Double Dose of OTP Kissing to Come in Joseon Gunman and It’s Okay, It’s Okay

I feel so lucky to have fantastic K-dramas to watch on Wed-Thurs this month. Joseon Gunman has another ten episodes to go and that’s five more weeks to spend with my beloved Soo In and Yoon Kang, not to mention all sorts of memorable antagonists and hilarious sidekicks. It’s Okay, It’s Love just started but four episodes in I’m already totally intrigued and addicted. I don’t necessarily think writer Noh Hee Kyung understands psychiatry, mental illness, or is even writing her characters with an eye towards realism even in the extreme context, but I enjoy watching her delicate touch translated into entertaining interactions between characters in ways that hook me. Both dramas aren’t sucking me solely for the central OTP romance even if both are doing a swell job at selling that aspect as well. Look’s like the close ratings battle will remain tight this week as both dramas are featuring OTP kissing to come.

Joseon Gunman finally has the leads openly discussing the secret identity and revenge bit and the best part is that any inclination towards noble idiocy on the part of Yoon Kang can’t even get past his own heartache. Thank goodness for that and boy is Soo In lucky she has a man like Yoon Kang who loves her that much. After the big hug moment at the end of episode 12 is coming the long overdue reunion kiss and from the media reports the two actors Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi took their time getting it right in multiple takes. Ha, that must’ve been tough (not). Over at IOIL, it’s way too early for some kissing breakthrough with Jae Yeol and Hae Soo but if Hae Soo is physically reacting and responding in the upcoming kiss then I’ll be a happy camper. Her aversion of physical intimacy is nicely set up and Jae Yeol’s inexplicable interest in her limitations makes for the sparks between them to feel scalding hot.

The new IOIL kiss happens in the outdoors while the two leads are somehow completely wet and in the middle of a creek. I so need to see what happens leading up to it more than what will happen afterwards since most likely Jae Yeol will get slapped again. Heh.


Double Dose of OTP Kissing to Come in Joseon Gunman and It’s Okay, It’s Okay — 7 Comments

  1. Jae Yeol’s got a slap coming after the mid-creek kiss? Doesn’t look like it to me Mz. Koala, from the pic above.

    Considering the placement of Hae Soo’s left hand, I’d say she’s kissing him right back! So, there shouldn’t be slap there, should it? Looking forward to confirming it though, and thanks a gazillion for the heads up, Your Koala Highness ! 😀

  2. Yes! Good drama kissing makes or breaks a show for me.

    I just realized something. Bali co-star So Ji-sub got to kiss GHJ first. While they were warm and lovely together, they did not ignite. This is JIS game now. HE, also, made HJW one hot partner. Could it be that he will be the one to scare the fear of kissing out of her?

    And HOW AWESOME would it be if SJS showed up for a cameo? I think I would die of happiness.

  3. Thank you for this post!!

    OMG on the JG couple kissing 🙂 yay – I really love my YK-SI couple. I am so happy that the cat is out of the bag for those two. YK was really on the verge of breakdown there. Kissd!!! Yippee!!

    I have not been following IOIL as closely as I would like. The two dramas came before it and have me pretty sucked in. However, JIS- GHJ and the rest of the cast has me slowly getting intrigued and more intrigued by the minute. I have no idea where it’s all going or understanding it completely.

  4. kdrama landscape was sort of a wasteland only a couple of months ago but I’m so happy there’s something enjoyable and addicting for everyone now. I just started watching Yoona’s Street after hearing all the raves. Have you Ms. Koala or anyone else here been watching?

  5. there wasn’t a slap! and the kiss was really good, yay! shit, i really don’t have a life since i get happy because of things like that 😀

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