Aaron Yan Brings Both Leading Ladies Puff Guo and Tia Li as Special Guests for Fan Concert

It’s the year of Aaron Yan in Taiwanese entertainment and we are all living with him just living it up. Since starring in the Friday night drama Just You with Puff Guo last year, he’s been on a nonstop tear releasing singles like last year’s “Taipei Sleeping” and “Unstoppable Sun” followed by two mini-albums this year with Drama and Cut. His single “That’s Not Me” as the opening theme for his Sunday night drama Fall in Love with Me costarring Tia Li has been a smash hit though the drama less so. But his performance has been getting good feedback plus FILWM was so bad it was actually buzzworthy in that people tuned in to watch it derail spectacularly. It shows that Aaron can be in crap and still come out smelling like roses. He just dropped a dance remix of his single “No Cut” last week with Puff as his leading lady, with both of them showing truly awkward moving to the tune in what might be a facsimile of dancing.

I still love them both though, but please don’t ever dance anymore either individually or together. Sadly my plea was immediately squashed when Aaron held an outdoor fan concert this past weekend with both Puff and Tia in attendance, and he went and performed “No Cut” live with Puff for the audience. Sigh. They are really just too cute together and I supposed bad dancing is all in good fun when the two of them are fully aware of their limitations. Aaron was also on an MTV talk show last week and chose Puff as his favorite kissing costar from all his dramas, complementing her lips as being especially soft and pillowy. He also shared how fun it is to film a drama with her because, unlike her cold image, she’s actually quite boyish and a prankster in real life. I’m sensing Aaron making a love call to Puff to be his costar again in a future drama, and if she got the message loud and clear I hope it comes true soon. As for Tia and Aaron? Please drama gods never ever again. Ever.


Aaron Yan Brings Both Leading Ladies Puff Guo and Tia Li as Special Guests for Fan Concert — 86 Comments

    • I’ve seen the vide: it’s worst in motion, hahaha… Seriously I love them both, but I’ve never noticed how bad they were at dancing… it was so weird to watch 😀

  1. To be honest, I prefer the visual of Tia and Aaron together….To me Tia is prettier even if she can’t really act…

    • I was gonna say the same I think aa a life partners tia and aron look visuall great togather her dress is hands down awsome and her hair hrt acting is baaaaad but pufgs was bad too at some point ! So ill wait and seeee
      oh and yuo I think aaron is so damn fucking SMART DUDE ge kniws how tto get ppl a round him and keep himself out tere there I love u aryyyy

      • I have to say, Aaron is a smart person. He knows how to get ppl’s attention and knows how to use the media to his advantage. I applaud him for it. He can act very well, I can see sparks coming from him towards his leads, just that, in retrospect, Puff is the only lead I see who can reciprocate those sparks. Therefore, lead many fans wanting more Aaron & Puff collaboration. I for one, wanting to see more of them as well. But maybe they can play a more mature romance instead of the cuteness one.

        I DO NOT want a “Just You” season 2. I can just imagine what the story line will be….They will BREAKUP! There is no other way capture interest. It will be an on and off relationship and this will be a bad story.

    • I agree that Aaron and Tia lee should be together. They even look cuter together than puff guo and Aaron yan. Why can’t Aaron just make up his mind and choose Tia lee


    Puff and Aaron TLA.
    I think they are the prettiest pairing, especially with both of them coming from good performances lately. Give them a script where they can be playful – like Puff and Dimples in PS – not where one of them (or both) have to be stuffed shirts.

    I don’t know if it would ever happen, but how about Roy and Puff when they are on the same side? I know Roy is dastardly and not a good boyfriend, but I would still like to watch him on the TV.

  3. Unfortunately to your disappointment Aaron mention in the last Episode of FILWM BTS that fans can look forward to another drama with Tia next Jan. Even though he say the same time in last year with puff. Let see if SET, Aaron and Tia/puff agency can made it happen.

    Actually I more looking forward for Aaron to pair with better actress like Rainie or Ariel.

      lets face it–she is kinda pretty– but not on the same level as puff. puff and aaron are much more natural when they act. she can’t act at all.

