Super Stylish Big Man Kang Ji Hwan in the June Edition of Geek Magazine

The pleasure of watching Kang Ji Hwan act is magnified by how gorgeous this man is. Sometimes it’s easy to forget because he gets so into character and some of his characters are not all that attractively styled. When he’s let out of a role, he returns to being the stylish and chic man’s man he is in real life which has been so perfectly captured in the pages of the June edition of Geek Magazine. I love the words geek or geeky because it connotes someone studious and likely quirky. Kang Ji Hwan doesn’t necessarily strike me as geeky but he definitely brings a sincere and intense touch to whatever project he’s working on. Part of the problem with Big Man is the double trouble of having a female lead character who is hard to relate to and boring to watch, with the problem amplified by the actress playing her a naturally cold and aloof type when she emotes.

I like Lee Da Hee¬†well enough but she’s wrong for BG in both casting and her character ought to be shunted from any love line with the male lead. She actually manages to simmer when her character has scenes with Daniel Choi but the drama insists on writing him as a sociopath so to pave the way for the hero to vanquish all his opponents rather than have more complex and nuanced interactions. On the other hand Jung So Min‘s character is way more entertaining and appealing, plus her acting style just sparks so hard with Kang Ji Hwan. They have one or two scenes per episode and those are the most memorable ones aside from when Kang Ji Hwan is doing his own masterful acting class across the entire drama so far. Following along with Big Man is a tempered excursion made worthwhile for Kang Ji Hwan’s fantabulous acting along regardless of how the drama plot keeps on unfolding.


Super Stylish Big Man Kang Ji Hwan in the June Edition of Geek Magazine — 5 Comments

  1. I’m not a fan of Lee Dae Hee’s character. She has the same face when she is schocked by her fiancee or when she’s happy… We want to “hit” her to wake up her. Jung So Min’s character is more entertaining. She’s lively and says what she thinks.

  2. Lee Da Hee has seen better dramas, but this Song Mi Ra is just so dull. As a character by her own she’s probably good enough but as a romantic interest for Ji Hyuk, they seem so awkward together. Indeed, she’s got more chemistry with Dong Suk and she’s actually pretty good when she’s seething with revenge and contempt against him. Lee Da Hee works best playing those kinds of roles, not one that acts all shy and cute, if you could even consider her shy and cute, she’s just stiff.

    Again, another testament that the “cold” female lead is always at a disadvantage when compared against the “lively” one. Very few have I seen one succeed and usually it’s when they’re fiddling second lead and as straight up villains, but as protagonists? Not so much.

    Case in point for the recent dramas: Seunghee (DS) and Gaya (IG). BUT, as a the protagonist of the story itself, they probably shine the most. The makjang fest of Temptation series comes in mind.

    • I agree with you concerning LDH. She is limited as an actress and needs to grow that part of her. There are some actresses, really good ones, that can play both roles. The actress that plays in Dong Yi as a villain, but I Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup, she’s a good girl and doing it well.

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