Top SM Idol Groups SNSD and EXO Produce Hot New Couple in Taeyeon and Baekhyun

I was wondering when the next big K-entertainment dating news would drop and looks like today is a good day for some good old-fashioned tabloid news Dispatch exclusive. Never one to rest on its laurels for following celebrities late into the night on secret dating trips, which really are too many to even list at this point, Dispatch decided to just sit back and wait for the goods to drop in its lap this time by parking its ass right outside the EXO dorm. As luck (or tip-offs) would have it, late into the night around 2 am Taeyeon of SNSD pulled up outside the EXO dorm in her shiny (and bright) silver Mercedes convertible and picked up her equally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young Romeo in the cute form of Baekhyun of EXO-K. Taeyeon isn’t just Baekhyun’s sunbae at their mutual agency SM Entertainment and SNSD debuting years before EXO, she’s also three-years older than Baekhyun. I don’t think Taeyeon looks old in the slightest but looking at pictures of Baekhyun he looks about 15 years old give or take a few years.

The Dispatch spy followed Taeyeon’s hard-to-miss car as it pulled over by the side of the road and the couple got in some hanging out time. My eyes may not be as sharp as it used to to (curses all those recaps that need to be written!) but I spot Taeyeon stroking her handsome young man’s face and then some kissy kissy to boot. I was dying with amusement to see how SM explains their way out of this one, and even better is that it’s all going to come from one agency rather than two agencies trying desperately to align their statements and sometimes accidentally kicking each other in the face with conflicting comments. Maybe Taeyeon-Baekhyun are discussing an upcoming duet together and harmonizing late at night because their schedules are so packed during the day? Maybe she’s checking out his tonsils after feeling his face up in case he’s sick? SM made it easy on itself and just confirmed these two are in fact dating. Baekhyun has stated openly that he admires his SNSD sunbaes and singling out Taeyeon as his personal favorite. Now we know why. So cute, these two. Good luck weathering the double whammy of crazy fanboy v. fangirl weeping blood tears.

I’ve heard murmurings of this couple since earlier this year, around the time Yoona went public and Lee Seung Gi and Sooyoung confirmed she’s been dating Jung Kyung Ho. Taeyeon and Baekhyun have been seen wearing couples bracelets, same earphones, and even posting the same SNS message about Pikachu and dreams (don’t ask). With the girls above taken, as well as Hyoyeon with her maybe dodgy boyfriend and Tiffany dating 2PM‘s Nichkhun, that really leaves half of SNSD tied up. Hopefully this will also put to rest all those Baekhyun is gay rumors. Nothing wrong if he was, it just seemed like some of his fans were unilaterally shipping him with Chanyeol and wishing he was gay. I sometimes forget how boy-banders can generate crazy fandom slash fiction.


Top SM Idol Groups SNSD and EXO Produce Hot New Couple in Taeyeon and Baekhyun — 48 Comments

    • I wonder how Exo fans are gonna react! They’re sooo scary! The littlest thing can set them off!

      I hope SM is smart enough to admit to it there’s no way you can talk your way out of this one!

      Hmm I wonder if Jessica & Taecyeon will ever admit they’re dating.. They seems more than friends to me!

      • I don’t mind Taeyeon and Baekhyun as a couple but I hate how it’s so unexpected and it seems so …fake? Theres just something fishy about it.

        Oh, even if Taecyeon DID date Jessica, I don’t think they’re together anymore. Its been a few years already and there have been no more sightings of them together.

      • From Instagram and other social media, here’s what I got.

        “I wish Baekhyun was gay”

        “I hate you Taeyeon”



    • Exactly, my best friend was freaking out because her bias was Baekhyun.
      When she first found out..she broke my alarm clock(don`t ask)
      After an hour she was sobbing “BAEKHYUN……SOB SOB” on my shoulder.