      • She isn’t just “kinda” pretty, she is beautiful, gorgeous,perfect. And it’s more like Puff cant even get on Tias level. Puff doesnt even have a level, lets just leave it at that 🙂

    • Give poor tia a chance her acting might not been brilliant but to be honest sge suits aaron as a couple. She is very pretty. Also watching FILWM was a good drama I personally lovEd it. Also watched behind the scenes episodes there is a lot if chemistry between aaron and tia. It always seemed aaron was always flirting and wanting to kiss or hold her hand and showing a lot of affection towards tia. She responded but seemed shy. So people give her a chance.

  4. Tia and Aaron, hell to the motherfuckin yes. Puff and Aaron, hell to mutherfuckin bloody NO!!! Yeah, maybe Tias acting isnt all that good but she isnt slutty like puff and her chemistry on and off camera with Aaron is natural and even a crackhead can tell that Aaron feels way more comfortable with Tia

    • Agree 😀 i dont like puff nor hate her. I just see her moving like so slutty (sorry for the word) as been seen on the pictures above. But im not judging her. Maybe i just dont like the way she move. As for tia, she is more natural. Maybe she is not so good in doing acting but we know that she will upgrade her acting skills. And for the people who is saying that tia is not a good actress, well can you please not say that? Because even you, you cannot do good in acting as tia do.

      • I definätely agreed o melon junaid said.. lët us all äppreciate for what tia effort on her acting skills..

      • You say that her dance moves are slutty, but she doesn’t choreograph the dance. DUH. Think before you say such nonsense. Tia Li cannot act, for sure. I could barely watch FILWM and watched barely the first episode. You can’t compare the drama to Just You. The chemistry between Puff and Aaron is real both on and off screen. Tia Li is gorgeous, I’ll give her that, but so is Puff.

    • I REALLY REALLY REALLY think Tia & Aaron is a PERRRRFECT Match in heaven!! How I wish they are a real couple in reality!!!! Personally, I think Tia’s acting skills is really good, she should act & behave like the role she had as Tao Le Si. And Aaron’s acting skills is damn superb, flawless!!! Every action, eye winks, eye tweets and smiles for his both roles of Xiao Lu & Lu Tian Xing throughout entire show are 100% perfect!! I never knew Aaron could act so well and has never been a real fan of his songs or shows, not till I saw this Falling In Love With Me lately. I grew fond of this show and so in love with them (Tia & Aaron) madly. They made me found great interest in Taiwanese Idol show again! Their love sparks in the show made me felt so real and touching that I almost cried from Episode 4 onwards. I watched the series twice and still LOVE it so much!!! Finally, not to mention all the songs in the show are very very nice, but too bad I don’t know why this show doesn’t produce the OST??!! I wanted to listen to all songs, including some of the background music (without actual singing ones). And they also don’t produce the Photo Album book as well. Can anyone pls advise if they’re available in Taiwan or where??? Thanks a lot!!

      • I agree. I think they both did an amazing job. I love the characters they play and the story was so engaging and well put together. I love the duality between the two the alter egos and how it showed her falling on love with both of them. Also, I love how they to overcame so many internal conflicts and really brought out the best in eachother!

    • I agree I love Tia and Aaron they have good chemistryon and off screen. You can clearly tell from the kissing scenes between the two Aaron is clearly attracted to her. I did not ship Puff and Aaron they did not have the same chemistry, and I found her character rather annoying and weak. Hating on someone, because of their looks is just sad jealousy. Tia is sexy and gorgeous get over it people.

  5. Tia and Aaron ARE WAY BETTER THAN Puff and Aaron!!!

    Tia’s acting was amazing! They make a better visual too. Tia is better looking than Puff. Although Puff is pretty, Tia has a better body and face. She’s way sexier and curvier. And about her acting… She was one actress who made people move (although Puff was amazing too). I love them both but in terms of this pairing, TIA WINS HANDS DOWN. America and the UK support Tia more.

