Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao are Dorky Adorable at S-Pop Magazine Fan Event for Pleasantly Surprised

These pictures are simultaneously adorable and slightly awkward. I can’t describe it but the body language between the leads of Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You) at the magazine fan signing event make me laugh at and with them. Puff Guo and her overgrown big boy of a costar Liu Yi Hao hit up SETTV headquarters for the fan signing of their just released S-Pop magazine edition featuring all sorts of summery feels. Which is why I immediately want to bop Liu Yi Hao on the head for arriving dressed like a grandpa attending church in the fall. Tweed? Or a suit that looks like tweed? In the middle of Summer in Taiwan? Dressing fail, my boy, dressing fail. It would have been better to just show up in character in one of Ah Jie’s interchangeable flower printed bermuda shorts.

Luckily Puff is perfectly breezy for the two of them, but seeing them interact outside the drama just reminds me of a noona and her dongsaeng who blushes when he has to get close to her. I feel Liu Yi Hao stammering deep down inside in all the pictures of them close together while Puff is like “I know, I know”. They have great chemistry onscreen, don’t get me wrong, but an actor like Aaron Yan can sell all sorts of fursploding chemistry with his leading lady even off screen in real life promotional events. Regardless of whether Liu Yi Hao and Puff can ever spark in real life, they are definitely sparking in the drama now that their characters are fully aware of each other’s pasts and are moving towards the acknowledgment of their feelings for each other. If Liu Yi Hao did influence Puff on anything, it’s putting a million dollar smile on her face all the time since he totally makes her laugh with his unique charm.


Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao are Dorky Adorable at S-Pop Magazine Fan Event for Pleasantly Surprised — 22 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed that both onscreen and at events, Aaron and Puff had much better chemistry together than either does with their current co-stars. I really hope they have an opportunity to do another show together.

    • Not really, while watching the bts of pleasantly surprised, you can see a bigger chemistry between Jasper and Puff. I mean during that kiss scene when they tripped on the floor, you’ll see puff grabbing jaspers face and not vice versa. In the other bts of them two falling on the couch, seems like their enjoying the kiss scene a lot. If you were to watch the photoshoot bts, they were very comfortable and she hardly pulled away when he did that dry kiss scene; you also see the part when he wrapped his arms around her neck, and puff is just holding onto it as if she enjoys his closeness. I think she has more chemistry with her ideal type of guy & Jasper does fit her quality. Lol

  2. Goodness, what a coincidence! A Korean friend of mine texted me just minutes ago that today marks 초복 in Korea, with the custom of eating… watermelons. 고마워 선생님. ㅋㅋ
    Thus I am guessing that the same can be said of other Asian countries.

    From these stills plus her WGM gig with Heechul, Puff seems to be quite a lovely person, unlike her “Miss Rose” character.

  3. They are so freaking adorable. I can see why he would make her feel happy and relaxed, while Aaron’s smexiness would challenge her a bit more.

    Did I mention they are adorable?

    • I don’t think Aaron is smexy in real life at all LOL. Gossip on the production sez Aaron-Puff was like giggly girlfriends type of closeness whereas Puff just thinks Liu Yi Hao is an overgrown goofy boy.

      • I dont think Aaron is smexy either but he is good at fanservice. I was a lil disappointed that bufu didnt take their relationship to another level. Maybe they were like a pair of girlfriends. She seems to treat Yi Hao like a lil bro. The one who surprised me the most is Heechul. I didnt think he was her type but she treats him like a romantic partner and is willing to be vulnerable in front of him. Her video diary, AOA dance , spent time with him on his bday show her giving heart. I love her. My pick for her would be Jasper as he ‘s so charming with killer smiles

      • The only Aaron I know is from the scripts since I can’t understand him in BTS films.
        He does the stare so very well, I believe it. If he really isn’t smexy with all that beauty, wow, he IS a good actor, oh, and kisser … OTOH, THT is definitely NOT sexy with his costars on screen (when he moves) but he is very sexy in stills.

        It’s kinda cool that sexy doesn’t depend on looks, IRL, but nothing in all of our world media will back up that notion.

        Meanwhile, I will go back to my lala land of pretending A2 Ron is as hot as he looks.

      • My pick for puff is jasper. He seems to make her blush with his unique charms & she seems more relax with him than with any of her other co-stars.

  4. I think they look cute together! I watched their video of shooting the magazine pictures and they were so hilarious and cuteeeeee together. Also…I can’t believe he’s 29 and she’s 26!

    • I don’t think they are talking about looks, but how he interacts with his female costars. He isn’t “on” all the time as I thought he was.

  5. They are just so adorable~~ I just can’t with them (; this is just so good so far. Love it!! ;D
    By the way does anyone happen know how well this drama is doing in the ratings department? Or somewhere I can find out? (:

  6. Too cute.. Does anyone agree with me that they should date?? haha.. I wish they would.. it would be just lovely. 😀

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