Jang Geun Seok is a Cute Summer Boy-next-door in The Star Pictorial

I haven’t been following Jang Geuk Seok for the last few months since he doesn’t have an acting project on the horizon. His singing career is the very side of him I can’t stand so whenever he focuses on that is when I tune out for my sanity’s sake. His last acting gig was the unfortunately named and underrated Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) on KBS towards the end of last year. Even with the popular idol-turned-actress IU as his costar, their combined acting and star appeal wasn’t enough to lift a pretty wacky story that is more odd than anything. I liked it but I’m used to the weird appeal of manga-turned-dramas where there is a heightened level of disbelief required to accept really far-fetched characters. IU showed me her continuing acting improvement while Jang Geun Seok redeemed himself for me with a pretty self-aware performance that poked fun at his real life persona while showing that he’s still a very charismatic actor when the cameras are turned on. Earlier this year he paired up yet again with Park Shin Hye for a cute Jeju island promotional web vignettes for the Lotte Duty Free brand. He just released his third album Driving to the Highway with his collaborator DJ Big Brother for their duo Team H. He’ll be doing a Summer eight-city Asian tour to promote the new album so fans of his music ought to check out whether he’s headed to your neck of the woods. I’ll be waiting for his next acting choice and hopefully it’ll be something that will bring back more of his early days acting fans. His just released pictorial for The Star magazine is like a breath of fresh air in showcasing his cute haircut and boy-next-door appeal.


Jang Geun Seok is a Cute Summer Boy-next-door in The Star Pictorial — 15 Comments

  1. Yea I totally don’t get his music appeal. But I love him as an actor so I hope he makes a comeback soon. He looks so young and adorable in these photos. Thank heavens for Bel Ami and their need for shorter hair!

  2. Such a Good looking guy without all the weird stuff and the haircut makes him look like a teenager 🙂
    I read he’s gone for a image transformation starting from this year ? Good for him. All he needs is a good script / project at this moment.

  3. Wow! Much better IMO. He looks so much younger now. Hope he’s happy – and I also hope that translate into better projects.

  4. Do you guys know that he actually started singing cuz:
    1. he loves it.
    2. the fans asked him to sing after seeing his CFs and OSTs.

    He isn’t the best singer but he enjoys every bit of it :3
    LOVE HIM <3

    an Eel <3

    • does he look gay to you? then all kpop stars must be gay to you … joking… peace….

      my poor JKS, when he’s settled the ‘hair problem’, now the ‘gay question’ is still tailing him… LOL

      I think he really needs to be a rambo suk or terminator suk to eliminate that question

  5. He finally got a haircut. Not that I don’t appreciate his own special band of wacky. You can’t say he doesn’t entertain!

  6. Jang Geun Suk has that handsome look that can both rock the long & short hairstyle. But I admit I prefer his shorter hair. Love him as an actor & singer. And congratulations to Team-H for topping the Weekly Oricon Chart for Artists’ Overseas Album Sales!

  7. Glad to come across some positive comments on Bel Ami. That drama works for me too. Long or short hair, he still charms 🙂 Enjoyed his acting & certainly love his voice.

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