    • NO NOT EVEN, Puff has beautiful eyes, lips, and body and Tia did plastic surgery before just saying, if you ever see her before & after pics lol. Puff wins all the way, her and Aaron have a special connection hands down

    • I have never ever thought of watching Just You once even till now, because personally I think Tia & Aaron really looked more compatible in Falling In Love With Me. I really have nothing against Puff but I just totally find Tia & Aaron is a perfect match in terms of whole role appearance and overall feeling of the show. Aaron looked even more manly and very suave as Lu Tian Xing in FILWM and looked cute & honest as Xiao Lu, so I think his role fits him excellently and Tia fits her role as Tao Le Si perfectly!!!

  6. Okay I’m not going to hate on any one unlike the rest of y’all. To be honest, I feel like Aaron and Puff have a special friendship or connection, he even states in one of his recent beauty photo interviews that he was immediately able to be friend Puff and they joked around and easily got along, but with Tia, it took him time to have her open up to him because she was one of those types that if she didn’t know you, she wouldn’t be comfortable with you, and also Aaron talks about Puff’s new drama saying how he can stop Puff from eating too much if he was there unlike Jasper who wouldn’t be able to stop her (according to Aaron). Aaron and Puff have a special friendship and they have a really good connection, in my opinion they’re cute together. Tia and Aaron look good together physically, but I think Puff and Aaron look good together personality wise. (If you ever watched interviews of them together of behind the scenes of Just You, you can see that they have a great connection.)

    • I totally agree with you..I like Aaron and Puff together, hopefully in real life. If you could see those Behind the Scenes (Just you) uploaded in youtube, you can say that they are really compatible. They are very close, and they are cute. i love them 🙂

    • “Aaron talks about Puff’s new drama saying how he can stop Puff from eating too much if he was there unlike Jasper who wouldn’t be able to stop her”
      Where did you watch/read this?? I want to watch it too.

  7. In all romance drama , I OBVIOUSLY LOVE PUFF GUO WITH AARON YAN ! If Tia li , I am sorry but please let puff guo to be with Aaron Yan and I would like to watch ‘ Fall in love with me ‘ if it was with puff guo and not Tia li

    • I don’t think Puff can make any breakthroughs if she played in “Fall in Love With Me.” I believe her decision to rejection “Fall in Love With Me” is a wise choice. “Pleasantly Surprised” gives her a different role aside from being “cute.” Although, I couldn’t seem to get myself to finish either shows because it’s not “Aaron & Puff”. I will watch it when I am not biased over the leads, then I can see if Puff and other leads have the same sparks.

  8. BTW snowberries , I don’t care if Tia is prettier and I know that but Aaron fits with Puff MOREEEEEEEE ps to the others too

    • Aaron is more comfortable with Tia. that’s help and he won the best actor award. Tia is much more feminine and thus look great with Aaron. For romantic drama, most would like to see feminine and pretty actress with handsome actor. tomboyish actress with good-looking actor is sore-eyes on-screen

      • Of course, Aaron will win the Best Actor. He played two roles! I don’t think it was because of Tia. For romantic comedy, feminine and pretty actresses are suitable as villains… and people prefer rom-com than drama…
        so yeah I prefer Aaron-Puff. It would be great if they will do a series together but this time Aaron is the happy one (like Xiao Lu) and Puff is the colder one.

      • Got 1 show I forget the title liao, was acted by Ella & Yan Cheng Xu. The pairing is abit weird, but show quite cute.

        Anyway I heard from 1 of the videos (unsure if i rem wrongly) Aaron said he also like to explore more possibilities with different female stars too. So I think it’s a good opportunity for him to match with different actresses and also create more dramas with various female artistes for viewers and supporters like us. Not a bad idea. I personally think the storyline for FILWM suits me more because can get to see more different sides of Aaron’s acting skills and more dressing styles as 2 characters. Lolz!

  9. I like Aaron and Tia pairing. Their togetherness looks sweet,warm and comfortable. I can’t imagine Puff who has very unnaturally acting (to be exact her acting is exaggerated)to act as Tao Le Si. Lucky to have Tia in FILWM. Hope to see Aaron and Tia act in Suspense movie or drama. Lots of people commented Tia looked stiff, in actual fact she looks reserve and not flirting. The behind scenes of FILWM was amusing and natural. Tia Li really can give surprises to viewers if you are patient enough to watch her. No wonder Aaron finds her interesting after getting to know her better.

