Discovery of Romance Finalizes Main Cast of Jung Yumi, Eric, Yoon Jin Yi, and Sung Joon

After three successive I Need Romance K-dramas on cable network tvN, the PD is heading over to the big leagues and shaking up the title a little. While Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) just premiered on KBS Mon-Tues this past week and it’s a tad early to discuss the drama taking its place, the main cast has been finalized and that’s worth a mention. The INR franchise is graduating to being called Discovery of Romance and will reunite Jung Yumi and Eric seven years after they did Que Sera Sera as well as throw in Sung Joon and Yoon Jin Yi to muddle up the love lines. I quite enjoyed Sung Joon’s male lead character and performance in INR3 and it does feel like a step back for him to play the perfect second male lead this time around. At least it’s not for a male lead that I’m lukewarm towards, I’ve loved Eric since the early days of Phoenix and idiotic stuff like Super Rookie and Strongest Chil Woo. I merely want him to wash the stench off Spy Myung Wol and this might just work.

I’m glad he turned down the lead in Lovers of Music because the male lead character reminds me so much of his character in SMW whereas this time he plays a confident and successful interior designer who is quite romantic in relationships but can’t settle down with one woman. Years later he runs into ex-girlfriend Jung Yumi who is now in a happy stable relationship with her plastic surgeon boyfriend played by Sung Joon. Eric’s character realizes his failings of the past and finds himself falling for Jung Yumi again, and his return to her life also shakes up her current relationship with Sung Joon. Jung Yumi’s character is a furniture designer and will end up interacting with Eric time and again in a professional setting. Yoon Jin Yi changes up the typical second female lead in love with the male lead trope and this time she’s totally in love with second male lead Sung Joon’s character. They grew up together and she’s been crushing on him for his calm rational demeanor and consistency in love. This one looks like a must watch with a very intriguing cast in the hands of a PD with lots of experience in the romance drama genre.

As much as I love Eric (and Sung Joon), and also want to see Eric and Jung Yumi reunite, but I’ll be the first to admit that the character synopsis totally screams second male lead shipping in this drama. Doesn’t it? Nice, rational, considerate gorgeous plastic surgeon boyfriend versus ex-boyfriend who broke your heart? Hello? I totally second male shipped in Spy Myung Wol as well so it’s not the first time I enjoy Eric acting but didn’t care for his character. If the leading lady gets plenty of make out time with both male leads then I’ll be a happy camper and wait for how the story unfolds.


Discovery of Romance Finalizes Main Cast of Jung Yumi, Eric, Yoon Jin Yi, and Sung Joon — 10 Comments

  1. OMG, Jung Yumi kissing Eric and Sung Joon? Anhdwae~
    So both male are good catch (visually wise, yes I’m that shallow) and we can’t decide for her who to choose too… hahah.
    Btw, this is the first time I’m hearing Eric was supposed to be the male lead for Trot Lovers. It’s funny because yesterday my bf just messaged me just to tell me a member from Shinhwa should have been the lead instead of the current actor whose name I don’t bother to look up.

  2. I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THIS DRAMA! Love everything about it, the actors, the writer, the PD, the PD’s previous INR franchise, etc….absolutely loved Eric and Jung Yoo Mi’s performance in Que Sera Sera. They had incredible chemistry in the melodrama so I’m looking forward to see them do a workplace romance drama!

  3. Love the cast, but not so sure about the PD. I loved the first I Need Romance, but the third one was a complete dissapointment and waste of Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon.

  4. I loved Jung Yumi and Eric in QSS, that was a amazing drama. I’ve never been that much of a Eric fan but after that I was sold.
    Knowing they have great chemistry I might start shipping them as the OTP instantly.

  5. I know right, koala? How could you enable to make the viewers rooting for the otp if the first synopsis is already sound like that? lol
    I mean…. you make it seems the male lead is the antagonist who are going to ruin a stable relationship.

    Then again in que sera sera I completely sold by OTP relationship no matter how much dysfunctional their relationship are… But it might be help because i don’t feel yoo mi and kyung han’s chemistry at all… And really swept away by their feeling for each other.

  6. Sung Joon can’t play the perfect guy again! He just did that in INR3.
    Hopefully we will get to see a dark side to this plastic surgeon, otherwise why would the happy couple break apart?

    Oh yeah, the power of Eric, that’s why.
    He makes my mind go blank when I see him up there on the screen. He just has so much of IT. I don’t know where to put all the ideas his body gives me. LOL

  7. I love Eric no matter what kind of character he would play. In fact, I got used to see him in both, good (Super Rookie, Korea Secret Agency, Phoenix, Strongest Chil Woo) and bad person (Que Sera Sera, Spy Myung Wol, Winter Story drama). So, I’ll totally on his side. And I never had the second lead syndrome because I always think second lead originally is the one who always disturb the romantic moments of hero-heroine…LOL. But most of all, I’m totally happy he’ll back on the drama land again.

  8. I am definitely in the minority here. Don’t really like Eric and more so after Spy Myung Wol. Pity, I do like Sungjoon.
    Goodluck Eric fans!

  9. seems war has been started not only between Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin but also both supporters. Lucky Jung Yoo Mi…I like all the actors. They all talented. But I must say my love for Eric is more just because I enjoyed every roles that he performed previously.

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