Second Slapstick Teaser for Lovers of Music Plays Up More Comedy than Romance

I smell the whiff of bromance ahead in the upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) judging by the buddy-buddy official drama stills of the two leading men Ji Hyun Woo and Shin Sung Rok. Throw in a third wheel in Son Ho Joon and this movie might dispense with the ladies and be about three musically inclined dudes getting into scraps together. Leading lady Jung Eun Ji is noticeably tiny already but stick her between the towering duo of Ji Hyun Woo and Shin Sung Rok and she’s going to be this itty bitty spitfire that will keep both men in line with the force of her personality. The drama premieres in a week after Big Man wraps up this week, and I gotta say KBS is doing just fine with its prime time dramas lately. Neither Big Man nor Golden Cross have ever won the ratings fight in its time slot but both started off with low ratings and only kept improving in audience viewership and critical reception. Lovers of Music is in good shape with Big Man likely to go out with a pretty big blast, and hopefully the comedic kooky previews tacked on to the end of Big Man will pique the audience’s interest. I’m definitely interested but am a bit hesitant. I find the previews amusing but doesn’t immediately make me fall in love with the premise of the drama. The first concept teaser played by the trot singing element whereas the second teaser shows scenes from the actual drama and I was taken aback at just how over-the-top it feels. Ji Hyun Woo especially feels like the madcap clown of the drama rather than the leading man. I hope the teaser purposely showed all the extreme scenes and most of the time the drama will be less slapstick. There’s actually quite a TW-drama vibe about it, which is too early to tell if it might be a good thing or not. Shin Sung Rok’s too-brief scene in the second teaser was totally the highlight for me. Sure hope this one turns out watchable.

Second teaser for Lovers of Music:


Second Slapstick Teaser for Lovers of Music Plays Up More Comedy than Romance — 8 Comments

  1. Yup, this does give off a Taiwanese drama feel, like, I can imagine Jiro Wang as the lead here, looking at Ji Hyun Woo in action.. JHW looks soooo young here, I mean he always did before too, but the new hair and youngish dressing makes him look like a college-age rapper or something.. Jung Eunji looks cute, and I actually like Shin Sung Reok from 3 Dads and 1 Mom he reminds me of my k-Love Lee Min ki.. So anticipating this! Fingers crossed…

    • Agree, Shin Sung Rok reminds me of Lee Min Ki; the older, less handsome but equally sexy version. Love both actors!

  2. Yayy I’ll have a drama to watch on mon-tuesday. I had nothing to watch on those days haha. I’m gonna anticipate this nice drama and hope its worth to watch.
    Ji Hyun Woo oppa show me some magic like QIHM.

  3. I have to admit the over-the-top-ness of the trailer really turned me off, but I love the premise and the cast so I’ll give it a couple of episode to find it’s footing.

  4. I hope it is gooood!
    JHW hasn’t disappointed in anything. This may be one of those shows that starts out all crazy then gets more serious.

  5. Hmmmm … not what I was expecting, but not bad either. I really hope they don’t throw in animations during the drama because that’s .. a little too much. Otherwise, it looks super fun!! 🙂

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