    • I also find them really interesting and lovely off the screens. I really hope they will be an actual couple in real life. Tia really looked abit introvert and shy in the 幕後花絮. I think Tia is really suitable for her role in FILWM and Aaron really played his 2 roles so well. Both his characters really exude different expressions and feelings. Great show, the storyline is fantastic!!! I love this drama sooooo much and will always support them. Hope to see more great works from Tia & Aaron soon.

      • I agree! She did so good. I loved how she pulled off her character! Criticizing her like that just makes you sound jealous.

  10. I love aaron and puff, they look so cute and charming. They have a good chemistry, and they collaborately good. Please make a movie series again aaron and puff.

  11. I first watched FILWM and was awed and went absolutely crazy over Aaron Yan (especially XiaoLu’s role OMG so freaking adorable!!!?) which then made me wanna watch his other dramas all together. Started Just You with mixed feelings as I find Tia really really pretty and Puff isn’t a match. (SORRY!!! First impression :/) BUT, after finishing both dramas, I came to a conclusion that Aaron and Puff is way cuter! From then on, I changed my favorite OPT from BuFen to BuFu. Who cares if Puff isn’t that pretty/ feminine/ anything? Her role in Just You is CUTE! And her superb acting did it.

    As for Tia.. I find her kinda stiff and her acting was mediocre. Oops. But I must admit she is so damn gorgeous.

    I don’t agree to whoever that said she helped Aaron bagged “Best Male Actor Award” because its obvious that it is Aaron’s efforts? He acted in 2 totally different roles! Which he did a perfect job. <3

    However I've watched Aaron's Time and find that Aaron himself sorta prefer Tia?? :/ He mentioned some hints like he is quite interested in this lady that's a Taurus, takes some time to open up and etc which can be quite misleading (made most fans believe its Tia).

    Ohwell… As long as our Ah Bu is happy 🙂

  12. its really annoying to read all the bad comments about tia li.as far as i know,,tia li is a great singer and its really amazing for her that she manage to act for her first leading role as tao le si in the drama ‘fall in love with me’.
    and for her as beginner in the acting industry,i think we should support her cause shes trying her best.i feel mad when i read that most of aaron’s fans like puff guo the most.like what aaron say in one of his interview,tia li is kind of a person that you have to take time to know her better and i agree to that.
    so i think we should try to see her doing her best in acting and being aaron yan’s leading lady.
    so please stop bashing and harassing tia li.and please stop comparing her to puff guo,just like puff guo is very cute and tia li’s acting is very stiff.i really hate it!they have different personality and i think thats not right to say such a thing.

    i really like tia li for doing her best and i hope all of you can also see that

  13. Ok, reading the bad comments about Tia is just ok, she can’t please everyone but it doesn’t mean all of the people have the same perception as some of critics here, because many loves Tia too. :-p
    But anyway, Aaron chose Tia among the actresses that he have worked with.(?) In my own observation, he treated her as a woman.
    I like Tia for Aaron and I don’t care what other people say! Haha. Their characters in FILWM move me but it doesn’t end there because their BTS are soooo cheesy and sweet, I just died after watching ther. Haha. I really want to see them again in a drama or in real life relationship hehe.

    • Yes, I want to see more of their (Tia & Aaron) works together again. They really made a perfect screen couple and hopefully they will be one in reality too!! hehe..

  14. Tsk. Just because you like Pufffor Aaron, you go bashing Tia..
    Tia is good too..I think she’s a good person, and she’s really pretty, she’s just a bith of introvert/shy but some people are like that! Grow up people! Both girls are really pretty, no need to throw bad words to them, its just a drama, its really up to Aaron!


    • So I heard she’s quite an introvert and ‘Man Re’ type of person. She does looks like one when she was on 1 of the talk show with Zhang Xiao Yan and guests appearing are Beatrice, Tia and Aaron’s own mum. Tia really doesn’t talk much too. I guess is her own character and she did say something like she is quite quiet normally but when she gets closer with ppl around her, she opens up much easily.

