The 50th Annual Baeksang Awards Wrap Up with Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Kang Ho Winning the Daesang

The 50th annual Baeksang Art Awards concluded last night and actually managed to not render me wholly disappointed even with next to zero expectations. I can’t say the entire endeavor rewarded and feted the most deserving movies, dramas, actors, and actresses (since many of the best were not even nominated to begin with), but at least the final prizes went to the ones in the nominated bunch that I could accept and even nod my head approvingly at some of the choices. The big all-around winner of the night was Jeon Ji Hyun who bagged the Daesang (top prize) in the television category for You From Another Stat while simultaneously being the best dressed of the night (by a long shot). She was joined at the top by acclaimed veteran Song Kang Ho who took home the Daesang (top prize) on the movie side with The Attorney. The Attorney also won the Best Movie award while completely out of the blue was the win by the KBS drama Good Doctor for Best Drama. Buh?

The Baeksang also appeared to want to split the baby and spread the wealth because Snowpiercer lost out on Best Movie but director Bong Joon Ho won for Best Director. Over on the television side, Ahn Pan Seok got a very deserving win as Best Director for Secret Love Affair. The Best Actor and Best Actress in the film category went to Sol Kyung Gu for Wish and Shim Eun Kyung for The Granny, while the Best Supporting Actor was awarded to Lee Jung Jae for The Face Reader while Best Supporting Actress was Jin Kyung for Cold Eyes. The Best Actor in the television category was like four pretty boys and one respected veteran and the selection committee probably realized it went overboard on the fanservicey nominations in the end Jo Jae Hyun took home Best Actor for sageuk Jeong Do Jeon. Lee Bo Young continued her meteoric awards sweep with I Hear You Voice and easily won in the Best Actress category. Check out the full list of winners below as well as the fashion parade which was very toned down this year and went for understated and classy.

The Daesangs going to Song Kang Ho in the film category and Jeon Ji Hyun in the television category is something I can totally live with. Good job in not pissing me off this year, Baeksang!


Lee Jung Jae. Can I get an Il Mare sequel at some point before these Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun become grandparents?

Kim Soo Hyun. The Baeksang also wants to keep heaping the awards on Kim Soo Hyun who was the proud owner of three new wins at this year’s award by winning Best New Actor in film with his performance in Covertly Grandly as well as the winner of the fan vote for Most Popular Actor in the television side for You From Another Star as well as Most Popular Actor in movies for Covertly Grandly.

Kwon Yuri. She won the Most Popular Actress in the movie section for No Breathing.

Park Seo Joon.

Kim Hee Ae. She makes looking exquisite seem so effortless. Like breathing. I’m not sad she wasn’t nominated for SLA since she won last year for A Wife’s Credentials. She needs no awards to validate her sheer awesomeness.

Lee Byung Hun.


Jung Eun Ji and Shin Sung Rok.

Im Shi Wan.

Kim Ah Joong.

Han Groo.

Kim Hyang Gi.

Lee Bo Young.

Son Tae Young.

Son Hyun Joo.

Park Shin Hye. Heirs also won its only award of the night with Park Shin Hye getting the Most Popular Actress television prize.

Jin Kyung.

Baek Jin Hee.

Choi Jin Hyuk.

Shim Eun Kyung.

Go Ara.

Jung Woo.

Jo Jae Hyun.

Film Category

Daesang Grand Prize – Song Kang Ho “The Attorney“
Best Film – “The Attorney”
Best Director – Bong Joon Ho “Snowpiercer“
Best Lead Actor – Sol Kyung Gu “Wish”
Best Lead Actress – Shim Eun Kyung “Miss Granny”
Best Supporting Actor – Lee Jung Jae “The Face Reader“
Best Supporting Actress – Jin Kyung “Cold Eyes”
Best New Actor – Kim Soo Hyun “Covertly Grandly”
Best New Actress – Kim Hyang Gi “Elegant Lies”
Best New Director – Yang Woo Seok “The Attorney”
Best Screenplay – Kim Ji Hye, Jo Joong Hoon “Wish”
Most Popular (Male) – Kim Soo Hyun “Covertly Grandly”
Most Popular (Female) – Kwon Yuri “No Breathing”

Television Category 

Daesang Grand Prize – Jeon Ji Hyun “You From Another Star”
Best TV Drama – “Good Doctor”
Best Educational/Cultural Show – “The Its Know”
Best Entertainment Program – “Grandpas Over Flowers”
Best Director – Ahn Pan Seok “Secret Love Affair”
Best Lead Actor – Jo Jae Hyun “Jeong Do Jeon”
Best Lead Actress – Lee Bo Young “I Hear Your Voice”
Best New Actor – Jung Woo “Answer Me1994″
Best New Actress – Baek Jin Hee “Empress Ki”
Best Writing – Jung Sung Joo “Secret Love Affair”
Most Popular (Male) – Kim Soo Hyun “You From Another Star”
Most Popular (Female) – Park Shin Hye “Heirs”
Best Variety Performer (Male) – Shin Dong Yup “Witch Hunt”
Best Variety Performer (Female) – Kim Young Hee “Gag Concert”
Best OST – Lyn “You From Another Star”


The 50th Annual Baeksang Awards Wrap Up with Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Kang Ho Winning the Daesang — 42 Comments

  1. Wooooow she is a goddess though the fabric in her dress is so stiif the stiches looked not so great ! But what with the wedding dresses going on go ara and one before hahahaha

  2. JJH truly deserved it and is indeed a Goddess.I think this ceremony is fair. I’m really happy that Shim Eun Kyung won the Best Actress award. I loved her in Sunny and it’s amazing to see someone who is as young as her to be winning an award that many older actresses have not won.

