The Imperial Doctress with Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi Releases Dazzling Drama Stills

If C-production company Tangren wants to wash the stink off the milk-the-fans-for-money Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing, there’s a good chance it might succeed with the currently filming Ming dynasty medical period drama The Imperial Doctress. The full Chinese title 女医·明妃传 is translated as Legend of the Female Doctor Ming Consort so leading lady Liu Shi Shi will be playing a heroine that is not only a female doctor but later a consort to the Ming Emperor. The C-media are predictably calling foul in a cute way with the shipping confusion because male leads Wallace Huo and Huang Xuan are both playing Ming Emperors. How does that happen, you ask? One of the real annals of Chinese history in the Ming dynasty had a dual Emperor period when Emperor Zhengtong (born Zhu Qi Zhen and the character played by Wallace) was captured by the Mongol after personally leading the Battle of Tumu Fortress. His capture almost caused the Ming dynasty to topple but a capable minister quickly installed Emperor Zhengtong’s younger brother Zhu Qi Yu (played by Huang Xuan) as the new Emperor Jingtai.

Emperor Zhengtong was released as a hostage a year later and returned to Beijing only to be placed under house arrest by his younger brother who didn’t want to give up his imperial reign. Can’t say it’s not understandable when absolute power is at stake. When Emperor Jingtai fell ill seven years later, Emperor Zhengtong saw his chance and successfully led a palace coup to restore his throne and demote his younger brother back to merely a prince and then placed Jingtai under house arrest. Tit-for-tat. Emperor Zhengtong then changed his ruling moniker to Emperor Tianshun and ruled for another seven years before dying and passing the throne to his son. It’s a pretty cool bit of Chinese history and judging by the tons of official stills released by the production this drama will be tackling quite a long duration in the lives of all the characters. Shi Shi was asked about being in yet another love triangle and she claims that this time she’s true to one man and it’s not with Wallace’s character. That’s pretty surprising to have a leading man in Wallace not get the girl but for once I totally don’t care and want to see a thoughtful dramatic take on a real life female physician in the Ming dynasty mixed with the fictional love affair with two Emperors.


The Imperial Doctress with Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi Releases Dazzling Drama Stills — 21 Comments

  1. This is another cdrama that I am looking forward to! Looks so pretty, hope the story is as good. Although I read somewhere that it won’t air until next year *sadness*

    • UGH I’m so with you there. Wallace Huo as Meng Jiu, Liu Shi Shi as Jin Yu, and Hu Ge as Huo Qu Bing, that’s the ideal perfect Da Mo Yao cast.

  2. ahh!! all these amazing upcoming chinese ancient dramas waiting to be aired. yet, I feel like there’s a back up due to delayed release of earlier already filed ancient dramas.

  3. Currently watching Introduction of the Princess with Wallace and the boy is so pretty, it aches my heart. I see why now, Miss Koala, you wanted him as Jiu Ye in DMY. Imperial Doctress – yet another drama I’m awaiting in addition to DMY.

  4. Awwww Wallace isn’t getting the girl! I just recently watched him on The Glamorous Imperial Concubine! And he didn’t get the girl either!! His gorgeous guy and she’s a gorgeous girl! Why can’t they just put these perfection together on a screen with a splash of romance and passion! *sigh* I’m still going to check this out because the premises is good and the stills like AMAZING!

    • That’s one of my fav Wallace character (the other being White tofu also with TY) – he is so cute and possessive in it and his chemistry with TY is sooo good. There’s so many cute bits in the beginning but then towards the end the plot is so unlogical though. Still worth it plus the ending is totally fan service hahah for those who’s seen CP3.

  5. Just started watching this series and I am hooked! Kang Yunxi is so lucky to have 2 men who truly love her – although not the one she loved!!!

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  8. Just finished watching Imperial Doctress and it was really worth watching. Can’t sleep through night thinking what’s gonna happen in their next episode. My husband was already complaining of me being to hook with that drama, can’t help it. Haha. Wish there was another minute(s) or maybe another chapter of them talking and maybe having a cup of tea, don’t care if their conversation will take another week for me to watch just to justify my contentment :(….i can bear it, but ….grrrrrr why it has to end that way? Would have been nice if they at least hug each other…huhuhuhu.
    Above all, VERY FANTASTIC DRAMA….Truly recommended!

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