  15. ooohhhh plz ARON and PUFF are the bst couple dnt try 2 insult her dey r da bst no mater wat n pppplllzzz Puff cnt reach de level of TIA FYI Puff s so much more beta dn Tia` both of dem r gud looking bt i perfer Puff. so sorri Tia fans.

  16. Yeah, right, both girls are gorgeous, take note peolple, they have different personality, leave it to aaron who he’d choose to like!.The two girls have their differences, so please don’t judge any of the two because in the first we do not really know the fact behind everything about them in real life., so please stop comparing, leave it to the management hahaha..

  17. Y’all are so childish comparing two girls actress about stupid things. Grow up and stop whinnying about who ever Aaron pick. It’s his decision and if yall hater hates Tia so much, go and f* yourself. She didn’t even do anything, to make her self look bad. All she did was act and did what she was supposed to do. So yall haters needs to come back to reality And stfu and grow the f* up. I support Tia Li. I don’t support Puff anymore, now that i see so many hatred comments from Puff fans saying all these bad things about Tia Li, i have no supports nor no longer a Puff fansto her anymore

  18. in my opinion, puff is nice,cute,but i see that tia is better than her. tia and aaron have a relationship,. i like tia for aaron.

    • Yah Puff looked cute but Tia looks cute too and also more feminine look…both are pretty girls but I prefer Tia’s role as Tao Le Si. I did try to imagine putting Puff into the same role as Tao Le Si, she just doesn’t fit in and the same I tried to put Tia for Puff’s role in Just You also don’t fit leh. So I guess each of them fits into the suitable character and role in each drama.

  19. to tia and puff supporters ‘
    we all know that everyone has their own thoughts and comments ‘
    that is why we have a comment box in here in order for us to say the thoughts we have in mind .
    the comments may be good or bad ‘ and we had nothing to do with it ‘ just continue support the person you admire —

    -fall in love with me was played here in the phil. that is why i’ve watched this drama..
    after ive watch this drama..ive became an aaron fan . so i tried to search his other drama then i saw “just you”
    i thought fall in love with me was the best but it wasn’t …
    there is something in “just you” that will make you stick to them .
    the feeling and happiness is different .
    i am a fan of aaron but not on puff . but after watching their bts i am now a super fun of puff than aaron.
    puff has something that makes you smile withoung knowing ..
    like what the others said that she has a happy virus ^____^ (i agree with that)

    thanks for reading…
    but still in the end

    _PUFF~AARON_ has the best chemistry..
    and im looking forward for their another drama . ^__^

  20. Hi All, I really need to ask something clearly here. Over in Singapore, there seemed to be only having 1 DVD version which is the Malaysian version, anyone knows where to get the Taiwanese version one? And what’s the difference between the 2 versions???

    And I also want to know if did FILWM (Fall In Love With Me) has Photo Show Album and Original OST? I also cannot find it in Singapore at all. Isit available in Taiwan or other countries?? If you know, pls advise where to get them as well. Pls share with me. Thanks in advance!

  21. Seriously guys? Puff Guo’s fans seems to be judging Tia since she’s Aaron’s new lead. For those who didn’t like Tia’s acting, why not ask the team why they still produced it? That role actually really suited her just like how Puff suited hers so don’t blame Tia -__- Tbh, both girls are gorgs so don’t even dare compare them with looks. And so what if Tia has been under plastic surgery? Peeps, that’s normal for artists. I love Tia with Aaron, yes. Aaron with Puff? Almost. Thank you for the hate comments for Tia, I now don’t like Puff. At first I don’t like to be biased but some of Puff’s fans are too much. Don’t hate someone just because they’re not someone you wanted them to be. Besides, somebody says Tia’s acting is stiff? That’s called natural and one with the role. She’s good for a beginner. If you hate her acting that much, why don’t you try to act? I won’t compare her with Puff in acting bec they’re just the same, in my opinion. So please, people! Stop comparing you’re not even directors to know the quality.

