Pleasantly Surprised Continues to Be Sweetly Awesome with a Side of Fashion Pants Disaster

If I had more time I’d definitely recap the Friday night SETTV drama Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You). There is just too many wonderful elements in it and not a single thing I dislike in the story line or the characters. Episode 6 just aired this week and the story continues to get more interesting as the leads head into a cooking competition while Ah Jie’s family situation starts to intrude on his undercover life as a kitchen intern. This drama is lightweight without being silly, like a warm Summer breeze beckoning that carries a sincere message. I appreciate that Kai Qi is warming up to Ah Jie slowly but surely, not that her desire to be left alone is inherently wrong, but the impetus was due to familial strife and disappointment which makes it clear she wouldn’t be this way if her dad wasn’t a grade-A bastard. This drama manages to showcase people with positive virtues along with different points of view and addresses how that can lead to better things to come. With that said, this post isn’t intended to solely extol the virtues of the drama without touching upon the one glaring visual blunder present since the beginning and appears to be getting worse and worse. I’m talking about male lead Ah Jie (Louis) and his wardrobe. The pants are 95% the problem with the occasional shirt hot mess, but goodness what pants disaster occurs every episode plastered tightly to his lower half. I adore Liu Yi Hao but this fashion disaster is one for the ages and adds another layer of viewing purpose. I wonder each week what flower or print abomination shall appear on his derriere? Check it out for yourself below and enjoy the snerk.

The leads Liu Yi Hao and Puff Guo are fantastic and natural as their interactions basically carry the entire show. But there are a handful of side characters that are hilarious and cute to watch, adding more fun to the proceedings beyond just watching the OTP slowly fall for each other. Yorke as the handsome chef’s assistant with the crush on Puff who glares daggers at sunshiney Ah Jie. Shao Xiang as the douchy head chef who can’t understand why ladies aren’t fallen over him. Lene Lai as the nuanced second female lead sous chef that openly competes with Kai Qi for professional achievement and is refreshingly upfront whether she’s being bitchy or bold. And let’s not forget little cupid Xiao Yi who just soaks in the attention from his aunt and the nice uncle next door, and clearly can see that those two are way closer than just friends.

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Pleasantly Surprised Continues to Be Sweetly Awesome with a Side of Fashion Pants Disaster — 28 Comments

  1. Yes I’m watching too…when she was like, “I told you to keep your distance so it won’t hurt if you consider me a stranger” after the power outage/locker room incident I was on her side like, “Bro…you’re leaving and why are you trying to force yourself into her life to change what YOU perceive to be a problem. Listen to her and backoff.”

    I know this is a drama and won’t happen but I’m just saying.

    • LOL yes one moment he’s like “I’ll be with you whenever you need me” and 5 minutes later he’s like “I’m leaving in 1 month”. Okay, dude come on now

      However it just makes me giggle because I’m totally in love with these two dorks and of course they’ll figure it out so whatever 😛 As long as he doesn’t cross a line, I’ll wait until the show puts the spotlight on his double identity shenanigans and how she reacts. This show is my current dose of fluff and I hope it stays that way.

      Thanks Koala for the post!

    • Me, too, I don’t understand the desire to make her need a person that’ll be gone.

      Unless the “gone in a month” is a misdirect. As in “gone in a month for a month.”

      • This is my main gripe with the drama right now. Why ingratiate himself into her life forcing/demanding that she open up/depend on him only to keep reminding himself and the audience that he’s leaving in a few weeks?

  2. His puppy dog face! No wonder he is melting Kai Qi’s heart! When there was a black out at the restaurant and she found him, the way he looked up at her, so puppy! Even Kai Qi had trouble kicking that image out of her head in ep 6.

    I really really love Kai Qi’s independence and she is a character I can relate with a lot (not always possible in TWdramas). I also appreciate Ah Jie’s warmth and sweetness, but I take issue in the fact that he keeps directing Kai Qi to develop this dependency on him, knowing fair well he is to leave in 1 month. Like, don’t just enter and leave ppl’s life as you please.