  3. Jun ji hyun was sooo effortlessly beautiful and she was def queen of the night. Her speech was very lovely and i think she deserve the award very much. i think its the first time i see her giving a speech ~ she barely attend any award ceremony.

  4. I definitely disagree about jjh being the best dressed of the night. I didn’t care for color of her dress, and the cut was unflattering. The peekaboo silver embroidery was nagl in my opinion.

    • What Jun Ji Hyun won is not best dress of the night but best instyle award (best fashion icon award), so she deserved to win that award. She even mention Cheon Song Yi Style and her stylist teams are the one who make her got this awards.

      As or best dress of the night, they give it to Kim Hee Ae and Im Shiwan. Yeah, Kim Hee Ae’s dress is very look good and make her more gorgeous as for Im Shiwan, I am not really agree because I thought Park Seo Joon dress more better than him.

  5. Jun Ji Hyun is a goddess and i am so happy for Lee Bo Young cause i loved her acting in I Hear Your Voice and 14 Days.

    Btw can somebody fire Park Shin Hyes stylist and hire a new one? She always looks so old and boring.

    • Agree Park Shin Hye can look better than that. She has the look and still a young girl. If for the sake of the recent south korea ferry accident, she can wear other couloir instead if always black black black!!!

    • Omg I know. I don’t understand why on almost every red carpet or just any kind of public event, she’s usually dressed in some matronly granny dress. Idk maybe she likes to dress that way, to which I say she’s wasting her youth on them when she could be wearing way more beautiful outfits.

  6. LOVE the idea of the sequel to Il Mare.
    OMG Those two together now would be something completely different. You got me all excited thinking about it.

    I am ok with YAI not winning if Jo Jae Hyun wins for that show I have never heard of.

    As far as SLA winning Best director and best script. No duh. Is there another director that makes sure the actors and staff eat and sleep on a normal schedule during filming? The script was amazing. Nobody had a story as tight and lyrical as SLA.
    Good Doctor for best drama?
    Let’s wait 10 years and see which one people are still discussing.

  7. Nation’s goddess earned that award. She is perfection. Her speech, her tears.. I was watching live so i was super sad when she didnt win top excellence for best actress.. All the people in our YFAS soompi line chat was exploding with angry stickers.. until she ended up bagging daesang..haaha

    She also got a “style” award. For being such a fashion icon.

  8. I love Go Ara dress. She is for me the best dressed! I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen Park Se Young wearing Shim Eun Kyung dress. At last! Eun Ji wore a dress I actually like! Good job girl! And Park Shin Hye sweety I really like you but this dress… I can’t! This girl is so pretty! Why is she always wearing black? And this dress is too old for her!

    • I know right? Everyone was elegant and then she comes out looking dowdy when she is so young and fresh. Her stylist is terrible.

  9. Jeon Ji Hyun’s dress looks like she pulled a Scarlet O’hara and pull her drapes down and had mammy help put her outfit

    she is beautiful she would have wore something a little less stiff and drapery. IMHO.

    Kim Hae Hee and Lee Bo Young looked the best.

  10. just wow jun ji hyun and go ara !!!

    i’m here for the red carpet coz beaksang pissed me off a long time ago.

    what’s with heapinh kim soo hyun with beaksangs beaksang??

    and seriously shinhye should fire the stylist .

    kudos for the deasang wins and ASL

    and plus na pd . nice seing you there

  11. Comment on the men…Choi Jin Hyuk’s pants were satin, matching his lapels. Didn’t care for it. Is that a trend? In my humble opinion, most of the men had tux pants about an inch too short; at least they were wearing socks.

  12. Lee Bo Young looks washed out; PSH looked plain, she should at least wore red lipstick to balance out the boring black dress; and definitely JJH was best dressed.

  13. Jung Ji Hyun is beautiful, it was the most beautiful night, Go Ara looked spectacular
    Park Shin Hye adore you, you are me spoiled, but that dress is not for a prize, you are very pretty, wears clothes that make you look gorgeous without removing the fact that his fans are concerned about their lack of courage and joy, I also paraded down the red carpet

  14. JJH is a true GODDESS she is all CLASS she looked beautiful like always and would look even with a sheet around her. Pure elegance wish her the best always. One classy lady.

  15. I think Park Shin Hye put on some weight and it’s not just that….she looks so beaten down. What’s with the dowdy ensemble and make up like she just got out of bed?

  16. Park Shin Hye does not seems to dress up recently, due to south korea ferry accident? Busy filming or busy completing her final year for her university degree?

  17. Jun Ji Hyun indeed is the queen of them all hehehe..truly name queen of cf…park shin hye more mature look than Ji Hyun heheh and that awesome Soo Hyun so cutie…they are both blushing when their OST wins..

  18. Most of the men with the tuxedo is so obvious, but at least the women wore less black this year 🙂 What’s up with the wedding gown wore by Baek Jin Hee? Is it the $99 from David’s Bridal 😛

  19. aigooo … why Shin Hye coordi choose this dress for her … T_T … there a thousand great dress for her to wear

  20. wow.. these korean stars really have nice figures. to think some are in their late 40’s and look stunning really makes me jelly > <

  21. JJH should’ve won the best actress and best leading actress award she deserves that! Ugh! I don’t like her dress too but she carry herself even without that dress.. she is close to perfection!

  22. I was totally confused. Good Doctor won?? LOL they can’t even portrait autism right. Secret Love Affair won Best Director and Best Scriptwriter. It should have won the best drama. Not Good Doctor.

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