    Please stop judging Tia just because she’s not Puff. Don’t just love one, love everyone. And besides, it’s Aaron to make a choice if ever y’know :3

  22. Puff Aron forever ….. I wish they could be a couple in real life and i hope to see both together again in d new screen anyway Tia Li isn’t Aron type in my view but just my mind i don’t know what’z other thinking

  23. You can’t tell if Aaron likes either of them romantically (I doubt he does because otherwise it would have happened by now). He obviously says things publicly in order to fan the flames of his fans who ship him with one or other costar. However, if we are judging from those pictures, I can tell Aaron has a different relationship with Puff and Tia. With Puff, there’s an ease and comfort and friendliness there. It’s very friendly in demeanor and they are both playing to the audience. I think they have the same performance style. However, they’re not really looking at each other and seem more into focusing on the performance. With the pics of him and Tia, there seems to be a genuine connection between them. She’s not as extroverted a performer, so Aaron seems to pay closer attention to her. He’s holding her hand, actually looking at her in the eyes, and they seem to have a real spontaneity between them (as shown in the pics where they’re smiling and laughing in what looks like a surprise). There’s a real sexual/romantic chemistry between Aaron and Tia in the above pics that just aren’t there between him and Puff.

    So in short, it seems that he’s comfortable with Puff and doesn’t need to pay too much attention to her because she’s comfortable on stage and perform similarly. With Tia, I think she has a distinctively different style than Aaron and therefore Aaron seems to really pay attention to her. I think because their personalities are different Aaron is surprised by Tia more and maybe more intrigued. Aaron seems more of an extroverted ham while Tia is introverted and requires more patience and will open up once you make her feel comfortable…which is probably why people don’t think she’s a good actress while I found her more chill portrayal of Tao Se to be refreshing from Asian dramas where overacting/emoting can tend to happen. To be honest, from the BTS and everything, I think Aaron and Puff have a strong connection because they probably just get each other. However, I do think Aaron is more intrigued by Tia because she is different from him and from their BTS, you can see their connection opening up with every episode and it became a really rewarding thing to see as she got more comfortable and they learned to really enjoy each other.

    In conclusion, I personally prefer Aaron with Tia because I think he had to worked to connect with her , as did she, and what ended up happening was probably really enjoyable and surprising for both of them. Plus, there’s way more sexual tension from all the pics and from all the BTS footage between Aaron and Tia and there’s not really any sexual chemistry between Puff and Aaron…just cute friendly comfort. Puff seems like a comfortable friend he can be free to goof while he seems more romantic and sexual with Tia and learned that she also enjoys his personality and true self in her quieter but rewarding way. That said, he’s probably not romantically interested in either of them and probably never will be.

  24. I personally think that Puff and Aaron are more compatible with each other because you can really see the sparks between them and they can make your heart go crazy. I respect Tia, so I will never have bad comments about her. But in my own opinion, I like Puff better. Puff is a very flexible actress. She’s a good singer, model especially on acting because she can portrait her character well. (And for the record, have you guys ever notice how Puff looks more like a Korean rather than a Taiwanese?) with her eyes and cute smile, OMO! she definitely resembles Park Shin Hye (A very popular actress in Korea; Pinocchio) & Yoon Eun Hye (a very popular actress especially when we remember her in Princess Hours) Her pairing with Hee Chul (SuJu, a very famous idol group) on the Global We Got Married Season Two was also a success so it makes my shipping couple two. (1. Puff and Aaron 2. Puff and Hee Chul) On her recent award (China Wave Award) Puff showed her great and outstanding skills as a star that her popularity will not only shine in Taiwan but also on the other countries as well. No matter what, I’ll support you Puff! Eonni, FIGHTING!

  25. first of all i like tia and puff…
    and also i like both of them acting and off screen with aaron yan….
    whatever it takes i always support aaron yan…. XD

  26. The one and only my wish is they need to do another drama together. No matter they mate or just a friend, i still support them.. 🙂 🙂 😉 ♥♥ BuFu forever (y)

  27. How cn dey say de word “slutty” to puff…tia’s fans started it 1st…read de comments from de start…dey both r gud in dere ways…no offence 2 tia…BT slut is a very bad word for puff…n she doesn’t deserve it…

  28. Aaron n Tia look great….good chemistry I like both to be together in real life….both fan from India….Handsome aaron n Goddess Tia

  29. I might be late, but I want to know how Tia is not a good actor? Or at least how Puff Puff is better -___-. Because her acting was so fake to me.

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