Serious Aaron Yan Fanservice Ahead with Shirtless Kissing in Episode 16 of Fall in Love with Me

Is anyone still watching Fall in Love with Me? I need a quickie summary of the latest happenings onscreen since the drama has managed to lure me back to check out this Sunday’s episode 16 with the promise of topless Aaron Yan and lots of kissing. The ratings for FILWM have been quite low for the network on the Sunday night slot and doesn’t look like a last swell of momentum is coming to drastically boost the ratings. That doesn’t mean the drama doesn’t need to work hard to keep its current viewers and this blatant fanservice of Aaron is bringing out the heavy guns. Aaron is likely all “no problem!” since he’s in such good shape lately with a rigorous workout routine that’s probably borrowed from his hyung Wu Zun and their Fahrenheit days together. Episode 16 shows the two leads Aaron and Tia Li on a camping trip together, there is water play by the creek that gets both of them wet followed by kissing around the campfire. I’m watched so many SETTV dramas I don’t even need to rack my brains to remember where these scenes are cribbed from.

Miss Rose had the leads go on a trip together that involved water play and taking clothes off afterwards to dry off, and King Flower had a pair of lovebirds kissing up a storm in front of a tent and campfire. I read the article that accompanied the new drama stills and it says something about Aaron’s character is reluctantly engaged to an injured girl while he and Tia escape reality on a romantic camping trip. Why is Aaron’s character being forced to marry another girl in the drama? Did she get hurt because of him? And it looks like she may be faking it or not telling him that she’s all better now. Didn’t Puff Guo‘s character in Miss Rose fake blindness just to get Roy Qiu to marry her? What passes for obstacles to true love in this drama is so dumb I can’t even, it was dumb the first time around in MR and now comes across as dumb and repetitive. Oh well, I’m going to take a peek at the shirtless making out scene no matter what. I doubt context is needed to watch this drama at this point so all I want is for Tia to be a full on participant in the kissing rather than sit there like a lump on Aaron’s lap. Check out the teaser treats below.

Kissing preview for episode 16:


Serious Aaron Yan Fanservice Ahead with Shirtless Kissing in Episode 16 of Fall in Love with Me — 20 Comments

  1. So what little I have watched.

    Tia finds out about Aaron’s double identity after he decides to get rid of his rich boy side to be with her. She freaks out drives to sone cliff, calls girl 2 to meet them there. Fights Aaron, slips down cliff. Girl2 falls too, Aaron grabs both, but his hand is injured. Girl 2 let’s go to save Tia and Aaron. Girl 2 now has spinal damage, while all this is happening Aaron somehow got another 30% of Tia’s company making his shares equal to 60.

    Girl2 mom and brother realize they will lose Aaron to Tia so tells girl 2 that if she wants to keep Aaron, not to get better. Girl 2 mom tells Aaron that she wants him to have qual shares of his company to girl 2s brother. She says she’ll take Aaron’s shares of Tia’s company and combine with his shares of his company to give the two boys equal footing. Mom takes Tia’s company and dismantles it threatening to take apart the building, Aaron and Tia declare their love for each other, and then he goes and makes a deal with devil mom, that he’ll marry her daughter if she gives Tia back her company.

    Because devil mom and devil brother only care about giving whiny her way, they agree to it. All of this while knowing that Aaron will never love her. Because logical people sell off their child/sibling to a marriage without love because she cries for it to happen.

    WTH am I still watching this drama?

  2. Awesome! He is so beautiful to watch whether he is crying or smiling or kissing or whatever.

    I love how you completely guessed the turn of the plot just based on the previews you read about.

    I think this show is watchable ONLY if you are willing to and enjoy hating some of the characters and because Aaron is beautiful to watch – see above. I mean, I am still listening to this This Isn’t Me constantly at work to get through the stress – and picturing him singing it.