  1. I don’t know if Leeteuk fangirls would be relieved or not. I remember some diehard fangirl friends who hated Taeyeon because of the unconfirmed relationship with their bias years ago before Leeteuk enlisted (but they sent him boxes of condoms to be safe, hahaha)

    • haha Taeyeon is really something, she had dating rumors with DBSK Junsu too before the whole rumor with Leeteuk. lol is she a masochist dating all the boys with craziest fangirls in the whole 2nd generation of kpop??? Cassies and ELFs hated her so much back in the day, now EXO stans are coming to her too

      • As explained to me, Leeteuk fangirls hated her not entirely/mainly because she was dating their oppa, but because she also had a relationship with Kangin (before/during/after? that time they dj’d together) that caused a fight between him and Leeteuk and broke up the KangTeuk bromance.

  2. wow didn’t expect to see this here… and i most definitely didn’t expect to see this pairing pop up. dispatch is on a roll with snsd.

  3. Poor SM, it has to be members of their top cash cows with craziest fandoms and there’s no way they could denied these proofs lmao. Anyway, it’s really cute that Taeyeon is the one with fancy car and driving the said car. Get that rich noona, Baekhyunnie! lol

    Dispatch and SS are really out to get SNSD’s dating proofshots, aren’t they? It’s only June but there are 5 SNSD dating “scandals” already. Four more to go for the rest of the year, I guess?

    *ah, ChanBaek / BaekYeol shippers are already attacking Taeyeon’s instagaram with mean comments T_T And it seems like Taeyeon-Tiffany shippers have (residual) meltdown too, it’s crazy.

    • you are right on target. EXO has one of the craziest fanbase and for sure, Taeyeon is getting a lot of hate. she was rumored to have dated other SM artist so it doesnt really make them love her more.

      some say that this is just an effort to cover up the kris issue. some even say that everytime there is a big comeback in kpop, SM comes out with dating news.

  4. OMG!!!It looks like all SNSD are all dating…some many years in secrets in realtionships and right now SM has admitted at least 4 of them. And what about Shinee? there isn´t any of them dating?

    • Yuri and Minho are rumored to date. and there are speculations that key dated a male model but they broke up already.

      • It’s a pity, I do like Minho but I don’t like her very much, it looks like she believes she the prettiest and I don’t think so(sorry for her fans). I do like Sulli, I think she is the prettiest, but there some ugly rumours about her.
        And Key, do you really think he is gay??Some korean guy look like but in fact they don’t. Where are you from that you know so much?

  5. I think it’s best for sm to admit it and not make a big deal out of it. There have been a lot of dating scandals lately and I hope this will continue! almost all idols are in their 20s, let them experience love! I can’t with fans who feel betrayed by this.

  6. Not surprising at all, these types of news were purposely created to deviate attention to SM the Company itself which have so many problems.
    If not mistaken SM has tax evasion issue with Korean authorities. Nothing can surprise me nowadays from SM, they tried all out from dating rumours to Kris’ lawsuit. Yes definitely agreed when someone said this is fishy. You think they will get caught if they really wanted to hide?
    is it just a show.

      • Maybe you have the reason, the car isn´t very discrete. But if that would be true, some people had the reason to criticism SM…

    • Dispatch would not release this type of ‘stolen’ pics without SM’s consent. Whichever news of idols ‘dating’ gets out reminds me of my long-gone naiveté regarding their ‘love’ life.

  7. Er where’s the kissy shots? I can’t see it and thank goodness I am not a fan of EXO cos’ they must be going nuts.

    • Er, I can post about idols when and if I want. I happen to love Taeyeon because she sings tons of drama OST songs and a few are faves of mine like “Missing You Like Crazy” from The King 2 Hearts or “I Love You” from Athena.

  8. My posts about this last night on Omona and EXOChocolate were greatness.

    The morale of the story is: If Baekhyun can do you…YOU CAN TOO! LOL

    Seriously I started laughing AS SOON as it popped up on Naver…SM couldn’t do anything but confirm it

  9. When I heard about this news …first thing came to my kind was “Oh Hell How old is Baekhyun” .. LOL … I was really surprised to know he is 22 yrs old. I thought he was 18-19. WOW love within SM family, that’s sweet. They may have broken 10 and thousands of hearts yesterday but I wish them good luck. I don’t think this relationship will be like forever. Somehow it’s really seems fishy to see them kissing each other in that open car because They both have crazy fans following them everywhere. Anyway may this NOONA and DONGSENG relationship be cutest of all, because they are so cute. GG are literally getting their BOYS … Now how many left to come out. So all my boys DBSK, SUPERJUNIORS, SHINEE please learn from your sisters GG … And come out with your juicy relationship. I love to hear and see who is dating whom …. Come on boys …learn from your juniors

