June Edition of Elle Korea Delivers a Rare Sighting of Ever Gorgeous Won Bin

Whenever I see an actor or actress working non-stop from project to project, like Choi Jin Hyuk starting last year with Gu Family Book to Heirs to movie The Divine Move to Emergency Couple to Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team to Fated to Love You, I get exhausted and want him to take a well-deserved break but then worry that it’ll somehow end up like a Won Bin type hiatus. Still the most elusive entertainer in all of K-ent, Won Bin is in the pages of the June 2014 issue of Elle Korea and I hurried to snap it up like a Loch Ness Monster sighting on a foggy day. The Elle pictures are part of his ongoing endorsement deal with Biotherm Homme. Let’s just say every women out there would buy buckets of that stuff if it guaranteed her man looking like Won Bin with his still youthful flawless visage. This guy is still ageing masterfully and he honestly looks better today than fourteen years ago when he broke out with Autumn in My Heart. It’s been five years since his last relatively prolific acting output with Mother in 2009 followed by The Man From Nowhere (Ahjusshi) in 2010. It’s crazy that his Man From Nowhere costar the now not-so-little-anymore Kim Sae Ron is playing a teenager in bher upcoming K-drama while Won Bin still hasn’t picked his next project. He stays in the public limelight through a steady stream of CFs still and last year joined the K-ent romance parade by confirming his relationship with fellow K-actress Lee Na Young. This pairing still seems odd but they are apparently going strong and was recently spotted attending a friend’s wedding together. Both are of age to get married but knowing how low-key they are I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married and then told the world about it years later. It’s nice to catch a glimpse of Won Bin through Elle and in the accompanying interview he revealed that he has picked his next project.


June Edition of Elle Korea Delivers a Rare Sighting of Ever Gorgeous Won Bin — 25 Comments

      • Majority people in Netizenbuzz or Inet, never consider Won Bin too handsome. He’s lacking in height and not manly, face too small for a man.

    • Wookie is manly and has great bone structure. Or defined bones.

      Won Bin on the other hand is flawless. Case in point Wookie’s eyes are melting and like a cow. Won Bin- you just sink into his…. oh just look at the 1st photo.

    • Didn’t really fancy Hyun Bin before, but after he was paired with the gorgeous Ha Ji Won for some reason, I saw a different light. he he he

  1. He’s my first Korean men crush in Autumn in My Heart. He looked so young there but now he’s matured and more handsome

  2. Won Bin only looks ok after airbrush picture, in reality not that handsome. Lee Dong Wook is millions times more handsome in real.I met him in Vietnam, no words to describe his super good looking with red lips.

  3. Hallelujah! He’s wearing socks! I want to put a caption on that pic that says “Socks are sexy!”– let the campaign begin!

  4. I really like Won Bin. His introverted personality makes him so cool and mysterious… plus, he tends to pick very few and good projects. Hence, I would always check out his movies or if any for dramas. Couldn’t get enough of him, ya know..

    I think both Lee Na Young and Won Bin is great match. He is a Scorpio and she a Pisces (if their birthdays are correct according to Wiki)

  5. thank you for this post Koala sis! another glimpse of my fave Won Bin… this is so awesome since one only gets to see so few sightings of him. Won Bin is my ultimate bias, crush and love, lols.

  6. I like Hyunbin more than Wonbin…he has more of a manly feature. Now if only Hyunbin adds more meat into him then everything will be PERFECT!

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