  3. Actually I rate this as a pretty good drama!

    There are touching moments during the company OZ’s commercial productions: family reunion, hope to live on etc… So it’s not all about one romance.
    Aaron Yan’s acting has seriously improved… more depth (since last drama i watched of him, Love Buffet)
    Tia is adorable! Good couple!
    I have a feeling that fun fun’s mum is hiding some secret to do with Lu tian xi’s (Aaron) parents?! Maybe another reason to add to why she wants him to marry her daughter and not just because fun fun really loves him. Other reason is obviously as he has the creative brain to keep the company prosperous!
    Fun fun’s brother is obviously jealous of how well his own Mum treats Lu tian xi (from early childhood till now) and not only helping his sister but kind of taking revenge in his own sly way. Look at the way he is amused when he sees Lu tian xi and his mum in an argument.
    On the other hand, Lu tian xi finds it hard to go against a person who has treated him as a son most of his life plus Fun fun is like a younger sister to him… It’s not so simple as marrying fun fun only cause he wants OZ back.
    What I’m trying to say is the characters are building up well even though the storyline isn’t that original.
    I’ve watched a few episodes each day and now I’ve caught up… Can’t wait for the next episode!

  4. This drama is bad. It has every crazy trope and nonsensical plot line from nearly every Taiwanese drama over the past year and a half; it’s like somebody had drama cliche coupons or something. Tia Li is pretty but so stiff that I keep waiting for her to completely burn up when Aaron looks at her–partly because he is SO HOT and partly because she is so wooden. I only watch because he is incredibly luscious in this show; I can’t even describe how his skin glows and how he is working this role like he is trying for an award, so generally I am fast forwarding to see him. I am also watching because my friends over at Problematic of the Unproblematic blog write such hilarious squeecaps that I am tempted to print them out so I can read them when my internet goes down.

    • There were actually scenes in the last episode that were touching – I even had tears.

      There is something about the hopelessness of their future together that gets me. There is noble sacrifice to gum it up, but he really thinks it is the best thing for her. I have to pretend, of course, that she has shown him the love she is suddenly talking about. I mean love to him as LTX not XL. Of course it would be awesome if he married Fake Wheelies and made her suffer for her stupidity. The idea that she would choose to be wheel chair bound to get and keep a man puts us back about five centuries in romance plotting for evil second leads.

      • Honestly, does she even need to feign her disability at this point? I mean, her mom has already gotten LTX tied down with the OZ rights and all. He’s compelled to be with her nonetheless, so it’s not like he’ll leave her once she reveals (or pretends to regain) her ability to walk.

      • I don’t understand the family, and not because they are the typical villains. *SPOILER ALERT* Why burn down OZ? The only hold they have over him is OZ? Once that company is ruined, he can walk away? They are only good villains because the good characters are kind of dumb. The only person really smart is Butler Fu, and the writers have demoted his screen time to nearly nothing. There are some moments where I was touched, too, but because really Aaron is working his butt off here. He really shows his conflict in his face. When he realized that his family had really merely been using him for stud instead of really being family, you could see how broken he felt. Part of the reason he liked Oz so much is because of its family feel; something he never got from working with Lance.

  5. I hope their kissing scene looks very natural rather than forced. Just by looking at the preview, the kissing scene looks a bit disappointing.

  6. I check it out every Sunday just to see if a miracle twist has somehow saved the drama, but since episode 12 it’s always been wishful thinking. Downhill from then. The story line is crap. But I take a peek coz I want to see Aaron’s pretty. This week the drama managed to keep me interested for a full minute combined, first while Aaron was crying his heart out in the car before saying goodbye to Tia. And then the second time during that camping trip. Aaron Yum!

  7. I tried so many times to watch this drama but it’s dragging. Yes, Tia Li is wooden because maybe there’s been too much botox. I find Aaron to be so effeminate that I can’t really watch any romantic scenes. He is good-looking in a non-masculine way.

  8. There’s supposed to be plot? I’m only still watching cause I think Aaron Yan is pretty and keep hoping Butler Fu will make a big comeback on screen and maybe someone will push the main lead girl and second lead whiny baby off the cliff they fell from before.

  9. *Emergency Alert!*
    I already got sick with that girl’s acting and stiffness. And now WTH with the plot?! Oh man..enough for 11 eps, I give up!

  10. Haven’t watched the drama (watched the first episode only) and don’t plan to (though i’m a huge Aaron Yan fan). It’s probably the girl lead and her reactionless face that turned me off. Aaron’s a good kisser and so freakin’ cute (and shirtless too? Rawr.) but i’ll pass because im tired of one sided kisses.
    Commented purely to tell everyone how much i love Aaron Yan.

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