Lee Dong Wook Channels His Rage While Shin Se Kyung Transforms into a Healing Sweetie in Iron Man

I feel like the upcoming K-drama version of Iron Man could be the drama that keeps on giving….in unintentional hilarity that is. I know Lee Dong Wook has plenty of fangirls and I find him quite good looking and easy to watch onscreen as well. But it has to be said that he’s one of the biggest over-actors around, and heck even my Lee Jun Ki sometimes over-acts like his paycheck depended on it so it doesn’t bother me too much. They were adorable together in My Girl though, good times good times. Back to Lee Dong Wook playing the man with so much emotional pain it manifests in actual knife growing out of body physical trauma, I can already picture the screaming screencaps of the actual tormented faces he’ll be making onscreen anytime he has to act like either his heart hurts or the knife coming out hurts. Coupling him with the girl who cannot act worth her life mainly because she is incapable of projecting emotional of any sort other than dejected moroseness, this is a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one. The latest two sets of official drama stills are out and the best part of both is seeing that Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung are going to look very pretty in character. Lee Dong Wook has a nice hairstyle and is rocking the suits while I like dressed down Shin Se Kyung with a messy but charming ponytail. He’s the man with pent up rage, she’s the nicest sweetest girl in the world that shows up to heal his pain. How can I not check this out?

I don’t know why even the stills alone make me laugh. Lee Dong Wook looking like he’ll pop a blood vessel while Shin Se Kyung is giggling while chocking some dude, this drama’s tone is really all over the place.


Lee Dong Wook Channels His Rage While Shin Se Kyung Transforms into a Healing Sweetie in Iron Man — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, I hope it’s really bad and funny because I’m not really getting to laugh much in Night Watchman, and that makes me sad. Bring it on Crazy (Iron) Man!

  2. I’ve never watched shin se kyung but heard a million complains about her and zero compliment haha, she seems nice on running man though

    • Found her very annoying on RM. She was my least favorite as guest. I hope they never invite her back. She was very boring and emotionless.

  3. I liked LDW in most of his roles, but disliked SSK in Fashion King and When a Man’s in Love. So I’ll skip Iron Man even though it looks interesting.

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