Bolin Chen Uniquely Handsome as Always in the Pages of Bazaar Jewelry China

There are really no superlatives used to describe Bolin Chen‘s acting talent and charisma that is not deserved. He’s just that good and it’s sad that most viewers know him through the drama In Time With You, which was a rare television appearance from this movie star, rather than his excellent resume of Taiwan movies. Start with Blue Gate Crossing from 2002 and work your way through his oeuvre at leisure. Last year’s college comedy Campus Confidential with Ivy Chen was side-splitting funny and I’ve yet to watch his other comedy movie Machi Action with Puff Guo. This year alone in 2014 he has four movies coming out and the one getting all the media attention right now is the Chinese movie The Continent (εŽδΌšζ— ζœŸ Never See You Again) costarring Feng Shao Feng, Wallace Chung, and Chen Qiao En. It’s a road movie about three young friends and their experiences traveling together. I guess it’s the Chinese Kerouac-eque version of On the Road. It just premiered to good reviews in China at the end of July and will hit the Taiwan theaters at the end of August. Bolin has just wrapped filming the Chinese-version of the hit K-movie Miss Granny and he has another finished filming movie called Schizo which doesn’t have a premiere date yet but there he plays a serial killer with schizophrenia. Bolin can play good, bad, crazy, dull, whatever the personality trait calls for he can deliver and then make it seem like a very plausible person that can exist. Earlier this year he was in the pages of China’s Bazaar Jewelry magazine looking dapper and charming as always even while subtly modeling watches. I love the colors, backdrop, and everything about Bolin in these pics. Come back to TV and make dramas a better place, pretty please!


Bolin Chen Uniquely Handsome as Always in the Pages of Bazaar Jewelry China — 10 Comments

  1. I just saw In Time with You and i was bit disappointed this very talented actor didnt do other dramas but was a movie star. I thought come back to drama please!

    I plan to watch most of his movies i can find.

  2. He’s as fantastic and brilliant as you’d possibly get. He’s ridiculously good looking and such a talented and charming actor. I do hope he’d do more main stream dramas. Or any, really. In time with you is one of my all time favourite T-drama. He’s gotten so much recognition from it specially from the international audience. I hope it eventually encourages him to return and do one more.

    • I watched it online sometime ago but can’t remember the site. It did take me sometime to find it. You should search using the Chinese title.

      Good luck!

  3. He looks so yum!

    *jots down all films listed*
    Thank you Koala-chan, I cannot wait to see him in more things and that road movie sounds great.
    The original Miss Granny I just watched last night and it was amazing! SEK in particular just proved herself all over again that she is indeed a phenomenal actress. I’m nervous about the Chinese remake but atleast there is gorgeous Chen Bolin (and gorgeous Luhan) to look forward to! πŸ™‚

  4. A C-Version of Miss Granny? I probably wouldn’t even bother if it weren’t for Bolin. Which is kinda odd, since it’s the female lead who will make it or break it, and whoever she is, she has BIG shoes to fill matching Shim Eun Kyung’s quite frankly OUTSTANDING performance.

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