Dr. Stranger Wraps Additional Filming and Preps for C-movie with Emphasis on the First Love Romance

Recapping a drama from start-to-finish is a genuine commitment. It’s not like dating and requires a break up since eventually the drama will finish on its own. But if the drama derails then the process takes on a a surreal meta quality of trying to muster enthusiasm and the analytic urge when none exists. That didn’t happen with Dr. Stranger despite how how of a narrative hot mess it was. For whatever reason I kept wanting to watch it week-after-week, with some rubber necking involved, and had plenty to say about it even until the end. I thought I washed my hands of DS after the drama ended at twenty episodes even knowing that the production had the cast back to film additional footage to cobble together a two hour C-movie cut to be released at the end of the year only in China. I don’t fault the production for milking this cow, entertainment is a money-making endeavor and if someone is willing to pay for a remix then why not do it. DS hardly ever touted to be a work brimming with artistic integrity.

The filming has wrapped for the additional filming involving all four leads Lee Jong Seok, Jin Se Yeon, Park Hae Jin, and Kang Sora. Jin Se Yeon was the last to finish filming and she posted the above two pictures to commemorate the wrap of her character of Song Jae Hee/Han Seung Hee. The dude in the top picture is PD Jin Hyuk while the bottom picture is clearly Jae Hee with Hoon after filming new scenes for the movie. They are dressed like doctors and look quite happy. I’m content with that. PD Jin Hyuk stated in the accompanying article that the C-movie will have new beginning and ending sequences but will follow the drama story line. The difference is the excising of all the North Korea references as well as the beefing up of the first love romance between Jae Hee and Hoon. PD Jin further added that he regrets not sticking closer to the original drama concept of focusing on the first love, in the drama that was reworked midway through for various reasons though the drama still ended the way the script concept intended.

I don’t know why Jae Joon is in a wheelchair (please don’t die in the C-movie!), but it’s definitely yet another bridge scene below featuring the OTP. Siiiiigh. Let’s hope Jae Hee doesn’t defy gravity and bullet trajectory to fall off yet again. PD Jin felt the romance in the drama wasn’t presented with as much beauty and passion as he wanted and that will be fixed for the C-movie cut. For HoonHee shippers this ought to wash away the disappointment of watching a beautifully presented romance in the beginning totally get thwacked around in the ensuing narrative mess.


Dr. Stranger Wraps Additional Filming and Preps for C-movie with Emphasis on the First Love Romance — 12 Comments

  1. LOL! Sounds like the PD sees this as a chance to make amends and address his regrets. Who knows, maybe the condensed version will actually be watchable? There really was way too much recycling happening in that drama on top of going off the rails on the romance part only to come back to the original concept. I might actually watch this movie version when it comes out, because I just won’t ever be able to actually finish watching the drama.

  2. I really loved the romance aspect of it until they decided to rewrite it and basically forget about the fact that it was about 2 people madly in love, so if a subbed copy of the movie comes out I’m sure I’ll watch it

  3. So it seems that is indeed TRUE that the script was changed (in the drama I mean) to fulfill the wishes of those silly fans! Ah scary seasang fans!!!

  4. what a waste.. I enjoyed first two and last two episodes of the drama only.. and what is it now? they said they regret it? oh God, some ridiculous fans succesfully made this drama into a mess..

  5. I didn’t like the female lead nor the actress BUT all the mixed signals with the KSR character were completely stupid (I’m a sucker for fan service but it has to be logical). They should have kept the 2 love lines clear & separated.

  6. Do you people see what fanservice can do to a show??? This is one of those outcomes. I’m glad PD expressed his regrets about what happened to the drama. The audience needs to understand that it’s not them that’s writing the story, but the writer of the story. At tgis rate if we let the audience steer the story, then we don’t even need a writer for any show any more. As long as this movie fixes things(especially less fan service!!!! One of those things that ruined the wholw drama, taking up precious time that could’ve been used for plot development), then I’m fine with the removal of NK stuff. I think it’s because the original gave much more power with it than not having it.

  7. I’ve watched almost all of pd jin hyuk drama and I enjoyed every single one of them ( I LOVED CITY HUNTER AND MASTER SUN URGH ) I’ve yet to watch doctor stranger LOL I’m like super slow because I’m still catching up with other dramas.

  8. Doctor Stranger: The Movie might be more watchable than the drama especially if it’s focusing less on the surgery competition and second lead shipper fanservice.

  9. Just makes it frustrating knowing they KNEW how it should’ve gone down, but made changes due to various stupid reasons.
    I sure hope this movie makes some sort of redemption for the mess of the drama.

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