    Also, can we just make a drinking game for every time Kai Qi accidentally trip and falls into Ah Jie?! Lol. This is a common idol drama troupe but this show is making it a staple of sort. Haha

  3. Haha, I totally noticed the pants before you said it!! Haha, here’s someone who beat Lee Min Ho and his penchant for pastel coloured clothing, especially pants 😀

  4. You don’t LOVE the pink shorts? Or the wavy-grooves-like-mortar-under-tile navy and white design slacks? As bad as the fashions are, they cannot hide the glory of his physique and the width of his shoulders. He’s very nice on the eyes.

    I really really really like this one. This is one OTP I think could reteam successfully for other dramas, too and SOON.

    Every time I hear her name: Kai Chi – it reminds me of the Korean phrase “Let’s go together.” You know, ironically?

    Did you notice how fast the subs come out for this one? LOTS of fans.

    • 같이!!! Wow, that’s a really cool observation—I don’t think I’ll be able to disassociate the two now that you’ve mentioned it. It’s so ironic it’s hilarious. I wonder if Puff realizes that as well since she’s been studying Korean.

      Speaking of subs… I stayed up till 2 AM subbing this on Viki because the video was uploaded late. The things I do for this lovely drama. =__=

      • We all thank you for doing this. I love this show as well. I am also starting to get used to the flower pants; at least his character is consistent. Clearly, he is the guy in a field of flowers (in his attitude about the world) while the rest of us are more like Kai Chi. I think, from the previews, that he is going to have to learn to get some backbone from her. I get the feeling that his brother has been milking his guilty conscience for . . . FOREVER!

  5. Ah Jie’s clothing is quirky but not offensive to the eyes, which is good enough for me. On the flip side, somebody tell me where I can steal Kaiqi’s wardrobe. :3 I wanttt.

  6. I’m enjoying this drama too! It’s a light watch perfect for the summer! Lol, and i think the flowery-printed clothing is the ‘in’ thing this year, that’s probably why many drama characters where something like that =P

  7. Crack drama! I didn’t want to start watching a new drama, but I couldn’t resist. It’s SO good, no makjang just yet…I love Cai Qi and Aj Jie…ughhh I wish it would be like 10 episodes and they get together and he doesn’t go to Brussels.

    • So, can someone clarify for me who Ah Jie’s brother is? It is Enzo? He looked similar in the preview but I couldn’t really tell from the previews…but I also thought his brother wasn’t in the restaurant business? Oy vey, what a nasty brother lol.

      • Enzo is not Ah Jie’s brother. Ah Jie’s brother- Zi Xiang is a new character that will be introduced in the 7th episode.

  8. The “leave in a month” thing doesn’t worry me because I took it as mere self-deception – he ain’t leaving, voluntarily. I’m more upset at jerkface gege from Hell throwing a spanner in the works, even though I know one must be thrown. I’d rather have had a straight up, clichéd contest between the 2 leads than have her newly re-awakened trust broken like that.

  9. Yay! I just watched this series last night, and thinking no way anyone would miss this gem? This is one a few taiwanese dramas that don’t fk overboard with anything, well except the flowers pattern everywhere even in dishes.

    Instead of becoming fan of the lead guy, yes, he’s really cute and all, I’ve become a fan of Puff Guo. Simply because she just smoking that chemistry with everyone! And this one’s the best! (Sorry, Aaron) and now everytime they stare at each other, they could just make out with each other! Seriously! Anyway, I love the storyline and Puff’s Kai Xi and adorable Xiao Yi. I wonder why they named it, Pleasantly Surprised? Read the pinyin, isnt’t it literally Liking one person?

    • Yes, the Chinese translates to Like a person or Like one person.

      T-dramas, for some reason, like renaming their dramas in English even if the Chinese translation is better suited for the drama (cf., In a Good Way or My Era of Freedom).

      • Or I Like Being Alone, which is what she wants to be. You don’t need to use the subject in the sentence if the subject is obvious.

        I think the period between xi huan and yi ge ren is there for a reason, but you can still read it either way.

      • Thank you for the reply! Yeah, weird English title. Nevertheless, this is one good drama. 😀

  10. Ms. Koala, I wish you can update on the July Spop magazine. Puff & Jasper is featured on the front cover and by the looks of it, very eye-catching. Two magazines with two different pictures in each. Very adorable. Please talk about the upcoming July spop magazine. Thank you 🙂

    Btw this drama is the best, I’m in love & can’t wait to watch more <3

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