Jung So Min Goes Back to the 60’s with Her Big Man Oppa Daniel Choi for Allure Korea

I find the character set-up in Big Man quite odd in the sense that the pairings are off has extended to the promotion for the drama featuring Jung So Min and Daniel Choi posing together in a recent issue of Allure Korea magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love this photo spread with a 60’s theme presented in an attractive and chic way that makes it visually appealing even to the modern eye. It’s just weird because they play siblings in Big Man and typically couple spreads in magazines are intended to sell opposite sex chemistry. There is already one fauxcest going on in Big Man with Jung So Min falling for her fake brother Kang Ji Hwan, I don’t even want to see any allusion of real incest going on if I were to think Jung So Min and Daniel Choi are adorable together. Thankfully this spread is high on the charm but low on the sex appeal so it does give off the vibe of Jung So Min hanging out with her big brother Daniel. I still don’t know what the heck Lee Da Hee‘s character is supposed to appeal to but she’s utterly bland even with 10-episodes aired, the writer better have a good trick up the sleeve to explain why the viewer would approve of her switching her affections from Daniel Choi’s character to Kang Ji Hwan’s character. I hate how Daniel’s character is now a sociopath. If it happens because Kang Ji Hwan’s character is just so darn nice to her and also quite pitiable, I’m going to call foul since Daniel Choi’s character in all the flashbacks is way into her and they were super cute together. 


Jung So Min Goes Back to the 60’s with Her Big Man Oppa Daniel Choi for Allure Korea — 11 Comments

  1. Omg I love her jacket! I want. 🙁

    The series is so boring. Usually KJH can make it work with any lady and this time it is JSM. Wish they were OTP. Too cute together.

  2. hehe I love this oppa-dongsaeng style pictorial. They’re really cute together! And Min Min has never met an outfit she didn’t rock in a photoshoot.

  3. I want Daniel Choi to have a drama that is both good and where he is the lead. I think I’m asking for too much.

  4. Both of them rock their outfits and style. Didn’t know that “The plague court murders” could be this jaw-dropping. ^^

  5. In that first picture, Min-min’s resemblance to YEH is so uncanny. I wish they’d do a drama together, Maybe play sisters who come from a small town and have dreams of making it huge in the big City. YEH as a fashion designer and Min-min as an actress. I really wish that could happen.

  6. In the 2nd pic, JSM reminds me of Oh Ji Eun in King of Dramas. I don’t watch Big Man but find JSM and Kang Ji Hwan are cute together and Daniel Choi is adorable here.

    • @Kanz totally agree with you, there is really a chemistry between JSM and KJH hope that they will end up together in Big Man…

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