Classy Cool Jeon Ji Hyun Models Bags for Rouge and Lounge Summer 2014 Collection

I’ve always loved Jeon Ji Hyun so it’s nice to see a new generation of K-drama watchers discover her anew after she spent over a decade doing exclusively K-movies. When one plays hard-to-get for the television producers, her grand return has to be as splashy as possible and she couldn’t have picked a more perfect character for her to play than Chun Song Yi in You From Another Star. She was like a female version of Dokko Jin except little bit more endearing and a little bit less smart. She fit the role like a glove almost like it was custom-made for her (which it could have been), and if there was ever a Chun Song Yi-cut of YFAS I would buy that. She’s not the best actress around by a long shot but she’s good enough that her added charisma and insanely beautiful looks naturally validate her A-list status. This week the Korean brand Rouge and Lounge released two new endorsement pictures featuring it’s longtime spokesmodel Jeon Ji Hyun looking cool and classy. She was riding high on the incredible success of YFAS coupled with her Baeksang Daesang win but that was overshadowed last month by a joint controversy involving her and Kim Soo Hyun filming a Chinese mineral water CF that was going to be shown only in China for bottled water sold only in China. The brand bottles it’s water from the natural springs source in the mountains known as Changbai Shan (Perpetually White Mountain) on the Chinese side of the border, while the mountain is known as Baekdusan (White Head Mountain) on the North Korean side. The South Koreans have never acknowledged the North Korean-Chinese treaty and legally divided up the mountain, hence the South Koreans still consider the entire mountain belonging to South Korea and legally called only Baekdusan. So when Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun filmed the CF for bottled water labeled in Chinese “bottled from Changbai Mountain” some K-netizens went apeshit and called them “traitors” for taking money to so thoughtlessly betray the national consciousness on that subject matter.

I don’t know if the furor has died down but I doubt Jeon Ji Hyun’s star is permanently dimmed by this and it’s good and the Korean brands continue to work with her because she delivers fantastic endorsement results. The two pictures above are the latest from the brand while below are her endorsement pictures in the last two years. I think she such a riveting model that I keep thinking “I want to be her!” more than “I want her purse!” Either way, these pictures make me look, that’s for sure.


Classy Cool Jeon Ji Hyun Models Bags for Rouge and Lounge Summer 2014 Collection — 6 Comments

  1. I feel like ‘not the best actress around’ is an underestimation of her skills, because much like Shin Min Ah, she actually used to get taken less seriously as an actress because of her beauty.

    But she is far from just being an only-good-for-CFs queen like Han Ga In, at least JJH can act (seen enough of her movies to say this safely). I can see why Koreans might be angry at her because of the water CF and wish she had been more careful, but I hope she and Kim Soo Hyun are not exiled from the industry for this.

    • I don’t think that they will be exiled from the industry. Netizens can influence the industry with their sound and fury but so can global economics. Korean companies which use JJH and KSH as their CF models are making bank in China. Amore Pacific has seen their sales in Chinese speaking countries increase. Rouge&Lounge exceeded their projected annual revenue in the few months JJH has been their model, and they expect it to double in the next few months. Then there is the flock of Chinese tourists who are going to Korea to buy anything associated with the two. Entertainment reporters are back to praising her again. She is scheduled to film a movie with Ha Jung Woo and Lee Jung Jae next month. I guess that she’ll be ok. Of course, she will probably get the occasional hate comments bringing up the water CF for the rest of her career. Even Won Bin gets some hate for just doing CFs and not another film. Ah, the price being a Korean celebrity – they can’t win.

  2. My QUEEN! I didn’t care for YFAS but it introduced me to her and I fell in love with everything about her. The first photoset does not do her beauty any justice. Hope to see more of her.

  3. I heard that they both tried to terminate the cf contract but the fees was 10 mil usd+ some other factors that will effect the staffs greatly which knetizens dun even care. Love how she was their goddess yesterday but “traitor” the next day. Knetizens and their nationalism is really scary. Thanks god this doesn’t really affect the general public

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