CTV Premieres Say I Love You this Sunday Starring Mike He and Alice Ke

All of TW-drama land feels so lugubrious lately. There is a snail’s pace crawl in both currently airing and upcoming dramas, some of which are not bad but nothing that drives me rabid with want. Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You) is solid and sweet but I’m still getting up the impetus to write about it in any way, shape, or form. You Light Up My Star struck out for me despite the undeniable film-making quality and the good acting all around, there are just too many quirks that confound the viewing experience. Not to mention the rest of the scraping the barrel fare like Fall in Love with Me, Prince William, and Tie the Knt. Major network CTS has been airing the K-drama The Master’s Sun in the Sunday night time slot which wrapped up its run last Sunday so this weekend will premiere the new original TW-drama Say I Love You (勇敢說出我愛你). Starring Mike He and Alice Ke, the drama plays up Mike’s past-30 age bracket and has him playing a single father burned by love who dotes on his precocious little daughter.

Think Two Fathers but with just One Father around, and with child actress Ella Wilkins playing the sweet urchin role that made fellow child actress Le Le a household name after Two Fathers. I like Mike but he’s had a series of supreme duds after Sunny Happiness, a combination of picking bad dramas and made worse by being paired with dreadful leading ladies. In Love Keeps Going he was stuck with Cyndi Wang and in Spring Love was even worse as he was basically there to launch Da Yuan‘s career, and girlfriend needs that nonexistent acting career to be unlaunched. He still has the pig farmer drama with Ady An waiting to air, but until it drops then I’ll have to check out Say I Love You to see if Mike has lucked into a decent offering since he’s got himself a leading lady in Alice who can actually act and not annoy me. The drama revolves around a stone pizza restaurant that brings Mike’s single dad together with Alice’s unlucky in love and life character, promising sweet romance after plenty of bickering. The official previews and stills look pretty decent so here’s to hoping it’s watchable enough for me to casually follow along every week.


Say I Love You previews:


CTV Premieres Say I Love You this Sunday Starring Mike He and Alice Ke — 7 Comments

  1. thx for sharing the video previews! i look forward to it…hopefully it’s good :))…there’s no good TW drama lately since I.A.G.W. i can’t wait for the movie!

  2. Love keeps going was the one that got me into dramaland and I love mike he but I hate all his bad hairstyles so im glad to see a better hairstyle here 🙂

  3. Hope it will be good & heartwarming. Stayed away from TW dramas cause nothing attracted me but a healthy Mike He as a dad could do the trick.

  4. Trailers are so blah. So blah that you don’t have to actually watch the trailers because there is nothing there that can’t be said and understood in words. And Mike He’s acting feels so forced. He doesn’t have any of the winsome, boyish charm of Leroy Young’s character in Two Fathers. The man-child vibe that makes one smile even as you shake your head in disbelief at his childish antics.

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