  10. Agree with koala and some other posters from netizenbuzz…this pairing I understand has been followed by a few fans even before, but its still kinda strange? And not conspiracy-strange, but their pairing is kinda odd, and guy appears to be really juvenile next to her. Taeyeon drives the car, gave him flowers apparently, its odd but if they like each other then why not.
    OH well..good thing I ain’t a big fan of the two groups.

    • I think it’s really weird and immature to say a couple seems strange together when you don’t know them personally or have seen personally how they mesh as a couple. Not pointing this at you exactly but this general judgement towards ent. couples. These are real people with established personalities, relationships, quirks, etc just like you, me and everyone we know.

  11. I’m surprised by the pairing perhaps because she’s his sunbae (but then again I don’t pay attention to rumors/dating news), but I’m not surprised that that it’s an SM pairing. Why do I remember that I read somewhere that SM encourages them to date each other? I mean, I think they encourage them to date secretly or at least have some fun because they’re teens/young adults LOL but just keep it out of the limelight because they’re idols.

  12. LOLOLOL. Koalas Playground — shipping capital of the world wide web eh?

    I was legit LOLing reading this, was under the impression you, koala were none-the-wiser about who’s who in EXO but then you brought up Baekyeol. Muahahaha!
    (I don’t read their crack-slash fics honest(!!!) but they have some pretty quality ones that kind of get a little tragic and heartbreaking.) But in reality these two are pretty much classified as friends I’d say.

    I often worry about the dating restrictions placed on these young men. Especially Baekhyun, with him being the most hot-blooded of them all… and if you can’t satisfy your urges where you can… y’know…I thought he’d jump his boyband members sometimes (particularly poor Kris and Tao — that predatory way he looked at them –good job they’re twice his height.)
    I can’t understand the whole idols must remain asexual (barring bromantic petting amongst members) or something. They’re only human beings — let them date. And I approve of this pairing!

    I kind of have more of an unhealthy fixation with the EX0-M half of the group and would love to see Chen and singer Zhang Liyin couple up sometime(aaaahh… what age gap,man? They’re heartbreakingly beautiful and tender together — squee* and some secret childhood love tucked away in China for Yixing or something, his loneliness breaks my heart.

    I don’t mind who ends up with who. Except with Tao… I’d say as long as it’s not Suzy or Sehun, I’m good. Haha! (Just my luck I’ll be hearing something soon — *covers eyes* I’m still not over the sunken Tao/Kris bromance ship — that was real.)

    • Saying all this, I am starting to believe that their is some greater smear campaign underway against SM, and this may just be a cover up for something greater. There is just too much going on.
      As soon as they made that lucrative business merger with Baidu in April – shit just hit the fan(fan).

  13. Omo, I wasn’t expecting this issue to be here. But good koala you did a blog about this. You have a lot of photos ah. I am actually a fan of the two group. so LOl good luck to me.

  14. Its quite shocking to see so many crazy people making a big deal out of nothing . He date her so what it’s his problem any way not even ur problem why bother hating his girlfrend , not like he will marry one of that ‘fans’ or something .
    Just become celebrity and there is no more freedom in ur life anymore what is this bullshit man!! The media is also so stupid , meddle into others life to get this rubbish news .
    * haters are going to hate
    * apologies to those who got offended by this ‘compo’

  15. I think it’s odd thing between those two here while SM issues had been discussed all along and kris issue, now idol couple within company boomed and everyone forget any else in SM. Fangirls are all in tears and hater for such news, lol,now now we forget Kris issue in google and more search trending about this couple instead. I hope Kris will be appear and do an amazing work after long silent because he is Mr. Galaxy after all. 😀

