Sulli Takes Hiatus From Entertainment Career with Final Hawaii Photoshoot for Ceci Magazine

I’m not sure if this particular serious hiccup in Choi Sulli‘s career will have a happy ending but it’s a big enough entertainment shocker to cover. Sulli first came to my attention almost a decade ago as a child actress playing a memorable part as the child version of Lee Bo Young in the sageuk Seodongyeo. Years later she popped back up as an idol in the SM Entertainment girl group f(x) but also continued to act here and there, with her most high profile drama being the K-remake of HanaKimi called To the Beautiful You costarring Minho of SHINee. That drama was terribly adapted from the source material but Sulli wasn’t bad as the cross-dressing girl going to an all-boys school to cheer up her high jump athlete crush. She also has a decent sized part in this Summer’s sageuk adventure movie Pirates with Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin.

Despite having a lot on her plate, Sulli has been noticeably absent from promotions for the movie as well as her own group’s promotions for their just released comeback album called Red Light. SM is having a terrible year in terms of internal group complications, the biggest of which was Kris leaving EXO and suing to get out of his contract, so Sulli’s suddenly MIA status immediately got the netizens attention. SM’s excuses went from she’s sick to she’s recovering to finally releasing a statement that she’s taking a hiatus from all entertainment activities and subsequently all f(x) promotions for its just released album will also come to an end. She’s in the pages of the August issue of Ceci magazine in a photo spread filmed in Hawaii back in June before everything went down. It’ll likely be the last we see of Sulli anytime soon so enjoy the very pretty pics and whatever is going on I hope she’s doing well.

There are a ton of rumors and conspiracy theories and innuendos floating around about why Sulli took a break (if it is a break) and what’s going on within the inner halls of SM. I like Sulli as an actress so am sad she’s not going to grow into a better younger generation female lead with more acting gigs in the foreseeable future.


Sulli Takes Hiatus From Entertainment Career with Final Hawaii Photoshoot for Ceci Magazine — 19 Comments

      • It is a rumor cause SM continues to deny the relationship. all farfetched excuses has been made about it…
        I am not a fan but I hope she can weather this storm cause I think it is just too bad to get this whole blame game with end of Fx promotions and rumor with their relationship hanging over someone so young…

      • yes, too many sightings/evidence that links them together. i thought SM would be ok with it since they have revealed a lot of their idols in relationship this year.

        we’ll never really know whats going inside SM. i also hope that the decision to take a leave first is all for the good of Sulli and the rest of f(x)

    • lol Koala, you’re so famous that you have antis now…

      Back on topic, she’s a pretty cool chic and I really like her in f(x). Hope everything goes well for her; it better not be anything health-wise

  1. Me toooo… I smell fishy!! I was reading some of the comments in some of videos if their comeback and something didn’t sound right. I just thought it was me reading too much into it.

  2. Not just for SM, it has been a really negative year for the whole Entertainment Industry. Drug Scandals from four years ago, doing a Chinese CF which upsets the knetz, idols leaving the group, unexpected dating scandals and what not.

    • I guess because I pay more attention to american music industry this doesn’t sound like anything super negative. Any entertainment industry will have nonstop drama. Maybe it’s just becoming harder to keep under wraps in K-ent these days.

    • Olivia Pope would say that to cover one’s own scandal, one has to create a bigger one to shift the focus. So SME’s move on pointing the finger at Sulli comes as no surprise.

  3. Sounds like she’s had a rough time of it, poor girl. And the rest of the group getting pulled from promotions does not help either.

  4. I actually really love Sulli even though she’s done nothing that’s stuck with me. There’s something endearing about her so I’m sending some positive vibes her way.

  5. That apartment shot and boat shot are soooo uninspired. What a waste of page for a fashion mag. That said, she really is pretty! 🙂 too bad on the hiatus tho 🙁

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