Upcoming K-drama Stills Galore: Joseon Gunman, Fated to Love You, and Lovers of Music

When a giant lot of brand spankin’ new pictures of the gorgeous leads of the most anticipated Summer dramas falls into my lap, I can’t be faulted for combining it into one post for convenience sake. Right? Now you’re one click away from Nam Sang Mi in her first sageuk Joseon Gunman starring Lee Jun Ki, whose first official stills are not out yet but you know I’ll be on it like cat on cream when it drops. I thought Nam Sang Mi’s yellow hanbok was too bright when I saw it in the BTS stills a few weeks ago but she’s looking luminous and ushering in the Summery feel in the warm and effervescent color. I love it! Also dropping official drama lead stills this week is Joseon Gunman’s direct competitor the K-version of Fated to Love You with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. I love Jang Hyuk but his hair is a whole lotta hilarity. I do appreciate it’s not the current de riguer side-swept helmet (a la Kim Soo Hyun in You From Another Star or Lee Seung Gi in You’re All Surrounded) and honestly I love that man so damn much he could show up in multi-color dreads and I would still fangirl over him. It’s probably good for my sanity that he’s playing the male lead in FTLY because that is one immature dipshit of a character for the greater part of the drama. Jang Nara is channeling Chen Qiao En so much I was rubbing my eyes with the resemblance. She still doesn’t look a day over 25 and I can’t wait to see her take on the doormat character with lots of upside for growth. Last, but definitely not least, Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) released the first stills of leads Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eun Ji this week as well. This drama doesn’t compete with the first two since this one airs on Mon-Tues but it’s still high on my excited meter. Nothing airing right now is all that good so it’s onwards to Summer we go to start praying for hits that are both cracky and qualitatively decent.


Upcoming K-drama Stills Galore: Joseon Gunman, Fated to Love You, and Lovers of Music — 11 Comments

  1. Great casting and dramas. Koala I wonder why there’s no news yet in upcoming drama Temptation. Did Yoon Eun Hye accept or reject the offer? Thank You.

  2. I can see such an exciting summer coming, looking forward to all of these dramas ^^
    Jang Na-ra indeed channels Chen Qiao En so much partly because their characters are styled the same way. I feel like Jang Huyk’s character will be a more playful and interesting character than Ethan’s version of FTLY (which was really a softy and a little pitiable in my opinion).

  3. I’m so excited for Joseon Gunman, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I will also check out FTLY as I like Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. I don’t know if i will check out Trot Lovers, maybe, maybe not.

  4. I will check those three with they out… Hahaha
    They’re all look interesting and nowadays I don’t have much drama to watch, just 3 dramas and only one I’m in love with, ANL

  5. Joseon Gunman would be my most anticipated drama this summer. Geez! I want Lee Jun Ki stills now!!!!!! 🙁

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