He’s the male equivalent of YEH in my eyes. Just hope the writer will do a good job for Dr Stranger. If you have the time, check out his acting in Hot Blooded Youth, he really nailed his character in there.

  9. I used to fight for the female leads too but didn’t extend much to have a keyboard fight with others. Why one would use energy to fight like this? Anyway it all depends on scriptwriter’s and PD and the SBS.You can always have another Park Shi Hoo’s ending per my wish.

  10. what nice pictures that will have to be headers some day soon.

    OK OK OK I finally decided to watch DS so I know what the heck you people are fighting about. Geez! Marathon Saturday coming up!

  11. Honestly I don’t find LJS attractive at all (shoot me). Which kind of confuse me because I feel like I should seeing all the hype around him. He’s boyishly cute at best for me. Perhaps it’s his acting that make him more attractive in the eyes of women. I’ve seen bit and pieces but never watched any of his drama from start to finish. Maybe I should. PHJ is good looking though! 😉

    • Downright handsome guy he’s not and those don’t interest me. He’s the kind with character, attitude and heart and really grows on you (or rather me).

  12. LOL so childish and immature. I have nothing against Kang So Ra but she has many *bitc**s” or illogical fans, esp. since her WGM days with Suju Leeteuk. Are they even realize that by doing something like that, they’re not gonna help the reputation of KSR at all, even somehow damage it?

    Official website does list PHJ before JSY, but the other sources like the Posters credit names, Daum/Naver, the Opening-Ending clips all lists JSY before PHJ. You can go either way for both of them, it’s fine, but KSR always listed 4th everywhere. This is actually a minor matter, but just because something is no big deal doesn’t mean ppl can just twist the truth.

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