Another Cross-border Couple: C-actress Qi Wei Marries K-actor Boyfriend Lee Seung Hyun

When I started blogging years ago, the three areas of my interest (K-ent, TW/C-ent, and J-ent) were remarkably distinct entities and never did the twain shall meet. Okay may not never ever, but it was still fairly rare. These days the cross-over of K-stars making C-dramas and movies, TW-starlets marrying K-actors on Korean fake dating shows, combo magazine covers featuring K-and-J actors together, the list goes on and on and this year has seeped into the real world with two high profile cross-border relationships. C-actress Tang Wei and K-director Kim Tae Young are engaged (and may even have officially registered the marriage already) and the reverse is also true with K-actress Chae Rim marrying C-actor Gao Zi Qi. Language and cultural barriers be damned, these two couples are going to try to make it work. This weekend they got another couple to potentially double date with as C-actress Qi Wei got a surprising wedding proposal from her K-actor boyfriend Lee Seung Hyun, followed by a marriage ceremony right on the spot. Talk about moving fast.

I’m actually teasing about the fast bit since they’ve been dating for over a year now after Lee Seung Hyun and Ady An broke up, and recently there have been lots of C-ent chatter about Lee Seung Hyun proposing to Qi Wei so he didn’t spring a fast on on her. She was expecting it but was completely and happily surprised by the how and where. She was in Saipan for a CF shoot when Lee Seung Hyun showed up for a beachside one-the-knee proposal which she happily accepted. Then came the tears part because suddenly her closest girlfriends emerged followed by her mom, all of whom Lee Seung Hyun secretly flew to Saipan for this occasion. He also flew his parents and sister in from the US. Qi Wei has a very boyish personality and doesn’t like pomp and circumstance and she mentioned before wanting to elope for a no frills wedding, so Lee Seung Hyun made it happen but had her closest friends and family present for the occasion. Qi Wei was all tears during the ceremony as she said I do. Congrats to the couple and check out all the cute pics below!


Another Cross-border Couple: C-actress Qi Wei Marries K-actor Boyfriend Lee Seung Hyun — 9 Comments

  1. That’s my type of wedding… no fuss, just family and close friends, on the beach. I would liked a dress haha but the rest seems perfect!

  2. He’s actually Korean American (like, speaks English better than Korean), and if you google Nathan Lee you’ll get more results than using his Korean name. He used to be part of TAKE a boyband early on but has been working in China mostly for the decade. His Chinese is conversationally fluent but could always be better. I became more interested in him after he dated Qi Wei, because she’s got such a unique personality and style. He must have good taste to put a ring on someone so special.

    • hah…anyman whom can capture Qi Wei at some aspect is quite amazing. she’s a real professional entertainer with ultra outstanding personality. I saw in some interview Nathan Lee said he loves all sides of Qi Wei, even her “crazy” and her bias for females, he found these sides to be very interesting. the man have already prepared a lifetime of enslavement by Qi ge. ^^ what an odd and lovely pair.

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