China Remakes Miss Granny with Yang Zhi Shan, Bolin Chen, and Luhan of EXO

The remake of hit movies and shows are nothing new across different entertainment industries. Sometimes it works and there is room for another version, other times one wishes the original would be left well enough alone. This year’s hit K-movie Miss Granny starring Shim Eum Kyung, which won her a Best Actress Baeksang, will be getting a C-movie version to start filming this Summer. It’s not a remake according to the Chinese director but something he calls same script different industry filming. Last year he received a script for Miss Granny which is financed by a joint Chinese-Korean production house with the intention to make the Korean and Chinese movies at the same time for the different audiences. The K-movie got made and released in theaters earlier this year but the C-movie languished in casting until now when it’s locked down the main cast of veteran actress Gui Ya Lei, rising C-actress Yang Zhi Shan, established TW-actor Bolin Chen, and complete and utter acting newbie Luhan from the K-group EXO. Luhan is actually Chinese so at least he has something going for him in being cast in a C-movie and I’m assuming he’s playing the supporting role of the grandson of the grandmother leading lady. Right now Gui Ya Lei playing the older version of the female lead and Bolin Chen as the male lead are the best things about this C-version, while leading lady Yang Zhi Shan is a big question mark for me though she made a big splash as the leading lady of the Zhao Wei directorial debut movie So Young with Mark Chao and Han Geng. It’s a shame I don’t have any positive impressions of her since Shim Eun Kyung rocked the same role so hard in her role in Miss Granny. The Chinese version has the title Return to Twenty Years Old 重返20岁 and will be based on the same script as the Korean movie and is aiming for a year end release.

Veteran C-actress Gui Ya Lei is amazing and as much a well-known face and name in Chinese-speaking entertainment as veteran K-actress Na Moon Hee is. Once again the big what if is on Yang Zhi Shan to deliver something that doesn’t immediately pale in comparison to Shim Eun Kyung.


China Remakes Miss Granny with Yang Zhi Shan, Bolin Chen, and Luhan of EXO — 8 Comments

  1. Luhan is the grandson but since the casting news my eyes only see Bolin Chen…YAASSS

    Off topic but Luhan’s sasaengs are so over the top they put a camera in his hotel room and posted photos…so his fan union bought expensive gifts and food for the cast to create a better impression. Fandom is serious business.

  2. seriously I am so happy happy that Bolen chen is in it… but this drama was just so awesome because of Shim Eun Kyung. I just hope the girl who will be playing her would not mess it up!

  3. oh my god this news makes me want to throw my ipad across the room. Luhan is a terrible actor who acts with emotions so plastic it’s like watching a boring documentary; he can’t even carry his weight in a 10 min-long mv, what makes him think he the ability to act well in a movie (albeit in a minor role?)

    • Hey!Who are you to judge? this thought of yours is crap, don’t you ever underestimate our Luhan, maybe you don’t know him well. Just sit, wait, and watch the m0vie and see how good and precious he is, and maybe we don’t know, you’ll fall for him too whaha

  4. This reminds me I need to see the k-original. J’adore SEK and NMH.

    Bolin Chen was pretty freaking amazing and raw in Buddha Mountain. Haven’t seen him in anything else yet.

    I don’t think Luhan being a sensation across Kor/Jap/China is entirely unwarranted, he’s so much more than just a pretty face but when he’s nervous he’s a timid mess lol! I think he’ll be much more comfortable on home turf though and it is a smaller, relatively less-challenging role I guess.

  5. Can’t wait for this m0vie to watch.. Em super excited to see Luhan on m0vie. *preparing myself to be in love for him even m0re. πŸ™‚

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