Kim Jae Wook and Son Ga In Promote the 10th Annual Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

It’s always a welcome treat to check back in with an actor or actress I like but haven’t seen out in the public eye in awhile. Kim Jae Wook has been relatively low key since his last drama Who Are You wrapped late last Summer. He carried the entire show on his spectral shoulders even if his character didn’t even show up until episode 5. Sometimes it’s not quantity of screen time but quality that counts. I also thought the intriguing set-up of WAY was wasted in the hands of K-dramas and its emotionally overwrought style, the same concept was handled magnificently in the Oguri Shun J-dorama Border (I can’t pimp out this dorama enough) and there are so many more beats to mine beyond whether the girl moves on from her dead ex to the new puppy boy by her side.

I’ve always gotten the impression that an actor of Kim Jae Wook’s charisma and style is a better fit in J-ent than in K-ent. I did get to spend a good 11 episodes staring at Kim Jae Wook elevate a paper thin character and for that it was totally worth it. Kim Jae Wook popped up last week with Brown Eyed Girl‘s Ga In by his side as the two were tapped as the celebrity spokespersons for the 10th annual Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF). It’s a celebration of music and film, which is so apropos in picking Kim Jae Wook since he’s both an actor and a musician with his indie rock band Walrus. They filmed a promo and are featured on the cover of the festival’s magazine (above) and also walked the red carpet on opening night before doing MC duties. It’s adorable that Kim Jae Wook is squiring his good friend Joo Ji Hoon‘s real life girlfriend around. Cute!


Kim Jae Wook and Son Ga In Promote the 10th Annual Jecheon International Music & Film Festival — 9 Comments

  1. KJW had always a special aura around him. Not that of a typical K-entertaimant boy (nothing bad about that). Even in ‘Coffee Prince’ I was convinced he’s Japanese until I looked it up. I swooned over him rather than Gong Yoo 🙂 Personal preferences, I guess LOL
    So, yes, I thought the same with my limited knowledge of asian dramas/movies. He fits better in J-entertainment. Something with a less polished setting or fairy tale-like atmosphere more dark and broken…. perhaps something like ‘Crows Zero’?

    • Yes, he needs to come back. Now we know the news of KHJ being a physical abuser, why did the drama@inspiring generation’ killed him off insterad of KHJ??? He certainly has much different aura that no other K actors can carry. My korean friend once told me that he looks like Japanese.

      Yeah, Crows Zero. but he is in fact over thirty. It would be hard for him act like a high school boy.

  2. He’s pretty decent actor and he’s got the look too. Why doesn’t he get to play major lead? Disappointed.

    The girl is too short for him even in high heels, and she looks unhappy.

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