  16. I dont really know what to say since I am Exo’s one madly crazy fan.I’m happy that he is dating but the thing I was afraid of? Imagning Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating. Taeyeon-ah! I want to let you know that I’m your number 1 anti-fan from the entire world. I didnt like you for the first time I saw your dispickfull eyes. Rudeness and cruelity were sparkling in your eyes. Arent you ashamed of dating a guy who is 3 years younger than you? Its not cuz I love him but she annoys me. Baek, cant you find someone better? How many ex-es have she had ’till now?Ui Taeyeon… I were, am & will be your anti-fan forever!!! I hate youu!!!! I’m mad at Baekhyun cuz he dated a one miserable girl despite he’s a rookie. I’m sure the othet Exo members are in horrible state. Look what you’ve caused Baekhyun!!!! I hope you’re hurting right now. Time will fix that. Aigo ui Baekhyun. I were, am and will be your fan forever. If you think she is well enough for you, go ahead. But you should know that you’re not meant to be together. Dont you see how fans stricktly oppose to your dating news? Anyways its up to you guys. I dont know anymore.

    • Stfu. You dont have a right to say that to our Taeyeonnie. We respect exo even though we dont like them, so please respect us Sones too.

    • You have no right to say that to our Taengoo. Did you think Sones love EXO? Do you think Sones like him snatching Taengoo from us? No, Sones hate him too, for snatching Taengoo from Sones. But as much as we hate Baekhyun, we love Taeyeon so much that we want her to be happy with her loves one. We tried to be patient with all of EXO-L’s bashing toward our Taengoo. But don’t you think you’re a bit too much? Not only you, but all of EXO-L who can’t be polite and keep on bashing Tae. Do you think you stand a chance with your Baekhyun? Sones are loyal, and will stay loyal even if they date. But EXO-L? One rumor come up, many deaths aroused. Right? Is that what you called a true fans? Wanting your idol to be only for him or herself? If we’re only counting true fans, i’m very certain that EXO-L won’t stand a chance against SONES. SNSD and Sones are one. I’ve never like EXO, at all. And i’m shocked when the news broke out. But as a loyal and true fans and friends, we stay with SNSD no matter what happened. 2014 is a very hard year for SNSD. If your EXO boys are the one experiencing this, i wonder how much fans would still be with them. EXO don’t have many true fans. They only have fans that want them for themselves. Such a selfish fans. Let’s see how much year can EXO stand as “one”. Will it be as long as Super Junior? DBSK? Or will it even be as long as Girls’ Generation? So you don’t have the right to judge Taengoo when your own idol and fans weren’t good yet. SNSD are much better in the terms of bond, friendship, experience and etc. They have stood for Sones when the black ocean incident occurs. And they had amazing achievement right after the black ocean incident. Unlike EXO, DBSK, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation faced a hard time before becoming a Korea icon. They were the one making ways for newer groups so that they can make their way much easier at the international debut. The older generation are the one planting, while newer groups are just achieving what older groups had planted. SO DO RESPECT THEM, especially SNSD, they were the only girl group who is compatible in standing against boy group and even beat them. Once again, EXO-L, RESPECT EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE BAEKYEON PAIRINGS. WHY DON’T YOU GO AND BASH BAEKHYUN INSTEAD.

  17. I don’t know if this scandal or rumour are baek percent true. it just that when I read from other articles that they already had been dating since 4 months ago, and you know what, this ‘4 months’ thingy seems familiar to me. correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it that tiffany and nichkhun also had being said were dating since 4 months after the announcement?? I don’t know if it’s true or not but it seems so suspicious to me. it’s hard for me to believe this news because of the ‘4 months’,,, this is only my opinion, don’t hate me. I’m a BIG FAN OF EXO AND ALSO SNSD plus baekhyun is my second bias from exo k so I really support him really much..

  18. Hey!!! you have no right to say that to our taeyeon,,
    Did you know that exo are also the fans of snsd and vice versa???!So if you didn’t. Poor you!!!and HEEEY!!NEXT TIME YOU SAID THAT TO OUR TAEYEON MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NICE OR PERFECT,,BUT IF YOUR NOT?SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUR MOUTH……K!?

  19. Annya ga se yaw,Taeyeon and Baekhyun.l wish that baekhyun will marry with taeyeon.Taeyeon is so cute.Also baekhyun is so handsome.They have many similarities moments and structures.Saranghae BAEKHYUN and TAEYEON.

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